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June 15, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Damaged episode 5

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THEME: At the club🍷🍸

Richie’s POV

I’ve been at the Unique club for almost two hours. My friends and I have been gisting all through.

“Why don’t we hit the dance floor” Danny said. “Sure, let’s go” Fred added and we all went to the dance floor. Roddy rich’s ‘Die young’ 🎹🎤🥁🎷🎺 was blaring over the loudspeaker as we got to the dance floor. I started dancing and before long I heard a lady’s voice say “can I have a dance with you? ” I turned to check her out and I was impressed with what I saw so I said “no problem sweetheart. The pleasure is mine”. After dancing for about 30 minutes I was getting a bit tired so I excused myself from my dance partner to get a drink from the bar.

” excuse me, I need to get a drink. I’d be back in a jiffy” I told her while she just smiled and said “ok. Fine by me”

I was almost at the bar when I caught a glimpse of someone who looks like Ally but I shook the thought off. What will Ally be doing in a club?

She dare not come so I mind my business and bought a drink for myself. On getting back to the dance floor I saw Fred dancing with my dance partner. I

just tapped him and signalled him to back off.

” sorry bro. I didn’t know you’re back” ” no problem” I replied. I turned to my dance partner “I don’t even know your name” I said to her. ” That’s because you didn’t ask but I’m kira”

“I’m Richie” I told her. We continued dancing but unfortunately our dance was cut short by my best friend James who came to whisper something into my ear

“Richie, isn’t that Allison over there dancing with that guy” he said it more like a statement than a question. I turned and sure enough she was dancing with an handsome guy. I hate it when she gets close to other guys, I detest the thought of Ally with another guy. I was so filled with rage that I didn’t know when I rushed to her side and slapped her hard


Allison’s POV


I didn’t really want to be here but what can I do? My bestie literally dragged me here. We’ve been at the club for a while and Jess was already on the dance floor having the best time of her life. I was just sipping my non alcoholic wine when someone sat on the vacant chair beside me. I didn’t even bother to look at the person until the person broke the silence and asked “why is a pretty lady like you sitting alone?” I wanted to ignore him but curiosity got the better part of me so I turned to see a tall, handsome stranger staring

at me. “Is it a crime to sit alone?” I threw back at him

“No but why are you not dancing? ” he asked “I just don’t feel like” I retorted.

“Please, dance with me for ten minutes” he begged. I thought since ten minutes was a short amount of time to get rid of him so I agreed. We were dancing when someone slapped me hard. I staggered for a while and I briefly saw Richie fighting with the guy I was dancing with. From nowhere I felt something like broken bottle pierce into my left arm. Jessica ran to me hugging me tightly and that was the last thing I remembered before I blackout.


TBC. Like and comment famz


Ally is in pain😭😭😢. Who else wanna strangle Richie? BTW, who is this stranger?

Don’t forget to drop your spicy comments. You guys really made my day with your previous comments. Love you all❤️😘

©️Authoress Adesewa✍️✍️

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