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Diamond 2 Episode 1 & 2

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 1
Cali’s Pov:
“What’re you talking about Cali? What do you mean you’ll be staying with Miquel from now on? Who’re you trying to trick?” Diane asked as she stood in the room with Nina while I packed my things.
“This isn’t a joke, okay? And it’s a…..its a long story” I replied tiredly as I zipped up my bag.
“What long story? Why would you be living with him? Is it part of the punishment or what?” She grouse.
Geez! How do I explain it to them? I actually didn’t want to talk about it.
“It’s a long story,okay? And…I might tell you all about it tomorrow. But for now, I need to go” I said as I lifted my bag and started walking out of the room. And of course, they followed.
“Cali, are you sure about this? If there’s a problem, you should let us know” Nina also said from behind.
I didn’t say a word but kept walking with my bag.
They kept talking and talking, asking questions upon questions but i didn’t say a word.
I had actually expected the million questions. So, they can keep asking.
After a long walk, I got to the facade of the apartment and stopped to look at them.
“I think you need to stop here. You can’t go in with me” I said and bit my lower l!p, feeling bashful.
“Seriously??” Diane scoffed.
“Are you being serious about this,,Cali? You’re really moving in with him?”
I nodded with an eye roll.
“Look, I’ll explain everything to you tomorrow, okay? But for now, I need to go. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Goodnight” I waved at them and scuttled off.
Gosh! At last.
I took in a deep breath as I finally got free from them.
I took the stairs and reached his door post and taking in a deep breath, I knocked on it.
There was no reply.
Oh! Its possible he isn’t back from the meeting yet.
I opened the door and walked in slowly, scouring my eyes round the room.
He really wasn’t back from the meeting yet .
Hmm. I smiled and dropped my bag on the floor.
Oops! Guess I’d be needing to keep it elsewhere since this would become my permanent room.
But thinking of it…I’ll really be sharing the room with Miguel
With the king!!
I sat on the bed and cupped my hands in my chin.
It was simply unbelievable. I was getting closer to him and I f**king loved it!
I looked round the pretty room and imagined seeing such amazing sight all the time. Mehn….the room was one in a billion.
I kept thinking and imagining and feeling hot, I decided to take a shower.
Yeah…this was probably the best time for it since he wasn’t in the room.
But seriously….how do I cope living alone with a guy???
Miquel’s Pov:
I stepped out to the balcony with the ringing phone in my hand.
I felt my cheeks become hot and it took me a lot to stop myself from smashing the phone.
I couldn’t believe he had the nerves to call me. Although…I’d been expecting his call.
I picked up and placed it on my ear.
“Finally” he said with a sigh.
“You decided to pick the call”.
I listened without saying a word.
“Hey, don’t tell me you didn’t miss me?” He asked and chuckled.
“Well, even if you didn’t, I did. And to prove that to you, I actually s£nt you a message few days ago. Hold on…did you get my message? Did the banshee deliver it to you? Please, tell me she did” he spoke sarcastically, making me more infuriated.
“What do you want?” I finally spoke up, trying as much as possible to calm myself.
“Hmph! I was beginning to think I was speaking to a ghost. Finally, the King found his tongue” he said and chuckled, but I didn’t say a word.
Well, I hated being a talkative. The only thing I wished for at the moment – I wished he was actually close to me.
I preferred actions to words.
“Tell me, Miquel. How’s the banshee doing? Have you two been able to hook up? Well, you better have her now because….I’ll be taking over soon” he said and I tightened my grasp around the phone.
I needed to hit something.
“You’re never getting her” I said with gritted teeth and he sniggered.
“Really? Stop being selfish, Miquel. We both need her. And its only right for us to share her.
“I actually had a chance to abduct her, remember? Few days ago. But being considerate, I decided to let her go so you could have a taste of her….”
“So she could deliver the message” I cut him off and he laughed.
“Yeah….whatever. Anyway, I sincerely hope you’re done with her because you’ll be handing her over soon. I need to drill her as well”.
“The day you touch her, Mykel – is the day you die” I told him and for a moment, he was silent.
“You know me, Miquel. I always keep to my promise” he said.
“And you know me; I always keep to mine” I replied and ended the call, sl!pping the phone into my pocket.
Damn it!!
I sniffed and noticed the blood already scrolling down my nostrils.
My hands shook as I held the barriers of the balcony.
I needed to hit something – just anything. I needed to get rid of this anger.
The Unknown
I smiled as I ended the call and dropped the phone beside me.
Then, I lifted my gl@ss of wine and sipped form it.
“Hope you still remember what to do tomorrow?” I asked the boy behind me.
“Yes, sir” he replied and I smiled.
Dear Miquel….
Get ready for my gift tomorrow.
I wonder what he’d do when the banshee’s taken away from him.
Cali’s Pov:
I applied more soap on my body as the cold water poured on me.
Gosh! It was damn good
I smiled and shut my eyes as I lifted my face directly to the water, making it beat me heavily.
We didn’t have such shower in our dorm.
There was actually a thub, but I decided to make use of the shower so it’d make me feel I was under the rain.
Suddenly, I thought of Miquel. What would he do when he returns and finds me in the room? I mean….how do we share the room??
Bath, sleep, dress….
I guess I’d really have to learn.
I smiled sheepishly and increased the shower and just then, I heard the sound of something opening.
Hold on….isn’t that the door??
I quickly washed the soap off my face and my eyes nearly left its sockets when I saw Miquel walking in.
(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine💋)
Episode 2
Cali’s Pov:
My eyes widened the more in shock when I discovered he was shirtless.
Oh my God!!
what the…..
I ran to him immediately and jumped on him, in an attempt to prevent him from seeing my full body.
“Sir!!!” I screamed as I wrapped my hands tightly around his neck.
Good lord!!
My bo*bs were pressing against his cold chest as I hugged him tight.
“Don’t look at me – please” I pleaded and heard him chuckle.
I felt his hands wrap around my waist and felt goosebumps instantly.
Oh my Goddddd
What does he think he’s doing????
“There’s no need to be shy” he whispered into my ears and started moving with me – taking me back into the shower.
I felt my legs shake as my b**bs still touched his chest, his hands held my waist, resting close to my butts.
Gosh! It made me so so nervous. Did he really come in on purpose?
We finally reached the shower and he moved me slightly away from himself, so I could stand on my own without holding him.
I quickly lifted my hands to my chest, trying to cover my b**bs. I didn’t even know what to cover and felt my lungs become dry.
I gulped h@rd as I stared into his dark eyes while the shower poured on us.
His hair had become w€t and God knows how handsome he’d become – especially with his pink l!ps becoming w€t as well.
He lifted his hands to mine, bringing them down from my chest.
I shivered as he made my b**bs completely exposed – not to mention my….special area.
“Sir” the name rang in my head and I tried calling it out, but couldn’t.
I was mute and speechless.
After bringing down my hands successfully, he stared at me for a while without saying a word, like he was thinking or something.
As usual, I also couldn’t bring myself to say a word and immediately, with a strange force, he grabbed my hair and smashed his l!ps on mine.
Oh my God!
He klzzed me so roughly as he pushed me to the wall and I found myself peeing on my legs.
Good lord!
It was only a drop, though. But I couldn’t tell if he noticed or not.
He pinned me to the wall, dipping his hands into my waist as he tightened the klzz.
I found it so difficult breathing as he didn’t even give me space or let me go for a moment.
He klzzed me so tempestuously, i felt butterflies in my tummy.
Miquel was klzzing me!!!
His l!ps were in mine!!
For a while, he unlocked and placed his forehead on mine, making me feel his breath on my face.
I p@nted heavily due to the shock of what had just happened.
He lifted his hand to my left bre*st and fondled it lightly.
Oh God!
I shut my eyes and leaned my head on the wall as he tickled my n!pp!es with his f!ng£rs.
“Miquel…” I called in a g@sp and he moved the hand downwards to my waist.
No; not again.
I felt him move to my thighs, then honey pot.
“Wait!” I g@sped and tried holding his hand but he smooched me immediately, distracting me.
He klzzed me so roughly and I felt him bit my tongue.
Gosh! Is this really happening??
Is Miquel really doing this to me???
As he smooched me, I felt him touch my honey pot and teased it.
He didn’t penetrate his f!ng£r, but just teased it, making my whole systems shake.
I forced myself from the klzz so I could catch my breath and I leaned my head on the wall.
“Sir…..” I called in deep breaths and he smiled and left my v.
“When you’re ready, Cali. I’ll be waiting” he whispered into my ear and bit my earlobe.
I stared at him, still in shock. And he turned around and left.
I remained standing in the bathroom for a long time, feeling so shy to leave.
Did Miquel really klzz me?? And….And touch me?
And what did he mean by “when you’re ready, Cali?”
Was he referring to….being ready for s*x??
Oh my gawd!
And to think I was now stuck with him – living with him.
I touched my b**bs and remembered how he fondled them.
Then, my v. I remembered how he touched it.
Oh God!
I felt like peeing again.
That was the first time a guy was doing such to me.
Oh! Cali…..
After much thinking and reminiscing, I dried my body with my towel and put on my clothes afterwards.
Thank goodness I’d come in with my clothes. Else…..
I left the bathroom after dressing up and returning to the room, I met him there – painting on his board.
I took in a nervous gulp as I walked in and sat on the bed behind him.
He didn’t turn to look at me – not at all.
I stared at him from behind for a long time and finally crawled deeper into the bed,, laying on it.
“Goodnight, sir” I said softly and that was when he spared me a stare.
“Goodnight” he uttered silently and turned back to his board.
Hours Later
Miquel’s Pov:
I stood up from the board and went to join her in bed.
I was sure to be quiet enough as I laid beside her and stared into her face.
I moved a careless hair that tampered with her eyes.
Hmm. She was so pretty – even in sleep.
Just like…..
I sighed and stroke her hair.
Why does she always make me feel awkward?
Make me feel strange?
Undoubtedly, I was attracted to her.
I wanted her.
She’s the first lady in the institute to make me feel this way.
From the first day I got to know she was a banshee…….
Dear Cali…..
I hope I don’t hurt you.
If I give you my heart, would you be able to handle it?
Would you be able to stand the darkness in it?
Would you be able to fight it?
I exhaled deeply and rested my hand on her hair.
Well, one thing was for sure – I wanted her.
But the question was – would she be able to handle my dark heart?
I leaned forward and pecked her hair before turning off the lights.


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