Damaged episode 5

THEME: At the club🍷🍸
Richie’s POV
I’ve been at the Unique club for almost two hours. My friends and I have been gisting all throu-gh.
“Why don’t we hit the dance floor” Danny said. “Sure, let’s go” Fred added and we all went to the dance floor. Roddy rich’s ‘Die young’ 🎹🎤🥁🎷🎺 was blaring over the loudspeaker as we got to the dance floor. I started dancing and before long I heard a lady’s voice say “can I have a dance with you? ” I turned to check her out and I was impressed with what I saw so I said “no problem sweetheart. The plea-sure is mine”. After dancing for about 30 minutes I was getting a bit tired so I excused myself from my dance p@rtner to get a drink from the bar.
” excuse me, I nee-d to get a drink. I’d be back in a jiffy” I told her while she just smiled and said “ok. Fine by me”
I was almost at the bar when I caught a glimpse of someone who looks like Ally but I shook the thought off. What will Ally be doing in a club?
She dare not come so I mind my business and bought a drink for myself. On getting back to the dance floor I saw Fred dancing with my dance p@rtner. I just tapped him and signalled him to back off.
” sorry bro. I didn’t know you’re back” ” no problem” I replied. I turned to my dance p@rtner “I don’t even know your name” I said to her. ” That’s because you didn’t ask but I’m kira”
“I’m Richie” I told her. We continued dancing but unfortunately our dance was cut short by my best friend James who c@m£ to whisper something into my ear
“Richie, isn’t that Allison over there dancing with that guy” he said it more like a statement than a question. I turned and sure enough she was dancing with an handsome guy. I hate it when she gets close to other guys, I detest the thought of Ally with another guy. I was so filled with rage that I didn’t know when I rushed to her side and sl@pped her ha-rd
Allison’s POV
I didn’t really want to be here but what can I do? My bestie literally dragged me here. We’ve been at the club for a while and Jess was alre-ady on the dance floor having the best time of her life. I was just sipping my non alcoholic wine when someone sat on the vacant chair beside me. I didn’t even bother to look at the person until the person broke the silence and asked “why is a pretty lady like you sitting alone?” I wanted to ignore him but curiosity got the better p@rt of me so I turned to see a tall, handsome stranger staring at me. “Is it a crime to sit alone?” I threw back at him
“No but why are you not dancing? ” he asked “I just don’t feel like” I retorted.
“plea-se, dance with me for ten minutes” he begged. I thought since ten minutes was a short amount of time to get rid of him so I agreed. We were dancing when someone sl@pped me ha-rd . I staggered for a while and I briefly saw Richie fighting with the guy I was dancing with. From nowhere I felt something like broken bottle pierce into my left arm. Jessica ran to me hvgging me ti-ghtly and that was the last thing I remembered before I blackout.
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