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Diamond 2 Episode 13 & 14

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 13
Cali’s Pov:
The message left me speechless as I gawped at it.
What does this mean? What darkness is he talking about?
Just then, I heard footsteps and quickly stepped away from the table, making sure I backed the entrance.
I felt him walk in from the balcony and as I backed him, I felt my heart beating rapidly.
“You’re done?” He asked from behind and came closer to me and I just nodded.
Soon, he was standing very close to me and wrapped his hand around my waist.
I twitched.
“Why’re you just standing, huh? Shouldn’t you get dressed?” He asked whisperingly, making me feel his cold breath on my neck.
“I….I just came out of the shower. I’ll….I’ll get dressed right away” I gulped nervously and said,then tried walking away.
He gripped me back by the wrist and made me face him.
“Is there a problem?” He asked, touching my face and making me have a glimpse of his super cute face.
Maybe I should tell him about it. Right?
What if he gets mad at me for reading the message?
“I’m…I’m fine. Of course” I replied and added a smile to sound more convincing.
“Okay then. Hurry up and get dressed” he pecked my hair before releasing me and I went straight to the wardrobe.
I took out something nice and thankfully, he faced the window as I dressed up.
I packed my hair in a fine ponytail and when I was done, I followed him out of the room, down to the garage where his car was parked.
We got in and he zoomed off afterwards.
The drive was kinda silent as we didn’t talk much to each other.
Well, you know him. He was the quiet type and considering my condition at that moment, I also couldn’t talk much.
After a long ride, we arrived at an eatery and he held my hand as we walked in.
“What’re your orders, please?” A waitress walked up to us and asked as soon as we were seated comfortably.
I looked at Miquel, like I was awaiting his reply, but he signalled me to go on first.
“Um…..I think I’d go with the beef stew” I replied and she scribbled it down in her notebook.
“And you, sir?” She turned politely to Miquel who sighed and went through the menu on the table.
“Just get me some fish” he replied and she nodded and left.
“Did your name pop up on the list of people going on the next mission?” He asked after a while and I nodded, while chewing on a meat.
“My gift was among. They needed a banshee” I further explained.
The mission was actually a day after tomorrow.
Less than 48 hours.
“You won’t be going” I suddenly heard him say and flinched.
Huh? What’s he talking about?
“I…..I don’t understand. I won’t be going? How? I mean, why?” I asked, confused and he sighed.
“Its for your own benefit, Cali. I have my reasons” he answered casually and continued eating.
But….why would he want me to stay back? I mean, what would he tell the directors, then?
What’re his reasons?
We didn’t say any other thing until we were done eating and after settling the bills, we left.
He held my hand and asked for a little walk down the street and of course, i obliged.
“Need some ice cream?” He asked when we’d gotten to an ice cream kiosk and I nodded.
He bought one for me and one for himself and we continued walking.
“If you have a problem, Cali; you’re free to let me know” he mentioned and I bit my l!p.
Should I ask him about it?
I suddenly felt scared, knowing the darkness in his heart could kill me or something. What darkness could that be?
“I…..I…I really don’t have anything to say, Miquel. I’m just…..” I paused and sighed.
“I’m fine”.
He stopped walking and I did same.
Then, he stood, facing me and stroke my hair with his palm.
He didn’t say a word but just stared into my eyes for a long time and finally released an uncanny smile.
Miquel’s Pov:
That silence….I could tell.
She’d gone through the message.
That animal – Mykel.
How dare he? I was definitely gonna make him pay for it.
Perhaps, it’s time I explained everything to Cali.
I turned away from her and was about walking away when I spotted them across the road.
A particular set of people – clvstered like they were waiting for a cab or something. But their eyes were fixed on me –
Yes, on me.
I could recognize them from anywhere.
Any part of the world.
The coordinates…..
They found me!

/> Episode 14
Cali’s Pov:
I suddenly noticed something different in his eyes as he acted strange and stared in a particular direction.
What’s wrong?
I followed the direction of his eyes and noticed a group of people standing across the road.
Huh? Who are they?
And why were they staring at us?
“Come on, Cali” he stated icily and started walking away, even without waiting for me.
I stuttered, looked at the strange people across the road, then back at him.
“Miquel?” I called under my breath and started walking after him.
He didn’t say a word or turn to look at me and on several occasions, I turned to see if the people were following us behind but they weren’t.
We finally got to the car and he opened the front door and went in and I did same. And in a few seconds, the car was moving.
I noticed a drop of blood from his nose during the drive and it became more obvious – he was angry.
But what could be wrong? Who could those people be? Why do I have a feeling there’s a connection and he’s acting this way because of them?
Oh God! This whole thing was beginning to freak me out.
He didn’t say a single word throughout the drive until we got home
He parked the car in the garage and we went in together.
“Um….are you hungry? Should I make some tea?” I asked him, trying to get rid of the silence.
It was just beginning to freak me out.
“No; I’m fine” he replied coldly and went into the bathroom.
I plonked myself on the bed and went into deep thoughts.
Gosh! Why does everything seem to be getting out of hand lately??
First, the text message, now this?
Who could those people be? And why did their pres£nce seem to affect him this much?
I placed my hand on my chin for a long time and continued thinking. There were so many things I needed to know about Miquel. So many things.
Like….what’s the connection between himself and the bridge? Who’s Mykel to him? Where does he come from?
Gosh! I really needed to have an interview with him.
He spent so much time in the bathroom that I was beginning to think something was wrong.
But finally, he stepped out, his hair and face so w€t. Just his hair and face. I thought he was taking a full bath??
He dried his hair and walked p@ss me, going to stand in front of the window.
I remained sitting on the bed and stared at him, wishing there was a way I could read his thoughts.
Come on, Cali! Maybe…..I shouldn’t even be sitting here.
I mean….it was clear enough he was upset. What could I possibly do to calm him down?
I stood up from the bed and went to stand behind him at the window.
“Miquel…” I called calmly and held him from behind – placing my hand on his chest and leaning my head on his back.
Gosh! I never thought I’d be so brave to do something like this.
He titled his head as I held him.
“What’s the problem?” I asked, perturbed.
“I asked you that question few hours ago but you told me there was nothing wrong. So, I’m fine” he said with a scoff.
Gosh! Seriously??
“Come on, Miquel. Look at me” I said,but he didn’t make a move.
“I….want to tell you something” I added and slowly, he turned around.
Oh boy! Those eyes….
They could melt a million heart.
“What is it?” He asked, his voice coming out with so much chilly.
“You look so ugly when you’re angry” I lied and he cracked.
He cracked.
“You and I both know that’s a lie” he said and tried turning back to the window, but I stopped him.
“Why don’t we play a game?” I asked as I held his hand and he stared at me for a while without saying a word.
then, he sighed.
“What game?” He asked, feebly.
“Um……T Or D?” I shrugged.
“Truth…….Or dare?” He asked and I nodded.
He looked at me, as if contemplating or something.
“Okay; I’m in” he replied and I beamed with smiles and took him to a seat.
We sat at the dining, facing each other.
At last, I could see some beams on his face.
“So…..what’s next?” He asked and I chuckled.
“Well…..the rules of the game are, you must tell the truth, or do the dare when asked. It’s a taboo not to do it. And…..Truth can’t be chos£n more than twice in a row. Meaning, if I chose truth and you chose truth, the next person would have to chose a dare. Hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories.. Are you ready?” I asked and he rolled his eyes like I was jittering.
“Are you?” I asked again.
“Of course” he mumbled and dipped his f!ng£rs into his hair.
“Okay. So, you’ll go first. Truth or dare?” I asked and he ticked his tongue for a while.
“Dare” he replied and my eyes beamed.
Hm. He’s got some nerves to choose dare for the first time.
“I dare you to smile – a very big smile” I stated.
“Seriously??” He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“Come on, Miquel. It’s a dare. You have to do it” I told him and he itched his hair and looked away.
Why does he actually find it so difficult to smile??
He fixed his eyes elsewhere and finally released the smile.
Killer smile.
I found myself smiling as well.
“Are we done??” He suddenly chinned up and huffed.
Gosh! Seriously??
“Okay; its my turn. Dare”I replied before he’d ask. And surprisingly, a grin crept into his face.
Hold on; why’s he grinning?
“Take off your p*nt and hand it to me” he said sardonically and leaned back on his chair.
Maybe it was a bad idea playing this game with him.
I scoffed and dipped my hands into my gown, holding the tip of my p*nt and dragging it down.
My hips got exposed in the process, but thank goodness it didn’t go beyond that.
I took it off and placed it into his palms which he’d already stretched out for me.
what does he plan on doing, huh??
“Good job”, he winked at me and shut his palms with the p*nt in it.
Then, he took it closer to his nose and my eyes dilated.
What the hell is he doing???
He sniffed it and smiled before inserting it into his trouser pocket.
“Seriously??” I muttered and he scoffed.
“So…I’m next, Right?” He asked and I nodded with an eye roll.
“Truth or….”
“Truth” he cut me off before I’d finish.
Hold on; I think I’ve got a really nice idea.
“Mm-mhh” i cleared my throat and adjusted on my seat.
“Remember that night…you’d taken me out on birthday?” I began and he nodded.
“Remember…the little boy you’d gotten a necklace from? And he told us something about ourselves?”
This time around, he didn’t nod, but just stared at me, a cranky smile coming up his l!ps.
Hmph. I guess he already knows what I want to ask.
“What did he tell you about me?” I asked and folded my hands.


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