Dangerous attra-ction episode 4

💖Dangerous attra-ction💖
💞Episode 4💞
Written by Humble Smith💋
💝Clara’s POV continues💝
I couldn’t tell exactly what I feel as my eyes locked with this guy.
I stood transfixed as we peered into each other’s eyes.
I had never seen him before but seeing him today I just feel like we have a connection, those eyes were glistening and were really piecing into my heart..
He look so cute and gentle..
I wanted to smile at him but he wasn’t even smiling, he looked like there is something hurting him..
After some seconds, he dropped his head staring at the floor, I could s-en-se some kind of pain in his eyes..
I took a de-ep breath and turned to the student who were still waiting anxiously..
“Like you all know, my name is Clara and guess what, I’m a friendly person but I hate trouble, you are free to make me friend, I hope to enjoy my stay here..” I said and they all cheered happily..
I walked over to my seat with a wi-de smile glancing at that guy that made me felt strange..
He wasn’t looking at me this time, his gaze was on a book he was re-ading..
I guess he must be a book freak..but I must say, he is really cute..
💝Steve’s POV💝
I cant really explain what I felt as my eyes fell on the new girl, it was just like I was lost in a lonely world with only the both of us, for some seconds, I forgot I was in the clas-sroom, I was only seeing the both of us..
She looked very beautiful and her smile was really affecting me, I just don’t know if I’m alre-ady falling for her,
It can’t be!!
I can’t fall for any lady, not when I Stoll have a lot to think about..
I had bend my head downward to avoid her gaze even when it was really ha-rd for me..
I just want to spend my time staring at her,
Everything about her seem to be perfect, no girl had ever enchanted me this way, her voice was even so soft and cool that it seems like she was talking to my heart,
I couldn’t look at because I was confused..
Just her figure seems to make me lose focus…
I was staring into the book I was re-ading but pike seriously, I wasn’t seeing anything in the book, her image was all that clouded my mind..
Austin hadn’t c@m£ to school, he was still asleep when I sneaked out, I wasn’t re-ady for his annoying words,
Not long after, he walked in, everyone began those stupid noise that keeps irking me, I don’t know what is so good about him that makes the student see him like a god..
His face was covered with a lopsided grin as he swaggered to his seat..
He win-ked at his as-sistant who was grinding from ear to ear..
It really disgust me seeing how stupid the girl was, how can she offer S-x so easily? Is that how obsessed she was..
Austin walked over to where I sat and rested his hand on the desk looking straight to my face with a sm-irk..
“You sneaked away right?” He asked with a peering into my eyes..
“I was not just re-ady for your trouble, I nee-d to leave, I am very sick and tired of your fv¢king arrogant personality” I said in a calm but angered tone ma-king him scoff..
“Do you know there is a punishment for that?” He asked and I arched my brow..
“What do you mean?” I asked
“You have a punishment for going against my order, I told you never to leave before me, I guess you had really got nerves!!” He seethed and I breathed..
“What would I do then?..cant you just drop all this act, can’t you just st©p it, even if for no other reason, st©p it for the new girl that just started today..” I said and his brow arched..
“New student?..where is she?” He asked and turned his gaze around..
He stood at a sp©t as his gaze fell on Clara who was also looking at us..
“Wow..who do we have here!” He smiled and walked up to her,
💝Clara’s POV💝
“Hi babe, you are our new student and I can’t believe i didn’t even see you..” The young smoking h0t guy said to me with a bright smile..
I must confess, he is really cute but I just wanted him to be the other guy..
“My name is Austin..I’m the clas-s prefect” he introduced and I g@sped..
“Really?..wow..you must be very intelligent!” I exclaimed
“Very much dear, a dummy can’t be made the school prefect.” He said with a lopsided smile..
“So is he the as-sistant?” I asked gesturing at the other guy who had got my attention..
He frowned
“Hell no! how can he be?..you can’t believe that guy is really dumb, can’t you see how timid he is?..no one wants to talk to him..” He said scornfully and for some reason I felt hurt with the insult..
“You seem to hate him??” I asked and he rolled his eyes..
“His dumbness makes me feel like throwing up” he snorted and I flin-ched..
“It marvels me how a very cute guy like him would be dumb and timid..” I sighed staring at him..
“Forget about that guy.. So what is your….” I couldn’t wait for him to finish whatever he was saying..
I quic-kly walked over to the guy..
“Hey” I called and he looked up..
I was shocked to see tears in those eyes..
“You are in tears??” I questioned and he took a de-ep breath..
“What do you want?” He asked drying his eyes
“I want to sit with you..I heard you are timid and dumb, I want to help you even when others seems to dislike you” I purred with a reas-suring smile..
💝Steve’s POV💝
My heart glitched at her words,
I felt like bur-sting..
I had shed tears when I saw her talking with Austin happily,
My heart really pained me as I thought on the fact that she may had gotten along with Austin..
I want her..
What she just said now really made me go gaga..
“You wanna sit with me?” I asked to be sure I heard her well..
“Yes..” She nodded and I shifted for her..
Everyone in the clas-s stared with their mouth agaped..
I glanced at Austin and he was really fuming glaring at me..
“Who is Austin to you?” She asked
“My…” I wanted to say brother but recalling the sl@p I got back then,
I paused and bend my head on my desk..
“I think you have to go back to your seat, you are ma-king more enemies for me by sitting here” I said and she arched her brow..
“I want us to be friends” she said and I was f0rç£d to raise my head up
“Why me??.. What about him” I said gesturing at Austin..
She rolled her eyes
“I don’t really like him, he seem to be too pompous” she whined and I chuckled..
“There are other people here who would love being your friends..” I said and she fluttered her eyes..
“They can all make me friends but I want is to be ti-ght friend, you seem to be the type I love being with” she said and I laughed
“Do you know I’m just like a commoner in this school?” I asked and she giggled
“I don’t care..” She laughed
“Steve!!!!!” I heard that husky voice of Austin huff angrily..
“What???” I replied
“Get up from that seat!!!” He ordered with grim,
I stood up..
“Walk away from this clas-s!!!!” He ordered and I nodded and made to leave but Clara held me back..
“What are those orders all about?” She asked glaring at Austin..
💝Clara’s POV💝
“Leave that punk alone!!” Austin growled but I wasn’t re-ady to leave his hand..
“Why are you ordering him to leave the clas-s and why is he doing all you says to him!!!” I asked looking at the both of them
“How does it troubles you?..if you cares to know, he is my slave brou-ght by my father, I’m his boss” He sneered and turned his gaze to Steve..
“For the last time! Leave the clas-s!!” He snorted and Steve too a de-ep breath with his eyes drawn..
“Thanks for standing by me, but I have to go” he said and withdrew his hand…
He stared at Austin for some moment before turning to leave…
But I couldn’t hold myself,
I gr@bb£d his hand and drew him to my b©dy…
I hvgged him ti-ghtly with our heart beating at the same time..
I’m just liking this Steve..
To be continued