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Diamond 2 Episode 19 & 20

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 19
Cali’s Pov:
I rushed out of the kitchen with the two cups of steaming coffee in trays and met Miquel brushing his hair in front of the mirror.
“I told you not to bother about the coffee, Cali. I’m leaving already” he said without looking at me.
“Come on, Miquel. You can’t go on a mission with an empty stomach. Just spare a few seconds, pleeeeease” i enthused as I set the tray on the table and turned to look at him.
“I’m already running late. Everyone should be waiting by now. I need to go, okay” he replied and started buttoning his shirt.
“So…..are you trying to say….they’d leave you behind because you didn’t meet up with time?”, I asked with a sarcastic smile and he looked at me and scoffed.
“You know that’s not possible, Miquel. They can’t go without you. So, stop being such a d*ckhead and come over to the dining” I added and scurried off to the kitchen to get the bread.
I took the bread from the kitchen and found him at the dining when I returned. I smiled to myself.
“You know you’re a little witch, huh?” He mumbled as I got there and I laughed.
“Yeah…I’m your little witch” I rolled my eyes and took a seat close to him.
I opened the bread and we started eating, although he focused more on the coffee.
“How is it?” I asked with scrutiny.
“Well….its whacked. Tasteless” he replied and I g@sped.
“How dare you?” I shirked and slapped his arm on the table and he laughed.
“You’re so annoying,, Miquel. Give the coffee to me. Let me have it. Now!” I rasped and stood up to collect it, but he jolted back.
“Hey! I was just kidding, okay? Who makes coffee better than you? You’re the best coffee maker in the world. Hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories. Factly, you should be crowned the Queen of Coffee” he said and I found myself laughing.
Holy Molly.
“You’re such a jerk, you know?” I rolled my eyes and returned to my seat.
“Yeah..I’m your jerk” he replied and I laughed again.
A knock came on the door immediately.
“Boss. The directors are waiting” a voice said and I could tell it was one of his guards.
Oh! Damn it.
He looked at me and I put on a frown.
“Told ya” he shrugged and gulped all the content in his gl@ss.
“I have to go now, okay? I’m sorry” he muttered and stood up and I did same as well – still with a frown.
I went to him and hugged him.
“Take care of yourself, okay? I’ll make pasta before you return” I pouted as I hugged him and he laughed.
“Seriously?? You wanna burn down the whole institute?” He teased and I unlocked from the hug to look him in the face.
“What the heck are you talking about?? I can make pasta, okay?’ I said with an eye roll and backed him.
“Hey…I was just kidding, huh?” He cooed and hugged me from behind.
He held my waist and trailed soft klzzes on my neck and I blushed.
“Just make sure its delicious” he whispered.
“And not just the pasta, but you as well”.
I turned to look at him with dilated eyes and he chuckled and stared walking towards the door.
“You’re such a spoilt jerk, you know?” I said after him.
“Yeah. And you’re a little witch” he replied.
I hit him on his back but it didn’t even affect him a single bit.
Oh, crap!
I rushed to him and held his hand and we finally walked out of the room together.
Two strange boys were positioned at the doorpost, alongside his guards.
“Good morning, boss” his guards greeted, but he didn’t respond.
“There’d be the ones to guard you till I’m back. Make sure you stay indoors, okay?” Miquel stated and I nodded, taking a proper look at the new boys.
Hm. So, he brought some guards for me. But what’s the need?
“Okay. But I’ll see you off first” I told him and he nodded and we left together.
We walked out of the apartment, walked some distance and spotted the crowd with two long buses.
Wow! They were all ready.
“I think you should stop here, Cali. I need you to return to the room” he said as he stopped walking.
Oh God! I suddenly felt lonely.
“Okay, Miquel. Just be careful, okay? Please” I said pathetically and he smiled.
“You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine”he answered, but I still looked displeased.
He held my cheeks and klzzed me. A snogging klzz.
Oh God!
I also held his cheeks as I reciprocated the action.
He was such a god-damn klzzer.
“I love you, okay?” He said when we finally unlocked.
“Love you too” I flushed in a smile and he pecked my hair and finally walked away with his guards.
Oh my geeee!!
I stood like a statue for a long time and watched him.
Gosh! How did I fell so deeply in love with this guy??
I bit my nails and after a while, he turned to look at me.
We both smiled at nothing and he continued walking.
Hmm. I just hope they don’t stay long.
I sighed and decided to return to the room.
Episode 20
Unknow Pov:
The mission was taking place in a bank.
They weren’t there for the money – no. They were there for some important credentials.
The two long buses parked some distance away from the bank. And the first part of the plan ensued.
Not all of them stepped out at once. The first seven stepped out and the rest were there for back up just in case it gets too tough – when the Black Diãmônds arrive.
Miquel was among those seated in the car, awaiting the second phase of the plan.
But there was something else he desired – something more important on his mind.
To punch Mykel in the face the moment he sees him.
Minutes Later…….
“Fireeeeeeeee!!” The voice came like a roaring lion.
It was probably from above.
“Arghhhhhhhhh”, the screams of the bankers and clients could clearly be heard as gun shots filled the air.
Screams, panicked breaths and running footsteps could be noticed everywhere as the plan changed to war.
The Black Diãmônds had arrived.
Miquel’s Pov:
I stood on the roof of the bus and surveyed the area, trying to see if I could get a glimpse of him – Mykel.
I’d been waiting for the slightest opportunity where I’d spot him. But, I was yet to see him.
For sure, he wouldn’t miss coming to the mission.
The rest of the students were already in the bank, but I remained outside, trying to spot him.
“Miquel”, I suddenly heard my name being called in a distorted voice and I tuned to see familiar faces staring at me.
The coordinates from Korea?
Cali’s Pov:
The kitchen was filled with a killing aroma as I prepared the pasta.
Oh God! I really hope this tastes better than it smells. I hope I can impress Miquel with it. And I hope he returns home safe.
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and rushed out of the kitchen to the bedroom.
“Who’s it?” I asked, as I cleaned my hands and faced the door.
I didn’t get a reply but suddenly, the door burst open and I flinched a bit.
It was actually the guards @ssigned at my door post.
“Hey; what’s wrong? What do you want?” I asked, alarmed at their strange entrance.
They stared at me without saying a word and just then, Nina showed up.
“Nina?” I called, surprised.
Immediately, one of them stretched out their hands to me and I gripped my head tight.
There was a loud sound as my legs became weak and I fell weakly on the floor.
Oh my God! What’s happening?
My head ached. I felt so dizzy as the entire place went round in circles.
“What else do you want, confessor?” I heard one of the guards say in my drowsy state.
She….confessed them?
My heavy eyes were on the ceiling and soon, she showed up and stared into my face.
“Nina?” I called weakly and she smirked.
And finally, my eyes closed up in sleep.


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