Dear Mr and Mrs Right episode 2

DEAR MR&MRS RIGHT (a short life tale from Nonye)
p@rt 2.
@ Amah
After calling twice that evening his line was busy I decided not to call again for that day.
Few minutes later, Lex started calling.
He also called twice, I allowed the phone to ring and st©p. I did not pick.
Childish anger was just doing me strong thing.
since bros was forming busy let me also do the same.
After calling twice he st©pped calling. I was vexing and didn’t care. I have made up my mind not to pick his call that evening.
But he later called again and I forgot about my anger and picked.
“Hello Nonye…
“Heyyy… Good evening oga busy…
He smiled at the other end. He knew I wasn’t happy and decided to wors£n the situation by explaining
“, I’m sorry, I missed your calls earlier. I didn’t even know my phone was ringing. I was sitting outside with some youth corpers who live in the next building close to mine and also with a neighbor. Imaima and Austin are the corpers while Ekaette is my neighbor. The youth corpers have gone back to their lodge… I’m here with Ekaette… Will you like to say hello to her?
By then my mind is begining to recalculate the scene. I began to imagine how Ekaette looks like.
Big w@!st, full che-st, fine face with a unique algebr@ in both the other room and kitchen.
Before I could even say anything Lex gave Ekaette the phone.
And the next voice was that of Ekaette
“Hello, good evening… how are you doing…?
Her voice sound sweet over the phone. I decided to act mature despite how i was boiling inside.
After all… my problem is not with Ekaette is with Lex.
I was about commenting on her fine voice but that will be too much of a formality.
“Hiiiii…i’m doing great…and you?
“I’m good. You got a beautiful voice just the same way you look. Bro Lex showed us your pictures and says beautiful things about you… wow Congratulations…he also told us about the upcoming introduction…
Well, at that moment the anger was leaving my che-st small and Ekaette was no longer a threat but I wasn’t still convince.
Bros has explanation to do.
I thanked Ekaette before she hand the phone back to Lex.
I was still on the phone when Lex bid goodnight to Ekaette who replied before he walked back to his room.
“Nonye… are you still there?
He asked because I was quiet, trying to listen carefully to his footsteps and to be sure he was the only one that entered that house.
I was acting like an invisible monitoring spirit.
“I’m here Lex. For more than three days you have been forming busy for me. And you are there telling the whole world about our introduction. I hope your neighbor is keeping you very busy? by the way, how does she looks like?
I queried him indirectly and he replied…
“Nonye, Work over here is demanding, I try to explain so that you can un-derstand. Do you know I didn’t even get to eat throu-gh out today until this evening when I st©pped at one place to eat with my colleagues before getting home. Ekaette offered me some of her native food that she prepaid but I told her I have eaten alre-ady and I can’t keep it till tomorrow morning because I leave very early to site for work. And well… Ekaette is a nice lady… Beautiful and friendly. I only told her and the corpers that usually come around about our upcoming intro…i told few colleagues too that’s all. I wanted them to know how serious my relationsh!pwith you are. i just don’t want to encourage any unwanted feeling from anyone. I don’t know why you care to know what Ekaette looks like…but she can’t be compared to my own Queen…my heartbeat….my chocomilo…
At that moment anger have finally dissapeared and all I wanted to do was to start blu-shing and smiling sheepishly but I held on as he showered me with praises.
I trust Lex but I love hearing his reas-surance voice and I do that too whenever he start fusing and acting like a baby with the male colleagues or friends around me.
I will go on and on as-suring him that he is the only skeleton in my cu-pboard any other skeleton is a witch.
🤣 Is so hilarious thinking of it now.
All I could say that night as he praises me was.
“Lemme alone joor… st©p patronising me, go and meet your beautiful Ekaette…
Bros bur-st out laughing and we had other things to talk about and laugh over.
I don’t have issue with distance relationsh!p. I was used to not seeing my man for months but it all becomes a problem when his company posted him to that p@rticular state. With people putting different ideas on my head, I started cooking the idea and sulking in it.
What wasn’t a problem before for me bec@m£ a problem.
Even Lex who calls every time to check up reduced the rate of calls and when I call he will promise to call back because he was either working or on official duty.
Lex also confirmed that the women are great cooks plus looks.
Those were the things that got into my head negativily.
I decided to st©p giving myself unnecessary headache and get busy too.
We only have to make fun of most things that was supposed to cause problem between us.
We will find a way to joke with it
Anytime I hear about the ladies over at Lex base I smile, jump and pas-s the conversation and thoughts.
When his work load reduced he was back to calling as of before and filling me in with his everyday activities after I have told him mine.
Our introduction plans continued with phone calls.
Lex picked August and September, I chose October.
We later concluded on October 10th 2018.
We wanted to finalize everything about marriage right in 2018.
But Life kept pla-ying different cards at us.
Persistence brings result and we stood head strong and took the first big step.
As time draw near, I traveled back to my state after I was given 10days leave from my office.
I bought most of the intro things in Lagos before traveling home.
Lex also traveled from his work base to his side.
Every other nee-ded things were purchased and my mum pla-yed her motherly role.
Two days before the main day, I and Lex decided to meet at a mall which was in the heart of my state.
He journeyed down from his place and I went over.
We did small shopping and gets to discuss other things concerning our upcoming intro before I went back home.
On that very day, 10th of October. The sun set like every other day and preparation began.
It was supposed to be a low key introduction with both families, mine and Lex but it turned out bigger than I thought.
Women were pounding, cooking, cleaning and setting up the place that morning before the in-laws will come.
Around 12pm to 1pm, my parents and uncles were alre-ady asking me if the in-laws are still coming?
The whole cooking was done, coolers with different delicacies set out. Correct palm wine with kolanuts and garden eggs set out.
In-laws are yet to arrive, Lex phone was not even going but hey…I try not panic.
As my people continue asking me of there whereabout, I kept as-suring them that they were coming.
The kinsmen started arriving, the introduction was turning into something big but the in-laws haven’t showed up yet.
Me and Lex spoke in the morning till towards 11am that day. After then his phone wasn’t reachable again.
People were gradually gathering up.
Should I be worried?
Hope is not what I’m thinking ooo.
Maybe I should go and start introducing myself to the people gathered because most of them don’t even know me very well, after all… is still my introduction day. When I’m done they will eat, drink and go to their houses. End of ceremony🤷🤷.
Biko, what should I do now that Lex and his people haven’t showed up yet and time was going🤔I hope Ekaette do not have a hand in this🙄🙄.
Let me go and drink water first, this other p@rt is begining to choke me like roasted yam.