Dangerous attra-ction episode 6

💕Dangerous attra-ction💕
Episode 6
Written by Humble Smith
Austin’s POV
I sat on the ground with my whole b©dy vibr@ting in fury, I was shamed to the core, if Steve had done this any other place, I would have find a place in my heart to forgive him, but he had did it in the very worst place and in front of the least person I would ever want to see it..
Right in front of Clara, he had degraded me, he had made her laugh at me..
I felt the greatest insult of my life..
I couldn’t stand up immediately, I was too shocked to move..
Steve pushed me to the ground in front of Clara..
He is yet to know what I can actually do..
I stared in horror as Clara left me there to go after Steve who just walked out..she didn’t even say a single word to me..
I looks around and saw few students staring at me including Ben..I let out a sigh of shame and dragged myself up..
Steve has really finished himself up..
I’m sure he did that because of Clara, I’m sure he is falling in love, but what he didn’t know is that his life wouldn’t remain the sane after today.
I walked back to the clas-s and immediately i got in, i glanced at him and saw Clara sitting with him, she had suddenly started sitting beside him..
They were even chatting happily..
I smiled to myself and sat on my seat waiting for school to end..
💝Steve’s POV💝
My heart freeze as I sighted him walk into the clas-s, I quic-kly diverted my face away from him totally..I tried ha-rd to keep calm as I talked with Clara..
I knew well that the worst is gonna happen to me today, I have to get myself br@ced up.
Three lessons went on and finally the school bell rang for closing and I felt a cold shill ran throu-gh my spine..
I glanced at Austin and he was just sm-irking to himself..
I sighed in fear..
“Steve you seem disturbe-d! What is it??” Clara asked and I turned to her getting angry..
“Can you just go home plea-se” I half yelled and she arched her brow..
“You are afraid of Austin? You are frightened of what he is gonna do to you?” She asked and I sighed and walked away before she could even know..
“Steve!!” She called coming after me..
I was really getting angry..she caused it all..she was the one that made me got the gut to do what I did..
Austin had just moved out of the clas-s so I quic-kly ran after him..
I sighted him talking with some boys,
“Austin!” I called and he glanced at me before turned back to the boys without saying a single word to me..
I took a de-ep breath and turned heading home, I don’t really know what he has in mind for me but one thing was for sure, it isn’t gonna be good..
“Steve!!” I heard Clara and I turned to her with a raised brow..
“Why are you…”
“Get out from my side!!!” I yelled at her and she g@sped in shock.
“Just leave me alone, go home, I nee-d to be alone” I seethed and she breathed.
“My mom would be coming to pick me, I just want to ask if you would join…”
“Shut up..I don’t want to join I’m any ride, I’m okay going on foot!” I said in low angry tone
“Don’t you know I can help you from Austin, I can do it..just st©p getting angry at me, I..I..” She couldn’t finish her statement before Austins car screeched to halt in front of us..
“Steve get into the car!!” Austin ordered and I nodded and hopped in with my heart beating loudly and fas-ter…
The drive was the most terrible one I have ever had,
No one talked to each other, it was just that scary silent drive
Finally we got home, I took a de-ep breath before stepping out..
I quic-kly walked into the house without glancing at Austin.
💝Austin’s POV💝
Less did he knew what I had in mind..
Less did he knew that today would really change his life..
He would never thought of a thing like this because he has no idea of how cruel I am..
I jammed the door of the car and stomped into house..
I dropped my bag in the sitting room and head to my room to clean up, in no distant time, Steve would feel the greatest pain ever..
💖Steve’s POV💖
I sat on my be-d gazing at the door in anticipation, I’m very sure in no distant time, he would be here..
Just as I expected, the door made a squeaking sound and opened, my eyes wi-de-ned in shock at what I saw..
Austin walked into my room with two hefty men who held wh!ps..
“I’d just give you some pain on your b©dy here and now but when we get to school, I would make you regret coming to this house, I would make you regret meeting my parent” Austin growled and walked to the table where I kept my phone..
He picked the phone and smashed it on the floor..
“You can’t contact my parent any anymore, I would make sure you suffer terribly, don’t think of running away from here because it is impossible, I have ordered someone to keep watch in you” he seethed and walked away from the room.
The men wasn’t even re-ady to hear anything from me, they gave me the wh!pof my life to the extent that I couldn’t stand up after the beating..
I l@ythere on the floor gro-an ing in pain regretting every single moment of my life, it just seem like I wasn’t meant to be alive, it seemed like I was supposed to die..
💝Clara’s POV💝
Tears filled my eyes without me knowing the reason, my heart was really heavy and I felt like I was being tortured,
I sat on my be-d feeling disturbe-d, the only person in my mind was Steve alone, I don’t actually know what he is going throu-gh now, but one thing is sure, he must be going throu-gh a lot..
I picked my phone to call him..
Oh yeah..
I had just stole it from his phone while we were at school..
It was switched off and that made my anxiety soar..
“Clara!” My mother called and I turned to her..
She cringed on seeing tears fill my eyes..
“Omg!!..what is ma-king my jewel cry??” She asked in surprise before taking her seat beside me..
“What is it?” She asked wra-pping her arm round my b©dy..
“Is it right to maltreat a servant?” I asked and she arched her brow
“It lies in the hand of the boss whether to maltreat the servant or not to..why do you ask?” She questioned and I took a de-ep breath..
“I finally met the guy I loved today at school” I said and she raised her brow
“Wow, so soon, just at first sight? Uhm..so who is this guy?.. Is it Austin?” She asked smiling
“It can never be Austin, it isn’t Austin but his servant” I said and I could feel her flin-ch at my word..
She stared at me for some minute to be sire I was serious..
“Servant??..are you alright?..what do you mean by servant” she said and I smiles out tears recalling my moment with him especially at the garden, when he asked me of I want to be his girlfriend..
“I’m in love with Steve, Austin’s Steve who is also a student in that school” I said and my mom breathed
“Its your choice, so why are you crying?” She asked and I sighed
“Austin claims to love me, now he wants me even when I don’t love him a bit, I want Steve but he wants me, he is gonna hurt Steve for that” I sobbe-d and my mother let out a de-ep sigh and rested her head on her palm..
“So this is what happened at your first day in school?..” She muttered
“I don’t just un-derstand, the worst is that Steve confronted his boss because of me!” I said and she shuddered and turned her gaze sharply to me..
“He would really be a dead meat now!..how dare him?..he must be stupid!” She seethed and I sighed
“But his boss was really maltreating him, pla-ying with his emotion, treating him like a piece of trash, he bec@m£ fed up and pushed him to the ground” I said and she chuckled
“He must be paying for that now..he is such a disrespectful j£rk to do that to his boss!” My mom huffed and I jo-lted up from the be-d..
“Have you very being maltreated? Have someone ever reduced you to nothing?.. I’m sire you have no idea how painful it is..I’m not even too sure he is Austins servant like how would the boss and servant be in the same school?”
“Have you asked him?” She questioned
“I have but he didn’t gave me a direct answer..mom I love this guy” I said and she sighed
“Loving a servant isn’t really a good thing, the boss can shatter everything, he can even st©p him from going to that school” she said and I plopped down on the be-d tiredly..
“I think I would have to t and see how things turn out tomorrow” I muffled
“Okay then, let’s go take our dinner” my mum cooed and I nodded meekly holding her hand as we both walked downstairs..
💝Steve’s POV💝
I woke up the next day with pain all over me..
I managed to get up from the be-d, my stomach grumbled telling me that I nee-d to eat but I don’t even have the strength now, I entered the en-suit and had a painful bath, the wounds on my back would let Mr bath in peace, it jeeps giving me pain..
After some minutes, I was done, I walked out and sat on the be-d wearing only my singlet and short..
The door of my room opened and Austin walked in carrying a plate of food, his face was covered with that annoying sm-irk that makes me hate him the more..
“You must be hungry..eat this.” He said in a mockery tone placing the tray on the stool which he brou-ght in front of me..
“I’m bringing food to your be-d, wow that’s great..” He grinned
My face was blank as I stared at him.
“Well, I don’t even care if you eat or not, just listen, from today, you are now my full time slave, the only difference is that we go to the same school but that wouldn’t change anything, I would have changed your school but my father would be notify so I’m not gonna do that..” He sm-irked and I took a de-ep breath
“In school, don’t ever have anything to do with Clara, snub her, hate her, shove her away if she t©uçhes you, kill those stupid feelings you are getting for her..don’t ever talk to her, make her hate you..” He said and I raised my brow at him ma-king him giggle..
“I’m not begging you to do all this, you can choose not to do it and face the music, I would shatter your dreams, I don’t want to tell you what I would do, just guess by yourself, you wouldn’t want to see another side of me because it is too dangerous” he said peering into my eyes
“How was the beating?..it is little to what you would receive if you go against my order this last time!” He growled and walked away..
I opened the cover of the food and ate the little sized food before getting prepared for school..
I got to school and the first person my eyes fell on was Clara, she was sitting beside my seat..
I took a de-ep breath of pain before walking up to her..
She was smiling but my face was far away from smile,
“Is that your seat?” I sneered at her
“But I sat here yesterday?” She said surprised at my question..
“I want you out of there now but if you insist on sitting there you can go on but don’t talk to me!!” I seethed and sat on my seat facing the other side remembering the pain of the beating yesterday..
“Steve I don’t un-derstand..why are you doing this?..don’t you know it hurts?” She said and I sneered at her
“Do you have a problem in your ear?..I can remember telling you not to talk to me ,had you gone deaf all of a sudden?” I asked,
I could see the shock written on the face of the other students, they had thought we were moving along..
“Steve st©p all this!” She bawled
“St©p what!..you are the one to st©p all this desperate act, are you this desperate to have me, are you a desperate who-re or a high time slut.. can’t you let me be?” I said and her eyes wi-de-ned
“You said all that to me?” She asked with her mouth agape
“That’s what you look like!..leaving your seat to come here..you are too obsessed, leave me alone!!” I screamed at her with tears dropping from my eyes,
I was terribly hurt with what I was doing..
“Jeez!!!..Steve you..”
“I can see you can’t do without me, I’m leaving this clas-s for you till you get to your right s-en-se..” I scowled and head out of the clas-s..
I glanced at Austin and he was sm-irking..
Tears fell off my eyes as I saw Clara’s eyes we-t…
To be continued