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Diamond 2 Episode 26 & 27

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 26
Cali’s Pov:
Luckily, the ceilings and walls didn’t fall on Diane and I, but it did to the guards coming from all directions.
They collapsed together with them.
My powers….
I could feel them. They’re back.
“Cali….” Diane called weakly and I looked at her to see she’d transformed to her real self.
I checked the injury and discovered she was shot on the side of her tummy.
Oh God!
“Hey; you’ll be fine, okay? You’ll be fine. Come on” I said and lifted her up along with me.
She gr0@ned and held the bleeding part and it hurt me so much.
I threw my hand over her shoulders and supported her and we started trudging together.
We walked as fast as we could
Diane pointing out directions to me.
Gosh! I just prayed she was sure.
The institute was quite big.
Suddenly, we heard more gun shots and rolled to the floor.
“Urgh!” Diane gr0@ned and held her tummy and I crawled to where she was.
Luckily, I spotted an elevator right in front of us.
“Diane; Diane;” I tapped her.
“You need to hold on tight, okay? There’s an elevator and I’m reaching for it”.
She just nodded and I looked back at the guards who were fast approaching.
With a full force, I dragged Diane on her feet and ran towards the elevator.
The gun shots came with a mighty force, but I didn’t let it stop me as I screamed and finally jumped in with Diane.
I pressed the button for the second floor and the door closed up immediately, just at the right time.
“Oh my God!” I heard Diane grumble and turned to see her leaning back against the wall with her eyes on the floor.
I ran and knelt in front of her immediately.
“Just hold on, Diane. We’ll be out of here before you know it”I said re@ssuringly as I stroke her hair.
God! Please, help us get out of here.
My heart beat rapidly as the elevator kept moving and I wondered who we were gonna face out there once it landed.
Suddenly, a question flashed through my mind and I looked at Diane.
“Diane” I called, my voice coming out more cold now.
“How’s Miquel? Is….Is he safe?”
Although, she’d been weak, but I could tell she got weaker when I asked that question.
She didn’t say a word but just looked at me.
“Diane?” I called again
“Wh….What’s wrong? Where’s Miquel?”
She took in a deep breath.
“I don’t know, Cali. We couldn’t find him during the course of the mission. We have no idea what happened to him” she replied and I heard a loud bang in my head
A blaring sound cane driving in that it affected my heart.
Miquel? What happened to him?
The elevator door opened immediately and Mykel’s words came driving in at the same time:
*He’s never coming back. He’s gone*
That’s a lie.
Tears built up in my eyes, I’d forgotten the elevator was open.
“Cali” Diane jolted me out of my rueful thoughts and I looked at her.
“You should leave without me. I’m only slowing you down. Go on” she said and I scoffed out tears.
“What’re you saying?” I asked, holding her hair.
We heard running footsteps and I turned to see some guards running towards us.
“Cali…” She called and I looked at her.
“You came here to save me, Diane. And if we’re leaving, we leave together” I told her and stood on my feet afterwards.
I faced the direction of the armed guards and pointing my hands towards them, I let out a loud scream.
They tried aiming their guns at me, but the effect of my scream got to them first and swept them off their feet.
I ran back to Diane and helped her from the floor.
“Come on” I mumbled and started walking out with her.
We got out of the elevator, used an exit that we saw and came out to an open field.
Oh God!
How do we leave? The walls were soo tall and looked electrified and clearly, there was no way one could climb out of it.
And the gates….that was totally out of point.
The area looked dark and quiet and I bet not everyone had been alerted of my abs£nce.
Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.
I quickly made Diane sit on the floor, then faced the wall.
Oh God! This might be the height of it.
Can I break such walls?
I took in a deep breath and pointed my hands towards the wall and immediately, let out a mighty scream.
It was so loud, I could feel my lungs ache.
But all of it didn’t matter as I found the walls crumble right in front of my very eyes.
It fell apart!!!
And there was an open space to the other side.
Oh my God!! It worked!!!
I g@sped and looked at Diane and she had a weak smile on her face.
This was more than victorious.
“We did it, Diane. We’ll be out of here” I smiled happily to her and quickly helped her from the floor. .
She held onto me as usual for support and without further hesitation, we ran out through the broken space.
Oh God! I just hope they don’t come after us.
I continued running with her, struggling with the dark bushes and gr@sses. I didn’t even know where I was headed. The entire place was just dark.
“Hold onto me, Diane. Please” I pleaded as could feel her grip becoming too weak.
“We’re almost there” I p@nted.
How do we even get out of here? Where could we get a cab? Or someone?
We continued running, but suddenly, she fell off my shoulders and landed on the floor.
“Diane!” I called out and rushed to her.
Oh my God!
“I’m sorry, Cali. But I can’t make it. I can’t walk anymore. You’ll just have to go on without me” she said weakly and in faint breaths.
“No, Diane. I’m not leaving you. I’m not leaving you, okay? We’re in this together” I stated ruefully, tears streaming down my cheeks.
“Please Diane. Just hold on a little bit longer’.
She shook her head and didn’t say a word and I busted into more tears.
“I….I know what to do” I suddenly said.
“Just….stay here, okay? I’ll go get some help.
“Please, Diane. Stay here, I beg you. Keep your eyes open. I’ll be back, okay?” I told her and she nodded.
I sniffed and stood up and immediately, began running as fast as I could.
My heart was aching so bad.
First, Mykel’s brutal treatment towards me. And Diane being shot. And getting to know Miquel was missing.
Oh God! What’s happening to me?
I wept profusely and finally, I spotted the road.
“Oh my!” I p@nted heavily.
I found it!
I found the road!
Oh my God!
I saw a car coming at a crazy speed and without hesitation, I ran to the side of the road and started jumping and waving at it to stop.
God! Please, please. Just make him stop.
Tears rolled down to my neck and for Christ sake, the car stopped right in front of me.
I whimpered and ran towards it but my eyes dimmed when I saw the driver – a familiar face that stepped out of the car.
Oh my God!
“Miquel?” I called in shock, my eyes beaming.
“Cali?” He also called in deep breaths.
Please, don’t tell me I’m dreaming.
(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 27
Cali’s Pov:
I wasn’t dreaming. There’s noway I could be dreaming.
It was…
It was him;
My Miquel.
He was standing right in front of me. Staring at me.
“Miquel?” I called again, a little quiver in my voice.
A tear dropped from my eye and immediately, I ran into his arms.
“Miquel!” I squealed as I hugged him tight, wrapping my hands and legs around him.
Gosh! I couldn’t believe this.
“Cali” he cooed as he wrapped his hand around my waist.
I just couldn’t believe this. It was more than a dream come true.
What happened to him? They said he was gone, right?
I thought I was never gonna see him again.
“Cali; hey, Cali. Are you alright? Wh…..What happened to you? Were you hurt?” He asked as he pulled me away from the hug to look into my face.
I held the tip of his shirt and wept.
The pains came driving in real bad.
“Diane..”, I whimpered, trying to talk about something else.
“She’s hurt, Miquel. She….She was shot. We need to save her, please”.
He stared at me and probably thought Duane was the only reason I was crying.
I bent my head but he cupped my cheeks and lifted it up.
“Cali” he called softly.
“Were you kidnapped…by Mykel?” He asked and I felt my heart skip as I nodded tearfully.
He didn’t say a word and I looked into his eyes.
“Please Miquel. Just get me out of here. Diane….we need to save her, please” I whimpered but he still didn’t say a word.
Oh God! Please, don’t tell me he’s getting angry already. This isn’t the right time to get angry.
“Come on” he signalled on me follow him into the car and I did.
I sat in front of Diane who laid quietly on the bed.
We were back at the institute and she was being treated at the clinic.
“You feel better, huh?” I asked her, my hand on the edge of the bed.
“Yeah” she smiled faintly.
A nurse was fixing drip on her.
“Any news on Nina? Was she captured?” She asked.
“Yeah, she was. I heard she’s currently locked up” I told her and noticed a look of relief on her face.
“Diane” I called after a pause and she looked at me.
“Why did you do it?
Why did you risk your life to save me?”
She smiled and stared up at the ceiling.
“Well…maybe because I wanted to turn you to a mosquito” she said and laughed and I laughed with her.
“Thank you, Diane” I said after the laughter.
“It means a lot to me”
She didn’t say a word but just smiled and I could tell she was feeling dizzy.
“I’ll leave you to get some sleep. Take care of yourself, okay?” I told her.
“Yeah..sure. Thanks” I tapped her hand before standing up.
I walked out to the door and found Miquel’s guard – Zack – still waiting for me.
Well, Miquel had @ssigned him to stay with me.
“Going back to the room?” He asked and I thought for a while.
Miquel wasn’t there.
“Take me to Miquel” I told him and he nodded and started walking away while I followed.
It was so dark already and only few students could be spotted around.
We continued walking for a long time and finally, he stopped at the entrance of a building.
“He’s in there – with the spy” He said and I peeped inside.
Oh! Nina was there? The bitch?
I sighed and decided to go in for a look.
And as I walked in, I found her right there in the middle, tied like an animal.
Her hands were tied on both sides and her legs didn’t touch the floor.
She probably heard footsteps and lifted her head to look at me.
“Cali…” She called fraily.
She looked so weak and pathetic.
I stared at her and felt anger rise in me, recalling what I went through because of her.
Miquel wasn’t in the room.
I kept walking but stopped when I’d gotten close enough – close enough to slap her -_ cause I did.
I gave her a resounding slap.
“How dare you, Nina?” I asked tearfully.
“How dare you?
“I thought you were a friend? I trusted you when no one else did. I loved you when you felt the whole world was against you. I took you like a friend. But what did you do, bitch? You betrayed me!! You were only a wolf in sheep clothing! You animal!” I rasped and hit her again, recalling everything that monster – Mykel – did to me.
The memories brought more tears to my eyes.
“I hate you, Nina. And I regret the first day I set my eyes on you”.
“I’m sorry, Cali” she whimpered.
“I didn’t mean to do it”.
I glared at her and just then, heard footsteps from behind and I turned to see it was Miquel and his guards.
He had his eyes fixed on Nina as he walked in.
“Zack” he called without looking at him.
“Yes, boss” the guard replied.
“Escort Cali to the room”. He instructed.
His eyes were so cold as he stared at Nina.
“Okay, boss” the guard replied and came to me.
I continued staring at Miquel, but he didn’t even blink or make any attempt to look at me.
“Cali, please” Nina wept.
“I’m sorry. Don’t let them hurt me, please”.
I turned to look at her and she was in tears.
“What’re you waiting for, Zack? Take her away” Miquel said icily and the guard held my hand .
“Hey; come on” he hushed and started leading me away.
“Cali, please!!!” Nina shirked.
“I’m begging you, please! Give me another chance!”
More tears streamed down my cheeks as I walked away and tried not to look at her.
“Cali!!” She continued wailing and finally, I got out of the building and took a deep breath.
Oh God!
“Come on, Cali” Zack said, urging me to continue walking with him.
I sniffed and wiped my face before proceeding.
“Nooooooooooooo!!!” I suddenly heard Nina scream and I turned in fright to look back at the building.
Oh my God! What’s going on there?
“Come on, Cali. You shouldn’t be out here” Zack tapped me, bringing me out of my fright.
Oh God!
She screamed again and I flinched.
I really needed to get out of here.
I turned to Zack and we continued walking and this time around, my pace was faster.
I just wanted to be away from the scene.
We finally got to the room and he stood outside the door while I went in.
As soon as I got in, I sat on the bed and buried my face in my palms – in tears.
Why did this have to happen, huh? Why?
Oh God!
I wept for a long time and finally decided to clean up in the bathroom.
I got in, took off my clothes and laid in the soapy bath tub.
As the cold water touched my private area, I suddenly recalled all Mykel had done to me – how he used me mercilessly – beat me up and raped me. I still couldn’t believe such unfortunate cir¢vmstance could befall me.
Why me?
I closed my eyes as my tears got mixed with the water. It was so hurtful – so hurtful.
How do I get rid of this feeling?
Suddenly, I heard the door open and opened my eyes to see Miquel walking in and I panicked a little.
He had a bloodstain on his shirt.
I twitched and buried myself deeper into the foamy water. And thank goodness it covered me enough.
“Hey” he called calmly and sat on the edge of the tub, facing me.
Good lord! I could see so much hate in his eyes.
“H…hi” I said in a cracked voice and gulped anxiously.
He stared at my face for a while without saying a word and slowly, he dipped his hand into the water.
“Cali” he called.
“Can I ask you a question?”
I just nodded.
My heart raced so fast. Why do I have a feeling he might ask me about it?
“When I’d found you” he began.
“Why weren’t you putting on a p*nt?”


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