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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Daddy’s girl Episode 5 & 6

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 5

By: Faith lucky




Chloe’s pov:

I couldn’t take my eyes off the strange man that saved me as he drove through the dark streets.

He fixed his eyes on the road not even sparing me a glance for one second.

I felt relieved though.

He’s one of the few men that don’t spend each second staring at my chest or behind.

That safe aura crawled in. I don’t know why but I felt safe and secured with him.

Soon, the car stopped infront of a house and he got down. I looked around the compound before opening the door and stepping down too.

Kian inserted his hands in his pockets as he walked ahead of me.

I didn’t need someone to tell me to follow him.

I stuttered behind him.

We arrived at the door and it opened on it’s own.

I batted my lashes like I was going blind. I wondered if he’s a magician but calmed myself when I saw a chubby lady behind the door.

She looked like she was in her late 40’s. She smiled as we moved into the living room.

“Good evening sir” the lady greeted and Kian nodded as he dropped a bunch of keys on the table.

He began walking to the stairs. I looked back at the lady and she quickly looked away immediately our eyes locked.


scurried off.

She must be the maid.

I looked around the house.

So small.

“C’mon on” Kian said and I turned to him.

He was no longer wearing the mask and am able to see his face.


He looked dangerously handsome and I admired his fair smooth skin.

How can a guy be this cute?

I followed him up the stairs.

We got to a door and he opened it.

“You can stay here for the night. Hope you like it?” He jibed and I nodded.

“Its okay” I mumbled.

“Um..I also want to thank you for saving me back there. I’m extremely grateful” I said and his pink short lips curved into a smile.

“My pleasure. Take your bath and wear something. The maid will get you something to eat” he jibed and I felt my tummy react at the mention of food.

Am quite hungry though.

He looked around the room before leaving.

I focused on him as he walked out completely and I could no longer see his back.

I shut the door and turned to the room taking a deep sigh.

What a crazy day? First, I broke up with Brandon – my once perfect boyfriend. Then I almost get raped by thugs and now am in a strangers home.

The room was half the size of my bedroom back at home.

I walked to the bathroom and took a look at it. Luckily, it wasn’t so bad.


I returned to the room after having a cold bath. I was wrapped in a white clean towel I saw at the bathroom.

I headed for the wardrobe.

Male wears???

I cringed

a little.

Today’s so the worst day of my life.

I took a top and shorts and put it on.

I stood before a mirror fixing my hair.

I glanced at my bo**s at the mirror. They were still pointy through the over sized shirt.

I sighed.

Why can’t men leave me in piece cause of my booming figure?

It’s starting to become a burden.

Brandon’s actions today scared the hell out of me. I never thought he’d be so desperate to have me in bed.

And here I thought he was looking out for me and wouldn’t want to hurt me in anyway.

I scoffed as I noticed someone had been knocking at the door.

I walked to the door and opened it. The lady from before was standing before me with a tray in her hands.

She walked in and I joined her sitting on the bed.

“Thank you” I said as she dropped the tray on the bed.

She just nodded and left the room.


Why is she acting so strange and weird??

Back at my house, I barely talk to the servants cause am the center of attraction but the old crook here is just too cold.

I waved off the thoughts as I took a spoon and uncovered the plates.



Kian’s pov:

I stood up from the living room couch already drunk with Vodka.

I walked up the stairs and I met my maid carrying a tray out from her room.

She’s done eating…good.

I could barely control myself as I watched her bath through the cameras I placed around the house.

She’s so curvy. Her backside changed my mind and I want her now.

She has to comply cause there’s no way am letting her slip off my fingers.

I won’t loose the whole money in the Sinner’s account. More than Trillion dollars are stacked up there.

And besides, I am going to be the one to get her pregnant.

I found myself infront of her door.

I took a deep breath before knocking.



Episode 6


Kian’s pov:

I waited but didn’t get a reply. I pushed the door forward a little and walked into the room. The lights weren’t on and she was on the bed with her eyes closed.

I could see her sleeping figure as the moonlight shone into the room.

My stomach tightened as my eyes dropped on her bo**bs.

She wasn’t putting a bra on but they were still damn visible and pointed out as she slept on her side.

I clenched my fist.

She’s asleep.

I can’t do it with her sleeping.

I rubbed my forehead feeling pissed.

I can just wake her up and get on top of her. No explanation.

Some beast in me seemed to calm down disagreeing with my idea to rape her.

I won’t enjoy it when she’s cussing and crying like a wounded animal.

I rolled my eyes before leaving the room. I’ll surely get her. It’s just a matter of time.





Chloe’s pov:

I rubbed my eyes as I sat up on the bed.


Damn uncomfortable!..

I’ve never slept in such a low poor quality bed. I yawned before climbing down the death lock.

I walked to the bathroom and eased myself. I concluded I wasn’t going to bath in this filthy bathroom again. The white isn’t really white and I fear I might get an infection.

I walked into the room and flinched on seeing him at the door.

Good lord!

“Didn’t mean to scare you” he admitted putting his hands in his pockets.

I sighed as I dropped my two hands on my chest.

“Good morning” I said looking at the floor.

I just couldn’t maintain an eye contact with his beautiful blue eyes.

I wouldn’t want to be caught drooling.

Chloe Seth should not be too vulnerable.

I can get any guy I want.

Am fortunate enough but right now, I just want to be in the comfort of my bedroom since I didn’t sleep well last night.

“I’ll be taking you to your family right now. Are you going to have breakfast before going?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.

He didn’t say anything as his eyes pierced into mine.

I quickly looked around my school bag and found it on the floor.

I clicked my tongue. I got the bag from Brazil. One of the best collection in the country.

Kian gave way for me to pass and I walked past him feeling uncomfortable in case he’s staring at my huge ass.

My cheeks turned red at the crazy thought.

We walked down the stairs together before he stopped me and handed me a nose mask.

“Wear it” he growled walking past me.

I rolled my eyes. This is ridiculous.

I put the mask on and followed him out of the house.

Dad must freak out when he sees me in a big shirt and boy shorts with no bra.

I chuckled.

He’s such a drama king.



I dropped my head on my palms just staring out the boring view on the road.

It’s probably boring cause it’s still early in the morning. I raised my head up when I realized this wasn’t the route to my father’s mansion.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked Kian as he drove fast and straight like an expert.

“The mall to get you off those clothes” he replied and I sighed.

I should have known.

We got to the mall and he helped me get some clothes. They were poor quality and not up to my standards but I just had to manage them.

I finally settled with a white dress that had an awesome design but just too fit and my hips were exposed.

I turned to catch Kian staring at me.

I cringed a little feeling bashful.

“The dress is perfect. Let’s go” he hushed and I nodded.

He paid for the clothes and we left the mall.

We got into the car and I took my bag. He began driving and I brought out my phone.

A missed call from dad.

I sighed.

I went through my contacts and stopped the moment I saw a saved number…Kian.

He saved his number in my phone.


How did he do it?

My phone had a password, fingerprint sensor and a facelock too.


He must be a con artist.




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