Dear Mr and Mrs right episode 3

Dear Mr&Mrs Right (A short life tale by Nonye)
p@rt 3.
Many things were going throu-gh my mind at that moment.
I kept trying Lex number and also his mum’s number, I have his mum and some of his siblings numbers but the number wasn’t going throu-gh.
This whole thing is better to be imagined than to witness. It was devasting.
I kept as-suring my people that they were coming.
From anger I began to have fears. What if something bad happened on their way down.
What if this and what if that” kept running throu-gh my mind.
I decided to go into my room and stay there to avoid unnecessary questions.
I don’t even know how the crowd manage to build up.
It was supposed to be a small introduction with just the two families and also the kinsmen but different people dressed in p@rty styles were coming and getting seated.
Who invited them?
Anyway, they are not my problem, there was enough food and drinks for everyone.
My own worries was about Lex.
When his second name is not Amaka why will he disappoint me?
My mum was beautifully dressed in her regalia, she c@m£ into the room to ask me if I have heard from them again.
The whole thing was begining to annoy me.
I just gave her a sharp answer that they are coming. Everyb©dy should st©p asking me every two seconds of there whereabout.
It was 1pm alre-ady, my Mom un-derstand that I’m equally worried and decided not to push.
She asked me to relax that they are probably in traffic or maybe their car spoilt just like the same thing that happened to one of my sister, my sister’s hubby’s car broke down on their way to our village and they have to leave the car behind and get a bus that conveyed them down. After my mum told me that she Left and I kind of felt relaxed.
My brother had alre-ady gone out to wait for them at our bust©p hoping that they will meet him there.
Few minutes after my Mom left I started hearing sound of cars driving into the compound.
I ran out of the room and behold they are the one.
Lex, his Mum, Dad, few friends, brother, uncles, some kinsmen and also women.
They even picked my brother who was at the bust©p and c@m£ altogether
I gave a sigh of relief.
Lex will not give me high blood pressure. Mba…he won’t kill me with worries.
As they fill the compound, my people went out welcoming them.
Handshake and hvgs then followed by loud laughter.
The in-laws were apologising for the late arrival as they began to explain that one of the men who was supposed to drive the second bus dissappointed them that morning.
They have to look for another person that will drive the bus throu-gh the long distance.
I stepped out to greet them. Lex Mom and Dad hvgged me like their lost daughter and even began to introduce me to other people who c@m£ with them.
Lex looked at me and was smiling from ear to ear.
Who is even smiling with him. Mtcheeeeeww!
As we stood aside the crowd, I started my rant.
“Don’t try this kind of expensive pl@ynext time Lex. You stood everyone up waiting for you and your people’s arrival. You are here smiling, you don’t even know the tension you put me throu-gh. You and your mom’s number wasn’t going throu-gh…I have been trying to manage the situation. We agreed that you will come early with your people so that you can also return on time but here you are coming by 1pm and smiling as if nothing happened…. plea-se…biko don’t give me this expensive joke next time is not even funny…
Lex held my shoulder gently. As he look down at me.
Do I even blame him for having a good advantage over me with his height.
Bros was way taller with broad shoulders.
“I’m sorry Nonye, sincerely sorry. I try calling you as we were getting close to inform you about the situation of things but your number wasn’t going. I even used my Dad and mom’s phone to try… the same thing. Network in your village is terrible…I was also worried and was very angry with the second bus driver that supposed to carry my kinsmen. that man just dissappointed us…but thank God that we are finally here. Look at the crowd…i never knew that people full ground like this waiting. I’m so happy to be finally here. You are looking take away.. your dress is beautiful… when did you sew this one?
“Lex hapun aka (leave me alone) if after the whole ceremony and it becomes too late for you and your people to travel back, I will take your people to a better place to sleep but your own slee-ping place will be at the dog’s house. You will see…
Bros started laughing again as we began to walk back to join the day program.
“Whatever punishment you think I deserve I’m willing to accept my love. But don’t forget that if you are putting me in the dog’s house, then that is were you will also sleep once I finish paying your bride price… hahahaha…
I was calm and laugh along with him before he joined his people.
The in-laws were fed first before the traditional rites began.
They went on pres£nting all they c@m£ with. After the elders negotiation and agreement the main entertainment began.
Eating, drinking and merriment.
5pm the in-laws were still cracking jokes with my people and filling their mouth with different delicacy and palm wine.
Around 5:30pm they shakes hand, bid goodbye. Thanked my people for their care and entertainment and my people wish them journey mercies.
We took few pictures too before they finally Left.
Lex and his people left after the intro was over.
I can’t exclude God in what happened that day because he took control of everything.
There was still enough food for guests to take home.
Alot of take away as more people c@m£ later in the evening to eat and drink.
After two days I returned back to my base, and resumed work.
Since I wasn’t much of a picture posting type again I never posted anything on social media.
I went on living my normal life.
I wasn’t even wearing any ring, even the engagement ring was ha-rd ly seen on my f!nger.
Lex traveled back to his base but after few weeks he traveled back to see me.
We started planning for the main traditional wedding.
Did you know that to be a man is not a joke? To marry an Igbo Lady is not a child’s pl@yat all? In case you don’t know plea-se take note now.
But the good p@rt was I have an un-derstanding parents and I wasn’t folding my hands and leaving Lex to do it alone.
If he brings two I will bring one my supportive nature haven’t change.
Doing the right thing is very difficult but we were willing to try our best.
The traditional list c@m£ with an unreasonable amount, Lex still pay before collecting it.
It was indeed a long list. Bros was even confused and didn’t know where to start from.
2019 c@m£ and hubby was alre-ady traveling from work base to my State and back to his own place.
He went to my village twice while I was still in Lagos to do some of the traditional rites.
We wanted to recover first from the introduction expenses before planning for another wedding.
We started our savings again for the next big step
Our main traditional wedding was supposed to be within Easter 2019 and July. We later concluded on a month and d@t£.
It wasn’t easy, no it wasn’t at all but we gave it a ha-rd push.
I contributed my own p@rt and bros put in his best too.
We weren’t going to do everything in that list, there is still life after wedding and we never wanted to borrow for the wedding or any traditional rites. Going into de-ep debt and start paying with our teeth when everything is over, I never wanted such thing and Lex too did not want that. So we try to make sure it never happened.
After pres£nting all that we can afford to village people, kinsmen said our best wasn’t enough. We have to do more.
Lex was not a politician or millionaire yet. Lex was just like most ambitious, ha-rd -working young men, who wanted to do the right thing. Get married and start a family of their own but village people were expecting more than we can offer.
I know couples that starts family after doing engagement or introduction and they are living happily. They forgone the list or even think of traditional wedding. All that matters is that introduction have been done.
While some will either buy or s£nd cash for few of the items in the list after they have given birth to one or two kids and the funny p@rt is that the kinsmen will have no choice than to accept it.
Here we are trying to cut our coat according to our size but my village people want us to go on oversize suit with their high demands.
Bros was getting frustrated as Easter was two months away and we are yet to meet the demand if this kinsmen that stood on do¢v-mented tradition.
To cut the short story long we finally fix a perfect day for trad. We refused to be frustrated by anyone who will not be there in the future when we nee-d one help or the other.
I took leave again from my work place and traveled home for my traditional wedding.
Everything was in order, the kinsmen who c@m£ to eat, drink and share money wanted to cause commotion that day but hey… even if they gathered against my Joy they won’t succeed.
God took control at the end.
Three big canopies was filled with people, food was never a problem. Dj and the MC was given everyone something to dance and laugh over.
The crowd was beyond expectations but we try to make sure everyone had something to eat before going.
Me and Lex got married traditional after jumping many long ropes that tries to strangle us.
We p@rte after p@rte until night c@m£.
I could have just say THE END here but
The next p@rt is where the main food is lying and waiting patiently for you.
We will continue the gist another time because all f!ngersare not equal.
Only fools  test the depth of a river with both foot.
Don’t think there are no crocodile in the river Just because the water is calm.
To be continued…