Dangerous attra-ction episode 8

💞Dangerous attra-ction💞
Episode 8
Written by Humble Smith 💋
💝Steve’s POV💝
“Thank you” I muttered not knowing what to say, I was just having mixed feelings
“I would be going now, I’m gonna get close to you throu-gh him, expect me in your house, all I want you to know Is this, I don’t love him but you, don’t get anyway jealous with what I do to him, that’s the only way he wouldn’t know what is going on” she said and I nodded feeling relief,
At least, Austin wouldn’t hurt me again
She left the room and i slumped on the chair there..
The fear of Austin catching us one day started finding it way into my mind, I took a de-ep breath and stood up..
“Austin had caused me pain a lot, I don’t care breaking his heart!”
I walked back to the clas-s and saw Austin and Clara sitting together..
Austin caught my stare and sm-irked..
“That riff raff must be regretting why he said those words to you!” I heard him say and I felt like laughing at him..
💋Clara’s POV💋
“I guess he must have thought I was crushing on him..” I huffed and he laughed.
“Crush on a poor thing..” He said and I hiccu-mpped..
“What is it??.are you okay??” He asked with care and I nodded my head..
Ohh God!!
How can he call him a poor thing, someone better than him..
“But do you know why he suddenly hated me, it seem something happened yesterday” I inquired and he scratched his head.
“Maybe he had a bad day I guess” he said and I gawped at him
“What made his day bad, the both of you live in the same house, you should know what really happened to him” I said and he sighed
“We are now talking much about him, do he even worth being talked about?..let talk of something different plea-se” he spited and I breathed
“What…” A teacher c@m£ in and I walked back to my seat .
“You can seat with me…” He said but I shook my head in disagreement..
“Thank you” I said moving to my seat, I was really feeling irritated sitting with him, he is just too proud, see how he keeps insulting Steve like a piece of dung..
I sat down and win-ked at Steve who smiled with his gaze straight.
The lesson went on and we were all listening except Austin who kept staring at me
Stupid guy!
I hate his stare..
Just wish I can shut that eyes..
“So I have a question to ask and the question goes to you” the teacher said and gestured at me ma-king me cringe.
Everyone turned their gaze to me.
Ohh, I pray I knows the answer, I don’t want shame oo..
“What was the capital of the United States from 1785 until 1790?” She asked and my eyes wi-de-ned..
Oh gawd!!
I don’t know it a bit, like seriously..
Was I born then?
I stood up there staring at the space, I can’t believe I couldn’t answer the first question asked to me,
“You don’t know it???” She asked
I squee-zed my face, rack my br@in but nothing was coming
“Okay, does she has a b©yfri£nd?..he should help her out” the teacher said and everyone gazed at Austin whose face was exuding shock..
“He is her b©yfri£nd!” They all chorused and the teacher nodded..
“Now help your bae out or else I’m gonna s£nd her out!” She said sternly
Austin scratched his head, fluttered his eyes and looked around as if to see the answer hanging on the air..
Erm..what is your question again?” He asked trying to cover the shame,
“So you aren’t listening..I can’t repeat myself”
“I know the question and the answer so don’t bother yourself” he said giving me a reas-suring smile..
“The answer is…is….” He couldn’t say anything..
“You are the clas-s prefect right??” I sneered at him
“You are the clas-s prefect and you can’t say the answer” the teacher blurted and he bend his head low in shame..
“Who else knows the answer?” The teacher asked and I glanced at Steve and saw him trying to raise his hand..
“plea-se I have something to say..” I ch!pped in and the teacher gazed at me with a nod
“I’d like to k!ssanyone who would answer the question correctly” I said and the teacher smiled and nodded..
Every boys in the clas-s started raising their hand but all ends up failing the question..
Just then, Steve raised his hand..
“Okay, the last man standing…what is the answer?” She asked..
“New York was the capital from 1785 to 1790” he answered and the teacher smiled
“Correct!!!!” She screamed and my heart leaped for joy..
I felt like jumping in glee but held myself so that Austin won’t suspect anything..
I walked to where Steve stood and held his hand..
Our eyes locked and i felt the chemistry, I felt the tension, for some moment I forgot we were in the clas-s, I could only see him only..
“Thanks for saving me” I smiled and pushed myl-ips de-ep into his..
“Steve!!!” Austin called immediately not waiting for the k!ssto even last for 5 second..
He broke the k!ssand sat on his seat without saying a word..
I walked to Austin with a glare..
“So you couldn’t answer that question???” I sneered
“I forgot.. it isn’t that I don’t know it, it just skipped my mind..” he said squee-zing his face..
“what if I say I’m someway disappointed in you..you just made me k!sshim!!” I squeaked and he sighed..
“I regret it, he is the first to k!ssyou” he said gnashing his teeth..
“he did what earned him that, if you had answer the question, I would have k!$$£d you so de-eply..” I rolled my eyes and plopped down on his seat..
“but you shouldn’t have k!$$£d him, like..you should have just say no.. you wouldn’t be f0rç£d..” he said glancing at Steve with anger
“I can’t go back on my words, it would make me look foolish..” I rolled my eyes and he sighed..
“I’m so sorry..” he breathed
“but you said you are the clas-s prefect, I expect you to be very intelligent and smart, you called Steve a dumb guy but he just got that question!” I half yelled with a frown.
“so sorry..” he said and I took a de-ep breath and held his hands..
“I’m sure you just forgot the answer, I’m sorry for yelling at you” I said and he smiled and squee-zed my hand..
“thanks for your un-derstanding” he grinned.
“I want to k!ssyou” he added and I squee-zed my face.
“answer a question and get the k!ss” I said with a funny look ma-king him laugh sadly gazing at myl-ips..
I walked to my seat and glanced at Steve again, I caught him also glancing at me..
I smiled inwardly and faced the board..
Not long after, the school bell rang for closure..
“you would join me in my car, I have to show you my house” he said with a grin holding my hand.
“where is Steve?” i asked looking around..
“he must have gone home”.
We both entered the car and drove off..
It was evening and I was fully dressed looking so gorgeous and stunning, I took my time to dress well not for Austin but Steve who i wanted to impress badly..
I was standing in the porch of Austin’s house and i was really nervous to see Steve dressed without uniform,
I’m sure he would look great..
I knocked on the door and it was opened immediately…
I looked up and it was Steve dressed on trou-ser alone..
His hairy che-st was ba-re, I couldn’t help but stare at him..
His eyes were on me for long, he couldn’t re-move his eyes as he was really mesmerised..
” I c@m£ for you” I whispered and he smiled and held my hand leading me in..
“You look too beautiful!” He exclaimed ma-king me blus-h..
Just then, Austin walked downstairs, I quic-kly detached my hand from Steve’s grasp and ran into him with a ti-ght hvg..
“Oh you are here!!” He said with glee..
“Why won’t I be here, you are my b©yfri£nd..” I chuckled and he moved his eyes all over my b©dy..
“Jeez, so S-xy!!”
“Thanks” I replied
“I think we should go to my room, I hate his stares at us, he must be dreaming right now!” He said gesturing at Steve who had his gaze at us..
💋Steve’s POV💋
It really took me a lot to hold myself as I saw them walk to Austin room..
Oh god, I pray he didn’t t©uçh her..
I slumped on the couch feeling drained,
I was still in thought when I heard a scream, it really sounded like that of Clara..
I quic-kly jo-lted up from the sofa and made to rush upstairs when I saw Clara running down..
“oh God!!..what happened!!!” I asked with my eyes wi-de-ned as she ran to me and hvgged me ti-ghtly..
“he wants to f0rç£ me into S-x..” she sobbe-d and I felt my heart pierced..
I looked up and saw Austin walking downstairs with his face berserk..
“you wouldn’t let me t©uçh you but you k!$$£d him!!!!!” he growled as he walked down the stairs but just as he saw her hvgging ti-ghtly, he stood transfixed in shock..
“what is going on here??” he asked and Clara went to my back and wra-p her arm round my back..
“Austin are you mad!!” I gritted and he gawked at me trying to ascertain if I was really talking to him..
“are you trying me again??” he scowled and I scoffed
“I decided to keep calm didn’t mean I can’t break your head, it wouldn’t take me anything to beat you up even when you are older than me!” I sneered and he broke into laughter..
“you want to fight for a lady who doesn’t even love you???” he sneered
“I won’t allow you t©uçh her” I said sternly and he walked closer..
“and what if I t©uçh her??” he said and I scoffed..
“then be re-ady to get the beating of your life” I snarled and he got infuriated..
“if you got the gut, try st©pping me..” he said and I sm-irked..
He rushed at Clara and made to drag her but I gave him a sl@p that I don’t even know when it was re-leased..
He held his cheek and stared at me in horror..
“next would be a punch” I sm-irked and his whole b©dy shook in total shock..
“what gives you the ba-lls, you remember what happened when you….”
“don’t remember me about that because it isn’t happening again…” I snorted and held Clara’s hand..
“tell him who you love” I said to her and she flin-ched..
“you think you are the one??” he laughed and I gawped at his foolishness..
“I love Steve, he is my b©yfri£nd.. you are just a fake one, I love him alone, just tricked you and you fell for it.. dumb head!!” she spited and I sm-irked
“he may doubt it so k!ssme again” I smiled and she wra-pped her hand round my n£¢k and plunged herl-ips into mine ma-king Austin shocked.
I think it’s time to be a man..
To be continued

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