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Deanna episode 17

Devils and angels
Story by:
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💃Episode 17💃
{Will you still love me.. when you’ve met my demons?}
“Where have you been?” Stefan asked Deanna when she found him
“I was trying the clothes on and got stuck in one and there was no one around” Deanna lied
Stefan grabbed her hand “I’m not letting you out of my sight again”
“Let’s go the the jewelry store, I have to get going”
They walked to the jewelry store and found Damon walking around like he was searching for someone or something.
“Did you lose anything?” Stefan asked him
“It’s Bonnie again. I can’t find her” Damon replied
“The two girls just keep getting lost, that’s why I’ve decided to tie Deanna to myself”
Damon shifted his gaze to Deanna, then to Stefan’s hand that was holding her.
“I’ll do same when I find Bonnie”
“Why not call her one the phone” Stefan suggested
“That’s true” Damon face palmed himself, laughing at his own stupidity “How didn’t I think of that”
He chuckled as he brought out his phone from his pocket.
“Wait!” Damon stopped “I don’t have her number”
“Seriously? Then how do you expect to find her?”
Damon sighed “lemme get going” he said and ran off
“Damon is so in a mess” Stefan said as then walked to the jewelries.
“Stefan I want to go home” Deanna drawled. She had been trying to get away from Stefan but he didn’t give her the chance, and Damon was still searching everywhere looking for Bonnie.
“Aren’t you going to try the clothes on?” Stefan asked
“no. I just want to go home”
Stefan sighed “Alright.. Let’s go pay for the things we bought”
Few minutes later, they walked out of the mall and headed to Stefan’s bike, carrying big bags. Deanna glanced back at the mall and saw Damon through the glass door sitting frustratingly on the floor.
“Let’s hurry. My aunt would be waiting” Deanna said as she shifted her gaze back to Stefan.
They got on the motorcycle and Stefan drove off to her house.
Deanna’s heart was racing when she arrived home. She carried the bags to her window and threw them into her room through the window. When she was done, she climbed in through the window and changed her clothes, dressed as Bonnie then jumped out the window and quietly closed it. Then she ran to the taxi wait.
Lucky enough, there was a taxi there when she arrived. She got in and headed straight to the mall.
Immediately Deanna stepped into the mall, someone grabbed her hand. She whirled around to see a man in suit staring sternly at her. He was one of Damon’s security. He placed a short call to Damon and soon, Damon was standing before them.
Deanna swallowed hard and waited for him to yell at her but he didn’t. He just gazed at her wordlessly and she held the gaze.
Damon sighed and took her hand from the security man then dragged her outside. He dragged her to the parking lot and Deanna was expecting him to pin her to the wall and force her to say where she had been but he didn’t. Instead her opened the car door and pushed her into the passenger seat. Then he entered the drivers seat and zoomed off.
Damon and Deanna entered his room and he walked straight to the bed, still not saying a word to her. The bags already arrived before them and Deanna had her eyes fixed on them.
“I’m sorry” she said after a long silence “I got carried away by a show going on in the mall” she lied
Damon shut his eyes without saying anything and soon he was snoring to sleep.
Deanna walked to the wall and sat on the floor, resting her back on the wall. She couldn’t stop thinking of how possible it was for her to go the party with the two brothers.
If she was to choose, then her choice would be Stefan, but Damon asked her out first.
She heaved a deep sigh and laid on the floor. She glanced at Damon who was already sleeping and she remembered the previous day, the voice he had spoken with and the voice in her dreams. They weren’t the same, but there was a big resemblance.
Deanna thought of everything around her till she drifted to sleep.
In her dream, she saw a man sitting in a coffin with his hands and legs bonded with cobwebs. But the cobwebs were strong, not like every other cobwebs. The room was dirty and dusty and dark. With long cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling.
Deanna walked slowly to the man who was sitting on the coffin. His head was bowed and he was sobbing softly.
“You have to leave” he said to Deanna, without looking up to look at her
“where am I?” she asked
“the grave yard” he replied and that was when Deanna noticed the thousands of open coffin lying on the ground. She screamed and jumped up but she was standing on a coffin also.
“Don’t shout.. You’ll wake them” the man said, looking up to her
“The dead. They seek vengeance cause they were killed many years ago” the man replied
“why are the coffins open?” she asked in terror, afraid to look down at the coffin she was standing on.
“The owners are yet to die..
That one over there… ” he paused and pointed to a white coffin that was slightly close “the owner is going to die soon”
Deanna stared at the small sized coffin that was slightly close. A voice was crying faintly from inside it.
“I have to get out from here” Deanna half yelled and tried jumping down from the coffin but she couldn’t
“you can’t get down.. It belongs to you”
“I’m also sitting on mine”
Deanna screamed and tried jumping again but it felt like her feet were tied to the coffin. Then suddenly, dust filled the graveyard from the ground. There was smoke everywhere, in different figures.
“They’re here” the man gasped
“The dead. You woke them”
The wind blew smoke to her direction and it formed a hand and grabbed her.
“Your soul is mine” came a voice from the smoke.
Deanna screamed and jerked up awake. She was still lying on the floor in Damon’s room but Damon was awake and staring at her.
“are you alright?” he asked standing up to walk to her
“I’m fine” Deanna stuttered touching her head
“You’re sure?” Damon asked and touched her face
“I had a nightmare.. That’s all”
“Wanna share?”
“It’s nothing.. Just a monster from a horror movie I watched last night” Deanna lied
Damon got up and walked to the mini fridge in his room. He took out a bottle water and poured out its content in a cup.
“Here” he proffered her with the water
Deanna took it from him and gulped down “thank you”
“why not spend the night here if you’re scared to go home” Damon offered and she raised her brows, giving him the are-you-serious sought of look.
“Okay you’re free to go”
“I’ll meet the driver”
“alright.. if anything goes wrong, give me a call”
“okay” Deanna nodded
9:34 pm
“Aunt Vickie?” Deanna called walking out of the kitchen with a cup of hot tea. She blew air into the tea and the vapour was all over her face.
“Aunt….” she hit her toe on the door post and yelped in pain “ouch!” she dropped the cup and limped to a nearby chair.
She massaged the toe for a while then stepped it on the floor. She could still feel a slight pain.
A strong wind blew into the room and the curtains rattled.
Something wasn’t right somewhere and she could feel it.
Deanna got up from the chair and collected her cup of tea from the table. She walked to Moira’s room to check on her before going to bed.
“Why aren’t you waking up?” Deanna asked the sleeping Moira “you have to wake up before the week runs out. I’m losing hope already”
She sighed and walked out quietly then slammed the door shut.
“You still think she’s going to wake up?” Vickie asked Deanna when she walked out
“I hope so” came the reply
📅 📅 📅
“I’m nervous! I’m nervous! I’m nervous!” Hilda squealed for the one hundred and one time
Deanna rolled her eyes and tossed the mop stick aside. Ever since they arrived at work, Hilda wouldn’t stop squealing and screaming.
“What’s wrong with you?” she yelled at Hilda
“I’m going to be a waitress in tonight’s party”
“And you’re happy about that?”
“since I didn’t get a date, I can still be present at the party”
“That’s what you’re excited about?”
“You don’t know what it means” Hilda giggled
Deanna scoffed and continued cleaning.
If only Hilda could disguise as her and go out with one of the boys. Deanna thought.
7:30 PM
Deanna paced up and down in her room, staring at the two gowns that were lying on her bed. One was from Stefan, and the other one from Damon.
Who would she go out with first?
She shut her eyes and slumped on the bed. She was just going to sleep at home and not go for the party with any of the boys.
Her phone started ringing and she reached for it on the drawer. Damon was calling. She pressed the receive button and placed the phone on her ear.
📱He– llo
📲 Bonnie?! what’s taking you so long? The party has almost started
📱I’m almost done
📲 Hurry
📱Give me few minutes
📲 Send me your address so I can come pick you
📱No. I’ll come to your house instead
📲 Whatever. Just hurry
Deanna ended the door and started dressing up in the dress Damon got her. She wore her shoes and her wig then did a light make up. When she was done, she arranged the dress and shoes Stefan had gotten for her in a bag and shouldered it. She was going to hide it in the school and change at regular intervals just like she did in the mall.
But that was going to be her last. She promised herself.
Deanna took her phone from the bed and made to shove it into her purse when a message came in.
It was from Stefan.
Her heart skipped a beat as she opened the inbox.
✉️ I’m outside you house. Come out already.


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