Damaged episode 12

Tomorrow is the day my best friend is coming back from his trip. I can’t believe it’s alre-ady a month since he left. A lot of things have happened in his abs£nce. I can’t wait to fill him in on things, like the incident at the Unique club and the lady I encountered who I later met at the mall. As much as I try not to think of her, I still find myself thinking of her. I’ve never felt this way before. I nee-d to get her out of my mind.
I nee-d to clear my head and the best way to do that is to go to the garden. I just like visiting the garden anytime I feel troubled, I don’t know if it’s because of the fresh air there or the serenity of the garden that make me like it.
I left for the garden with my headphones plugged into my head. I sat un-der a bougainvillea plant and I started listening to various songs on my pla-ylist.
After a while, I decide it is time to head back in.
I got into the living room and my heart st©pped beating for a while.
What’s she doing here? How did she know I live here? Is she here to see me?. All these questions were going throu-gh my mind when she said
“Hey, are you stalking me now or what? ”
I almost laughed out loud.
“What are you talking about? “. I asked her.
“I mean what are you doing here?”. She asked back.
Now this is funny, she is asking me a question I should be asking her.
“This is my house”. I simply said.
“I didn’t know you guys are acquainted” my mom said while coming into the room. If only she knows that we are far from being friends.
I was about to correct her when she added
“Since Allison is your friend, why don’t you invite her to the p@rty? ”
What? Can someone tell me this is not actually happening? How would I ask her to a p@rty when she clearly show she doesn’t like my mere existence. By the way, I love her name though.
I saw Allison hand over a shopping bag to mom and she said.
“You can go and try it on while I talk with your son”
“Okay dear. I’d try it on now” my mom said and she left the room.
We’re almost throu-gh with Mrs Smith’s dresses and my arm is completely healed so I’ve been working on Mrs Cooper’s dresses. I have intention of taking it to her today after work.
I drove to the coopers mansion. The security guards called Mrs cooper before they let me in. I was asked to wait for her in the living room. I was waiting for her when someone c@m£ in. I look up thinking it was Mrs cooper when I saw the guy from the club coming into the room. He was casually dressed and he had headphones on. What the hell is he doing here? Why am I seeing him everywhere?
“Hey, are you stalking me now or what? ” I asked him.
“What are you talking about? ” he asked me.
“I mean what are you doing here?” I asked
“This is my house”. He said. I was about to reply him when I heard
“I didn’t know you guys are acquainted” Mrs Cooper said. Now that I’m looking at her properly, the guy resemble her so she must be his mother.
I wanted to talk but she continued
“Since Allison is your friend why don’t you invite her to the p@rty”
Huh😒 what p@rty?
I hand over the bag containing the dresses to Mrs Cooper and I said “you can go and try it on while I talk with your son”
“Okay dear. I’d try it on now”. Mrs Cooper said as she left the room.
I turned to him and asked “what p@rty is your mom talking about? ”
“It’s the company’s anniversary. It’s now 25 years since it was founded” he explained.
“Okay, so many people are going to attend, right?” I asked him.
“Not really, just some few friends and colleagues” he said. I can’t believe I’m having a conversation with him.
“What is your name? I nee-d to know since your mom as-sumed we are friends”
“I am Bryan Cooper” he said.
We l@psed into silence because there was nothing to talk about again.
I sighed in relief when Mrs cooper re entered the room.
“The dresses are perfect, Allison. Thanks so much. I really love them” Mrs Cooper said
“You are welcome ma” I replied her.
“Let me leave you and Bryan to your discussion” she said and left the room.
I turned to Bryan “I forgot to ask, where and when is the p@rty?” I asked.
“Next week Friday and it’s taking place here” he told me.
“Okay. Goodbye” I said as I stood up to leave.
“Good bye and see you next week” he said.
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