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June 23, 2021


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Damaged episode 19

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I have already start seeing the psychotherapist Kira recommended to me.
I can’t say it’s not helping but I still have a long way to go for the therapy session.
Kira usually accompany me to the hospital and today is no exception.
She’s already dressed in a blue crop top on a black high waist trouser. She is wearing a fashion spectacle and she look absolutely lovely.
“Stop ogling and get dressed already”. Kira said.
“Alright ma’am”. I said throwing her a mock salute.
She continued pressing her phone and I quickly wore a navy blue shirt and a black blazer trouser.
I don’t feel like driving today so I let Kira do the driving.


Today is my final therapy session at Dr Ria’s place. I’m happy to be ending this particular phase of my life.
I’ve been quite busy lately with wedding preparations because I’m getting married to Bryan on the same day Lisa is also getting married to David which is happening in a month time.
Jess has been of help since she heard about my engagement to Bryan.
I’ve started working on my wedding dress and Lisa’s wedding gown also.
I’m waiting for Bryan to come pick me up because we do go to the hospital together anytime I

have a session with my shrink.
I didn’t have to wait for long before I heard the doorbell ring. I pick my house keys and my bag.
I locked my door as I stepped out.
Bryan was standing beside his sport car looking good as ever.
“Good morning”. I greeted as he reached out to open the front door of the car for me.
I stepped in and fasten my seat belt.
“Good morning dear, nice outfit you have there” he said.
I’m putting on on a floral print skirt and a turtle neck blouse and I don’t know what is special about that.
“Thanks”. I replied him.
We talked about random things till we get to the hospital.
Bryan left for the cashier’s office to clear my bills and I went to Dr Ria’s office.
Today’s session is a bit longer than my previous ones but I’m glad this would be my last session.
I thanked Dr Ria and left for the waiting room so I can go home with Bryan.
I got to the sitting room to see a shocking sight.
I saw Bryan talking with Richard, my ex boyfriend and the lady I caught on bed with
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him when I was discharged from the hospital.
What is going on right now. I was rooted to a spot and I couldn’t take a step either backward or forward. I’m starting to get curious stares from people but I was oblivious to it all.
I noticed the lady with
Richard saying something to Bryan and pointing at me. That was when Bryan saw me standing at the entrance of the waiting room.
A sudden wave of anger washed over me and I couldn’t bear to see the sight of Richard again.
I clutched my bag tightly in anger and walked past Richie who was trying to call me back.
I rushed out of the hospital almost in tears and I quickly hail a taxi. I mumbled my destination to him. I tried to hold back my tears but I was fighting a lost battle because the tears came out like a flood of rain and I was sobbing quite loudly.
“Madam, are you okay? “. The taxi driver asked.
I didn’t even spare him a glance not to talk of replying him.
He probably sensed that I wasn’t in any mood to reply him so he shut up for the rest of the ride.
I over tipped him as he dropped me in front of my apartment.
I got into my apartment and made myself a strong drink.
I was still drinking when I heard persistent knocking on my door.
I don’t have any intention of opening the door anytime soon, let the person continue knocking.


I was coming from the cashier’s office when a lady and a guy approached me.
“I’m sorry for disturbing you but can I talk with you for a while? “. The lady asked.
“No problem but if you don’t mind, let’s do that in the waiting room”. I replied.
Both of them accepted and followed me to the waiting room.
“Here we are so what do you want to tell me”. I said to the lady.
“Actually, it’s my boyfriend that need to talk to you” the lady said.
I’m still left in the dark but I was patient to hear whatever they both had to say. Their faces does not look familiar to me so I can’t say we know each other before. I was wondering what the guy had to say when he started talking.
“I’m sorry for taking your time but I was about leaving this place when I saw you talking with the lady on floral print skirt” he said.
That must have been me talking with Ally but what’s his business with that?
“Okay, yes so how can I be of help”. I said patiently. I didn’t want to be rude.
“I’m coming to that, she is someone I used to know but can you please tell me the relationship you have with her so I can know if you can help me or not” the guy said.
“She is my wife to be”. I said to me and I saw the guy was looking at me with a surprised expression boldly written on his face.

“Congratulations man, now I can proceed to the real reason why I stopped you” the guy said calmly.
I think I’m getting somewhere with this guy at last.
” I need your help since you are obviously close to Ally, I would have asked her best friend for help if not for the fact that Jessica probably hates me more than Allison hates me right now” he said.
“How can I help you when I don’t know you, the kind of help you need from me and whatever made Ally hate you”. I said.
“I’d tell you all that but please just listen to me first before you make any judgement” said the guy.
“Okay, I’m all hears”. I replied.
“I am Richard Stone, Allison’s ex boyfriend and I did a lot of things to hurt her in the past, that is why I need your help to solicit on my behalf so I can ask for forgiveness. I am trying to be a better man and I must confess that I am ashamed of my past but it was as a result of my childhood grudges.
All my life, I tried to be the good son my parents would be proud of but they were not really helping matters. Favouritism was the watchword of the day in our house; my younger brother was the apple of everyone’s eye. He couldn’t have any faults no matter how much he tried🤥, I was always the one to get the blame for all my brother did.
My brother was like a f****ng saint while I was the devil.
I tried to still be my normal good self but it seems the more good deeds I did, the more punishment I received for it so I told myself that I was going to be that devil they already tagged me as.
I changed to a cold person entirely. I hid my emotions from the world and became a ruthless personality.
An incident happened when I was 14 and my brother was 12. A fight occurred between me and my brother and he took a knife to stab me, I struggled to collect the knife from him and stabbed him instead. My parents kicked me out of the house that very day, that was the day any soft feeling I ever had died.
Richard Maxwell also died that same day and in his place is Richard Stone.
I struggled to make ends meet in the street, I sold dope and did a lot of sh*t just to get to where I am right now.
I was still very angry at the world when I met Allison. I made her suffer unjustly.
I tried to make her feel worthless. I realised my mistakes when Kira came into my life. I have been undergoing therapy for a while and I didn’t know I would run into Allison here”. Richard narrated.
Wow, this is too much information to process all at once. I didn’t even realise he was the guy I fought with at the club. I don’t think Ally ever want to see him again but I’d try my best to talk to her.

“Allison can be stubborn at times but I’d try to talk to her on your behalf”. I said.
I noticed his girlfriend pointing at someone but I didn’t turn to check until she said “I think your girlfriend is in shock”.
I turned back and truly it was Ally looking as if she just saw a ghost. People were staring at her already so I excused myself and made my way to her.
I saw her expression turn angry suddenly and I called out to her but she snubbed me and left the hospital in a hurry. I rushed outside only to see her already in a taxi.
Richard and Kira met me outside and they both followed me to her apartment.
We have been knocking for almost 30 minutes but she refused to open the door.

“I think you guys should leave now. I know she’d still calm down so I’d give you a call when she’s ready to listen to your apology”. I said.
I gave my phone to Richie to input his number.
“Please call me when she has changed her mind”. Richard said.
” okay, I’d do that”. I replied.


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