Defiled episode 6

Defiled episode 6
Days were fast spending,Aquila’s Mom traveled, so he moved to Rama’s place,getting up everyday seeing her moody made him sad,they used to go to work together,but now she’s been suspended because of the lvst they have for each other….
Aquila blamed himself,He knew He should’ve controlled himself,especially during working hours.but the harm has been done..
Rama as-sured him he’s gonna be fine…
Rama:look,take this remember the Gate man at the office,I think He has some kind of confidential information of Akosua,I promised to sign him a check for the information,but I have not heard from him since I left…
Aquila:..I have not seen him at the office to for sometime now,He has not being at post for sometime now..
Rama:really?…Oh too bad
Aquila:..I’ll check when I get to work,don’t worry
Rama:..Hmm..ok plea-se do check..
Aquila:..Yea I’ll,I must leave now..goodbye
Ndego is not going back to his post,Akosua is capable of doing anything crazy to get him arrested or even hire thvgs to silence him,He choose to stay away for good and pl@yit cool,his intentions is to leave the country immediately he lands his hands on the cash….But until then,Akosua will continue to warm his ba-lls anytime he wishes..
Akosua was furious,it just occurred to her why Ragnar filmed them in the first place,she was planning to wage war on him immediately he reports to work,its time we sort out our differences…Am not his S-x machine..She said to herself..
Ragnar and the Anonymous caller got talking again
Anonymous:..I nee-d the cash by sundown
Ragnar:yes,I have it
Anonymous:bring it to the place I’ll show you
Ragnar:..Ok..where plea-se
Anonymous:..Come to Lesly Pub with the cash…Come alone…don’t be smart,I have eyes watching you everywhere..
Ragnar:..Ok I’ll be there..
Ragnar had hired a thvg to take down anyone who will picks up the cash ,He knew there was no way He was going to give out such amount to some random person,killing the person saves nine…He chattered a taxi to the said place,and the call c@m£ in immediately
Anonymous:..Come to the night stand and drop the cash
Ragnar walked to the said point and dropped the cash,then suddenly,a motorbike rider appeared from no where and picked it up,within seconds,He had vanished into thin air…
Ragnar was left standing with awe, he was so confused but it was to late…He tried calling the contract killer,but a different person picked up
Ragnar:..Hello..they picked up the cash
Anonymous:..You disobeyed my c@m£ with a thvg to take me down?
Ragnar:..Oh plea-se,how did you get his phone?
Anonymous:..I told you I had eyes watching everywhere
Ragnar:.Oh plea-se,you have the cash now,plea-se don’t do anything to the film..just delete them as planned..
Anonymous:Yes,but hiring a killer wasn’t p@rt of the deal…
Ragnar:..Oh yes..but you still got the cash anyway
Anonymous:..I did at the near expense of my life,it was a business doing plea-sure with you,,good bye..
Ragnar:..Oh wait..hello,hello….WTF!!
Ragnar swore and cursed,kicked off his shoes and cursed his stars like a thousand time..
How foolish have I been,all my savings dropped to one idiot just in a split of seconds?…Oh what have I being thinking?..He lamented..
Ragnar reached home and was welcomed by the wild unusual face of his wife..
Ragnar:..Sweetie,what is the problem?
Wife:..I just had a bank alert you had cashed GHS500.000 from the savings account..tell me something
Ragnar:.Oh Yes,I did,I just invested it into a business..You will love it,I wanted to surprise you
Wife:..Surprise me with what?..You mean with this business?..
Ndego has leaked the tape,He s£nt it to Ragnar’s wife before posting it on social media,within short minutes of leaking it,the video had gone viral,and none of its characters knew..Both Ragnar and Akosua..
Ragnar:..Where did you get this from?
Wife:..Don’t silly ask me,this video is on everyone’s phone,you have been cheating on me all this while?..why would you do that?..what haven’t I given to you?..tell me Ragnar tell me..!!
Ragnar:..Listen,we can talk about this,plea-se come down…
Wife:..We ain’t gonna talk about this….I can’t be in this mess with you..
Ragnar:..plea-se,listen to me…plea-se
Wife:..Am done with you..I nee-d a divorce…
Ragnar:..We have not come to that,think about the kids..
Wife:..I have come to that,I have spoken to my lawyer alre-ady…did you think about the kids when you were warming your goddamn blood?
Ragnar was confused the more,loosing a hvge amount of money some hours ago,and now He is hours away from losing his family….
And where are you going to?…Ragnar asked his wife..
Wife:..Do you care..No you don’t…am going to my Mom’s…the kids are there alre-ady…I packed my stuff out alre-ady…
Ragnar:..Whaaat?…plea-se…don’t do this to me..plea-se..
Wife:…You are so inhumane..I can’t ba-re this shame…do you know what you have done to my personality….?
Ragnar:..plea-se wait..don’t go..plea-se…
He was left standing transfixed to his “wife” as she zoomed past the gate….
Akosua had just finished bathing,she picked up her phone and was surprised by the number of calls she has missed whiles in the washroom,and the whatsapp messages….and the text messages..
What is this nons-en-se all about?…she asked herself..
She opened one of her whatsapp group,and her eyes nearly fell from its sockets..
Whaaaat?….Noo nooo noo nooo…this can’t be happening now…not now..
She saw herself in the S-x tape with Ragnar,she went throu-gh her chat,and then the messages from friends,family and church members….so all this people have seen the video?…Oh God,am dead…Ndego is a beast,God will punish this man for me…How could he?…after using me all this while?….she said..
She sat on her be-d n-ked,with tears running down her cheeks….then she had a call…
It was Rama..
Akosua:..Rama am sorry,plea-se forgive me
Rama:..You could have been close friends Akosua,you were so ignorant and jealous,see what has happened to you
Akosua:Am sorry,plea-se forgive me..
Rama:..I know Ndego did this to you,am I lying?
Akosua:..Yeah,He sle-pt with me a couple of times,He took 50,000 from Ragnar..We are soo scre-wed..
Rama:Whaat?..All that?….Am sorry I can’t do anything to help you..look like you are gonna be un-der cover for a long time..the video is everywhere…
Akosua:..Hmmm…I can’t talk to you now…bye
Rama was with Aquila when she made the call,they felt for her,but what can they do to help?…
Aquila:..This girl is just a crab,she sle-pt with the guy in other to cover up her mess?
Rama:..Yea she did,and Ragnar paid him a ransom of GHS50,000
Aquila:…That’s too bad…the company is gone bankrupt,trust me…
Rama:..I think so..Hmmm
Aquila:…Listen,am going to resign from my post..I can’t work at a firm bossed by some prick..
Rama:..Yeah,I wanted to discuss that with you…
Aquila:..Hmmm….better done now
Ragnar’s wife returned to her matrimonial house to pick up some stuffs she forgot,she went into the house,but it was soo silent and deserted,the main door leading to the living room was ajar,she entered slowly,but no sight of Ragnar…then the sound c@m£…paaaaaa!!!
She run towards the direction of the sound c@m£ from,and there is was…Ragnar her husband just pushed a bullet throu-gh his own skull….He couldn’t ba-re the shame..The wails from his wife brou-ght a lot of people into the house,and within minutes his remains was in an ambulance going to the morgue….such is life….
The wails from Akosua’s was soon heard,Her Mom on hearing the leak of her daughters video decided to go see her,she entered the room and found her only daughter,hanging from the ceiling with a nylon rope,her mouth foaming,and eyes popped out,the life she ever wished for was cut short by a nylon robe..
Two souls lost,all from suicide,all done  to hide their shame,their souls sails throu-gh the darkened worlds….