Damaged – Episode 1

Theme: Where the hell is the b***h?
Allison’s POV
Ally’s couture
“Make sure you deliver these dresses to my penthouse before Sunday” Mrs Robert said. She’s one of our best customer and she’s one of the riche-st women in the state.
Forgive my manners, I’m Allison Scott, a seamstress and an orphan. I’m the owner of Allys couture.
“Yes, ma’am” I replied her. “See you on Sunday dear” she added before walking out of the shop with her b©dyguards.
“I’d be leaving the shop now. Make sure you lock up by 7pm. I said to Grace and Sandra my employees.
I went to the garage to drive home but my car wasn’t starting. OMG, what kind of trouble is this? I really nee-d to get home early to cook for Richie. Don’t look at me like that🤨, well I live with my b©yfri£ndRicha-rd Stone. He’s the CEO of Richie stone ventures.
Back to the matter at hand, how do I get home now? I went to the roadside to see if I could get a taxi. After waiting for almost an hour I finally board a taxi but unfortunately the taxi broke down in the middle of the road so I was left with no choice than to wait for the taxi driver to fix the vehicle so we could continue the journey. I knew by the time I get home Richie would definitely be very mad at me.
Richa-rd ’s POV
Richie stone’s mansion🏚️🏡, 8:30pm.
“Where the hell is this stupid b***h?” I fumed as I paced up and down my living room. I’ve been at home for two frigging hours and yet she ain’t back. She was so gonna get it from me today. I’ve even tried calling her but she wasn’t picking up.
Just when I was about to leave for the club I saw a strange car dropping her at the gate. So she now have the guts to even bring her fu-ck buddies home. I went back inside to await her.
“Good evening Richie” she said. “Stuff that greeting back in your throat” I rushed to her and sl@pped her in quic-k succession.
” where are you coming from, and who was the bloke who just dropped you? ” I asked as I continued beating hell out of her.
I re-moved my belt from my trou-ser and wh!pped her till she fainted.
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