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Deanna episode 25

Devils and angels
Story by:
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💃Episode 25💃
{Will you still love me.. When you’ve met me demons?”
Stefan took to his heels as Deanna ran after him. He weaved his way passed her and ran out of the house. Stefan didn’t look back as he ran to the taxi wait. He boarded a taxi and headed straight home.
Damon knocked softly on Stefan’s door and when there was no reply, he pushed the door open and walked in.
Stefan was lying on the bed when Damon walked in and he quickly turned to the door.
“Stefan?!” Damon forced a smile and walked to the bed
“Damon?!” Stefan got up with a start “what are you doing here?”
“Relax.. I just want us to talk” Damon said softly
“Damon there’s nothing we have to talk about” Stefan yelled
“I’m sorry for letting the devils use me but I really want to help”
“Help?” Stefan scoffed “I don’t need your help. You’re the reason Deanna is what she is today”
“I’m sorry.. Just give me a chance to show you that I’m really sorry”
“Damon I don’t need your help”
“Stefan listen to me.. I can really help. Let’s sought things out together”
“I don’t need your help.. I can sought things out myself. Just leave!”
Damon sighed and walked out.
Stefan punched the air frustratingly and heaved in a deep sigh. How was he going to find a way to save Deanna?
He really needed help but it was never going to come from Damon.
“Stefan?!” a voice whispered and Stefan flattered his eyes open.
“Who’s there?” he asked, turning on the bedside lamp
“Stefan?!” The voice called again and this time he jumped out of the bed
“show yourself” he shouted
“Stefan?!” a loud voice called and he got scared “Deanna?!”
“Deanna?!” Stefan gasped and reached for a jacket then grabbed his car key and drove off.
Stefan took off speeding, rounding corners dangerously fast and gliding through stop signs. He got to Deanna’s house and hit the brake.
The environment was usually quiet. Dead silent.
He got down from the car and took a flashlight cause there was no light in the entire neighborhood. It seemed like all the lights had been cut out.
Damon surveyed the area critically before entering the house. Everywhere was dark and quiet and he regretted coming alone. Stefan pointed the flashlight round the living room and his game fell in a paper that was pinned to the wall. Few letters were scribbled on the wall with blood and it read:
📄 gσσ∂вує ѕтєfαи
Immediately Stefan finished reading the words, something or someone hit him at the back of his head and he fell down with his face. A heavy blow landed on his head again and everything blanked out.
🕖🕕 LATER 🕕🕔
Stefan gasped and opened his eyes as water was been poured on his face. He blinked rapidly to remove the water from his eyes.
Stefan tried moving his hands but he was tied to a chair. Both hands and legs and he couldn’t move.
“You’re finally awake” Deanna giggled with blood stained teeth. She had grown bigger than normal and was completely soaked with fresh blood.
Stefan ignored her and struggled with the ropes to break free but couldn’t.
“Don’t waste on strength on those.. You’ll never get out so just watch the show” Deanna pecked him on his cheek and walked to a burning fire. There were a lot of people around the fire and it looked like they were feasting.
“Devils” Stefan muttered under his breath and tried breaking free but the ropes were too strong.
After a while, Stefan gave up and at quietly watching the devils. They were roasting what looked like people’s heart in the fire and eating.
“What some?” Deanna suddenly appeared behind him with a stick of whatever they were eating
“It’s human heart and it tastes good.. You should have some”
“Thanks” came the cold reply
Deanna rolled her eyes “Cipher will be here soon and I won’t be nice when he comes”
“Did your bring me here?!”
Deanna shrugged “maybe I did or maybe I didn’t. Who knows?”
“Deanna listen to me” Stefan said in a whisper “you’re under the influence of the Devils and they’re using you to do bad things. Very bad things and we have to get you out of here”
“That has to wait till Cipher comes then I’ll tell him everything cause I don’t understand a piece of what you’re saying” Deanna said and walked out
“How do I get out of here?” Stefan struggled with the ropes again but it wasn’t making any difference.
He stopped and watched the feast of the devil’s quietly.
Stefan saw a figure approaching the devils from the dark shadow and got alert. He watched keenly as the figure got to the devils and and missed among them. They talked in soft whispers, in a language Stefan couldn’t understand.
Stefan got more scared as they exchanged things amongst themselves.
Stefan watched in fright then there was a sudden cut around his wrist from behind and he almost screamed but a hand covered his mouth from behind.
“Shhh! Its me, Damon?” a voice whispered
“Damon?!” Stefan called weakly
“Let’s get out of here before they see us” Damon said in whisper. Then he was half carrying, half dragging Stefan out to walk on his feet. They were almost at Damon’s car when the devils noticed them.
“They’re getting away” Deanna shouted, pointing at their direction
“Hurry” Damon urged on seeing the devils approaching them.
They got to the car and Damon held the car door open for Stefan to get in. Deanna picked up a tree branch that was lying on the ground and threw at them. Stefan ducked and entered the car and the branch smashed the side of the car.
Damon staggered into the drivers seat and drove off.
“What’s the possibility that they won’t appear in the car?” Stefan asked in fear
“As long as the doors and windows are closed, they won’t come in unless you call them” Damon replied and stepped on the accelerator
“Thank you for saving me.. I should’ve trusted you”
Damon glanced at Stefan “I understand your fear”
“How did you find me?”
“I followed you”
“To Deanna’s house?”
“Yes. I didn’t follow you in cause I knew it wasn’t wise to go in but if I had tried stopping you then you wouldn’t have listened”
“I wasn’t even thinking.. I just wanted to save Deanna” Stefan drawled
“I’m sorry”
“I’ve forgiven you already” Stefan smiled and looked behind them “I think we got away”
“Not for long. We have to find a safe place where the devils doesn’t know and the president’s estate isn’t an option, Cipher knows we live there”
“Who’s Cipher?” Stefan asked
“The one who possessed me” Damon replied, afraid to mention the devils
“How did you know him?”
“I always did know I was possessed but I couldn’t fight him. Even though I could, I wasn’t willing to but I regret it now” Damon said and asked “were you hurt?”
“No. What about you?”
“I wasn’t” Damon replied and increased his speed.
They got to a dark alley and Damon stepped on the brake abruptly and fell on the steering.
“Damon?!” Stefan called, turning on the light. That was when he noticed that Damon’s back was soaked with blood.
“What happened to you?”
“We don’t have time. Let’s find somewhere safe” Damon stuttered faintly.
Stefan carefully carried Damon to the passengers seat then he took the steering. He drove in full speed, regularly glancing at Damon who was already weak.
“Hang on Damon. Don’t die on me” Stefan drawled and squeezed Damon’s hand softly and Damon gave a faint smile.
“Stop” Damon said with his eye closed and Stefan hit the brake
“Where are we?” Stefan asked
“Tracey’s mobile house” Damon replied “I know where she keeps the key.. we should be safe here for a while” Damon replied and pushed the car door open. Stefan quickly got down and ran to the other side of the car to help Damon down.
“can you walk?” Stefan asked and crossed Damon’s right hand over his shoulder
“I don’t think so” Damon groaned in pain
“get on my back” Stefan squatted down and Damon got on his back. He carried him to the mobile house and helped him sit on a bench in the front porch.
“where are the keys?” Stefan asked
“inside the flowers” Damon replied.
Stefan searched the flower vase and found a bunch of keys. He tried the first key in the bunch and the door opened. Stefan carried carried Damon inside using his phone as a flashlight.
“The light switch is behind the curtain” Damon groaned as Stefan laid him on the couch.
Stefan groped about for the light switch behind the curtain and turned on the light. He walked back to the couch and removed Damon’s shirt.
“The wound is big. How did it happen?”
“the branch Deanna threw at us…. ”
“it did this to you?” Stefan got in and Damon nodded “why didn’t you tell me then? You shouldn’t have wasted your strength driving”
“I know I’m not going to make it and I didn’t want you to waste your time trying to save me”
“Save your strength, I’ll get a bucket of water and towel” Stefan said and walked out before Damon could stop him. He didn’t even know where the doors in the house led to. He managed to locate a bathroom then took a towel and a bucket of water and walked back to the living room. When returned, Damon had fallen off the couch.
“Damon?!” he dropped the bucket and towel and ran to Damon “Damon?!” he slapped Damon violently “Damon don’t die on me. Damon?!”
“Ste.. fan….” Damon coughed weakly
“Hang on Damon.. I’ll take you to the hospital”
“Stefan don’t” Damon said “They’ll find you soon”
“Damon don’t say anything.. save your strength”
“Cipher is tracking us through me.. he still has control of me”
“Damon be quiet” Stefan yanked and dialled some digits in his phone
“Stefan listen to me” Damon yelled and groaned in pain
“Deanna is tormenting me, she’ll take me very soon. You have to find Martha, she’s the only one who can help”
Tears trickled down Stefan’s cheeks “Don’t leave me Damon” he sobbed “Damon hang on” Stefan shouted in tears as Damon gave up.
“Damon don’t!” he shouted and ran to the land-line that was hanging on the wall. He hurriedly dialed some digits and placed the receiver in his ear but the call wasn’t going through. Stefan screamed and angrily smashed the receiver on the wall.
He ran back to Damon and continued shaking him.
“Damon please. Don’t leave me” Stefan shouted in tears “Damon?! Damon?!”
He got dizzy and everything around started to faded as he shook Damon. He could no longer hear himself and it seemed like he was fading.
“He’s dead” a voice said and Stefan stopped. He looked down at Damon and jerked back in fear. They were no longer in the mobile house but in a graveyard and Damon was lying in an open coffin.
Stefan whirled around to see who spoke and was shocked to find Martha standing behind him.
“I was able to pull you in here before the devils arrived at the mobile house. You could’ve been dead by now” Martha said
Stefan said nothing and shifted his gaze to Damon.
“Damon?!” he called and slapped Damon
“He’s at rest now” Martha said
“Wake him up”
“I can’t. I don’t have the power to. I’m a dead person just like he is except I’m a Sural”
“Damon isn’t dead”
“He is and many more of your loved once are going to die if we don’t stop Deanna”
“Deanna killed Damon”
“I know” Martha said calmly “but you can’t hate her because of that”
“I have to avenge my cousin. I have to”
“Then you have to fight Cipher”
“How do I fight a devil?”
“Through Deanna” Martha replied “They haven’t performed the ritual of the Dark Soul so there’s still a chance of getting her back”
“Deanna isn’t a complete devil, She’s just under their control. We can stop the ritual and turn her into a light soul”
“I don’t understand”
“You’re not just human Stefan. Though you are but you’re possessed by an angel but you failed to realize that” Martha observed a pause then went on “They ritual would be performed tonight by 12 mid night and a lot of blood shed is required to perform the ritual. Once the ritual is performed, Deanna becomes a complete devil and nothing can be done about it”
“How do I stop the ritual?”
“You’re light and they’re darkness, when the….”
“… light comes in the darkness disappears” Stefan completed
“You’ll attack the ritual and they’ll become frozen by your light, but not Deanna” Martha said “Deanna won’t be affected and she’ll fight you to kill you. What you’ll be fighting isn’t Deanna so you shouldn’t show mercy else she’ll kill you. fight and defeat her”
“Should I kill her?”
Martha smiled “Can you kill her?”
“I can’t” Stefan replied truthfully
“And you don’t have to” Martha said “when you get into the fight, your wisdom will lead you”
Stefan nodded and glanced at Damon’s lifeless body.
“I don’t want anyone else to die”
“Deanna already killed her Uncle Adam and your sister Tracey”
“But why?”
“cause you haven’t stopped her” Martha replied “the devils are bent on using her to kill everyone she knows and loves dearly”
“Then we have to stop her”
“I’ll send you to the clearing where the ritual is taking place. It’s almost midnight and we don’t have time. Just listen to my voice inside your head” Martha said “I would’ve come with you but I can’t.. I trapped in here”
Stefan nodded and Damon’s coffin suddenly closed.
“He’s far gone now” Martha said
“I”m so sorry Damon” Stefan sobbed and squatted beside the coffin “I hope you forgive me”
“he died trying to protect you” Martha said “he’ll never be forgotten”
“send me to the clearing”
Martha nodded and stretched out her open palms.
“Place your palms on mine” she said and Stefan obeyed
“Now close your eyes and picture yourself in the clearing. Your mind will take you there”
“Now open your eyes” Martha said and Stefan fluttered his eyes open. He was no longer in the graveyard but in a large, clearing.
“Most times we have to fight alone” he heard Martha’s voice in his head
“Take care of my cousin” Stefan said in his heart
“I certainly will” came Martha’s reply


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