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Diamond 2 Episode 17 & 18

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine)
Episode 17
Cali’s Pov:
The students reacted wildly to his pres£nce and Naomi turned to look at him due to the ovation.
He was there with his guards, his hands crossed behind his back.
He turned to his guards and whispered something to them and they started marching towards Naomi.
Oh! I forgot – he doesn’t speak in public.
“No, no. Stay away from me” she panicked and started retreating backwards.
She got to the edge of the pool and was about falling in when the guards got hold of her and gripped her by both arms.
“No! Let me go!” She yelled and tried struggling with them, but it was useless
They gripped her firmly and took her closer to Miquel.
He stared at her for a while without saying a word and giving the boys an eye signal, they started taking her away.
Okay…..where are they taking her??
After watching the whole scenario, it dawned on I was still in the waters and immediately, I tried coming out of it.
But, Miquel walked up to the pool and squatted in front of me.
“And where do you think you’re going?” He asked with a smile, only to my hearing tho.
Oh my gee!! The students were watching!!
I didn’t say a word as I remained in the waters.
“Would you want me to join you?” He asked and moved a foot closer.
“Uh… Why would you….”
Before I could finish up my statement, he held the edge and jumped into the water.
“Hahhhh!” The umpteen number of students exclaimed
Oh my God! His dress!!!
“What’re you doing??” I found myself asking and he chuckled as he exhaled deeply and swam up very close to me – his head up in the water.
The noises from the students could clearly be heard and they made me really nervous. But he didn’t seem to care as he pulled me close and wrapped his hands around my waist.
“Feeling better now?” He asked and I nodded.
“I….was looking for you. I didn’t see you before…..”
“Yeah. Needed to attend to something important” he cut me off and I nodded again.
We didn’t say a word and slowly, he reached for my l!ps and klzzed me.
“Arghhh!!” I heard the students scream and it s£nt cold chillies down my spine.
He s£nt his f!ng£rs deeper into my waist as he tightened the klzz and finally, he unlocked.
“Don’t you think we should go inside, huh?” He asked whisperingly and I nodded bashfully.
I was pretty sure my face had completely turned red already.
“Come on” he hushed and started leaving me out of the water.
I bit my lower l!p as I followed him out and climbed out of the pool.
Oh my gee!
The entire students were staring at us!!
At me!
Even Nina was standing at a distance, gob smacked.
“Can you walk?” He turned to me and asked and I shook my head, then nodded almost immediately.
Surprisingly, he turned to back me.
“Come on, get on” he prodded and my eyes widened in shock.
“I should get on your back?” I asked, surprised
“What else could it mean, Cali? Get on” he rolled his eyes and I blushed got on his back. You can read more of this story from storybaze, unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, sweet and nice story room through fresh ish on+233544142683.
He held me perfectly and started walking away with me.
“You’re so heavy” he grumbled and I slapped him on his arm.
“I’m not heavy, okay?’ I snapped at him with pouted l!ps and he chuckled.
*Did you see that?? Did she just slap him?*
*He’s holding her!!*
I heard so many of the students mutter as we walked away.
Oh God!
Mykel’s Pov:
I stood at the field, practicing with my bow and arrow.
I tried many times to hit the target, but could only get it once.
What the f**k is wrong with me today?
Suddenly, I heard footsteps and turned to see one of the boys coming towards me.
“Sir” he called.
“What is it?” I growled angrily and turned to look at him.
I just felt a little angry for no reason.
“Sorry to disturb you, but one of the spies just called and gave us some information about the banshee”.he said.
F**k! That was the part I liked.
“What is it?” I Asked impatiently, wishing I could drive into his thoughts already.
“She said…the banshee won’t be going for the mission tomorrow, because Miquel doesn’t want her to. He wants her to stay behind” he replied and my face crinkled up in a smile.
Perfect. That’d make the job easier.
“You know what to do, then” I told him as I fixed an arrow into my bow.
“Yes, boss” he bowed and left.
Cali’s Pov:
He carried me all the way to the room and trust me, it was a damn sweet ride.
“Okay; you can drop me now. I’m okay” I announced as soon as we stepped into the house and he chuckled and dropped me on my feet.
“Thank you” I shrugged and tried walking away, but he gripped me back.
“That wasn’t for free,you know? Do you really think its easy carrying a round lady like you?” He asked and I g@sped.
“How dare you call me that?? Seriously? I’m round?” I asked with a scoff.
“Well, yes. Have you taken a look at your shape?” He replied and I rolled my eyes.
“Anyway, how exactly do you expect me to pay you, huh? We don’t spend cash here, remember?” I said and folded my hands.
He smiled.
“I don’t need cash, miss” he close and brought his face very close to mine.
He acted like he wanted to klzz me, but unexpectedly, he pushed me down on my knees – in front of him.
“Ouch!” I winced a little as my knees hurt.
What was that for?
“Ever heard of b!0w-job?” He asked with a smirk and my eyes widened in shock.
Episode 18
Cali’s Pov:
My eyes widened in shock.
b!0w what????
I scoffed and looked at him in disbelief.
“I……I can’t” I stuttered nervously.
“I mean….I don’t think I know what It is” I shook my head and tried standing up, but he pinned me down.
“Come on, Cali. Seriously?” He scoffed and I felt my tummy become hot.
Oh! Geez.
What do I do?
Why’s this guy trying to corrupt me by all means?
Although….I’d seen people do b!0w job on TV. Yeah….I’ve watched it. But I seriously never thought id do it. I mean, not anytime soon.
I looked into his face and caught him staring at me with pleading eyes.
“Stop being such a doll, will you?” He rolled his eyes and I felt my jaws tick.
What??? Did he just call me…..
Hell no. No way.
I took in a deep breath and set out to work.
Okay Cali. You can do this. After all, he’s my boyfriend.
I reached for his belt and slowly, started unhooking it.
Oh God!! I’m so dead!
My hands shook a little as I separated it and zipped down the trouser.
My lungs felt so dry and my tummy rumbled as I gradually brought the trouser, revealing his boxer.
Oh gawwwd!!
The shape of his shaft could clearly be seen, resting in the boxer.
I paused and looked into his face before proceeding. I dragged the boxer down a little bit and his rod came bouncing out to my face.
Holy Molly!!
I think I wanna pee!!!
I swallowed a heavy lump as I wrapped my hand around it. I noticed he jerked a little.
Practicalising what I’d watched from the movies, I stroke it gently before sliding it into my mouth.
Oh my gee!!! I had a guy’s d#ck in my mouth!!!
I noticed he m0@ned silently as I stroke and s√¢ked from it. Tho, I was only but a learner.
His semen spilled into my mouth and I quickly gulped it down to avoid choking.
“Come on, Cali” he gr0@ned and held my head.
He pushed me closer, forcing me to take his full size.
at some point, I almost choked as a result of his d#ck reaching the depth of my throat. He made me g@sp for air.
He finally pulled out and I coughed vigorously. But thank goodness it was a clean cough.
I mean, unlike the other movies I watched, there was no semen coming out of my mouth.
“I thought you said you’ve never done this before, huh?” He asked with a smirk and made me hold the d#ck again.
I fixed it into my mouth again and started stroking and s√¢king. And this time around, I did it better. Yes, I could tell I was better.
Well, to be sincere, I kinda enjoyed it.
I mean…the fragrance, having a taste of him inside my mouth -what made him a man.
It tasted great.
At a point, he brought my hands down from his d#ck and started throat – f**king me himself.
I held my breath as he did his work and finally, he released inside my f**king mouth!!!
Oh my gee!!!
I didn’t want to fill the floor with semen gushing from my mouth. So, I just swallowed it down.
Yes, I did
“Come on” he hushed and lifted me from the floor.
He took me to the bed and made me lie upwards. He spread my legs so wide, tore off my p*nt and bent towards it!
Oh God!
I shut my eyes and folded my l!ps as I anticipated the moment.
Slowly, I felt his tongue there.
“Hah!” I g@sped as the s£nsation drove me wild.
Oh my geeeee
“Miquel” I gr0@ned his name and grabbed the sheets beside me.
Damn it! What was he doing to me??
He rummaged the entire place with his tongue, biting my cl!tor*s at intervals.
Oh my gawwwwd!! I felt my pot become completely w€t.
He fixed his tongue into one of the lines of the v and….Oh my God!
“What’re you doing?” I found myself asking in my m0@ns.
He didn’t stop and almost immediately, pushed f!ng£r into my p##sy.
“Ah!” I winced as it hurt a bit.
What the hell???
He increased it to two f!ng£rs and the whole time, his tongue was still swimming there.
“Miquel…..” I shut my eyes and m0@ned out as he f!ng£red and s√¢ked me at the same time.
The feeling….I couldn’t explain.
It was bittersweet.
He continued that way for sometime and by the time he pulled out ta me, I was wishing he didn’t stop.
He took off his clothes completely and nobody told me to do same.
I tried laying back on the bed, but he stopped me and laid instead.
“Get on” he said and my eyes dimmed.
Does he……
Oh my gawd!
I’ve never done this before!
I swallowed h@rd and gently got on his legs.
I squatted above him and got hold of his £r£¢ted d#ck.
My hands itched as I lifted it to my honey pot and pushed it in.
“Oh my God..” I m0@ned whisperingly as the tip got in from below.
Slowly and carefully, I started adjusting to the full size and soon, he was completely inside of me.
“Come here” he hushed and pulled me close by the waist,making me lean towards his chest.
I made a little sound as I felt so full with his c*ck inside of me.
“Know how to ride?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.
He chuckled and moved his hands from my waist down to my a*s, grabbing both sides.
He squeezed them a little and slowly, started moving them up and down in his hands.
He made me ride him.
“Awn…” I m0@ned deeply with my eyes shut.
I’d never felt this way.
He moved my a*s up and down and made me ride his shaft which was still stuck into my honey pot.
“Miquel, you……
“Oh my God…”
I gr0@ned with a little pleasure and pain and immediately, he let go of my a*s and I understood he wanted me to do it myself.
I placed my hands on both sides of his head for support as I started moving up and down, rhythmically, giving him what seemed like a perfect ride to me.
“Yeah. Come on, Cali. Come on” he grunted and grabbed my b*obs which had been bouncing helplessly the whole time.
He cupped and squeezed them in his hands as I bounced on him.
“Oh my God….”
I m0@ned in great ecstasy, unable to explain the feeling.
After a few minutes, he turned me over and made me place my leg on his shoulders.
Holy Molly!!
He came into me from that position and continued drilling me.
My m0@ns almost increased to screams when he increased his pace, acting like he wanted to damage my v.
He p@nted and sweats fell from his head to my face, but I didn’t care.
I felt my v expanding as his full size was taking over.
Gosh! It was so…
“Miquel…” I called breathlessly and p@nted.
He gripped my hair and got a little worst, but thankfully, my semi – screams pulled him back to his s£nses as he suddenly pulled out g me
“Hah” I g@sped for air as he fell tiredly on the bed beside me.
Holy Mary!
We both stared up at the ceiling and p@nted heavily, breathing like lizards that’d just fallen off a *tomatoes tree*
“That was damn good, wasn’t it?” He turned to me and asked and I felt like punching his cute nose.
“Yeah, it was” I rolled my eyes and turned to back him.
Gosh! This guy’s definitely gonna kill me with this one day.
I heard him chuckle behind me.
He pulled the duvet to cover me properly. Then, he klzzed me.
“Sleep tight” he whispered into my ears and klzzed me.


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