dethroned episode 4

Episode 4

” See Jack I told you the girl was in that hut all along.. but you didn’t believe me.. now you’ve seen it with your own eyes..” I heard James blurt out to Jack who looked on confused upon seeing me walking out of my compound.

They were standing by the bush side this time as I slowly approach
Looking around to make sure I wasn’t the only one on the path

I am sure he is wondering how it is possible for me to be coming out of the same compound whose hut they had searched thoroughly yesterday without finding someone

Upon reaching where they stood conversing, I deliberately slowed down my steps so I could still be within earshot to hear what they are saying

” I am still surprised James… I mean we’ve been standing here awake since last night and we saw nobody enter this compound which only means you were right about her being in that hut all along… but then how is that possible when we saw nobody inside there?”

” I am equally confused Jack… or could it be that what Nene told us is actually true?” this are the last words I heard before I completely walked into another apian way

I couldn’t pass the same way again, the fear of them grabbing me in a broad daylight scares me off
As I walked into a different road, escaping from this two men and avoiding raising suspicion

I took to my heels and speed off, I ran as my weak legs can carry me.
I stopped running as i approached the village square

As I walked towards the village square that was buzzing with activities, I kept reminiscing on what I heard earlier

who is this Nene that Jack and James were talking about..?
is she the one who sent them to search my hut but then why…? I thought inwardly feeling disturbed.

The Land of Yada consists of three neighboring communities; The Land of Gada and The Land of Zada, of which The Land of Yada is the one with the highest population hence it is the most feared and respected amongst the three.

Although the most populated amongst the three communities, The Land of Yada is still a small indigenous community hence I know almost everybody’s names in this village.

which is why the name ‘Nene’ truly sounded strange to me and I am very sure there isn’t anyone who bears that name in this village,
this could only mean one thing! that it should be the name of someone from either of the two neighboring communities.

I sighed heavily as I walked pass a group of three women who were discussing and lamenting about the woes caused to them by the drought

” I don’t know what to do anymore Chinwe.. and with the rate this plague is going I might end up joining my ancestors tomorrow morning!”

” You’re not the only one Ngozi… my children are looking like walking cørpses.. there is no food or water to feed them with again.. the gods knows that I am so scared of losing my children by night” Chinwe replied with a cracked voice and eventually bursted into tears

” Ngozi you are here talking of tomorrow.. what about me that lost my last child this morning because of hunger..?
… Please it’s enough with the tears Chinwe.. you know that I am the one who is supposed to be crying not you”

I was taken aback by what I heard from the last woman. Wow! so people have already begun dying…?

I shook my head feeling pity for the woman who lost her child.
I had wanted to turn back to go sympathize with her but I figured that it was best I mind my business to avoid stories that touch

I continued walking ahead and on the way I greeted the two middle-aged men I saw on the path, from their red caps I could tell that they were kinsmen in the village.
Unfortunately for me, these men were too involved in their conversations to reply to any of my greetings

” Nnamdi we really need to think of something really quick else our families and other villagers will start dying like chickens.. already you’ve heard that a child díéd early this morning”

” You’re right Anedi.. but do we even have choices here?… clearly the gods and deities aren’t listening to our pleas as a people neither are the accepting our sacrifices.. so I don’t know again!”

Mazi Anedi heaved before responding

” I guess it is due to the fact that our land has no priestess to communicate with them like other formidable communities do…” there was a paused before Mazi Anedi continued
“…who knows?… maybe if we had one in our midst then the deities would have harken unto our woes and subsequently provided a profound solution to this plâgue that has befallen our land”

A priestess? I remember my parents telling me a tale about them when they were alive but I never knew those tales were actually true

According to what my parents told me, they said that from time memorial communities are governed by priestesses.
and since the Land of Yada, Gada and Zada share the share border, only one person is chosen for that role.

To everyone the priestesses are the overall highest authority, her words and declarations are law.

Also the priestess is the one who communicates directly with the deities and serves as a connection between the gods and the people.
this automatically makes the chosen community which the mantle of priestesshood rest on the strongest and most respected community.
it is also one of the reasons the three communities sometimes battle each other.

” But Anedi you know it has been over three decades yet no priestess has ever been enthroned after the dëäth of the previous one that was chosen from the Land of Gada.. so that is a hopeless wish”

” You’re correct Nnamdi.. it is like an hopeless wish since no one has yet been seen to be in possession of the powers that is befitting of such a mantle”

” Oh! Anedi what if the gods is actually ângry with us for keeping that seat vacant for so long?”

” I guess you are right Nnamdi because throughout those years we were never bothered by it since we never had a serious need for a priestess…
but with this drought that has just befallen the Land.. we are doomed!”

Those were the last words I heard before I finally walked pass them and continued on my way.
I think my ears have heard enough for one morning. and with the stomach discomfort I am having, petty talks would not solve it so I better find food to eat first before I faint on this bush path.

The running to escape jack and James made me more hungry and tired

I felt strengthened, hopeful as I saw a cloudy cloud
What if is about to rain or could it because one of those days that ends with another disappointment.

I can only hope for the best before more lives are gone.

May the gods forbids it and show us mercy through this cloudy sky.

My throat felt so patched, I need water to quench my taste.

I proceeded to the busy path with the little strength left in me.

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