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June 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Damaged episode 3

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Theme: Wanna play baby??




Richie’s POV

I was in my office when my newest secretary walked in swaying her buttocks seductively at me. Well, I’m fond of banging most of my female employees. That is, if I find them alluring enough.

“Mr stone, you have an appointment with Mr kelvin by 12pm and it’s almost time”. “Thanks” I responded. After clearing the files on my desk, I called my driver to get my car ready. In few minutes I got to the hotel which Mr kelvin chose as our meeting point. I really hope this deal pan out cos it’s worth billions of dollars to me. I went inside the hotel and the receptionist directed me to a suite where I met Mr kelvin. We bargained for some time and I was able to convince him to partner with my company. It wasn’t an easy feat because I’ve been unable to strike this deal with him for almost two years so I decided to hang out with my friends before I head home.

I sent a text to them and we all agreed to meet at our favorite spot which is an exclusive club.

“Hi guys” I greeted them on getting to the VIP lounge which was reserved for us alone.

“Howdy bro” Fred said. He’s the youngest among us. I noticed that James, Patrick

and Daniel were quite drunk already. I ordered for a drink and while sipping it I saw a hooker with nice boobs and extra big ass so I beckoned on her.

“Hey babe” I called out to her. ” I’m good sweetheart” she replied batting her fake lashes. I scoffed and said “Wanna play baby?” “I’m game sweetie” she replied. She walked up to me and rub the tips of her boobs on my chest while I french kissed her.

She moaned into my mouth. I lifted her garment up so as to gain full access to her body. I sucked her boobs simultaneously and at the same time fingering her till she climaxed. She then took my cork into her mouth and sucked as if her life depends on it. When I noticed I was near the edge I grabbed her roughly and positioned my cock into her p***y and banged her till we both come at the same time.

I threw some cash to her then went to meet my friends. I saw they were also with some b***hes so I ordered for more drinks for myself.


Allison’s POV

I closed my shop early today just so I could make it uo to

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Richie for coming home late last night. I’ve been calling him all day but he just wouldn’t pick his phone. I know I’m really at fault but I hope when he come home today we’d be able to make out with each other.

I really love him and no other man

can make me feel half of what he makes me feel.

After waiting for some hours I decided to keep myself busy by reading a novel so I downloaded a Sydney Sheldon book titled ‘are you afraid of the dark’ and begin to read it. I was so engrossed in the novel that I didn’t realize how much time had gone until I glanced at the table clock and saw that it was already 11:30pm so I decided to call it a day.


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How was this episode? I know it’s longer than episode 2 though. I’m not a bad ghal o 🙈, sorry about the s3x scene. It just couldn’t be helped.

I’m looking forward to hearing (reading) from you.

Love you all❤️❣️

©️Authoress Adesewa

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