Dangerous attra-ction episode 5

💖Dangerous attra-ction💖
💞Episode 5💞
Written by Humble Smith💋
💝Austin’s POV💝
I stood transfixed in shock as she hvgged him,
I couldn’t believe my eyes,
Did she just hvgged him?
“Steven!!!” I screamed in an angry tone and he quic-kly broke the hvg and rushed out of the clas-s..
Clara made to follow him out but I quic-kly held her palm..
“Where are you going to??..are you also leaving the clas-s because of him??..are you following him out??” I questioned with my eyes wi-de-ned..
“Why did you s£nd him out!!” She bawled and i could see pas-sion in her eyes..
I pray she isn’t falling in love with Steve??
“You seem to care much about him more than me..it hurts” I said and she scoffed
“I don’t get you..you are sounding like we are d@t!ng..” She sneered
“That’s what I want, its what I long for, I just saw you today and I swear you got my attention.. I..”
I hadn’t finished my statement when she withdrew her hand from my grasp and turned to leave the clas-s but just then, a teacher walked in ma-king her move back to her seat..
You can’t tell how jealous I am…
The teacher was teaching but I could see she wasn’t listening a bit, her mind was far away, she kept glancing at the door..
💝Clara’s POV💝
My mind was really restless as I sat down for the lecture, I wasn’t listening to what was being taught at all, it hurt me that Steve wasn’t in clas-s and no one seem to care,
I don’t know why I suddenly took interest in him at first sight..
I glanced at Austin and saw him staring at me..
I rolled my eyes and faced the teacher..
After what seem like eternity, the lesson finally ended..
I quic-kly head out of the clas-s but couldn’t reach the door before Austin caught hold of my palm..
I really felt like sl@pping him but I nee-d to hold myself, this is my first day in school..
“Don’t tell me you are still going to look for him??” He asked with a raised brow..
“Can you just get your hand off me!” I half yelled..
Everyone in the clas-s was watching in silence..
“This is your first day in school, there are things you nee-d to know!” He said staring at my face..
“Ohh yeah..many things, I nee-d to know more about Steve, I nee-d to know why you hate him, I nee-d to know why everyone dislikes him..I nee-d to know all that!” I said out and he breathed
“Clara hear me out, you shouldn’t have anything to do with a commoner, you are more than that, you are too rich and beautiful to mingle with that trash!!” He snorted and I glared at him..
“You can say all you want, I don’t give a damn!” I scoffed and dashed out of the clas-s..
I walked out of the clas-s and looked around not knowing where to even go to..
I know no place around this school, this is my first day..
I brou-ght out the school map and traced the school garden, I just nee-d to go there and cool off my mind..
I walked into the beautiful garden and sat on an empty seat feeling disturbe-d,
I could vividly see those dim eyes of Steve, those eyes filled with pain..
I am too curious to know more about him..
I bend my head and buried it into my l@ps, there were few people in the garden and I could s-en-se they were staring at me..
“Hello girl” someone greeted and I looked up to see a guy smiling at me..
“How can I help you?” I asked with a frown
“Oh, my name is Ben, I just sighted you from where I sat and felt like talking to you..it seems like you are new here, I haven’t seen your face before” he said with a broad smile waiting for me to smile back but was disappointed to see my face grim.
“I’m not in the mood for chitchat, would love if you give me a breathing space” I huffed and he sighed
“Are you waiting for someone?..I don’t see any reason why you would be here all alone” he said calmly
“What is wrong with being here all alone?..is it a sin?” I asked and he shrugged..
“You look troubled, can I be of help?” He asked..
“Okay, do you know Steve?” I queried
“Steve, Austin’s servant?” He inquired and I glared at him…
“Is he really his servant?” I asked and he nodded and sat beside me..
“We were told by Austin that he is his servant, we wouldn’t have believed if we didn’t see him order Steve around” he said..
I breathed and buried my head into my palm..
“I’m really concerned about him?” I mused
“About Steve?.. Oh yeah, many ladies once drooled over him but it is all over now, they all dislike him after discovering he is a commoner feeding from Austin’s parent pocket, they hated him for lying to them of being a son of Brenda, Austin’s father” he said and I raised my brow at him..
“Yeah..right now, Steve is nothing to anyone tho he is intelligent but no one likes him, that’s why he stay quiet..” He said and I felt pained..
“Oh gosh, that’s really bad” I breathed
“Austin took the clas-s prefect from him, he really hates him so badly” he said and I looked up and caught a glimpse of someone walking towards my direction..
I squinted my eyes and flin-ched as I discovered it was Steve..
I leaped up abruptly with my heart beating fast..I kept my gaze on him admiring every single thing about him..
“Steve why did you leave the clas-s, why?? You shouldn’t have!” I purred in emotion staring at those sparkling eyes
“You seem to care about me a lot and its ma-king me feel on t©p of the world” he said with a sweet smile that made him more cute..
“Oh yes, it’s because you caught my attention” I said and held his palm
“I caught your attention with what?..you ba-rely know me” he arched his brow
“Are you really Austin’s servant? Because you don’t look like one?” I questioned and he giggled and squee-zed my palm..
“Let’s sit down” he said and drew me to an empty seat, i have even forgotten that Ben was still there..
💝Steve’s POV💝
I held her hand softly and led her to an empty seat, my heart was really throbbing in joy as I sat with her,
“So what brou-ght you here?” I asked with a smile
“You can’t believe I was looking for you” she said with a giggle
“Hmm, you finally found me so what do you want to tell me?” I asked
“Why did you leave the clas-s, you just missed that lesson” she said peering into my eyes
“You are not my mother or are you?..I left the clas-s because I wanted to, not because Austin ordered me to..” I lied and she sneered at me me
“You su-cks at telling lies..Austin seems to be telling you what to do and I don’t just like it!” She frowned
“Why???” I asked and she raised her brow
“You are too cute for that, I mean..”
“Shhh” I hushed her
“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” I asked and she wi-de-ned her eyes smiling sheepishly.
“You don’t have one?” She asked and I laughed
“You are the only one who cares about me this much, seem like you really love me” I said with a funny grin
“Well I just wanna make friend, you know I’m still new here” she said shyly
“Clara do you know I love you” I said and she turned her gaze sharply at me..
“Really???” She asked with a chuckle
“Oh yes.. You seem to be…” My voice hitched, myl-ips quivered, my legs melt un-der me as I saw Austin walked to us with his face contorted in anger..
My whole b©dy bec@m£ h0t instantly and I felt like sinking into the ground..
“So here you are??” He gritted with his eyes red
“Steve, come here!!” He thun-dered and I obeyed..
“What do you think you are doing with her?” He asked and I kept mute..
“You want her to be your girlfriend right?..you nee-d a beautiful and rich girl as a girlfriend when you know you are wretched, what makes you think it would work out, she isn’t your clas-s, birds of the same feathers flocks together so go to the orphanage home and meet your type there!” He spited
What do you mean by that!!” Clara ch!pped in..
“Stay away from this..” He blurted to her and faced me..
“Do you know I feel like breaking your head” he sneered at me
“Are you too dumb to see that I am in love with her??..are you blind?..are you blind!!” He snorted giving me a knock..
I raised my head in anger feeling intimid@t£d..
“Don’t you ever do that again!” Clara squealed and held my hand..
“What would you do if i??” Austin scowled
“You are mad!!” Clara bawled and he scoffed and gave me another knock..
I got vexed but couldn’t do anything, there is no way I’d fight him, i have no place to go if I ends up leaving his house..
“He is my servant and I can do what ever I wants with him!” Austin blurted and his word pierced my heart ma-king me feel like a trash, I felt empty and ashamed..
“I can even give him another knock and he isn’t gonna do anything!!” He said with a sm-irk on his face…
“Try it and you would regret it!” I growled and he stared at me with a surprised look..
“Did I year you clearly?..are you actually talking to me?” He asked arching his brow
“Who else I’m I talking to?..try knocking me once more and I would leave you crying in the floor” I snorted and Clara laughed ma-king me feel glad..
Austin stared at me with utmost surprise..
“You are saying all that to me??” He questioned walking closer to where I stood..
I kept mute and stared at him..
He raised his hand to knock me but to his greatest surprise, I gr@bb£d his hand and pushed him r0ûghly ma-king him land on his bu-m..
“You can mess with me all other time but not when she is around!” I retorted and stomped out leaving him shocked
To be continued..