Damaged episode 3

Theme: Wanna pl@ybaby??
Richie’s POV
I was in my office when my newest secretary walked in swaying her bu-ttocks s£dûçt!velyat me. Well, I’m fond of ban-ging most of my female employees. That is, if I find them alluring enough.
“Mr stone, you have an appointment with Mr kelvin by 12pm and it’s almost time”. “Thanks” I responded. After clearing the files on my desk, I called my driver to get my car re-ady. In few minutes I got to the h0tel which Mr kelvin chose as our meeting point. I really hope this deal pan out cos it’s worth billions of dollars to me. I went inside the h0tel and the receptionist directed me to a suite where I met Mr kelvin. We bargained for some time and I was able to convince him to p@rtner with my company. It wasn’t an easy feat because I’ve been unable to strike this deal with him for almost two years so I decided to hang out with my friends before I head home.
I s£nt a text to them and we all agreed to meet at our favorite sp©t which is an exclusive club.
“Hi guys” I greeted them on getting to the VIP lounge which was reserved for us alone.
“Howdy bro” Fred said. He’s the youngest among us. I noticed that James, Patrick and Daniel were quite drun!kalre-ady. I ordered for a drink and while sipping it I saw a hooker with nice bo-ob s and extra big as-s so I beckoned on her.
“Hey babe” I called out to her. ” I’m good sweetheart” she replied batting her fake lashes. I scoffed and said “Wanna pl@ybaby?” “I’m game sweetie” she replied. She walked up to me and ru-b the ti-ps of her bo-ob s on my che-st while I french k!$$£d her.
She m0@n ed into my mouth. I lifted her garment up so as to gain full access to her b©dy. I su-cked her bo-ob s simultaneously and at the same time f!ngering her till she cli-maxed. She then took my co-rk into her mouth and su-cked as if her life depends on it. When I noticed I was near the edge I gr@bb£d her r0ûghly and positioned my c0ckinto her pu-ssy and ban-ged her till we both come at the same time.
I threw some cash to her then went to meet my friends. I saw they were also with some b***hes so I ordered for more drinks for myself.
Allison’s POV
I closed my shop early today just so I could make it uo to Richie for coming home late last night. I’ve been calling him all day but he just wouldn’t pick his phone. I know I’m really at fault but I hope when he come home today we’d be able to make out with each other.
I really love him and no other man can make me feel half of what he makes me feel.
After waiting for some hours I decided to keep myself busy by re-ading a novel so I downloaded a Sydney Sheldon book titled ‘are you afraid of the dark’ and begin to re-ad it. I was so engrossed in the novel that I didn’t realize how much time had gone until I glanced at the table clock and saw that it was alre-ady 11:30pm so I decided to call it a day.
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How was this episode? I know it’s longer than episode 2 though. I’m not a bad ghal o 🙈, sorry about the s3x scene. It just couldn’t be helped.
I’m looking forward to hearing (re-ading) from you.
Love you all❤️❣️
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