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Deanna episode 23

Devils and angels
Story by:
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💃 Epsiode 23 💃
{Will you still love me.. when you’ve met my demons?}
“This is it” Deanna breathed out, lying face up on the bed
“All you have to do is concentrate and try to reach The Sural, maybe you can pull me in when you find her” Stefan said
“This isn’t going to be easy” Deanna said
“At least we can try.. I’ll rather die trying than die watching like a coward”
Deanna swallowed hard and tried concentrating.
“The sural is buried in hell. just try to picture what hell look like…. ”
Deanna listened to Stefan as he talked. She listened to everyone description he made till she was gradually finding herself in a new place. Dark, and creepy but no blazing fire like Stefan had described.
“Stefan I found it” Deanna shouted excitedly
“I know.. I’m right behind you” Stefan said and Deanna whirled around to find Stefan really standing behind her.
“Let’s find her and get out of here” Deanna said and walked to Stefan’s side
“I’m here” a voice said and they noticed a figure sitting beside them. She was a white flowing gown and her hair was flaxen gold.
Even though she looked old, but not really old. She was still beautiful and Deanna couldn’t help but wonder why she looked like her.
“Are you The sural?” Stefan asked
“If you’ll believe.. I am” she simply replied “My name is Martha and I’m very sorry for what you’ve been passing through and what you’re about to pass through. It was all my fault” she bowed her head in shame
“And you have to be careful not to repeat the same mistake” she suddenly looked up at Deanna “There’s only one way to stop that”
Stefan and Deanna exchanged confused glances.
“We don’t know what you’re talking about” Deanna said
“Of course you do” Martha smiled “Try to remember your dream”
“I dream a lot”
“we don’t have time.. I’ll show you” Martha flicked her wrist and there was a flash across Deanna’s face.
Deanna screamed and covered her eyes with her palms.
Stefan quickly rushed for her “Are you okay?” he grabbed her tight
“I think I am” Deanna trued opening her eyes but the flash came again, sending her falling to the ground
“Deanna?!” Stefan shook her violently and looked at Martha “why did you do to her?”
“Nothing is going to happen to her. Let her remember her dream” Martha simply said
“you can never break free.. your soul is mine” she whipped Deanna again and Deanna cried out “No one can save you” the voice thundered and flogged Deanna more “not even them”
Deanna screamed again and rolled on the ground.
“Deanna?!” Stefan ran to her side
“let her be” Martha bellowed and Stefan stepped back reluctantly
Stefan stood on a cliff looking around but he couldn’t see Deanna. Though she was seeing him.
“Stefan?!” Deanna called when a creature suddenly appeared behind him. The creature was covered in iridiscent scales. “what’s that?”
“His worst nightmare” The voice replied and whipped Deanna. Deanna screamed.
“you’ll watch everyone you love die”
Deanna watched the wall as the creature walked up to Stefan from behind.
“Stefan look out!” Deanna shouted and the creature pushed Stefan off the cliff.
Deanna shook violently and Stefan was forced to hug her tight. He was seeing everything she was remembering and he was scared for whatever was happening to her as she screamed.
“They’ll all die one after the other.. cause you’re caused.. you’re jinxed” the voice snarled and whipped Deanna but she didn’t scream.
“Stefan?!” she sobbed instead
“it’s not over” the voice chuckled “There are more you need to see”
Deanna whimpered as she continued watching the wall. The creature slowly changed to Damon.
“He’s going to destroy all of you.. no one can stop him” the voice said
Damon disappeared and Deanna appeared on the wall. She was in a field and there were heaps of dead bodies lying on the ground.
“you’ll lose everything you’ve always cherished” the voice said
Deanna looked around and she recognized many corpse lying on the ground. There was her aunt Millicent, Uncle Adam, Vickie, Bruce, Moira, Hilda, Stefan.. everyone she knew were lying dead on the ground. Deanna burst into tears and ran to Millicent.
“Aunt Millicent?!” she called shaking Millicent violently “you can’t be dead” she sniffles and ran to Adam “Uncle Adam?! Uncle Adam?!” she cried shaking everyone she knew
“They’re all dead” someone spoke from behind
Deanna whirled around to see who spoke “Damon?!”
“Hi Deanna?!” Damon smirked and started walking close to Deanna “we meet again”
“You killed them” Deanna hurled in tears
“Not just me” Damon clicked his tongue “we killed them”
“you were behind all these” she yelled “you deceived me”
“I didn’t” Damon said and cupped her cheek in his palm “you made the wrong choice”
“you made me love you when you knew I wasn’t supposed to”
“what happens now?” Deanna asked and slowly started changing to the iridiscent scaled creature “now that you’ve met my demons, do you still love me?”
“I hate you” Deanna yelled in tears and pushed him “I hate you Damon.. just return to hell”
“I wasabout returning, but I came to get you”
Deanna got scared and started moving back “what do you mean?”
“we both belong in hell” Damon said and advancing towards her “am taking you with me.. to eternal punishment” he added and grabbed her arm
“Let me go” Deanna shouted
“you soul is mine”
“No!” Deanna screamed
Deanna screamed, jerking violently but Stefan held her tight to his chest.
“Deanna?! Deanna?!” Stefan called, trying to calm her down
“She’ll be fine, it’s just a trauma” Martha said and a tear escaped her eyelid “I’m sorry for what I caused you”
Stefan looked up at Martha “It’s not your fault, you were just trying to help”
“Tell her never to love Damon. Once he kisses her, then he has her soul”
“Damon is possessed by a devil and he’s on a mission to destroy the world. Once he steals her first kiss then they’ll win. But you can save them, you just failed to realize who you are” Martha sniffles and shook her head, blinking rapidly “it was all my mistake”
“I don’t understand”
“you don’t have to understand” Martha sobbed “when you wake up.. tell her mother loves her”
“you’re her mother?”
“yes” Martha sobbed
Stefan looked at Deanna and to his surprise, they were no longer in hell but in Deanna’s room.
“Stefan?!” Deanna called and sat up in bed
“Are you okay?” Stefan asked
“How did we get back?” Deanna asked
“I don’t know”
Deanna looked around and said “I saw a lot of things”
“I know.. I saw them too”
“Do you think Damon is really evil?”
Stefan peered into her eyes and asked her softly “Do you love Damon?”
“I.. I don’t” Deanna stammered
“But according to what we found out, you’re in love with him”
“I don’t think so Stefan, and even though I do then I have to stop right? It’s going to be a complete disaster”
“Martha said you should never love Damon and you can’t kiss him else he’ll take possession of you”
“He’s a devil and he’s on a mission”
“Damon is a devil?” Deanna asked
“He’s actually possessed by a devil”
“This is serious”
“We all have to be careful”
“We can’t avoid him forever. There must be a way to help me, maybe cast out the devil somehow”
“Martha didn’t mention anything about that buy maybe we’ll see a priest or an exorcist for that”
“Don’t you think we’ll be endangering their lives if we involved others?” Deanna asked
“I don’t know Deanna.. I’m so confused right now” Stefan half yelled “I have to go now”
“We’ll talk tomorrow”
“Yeah!” Stefan got up to his feet “Do you still want to settle your differences with Damon?”
Deanna chuckled “I don’t think that’s necessary”
Stefan smiled “Alright.. stay safe” and he walked out through the door
Deanna fell back to her bed and hugged her pillow tight. She just wished everything she was wasn’t really. That Damon wasn’t really possessed by a devil on a mission and she had to stay away from him. She couldn’t help it. Damon wasn’t someone she planned on staying away from.
Everything sounded strange to her. How could he be possessed?
Deanna tossed and turned on her bed restlessly.
Stefan! She called in her heart.
I hope you’ll be fine.
Stefan arrived at the president’s mansion and headed to Damon’s room. When he got to the door, he was scared to knock. Scared to see the demon in Damon.
He stood for a while before finally knocking on the door.
Immediately he knocked, the door pushed open into its hinges.
Stefan took in a deep breath and walked into the room. There was no one in the room but he saw a note on the floor beside the door.
He picked it and opened to read what was written in it.
📄 Stefan, meet me in the basement.
Stefan folded the note and tucked it in his pocket. He thought of what the note said.
Why would Damon want to meet in the basement? Unless he was up to something.
Stefan walked out of the room and closed the door. He wasn’t going to meet Damon in the basement. Not after he found out who Damon really was.
Stefan walked into his room and had a quick shower then he dressed up in his pajamas and laid on the bed. He didn’t have the appetite to eat so he was just going to go to bed without eating.
Stefan covered himself with the duvet up to his chest but on a second thought, he decided to meet Damon.
If he didn’t go, it would be like he was scared of Damon. Damon might be possessed but he was still his cousin brother and they had been together but Damon hadn’t tried anything stupid. Stefan got out from bed and slid his feet into his flip flops. He wore a jacket over his pajamas and walked out of his room.
When Stefan got to the basement, the basement was dark and there was no sign of Damon anywhere. He groped on the wall for the light switch and turned on the light.
Damon was sitting on a box his legs crossed and eating an apple.
“I thought you’d never come” he said to Stefan
“I found your note few minutes ago”
“or you were scared to come?” Damon arched his brows
“what would I be scared of?” Stefan asked back and Damon chuckled “what were you doing in the darkness? You should’ve turned on the light”
“Unlike you, I’m darkness and I delight in it. You know that already”
Stefan’s heart skipped a beat. Damon found out about there visit.
He just watched Damon without saying anything.
“How’s Deanna?” Damon asked
“She’s good”
“I know” Damon got up from the box and started pacing about “How do you feel knowing she was also Bonnie?”
“I’m not mad at her, I totally understand”
Damon chuckled “yeah right!” he rolled his eyes “since you know who I am, why don’t you fight me?”
“There’s no use fighting my cousin brother” Stefan replied calmly
“Cousin brother?” Damon scoffed “if you don’t want to fight then I’m going to have to kill you” Damon’s fist jerked back and he hit Stefan. Stefan fell backward onto the soft ground, long legs sprawling. He raised a hand to his mouth and found blood. Stefan tried getting up but Damon was coming at him again with a club. He raised the club above his head and aimed at Stefan but Stefan was fast to roll over. He got up and snatched the club from Damon like a child.
“Damon what’s wrong with you?” Stefan shouted and Damon punched him on the nose. Stefan staggered back, holding his nose.
He got furious and charged at Damon, but Damon gripped his neck and pinned him to the wall.
“I’ll finish you later in hell when I’m done with my mission” Damon hit his head on the wall and Stefan went unconscious.
“I’m not going to let you stop me” Damon kicked Stefan on his stomach and picked up the stick again. He jabbed it on Stefan severally till Stefan was bleeding profusely all over his head. Damon stopped when he was sure Stefan was completely weak if not dead. He smirked knowing Stefan wouldn’t survive then he turned off the light and walked out of the basement.
“Where’s Stefan?” Suzanne asked walking into the living room
“I haven’t seen him today” Tracey replied
“what about you Damon?” Suzanne asked
“I don’t know” Damon replied
“I had a nightmare last night and I want to be sure he’s safe” Suzanne said worriedly
“Call the security” Tracey suggested
“Why didn’t I think of that?” Suzanne sighed and placed a call to the chief security, Pius.
Pius walked into the living room shortly “Good morning Ma’am” and greeted with a bow
“Where’s Stefan?” Suzanne asked
“He didn’t leave the estate after he returned last night” Pius replied
“but I can’t find him anywhere in the mansion” Suzanne said
“He must be somewhere in the mansion” Pius said
“Arrange your men. I want Stefan found in the next 30 minutes” Suzanne ordered
Pius bowed “yes ma’am” and walked out
Damon got up immediately Pius walked out “I’ll go help them search for Stefan” and be walked out too
Damon sighed two security men walking towards the basement and he hurried up to them.
“Search elsewhere” he told them “I’ll search in the basement”
“yes sir” they bowed and walked out
Damon looked around to be sure no one was watching then he entered the basement. Stefan was lying almost lifeless on the floor and Damon smiled on seeing him.
“Hello cousin brother” he bent beside Stefan “get up and fight me” he raised Stefan’s hand to check his pulse. His pulse was slow and wasn’t steady.
“You’ll be dead in no time. I just have to keep them distracted till then” Damon said and carried Stefan on his shoulder then he covered him with a big nylon.
Damon came out of the basement, carrying Stefan with a nylon properly covering him. He looked around and snuck into the mansion. He hurried to the fire place and threw Stefan inside.
“I’m just going to burn you in here and no one is ever going to find you” Damon said, arranging some woods over Stefan’s body then he went to get a match box.
Meanwhile, Lucio, a security man had seen Damon come out of the basement carrying Stefan but he has no idea what he was carrying. He got suspicious about it and followed Damon into the main building. He watched from a corner and Damon threw Stefan into the fire place and arranged the woods over his body. When Damon walked out to get a match box, Lucio came out from his hiding place and walked to the fire place. He removed the nylon and tried bringing Stefan out but there was no time and he was scared of what Damon would do if he found him. Lucio took out his phone to place a call to Pius when Damon showed how from behind and hit him with a club behind his head. Lucio fell with his face into the fire place and Damon pushed him in fully then lighted the woods with a match stick.
“Burn to hell” Damon seethed and walked out, leaving them to burn
“What’s that smell?” Pius asked the two men he was walking with as they walked into the main building
“Something is burning” one of the men replied and they traces the smell to the fire place
“There’s a body in there” the other man shouted when the saw the fire burning into the fire place
“Get extinguishers” Pius ordered and ran to the fire place. The men returned with three extinguishers and the quickly put off the fire, alerting the others.
They dragged out Lucio’s body that was on top and he was completely burnt. Stefan who was lying under the as slightly burnt but he was still. Pius placed his head on Stefan’s chest and his heart had stopped beating.
“Call the ambulance” Pius shouted
Deanna rushed into the hospital in tears. Tracey had called her earlier to inform her about the situation. Deanna sighed the family waiting for the doctor and Damon was also present. Not wanting to be seen, she went in through the back and was lucky to see the doctor coming out from the emergency room.
“… move him to the mortuary” the doctor instructed the nurse he was walking with
“Shouldn’t we inform his family that he’s dead?” the nurse asked
“I’ll inform them now” the doctor replied and the walked out. Deanna was hiding and watching them, she didn’t want to be seen. When they had walked out, she snuck into the emergency room. Stefan was lying on the bed with a life supporting machine attached to him. He looked still and lifeless.
She ran to his side and stopped down in tears.
“Stefan?!” Deanna sobbed and there was a flash in her head. This time it didn’t hurt. She closed her eyes and different scenes appeared in her head. Damon and Stefan fighting, Damon hitting Stefan with. club, the fire place, and the fire.
Deanna held herself from screaming and ran out of the room to avoid getting caught. She ran out of the hospital and Damon sighed her leaving. He excused himself from the rest of the family and went after Deanna.
“Deanna?! Deanna?!” Damon called running after her but she didn’t stop “Deanna wait up” he caught up with her and grabbed her arm
“Let me go” Deanna shouted
“Just give me a minute”
“I don’t want to talk to you. You’re a devil! I hate you so much” Deanna yelled in tears
The statement hit Damon like a bomb and his grip on her hand loosened.
“I know you hate me now but you have to listen to me”
“Are you going to tell me why you tried killing Stefan? What offence did he commit that you couldn’t forgive and tried killing him?” Deanna yelled
“I didn’t mean to. Most times I can’t stop myself from doing some things. I’m not really bad, I’m not a devil, I’m Damon”
“you’re a demon Damon, you’re possessed”
“I know.. I came here for a mission and I know you found out already but all that changed when I met Bonnie. I loved her without knowing you’re the same person”
“You can’t fool me”
“I’m not trying to fool you Deanna, I hate to accept the fact that I was fooled into loving you even when I shouldn’t. The devils just keep controlling my mind and I don’t think straight”
“Was that why you tried killing Stefan?”
“Deanna I’m sorry”
“you should be apologizing to Stefan not me”
“I don’t want you to see me as a bad person, I don’t want you to hate me”
“I hate you already”
Damon looked away to hide the tears that was rolling down his cheeks.
“Bonnie used to love me”
“Not anymore. There’s no Bonnie, it’s Deanna and it’s Stefan I…. ”
“Don’t say it” Damon cut in
“Please” Damon pleaded “I can accept any other thing but don’t say you love Stefan. I might be a devil but I really love you even though I shouldn’t”
“The you should return to hell with your love cause I love…. ”
Damon yanked her forward and shut her up with a kiss.


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