Damaged finale episode

I wake up in the middle of the night due to the hangover I have. I made my way to the cabinet and drowsily looked for some aspirin. I used two tablets of aspirin with water and cleared the mess I made in the kitchen earlier. I still nee-d to sleep though so I head back to the be-droom.
I sle-pt until 9:30am. I quic-kly did my morning rituals and made noodles for my breakfast.
I finished washing the dishes and I decide to check some things on internet. I brou-ght out my phone from the bag I took to the hospital yesterday and discovered I have 15 missed calls.
10 from Bryan, 3 from Jess and 2 from Lisa.
I texted Lisa and Jess while I called Bryan. He picked the call on the first ring.
📲”Good morning, I missed your calls yesterday and I’m just seeing it now that’s why am just calling”. I said.
📲Good morning dear, how was your night? “. He asked calmly.
📲”It was serene, what about yours?”. I asked back.
📲Mine was exhilarating” Bryan said.
📲”I wanted to check how you were doing due to the way you left the hospital that was why I called yesterday” he explained.
📲Oh, I’m fine now” I told him.
📲”Can I come around to see you today? ” he asked
“📲No problem”. I replied.
📲”Am coming with Richa-rd and his girlfriend, hope you don’t mind” he asked me.
I contemplated for a while before I gave him a response.
📲Okay”. I said at last.
We talked for about 10 minutes before I end the call.
I dressed up and wait for Bryan’s visit.
I saw a message from Jess
💬I’m on my way to your place. Hope you are at home?
💬sure, am at home
💬no problem, see you in a bit
I didn’t reply again so I dropped my phone on the couch and I was about to go upstairs when the doorbell start ringing.
I thought it was Jess so I went to open the door for her. I was surprised to see Lisa and David standing in front of the door.
I let them in and locked the door back.
“I didn’t know you guys were coming”. I said.
“We were driving past your street so we thought we should check up on you”. David said.
“Thanks for coming. My best friend is also on her way here”. I said.
“Do you care for cookies? ” I asked.
“Sure”. Lisa replied for both of them.
I made my way to the kitchen and brou-ght out some cookies from the microwave oven. I took a cold yoghurt to go with it and I served the couple the snacks and drink.
Few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring again and I went to open the door.
It was Jess and Jeff looking good as ever.
Is it my eyes or is Jess somehow bigger, I wondered.
Five minutes later, the doorbell ring again and this time it was Bryan, Richa-rd and his girlfriend that just arrived.
They were all surprised to see my guests.
Bryan exchanged greetings with the two couples: Jess and Jeff, David and Lisa.
Richa-rd knew Jess alre-ady so I introduced him to the rest.
“Hi guys, this is Richa-rd Stone. Richa-rd , meet Jeffrey, he’s Jessica’s husband. Meet Melissa and her fiance David and I guess I don’t nee-d to introduce you to my fiance”. I said sarcastically.
“Ally, what is he doing here? ” my bestie asked.
She didn’t know about yesterday’s drama so I brou-ght her up to d@t£ and she was shocked.
“Bryan, I’m sorry I walked out on you yesterday but I nee-d to know why you suddenly become friends with Richa-rd ”. I said facing Bryan.
“I un-derstand your anger so I forgive you babe. As for Richa-rd , I haven’t met him before until yesterday at the hospital. The lady beside him is Kira, his girlfriend and I think Richa-rd has something to say to you” Bryan said.
Everyb©dy sat down properly to listen to whatever Richa-rd had to say.
I listened patiently and he spoke for over an hour.
“I’d be so glad if you can forgive him sincerely”. Kira said.
I wanted to hate this lady but I thought better of it, if she hadn’t come into his life I would still be stuck with Richie and he might have kill me by now and moreover, I have Bryan now and nothing can be compared to the love I have for him which is not one-sided.
I look up and I saw everyone anxiously waiting for my decision.
“I have forgiven you. I’ve come to realize that we were not meant for each other and our childhood was a detetminant factor to who we are now to some extent. If I had come from a normal loving family, I wouldn’t have put up with the sh*ts you dished out to me but because I was used to domestic violence as a kid, I grew up thinking it was normal for a man to beat a woman. If you had also come from a family that care to know about their children and who doesn’t listen to one child and neglect the other then you won’t have also become a monster”. I said and everyb©dy applauded.
“We have an announcement to make”. Jess said.
Everyone shifted their focus to the Millers.
“We’re expecting a baby very soon”. Jeff announced.
“Wow, this call for celebr@tion”. Bryan said.
“Congrats bestie, don’t forget to make me the godmother”. I said to Jess.
“Don’t worry, nob©dy is competing with you so you are covered”. She said and we both giggled.
“I, Allison Scott promise to support you, push you, inspire you and above all love you for better or worse, in sickness or health, for richer or poorer as long as we both shall live”. I vowed before the entire church as the minister asked us to exchange vows.
“I, Bryan Cooper take you to be my wife. I promise to choose you everyday, to love you in word and in deed, to do the ha-rd work of ma-king now into always”. Bryan said.
“You may k!ssyour bride” the minister said.
Bryan carried me bridal style and planted soft k!sses on myl-ips. It was a k!ssthat carried with it an undeniable pas-sion and held promises of eternal love.
“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cooper”. Kira said.
I invited Richie and Kira to my wedding.
“Congrats bestie” Jessica said. I smiled warmly at her. Her pregnancy is now getting obvious.
A lot of people c@m£ to congratulate us as we made our way out of the hall into the waiting limousine.
Today is unarguably one of the happiest day of my life.
Not only did I finally get married to a man who truly cherish me and love me for whom I am despite my flaws but I’d forever be grateful that although I was DAMAGED but I wasn’t Irreparable.
Every year, more than 10 million people are subjected to domestic violence. Its impacts can be felt far wi-de.
Most of the domestic violence victims eventually die from the abuse or at times they get handicapped emotionally and physiologically. They are always at the mercies of their abusers.
In this story, I made the former victim of domestic violence experience a normal health life which rarely happen in real life situations.
The point is that, once you notice your spouse is an abuser, seek for help immediately. Don’t die in silence. It’s better to leave a relationsh!por at worse a marriage than to die an untimely death.