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June 20, 2021


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Damaged episode 13

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I have a date with Allison on Saturday. She has been talking to me since the night of the party I was coaxed to invite her to. I like everything about her. She is reserved, independent and beautiful. I’ve introduced her to David and he also agreed with me that she is a nice person. I just hope she’d be more free around me cos it seems she’s a bit uptight where I’m concerned.


“Earth to Bryan!!!” David yelled. He has a weird expression on his face right now.


“Stop smirking, were you telling me something before?” I asked him.


“No, I was just talking to myself” he said.


“Okay, I admit I spaced out. Can you now stop being melodramatic and tell me what you were saying earlier”. I said to David.


“I finally accept to go on a date with Mellisa” he said.

His mom has been on his neck about this Mellisa since forever. I hope their date would be memorable.


“Hmmmm, interesting. When are you guys going out?”. I asked.


“Same day you have your date with Allison” Dave said.


“Wow, we could actually have the date at the same place”. I said.


“Yeah, it’d be fun. Where are you planning to take Allison to?” he asked.


“I’m taking her to the amusement park. Allison look like she could use

some fun”. I said to him.


“No problem, but I’m planning to take Mellisa to this fancy restaurant on Broad Street”. David said.


“Alright bro. Best of luck with the date”. I said to him.


“Thanks and you too” he said and we switched the conversation to another topic.




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It’s good to see the smiling Ally back. Ever since she went to the party at the Cooper’s mansion she has been more friendly. She even told me she has a friendly date with Bryan Cooper on Saturday. I’ve also been quite busy with work and wedding preparations. I can’t believe I’d be getting married in few weeks time.

Ally has been unusually quiet for a while and I wonder what she’s thinking about.


“A penny for your thoughts? ” I asked her.


“I’m just wondering what I’d wear on Saturday. It’s been a while since I went on a date” Ally said.


“Trust me babe. What do you have me as a friend for? I know just the perfect outfit for a first date. Don’t

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fret, you’d be fine”. I said to her.


“Thanks dear. You’re one in a million”. Ally said.




I’m going on a date in two days time. It’s been a while I went on a date. Even when I was dating Richie, I can’t remember the last time we went out as

a couple before we broke up. I don’t even want to think about the mother fvcker right now cos he might just spoil my mood.

Back to my current problem😒. I don’t even know what to wear on Saturday. Bryan haven’t tell me where we are going and I’m already getting worked up. Calm down girl🙈, I mentally admonished myself.

I was still lost in thought when Jess said.


“A penny for your thoughts? “. Jess asked me.


“I’m just wondering what to wear on Saturday. It’s been quite a while since I went on a date”. I said.


“Trust me babe. I know just the perfect outfit for a first date. Don’t fret, you’d be fine”. Jess said.


“Thanks dear, you are one in a million”. I said to her.


Thank God that problem is solved. I still have one more problem though. As much as Bryan look cool, I don’t want to keep my guards down where he’s concerned because I don’t want to get hurt again. I’ve been hurt enough in the past so I wouldn’t want a repeat of such in my life.


TBC. Like and comment😢😢

How was this episode? Bryan and Ally are going out, finally💃💃. I feel something good will come out of this date. What do you think?

Don’t forget to drop your lovely comments.

Love you all🥰🤍

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