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Dangerous attraction episode 7

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💞Dangerous attraction💞

Episode 7

Written by Humble Smith

💝Steve’s POV💝
I walked out of the class and felt like fainting,
My heart was really heavy..
sitting on the same bench where I and Clara sat yesterday, I felt like killing myself..

I was too pained to think about those words I said to Clara, I just said that because I hate fight for love, I hate it when I have to fight to have the girl I want for myself,

I had never fell in love and it hurts me to see that my first love would be a struggle, it aches my heart that I would have to go through a lot to be with the lady I love,

My heart bled as I recall those words I said to Clara out of pain,
I said that because I want her to leave me, I want her to forget about me and stay far away,

I had passed through a lot in my life and I don’t just want another one to add in..

I’m sure Austin would let me be if I should stay away from Clara, that’s what I want..

As much as I wanted to be with Clara, I still want to have rest..

I wish I could make Clara understand..
I wish she can just understand that I can’t be her boyfriend even when I wanted..

The cool breeze from the garden blew at my face sending shrill over my body..

That was the same shrill that I felt when I left the orphanage home, that breeze that made me thought I was finally free not knowing I was going to meet more hurt that are deeper..

I closed my eyes and tried keeping my mind at rest..

Something crept into my mind..

I left the orphanage home to live with Brenda not knowing later on, I’m gonna pass through the pain much more than the one I went through in the home..
Right now, I want to leave Clara thinking that would make me have rest not knowing I would later pass through the pain much more deeper than the one I had staying with her..

The pain of the heart..
The pain felt when you try staying away from that person your heart beats for.

Should I take this risk of being with Clara?

I was still brooding over all these when I noticed someone walk to me..

I looked up and there was Clara standing with her hands akimbo.

“Do you think those words you said to me can change anything?” She asked peering into my eyes..

I felt totally drained..

“I don’t understand??” I arched my brow

She smiled and stared into my eyes..

“Why are you hurting yourself?” She asked

I signed and buried my face into my palm.
She sat beside me and wrapped her arm round my neck..

“I would help you” she said and I raised my head..

“How??” I asked and she smiled

” it pains me seeing you in pain because of the little punk, I’ll frustrate his life for you, I’ll make him see hell” she said and I sneered at her

“How do you intend to do that?” I asked

“I would be his girlfriend if that is what it would take to let him leave you” she said and I raised my brow..

“You want yo accept him??” I questioned

“He would be my fake boyfriend while we go along with our love, like seriously, I know how you feel with all that he does to you, let’s just build our love together” she said and I smiled and stared at her..

“I would play along, make him think you have accepted him” I grinned and held her hand squeezing her palm.

“Steve let’s go back to class, you are really missing a lot of lesson..” She said and I chuckled

“I guess you are now my mother..”

She laughed and we both walked to the class holding our hand which we released just as we got near the class..

I was the first to walk in and sat down before her,

She moved to where Austin was sitting and sat with him leaving him squeezing his face in confusion.

💝Clara’s POV💝
“I hope I am safe” I heard him say to me..

“Oh yes you are, just decided to seat here after receiving those insult from Steve” I said and he smiled and glanced at Steve who wasn’t even looking at us..

“I told you that guy is a dumb boy, how could he insult you that way, when you are just trying to make friend” he said and I shrugged and held his palm leaving his eyes widened in shock..

“Do you know I have feelings for you? I said and he wrinkled his forehead..

” ugh? ”

“Right from the day I came to this school, you really charmed me with your cuteness even tho I never made it known, I concealed my feelings just because I was still a new girl..I don’t know if you really loves me too” I said peering into his eyes which was shimmering in joy,

“Clara do I need to tell you I love you..that’s why I gets angry any time I sees you with Steve, so are you serious with what you are saying?” He asked

“Who would still have anything to do with that bad mouth guy, can you just hear what he said to me??” I scoffed and he smiled and stared at my face..

“So can you be my girlfriend?” He asked and I nodded with a wide smile making him leaped for joy..

“Stupid boy”

He held my hand and brought me to the front of the class..

“Hello student!” He called out and they all gazed at him..

“This is my new assistant and guess what?..she is my girlfriend” he said and they all screamed clapping their hands, some were even winking at me..

I glanced at Steve and saw him smiling to himself..

“Thank you for accepting me” he said and I chuckled

“Its a pleasure being your girlfriend, like who wouldn’t, a cute and rich guy like you” I said and he grinned from ear to ear..

We walked back to our seat and waited for lesson which started and ended..

The school bell rang for break and we both went to eat..

“I can’t believe you accepted me, it looks so unreal” he said as we enjoy the meal..

“You see..when I first came and talked to you, I was really crushing especially when you said you were the class prefect, all I felt for Steve was pity but you thought it was love, I got no courage to tell you my feelings not until Steve insulted me today making me look like a whore” I squeezed face..

“I’m so sorry for that, he doesn’t deserve someone like you at all, a servant” he said and I hiccupped..

“Sorry” he offered me a glass of water..

“Thanks..” I drank it..

“Is he your servant?” I asked


“I feel like you are lying to me” I said and he sighed..

“Okay he isn’t.. I’ll tell you everything later, but seriously he is like a servant to me” he said

“Promise me you wouldn’t disturb him anymore, promise me you would let him be, just stop maltreating him” I said and he flinched and gawked at me..

“If you still maltreat him, I would be moved to pity and you know what it means, it would make me try consoling him which would make you jealous” I said with a funny look..

“Okay i promise” he said and my heart throbbed in joy..

“Thank you so much..erm..I have to get something in the class” I said with a smile and he nodded..

I ran off..

I was too happy that all this is working out well..

I got to the class and grabbed Steve’s hand, we both walked out of the class to avoid those prying eyes of the student..
We got into am empty room along the hallway and I hugged him tightly..

“Did it work out??” He asked with a grin

“Why are now my real boyfriend while he plays along as the fake one, I feel like bursting right now” I squealed and kissed him

To be continued

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