Dear Mr and Mrs Right episode 1

Dear Mr & Mrs Right (a short life tale from Nonye)
p@rt 1.

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We started d@t!ngMay 7th 2016. After I officially break up from a toxic relationsh!p.
I knew him before then and kept giving him the red light. When he bec@m£ persuasive I resulted to insult because I did not see him as an idle man.
Having been throu-gh a godforsaken relationsh!pthat took me four years to bounce, I was careful in my next leap.
Lex was nice, Lex was super cool, Lex took God very serious which was a plus.
but even my ex was spiritkoko but behind close doors he was a lost soul. for my ex then the churchy p@rt used to be a camouflage, a show off, back then buh…Well I’m happy for him because he is gradually finding his footing on the right track.
Back to the gist.
Lex was a good friend to my elder brother and comes around often.
And after many Nos I decided to give a yess and it was on this exact d@t£ May 7 2016.
I knew he graduated for years, worked in a bank for sometime before resigning because he wanted to go into Telecom but had to go throu-gh years of training. He kept his certificate aside and register for training.
So I knew he wasn’t working, I knew he had accomodations ish, no job, no money, nothing to really boast off.
I knew he can’t offer me much but I wasn’t just after what he can offer. I’m always a supporter in every relationsh!pI find myself.
I don’t just fold hands and wait for a man to treat me like a Queen. I treat my man like a King, Make him feel loved, support him both physically and in prayer.
Yes, that is who I am.
I encouraged him and did not give up when the going bec@m£ tough.
Unlike my past relationsh!p, Lex was very appreciative, he was focus and knew what he wanted.
I trust him and he never dissappointed.
He quit many bad habits because of me, it was a gradual process but he achieved it within a year. I was proud of him and kept encouraging.
He encouraged me too and made me pick interest in most of what I fear to do… example cooking,-:
I wasn’t much of a great cook back then because I’m always having someone doing it for me and whenever I try… it doesn’t come out perfect or even close but Lex make me start doing it often.
I bec@m£ a pro at it, he was a good cook and with his help I conquered my fear. He believed in me.
My past relationsh!pturned me into an over jealous, violent lady. It brou-ght out the worse in me but this fine gentle man brou-ght out nothing but the best in me and pushed me to be better.
I can be stubborn, ha-rd en and difficult sometimes but Lex knows how to manage my excesses.
We compliment each other in everything and I also did my very best to help him in every way necessary.
He sometimes get angry, sad and frustrated because of the no job, no money thing and i kept encouraging him with words and actions.
My past relationsh!pwas a NO S-x relationsh!p.
Mr ex agreed intially but after few months he started pestering me about S-x but I stood on my ground.
He cheats with different women, I even caught him sometimes and he will cry, knee and plead…he will tell me is because I wasn’t given it to him and he decided to get it outside but he still loves me.
Funny enough I will believe the cheap lies…the p@rt of
“I still love you Nonye and can’t live without you…if you leave me I will die… blablabla….yen yen yen….
but even at that I did not give in because I knew having S-x will never make him to st©p cheating or become a better man.
I also loved him and wanted us to end well but ex was acting like “Turface”
I met this fine gentle man called Alex as a vir-gin.
He was shock when he learnt that I I’m still a vir-gin, a beautiful, young, smart lady like me? Who will even believe that?
Lex was a celibate too when we started d@t!ng, so S-x was not our driven goals.
We had a uniqueness which was being true to ourselves and having a real fear of God.
Lex later got a small contract, it wasn’t fetching much but is better off than nothing since he was still training.
My family did not buy the idea of me d@t!nga man that can’t really take good care of me just like ex did but it wasn’t just about my family or friends it was about me…I know what I wanted.
I don’t double d@t£. And have never done such.
I do one at a time and I will support the man with all I got.
Despite I have been dissappointed in the past I did not give up because the real me is very accommod@t!ng, forgiving, supportive and loving…no matter what. but when I call it quit, I’m not looking back even if the man rolls from post to post pleading. It takes time to make such decision but once i finally made it, is a “goodbye to jati jati”
So Lex had alot to chew during this time, he was always on the road… traveling.
I un-derstand what he was going throu-gh during this period and I did not add my own trouble to it.
I don’t get to ask him money for anything because I un-derstand his plight.
I can’t be ins-en-sitive at such a time.
I will rather borrow when I’m in a ti-ght corner to make my hair and pay back later than to ask Lex.
Whenever I received my salary I will either s£nd a token or give him something to hold onto. He sometimes become so emotional when I do that. Is something no one has done for him yet out of my little I was willing to share.
2017 he got a better job and we started planning for wedding.
November he c@m£ to my work place and propose during my birthday.
Well, it wasn’t all surprise proposal because I knew he was going to do that.
Bros practically knelt with his two knees to propose, I had a good laugh first before telling him to go on one knee, that is how it’s been done.
We had a good laugh at ourselves before he slide the ring into my f!nger.
It was just two of us laughing at each other and me acting like a new bride.
It was small engagement ring that fit perfectly into my tiny f!nger.
My size of ring is not common due to the size of my f!ngers.
My girlfriend later saw the ring and condemned it, she said it looks small and not really fanciful.
Sincerely, it broke my heart when she said that because she was a b0ss0mfriend and i expected her to look past the engagement ring size and be happy for me… anyway I try to wave it off.
Two months after, Lex lost his job. It was a difficult moment but still we had faith…
Many crises arise during then, just like the general saying ” village people everywhere we go”
I had faith, he had faith…our trust in God doubled with each pas-sing tribulations.
Middle of 2018 he got another job and I have been saving every penny I have.
I had other responsibilities, family ish and rents because I was also accomod@t!ngmy younger siblings who depends on me for feeding and other things but I still try to save the ones I can even if it means starving myself.
Lex later got a job in another Telecom company. Salary wasn’t mouth watery but it was okay. He was posted to a faraway state. Very far from mine where I was told that babes there are very h0t.
Beautiful women with full back side and front.
I had people saying different things about where bros was base. They said the women there are very good in foodiology and be-diology. And good food with quality S-x was one of the ways to a man’s heart.
I laugh in Chinese because it was funny to me.
“Biko, all of you should relax…I trust my man”.
That is what I kept as-suring them.
By the way, me and Lex have traveled together to his place before and I met his Mom, Dad, siblings…I like them and they liked me too.
Lex had alre-ady told them so much about me…”his wife to be”
Having had little saving of my own we agreed that 2018 is the year to settle down.
Our next step was supposed to be introduction, bros started acting drama.
Fear began to crip in
“What if the ladies in the state that Lex is based in finally succeeded in their arithmetics with his stomach and zoza room….?
Ewoooo…Chim ooo!
Someb©dy should hold me ooo… village people has refused to rest on my matter.
We will continue tomorrow because the next p@rt is paining my che-st 😂😂😂