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June 18, 2021


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Daddy’s girl Episode 48 to 50

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Daddy’s Girl

( Getting Her Pregnant. )

Episode 48




(Three years ago)

Chloe’s POV

I ran to him and hugged him. We were both happy to see each other again after a long holiday.

I had hoped and long for resumption so I can get to see my boyfriend.

“I miss you Chloe.” He said with a shy smile as he placed his soft pink lips on my cheek.

I blushed. “I’ve missed you too.”

“I need to take you somewhere today, somewhere special.”


He nodded in reply. “As soon as you are done in school, give me a call so I can come and pick you.”

“Hum! I can’t wait.” I hugged him for few more seconds after which I walked swiftly to my class.

I have missed him so much. Ever since we vacated the previous term, I had travelled out of the country for an holiday and that has not make me set my eyes on my boyfriend.

I stood beside one of the pillars of the school waiting for him to show up. I had called him and he had told me he’s on his way.

He arrived few minutes later and I hopped inside his car.

“You kept me waiting, I hope you know that?”

“I’m so sorry baby, I was trying not to let my brother know I was coming here. ” he replied.


Talking about your brother, has he changed now?”

He scoffed. “Change? I doubt if he will ever change, ever since we were younger, all he does is to steal, fight and cause trouble. He had said a number of times that he is going to create a gang in the future and steal from rich men. I told you he dropped out of school.”

“Sure, I remembered. ” I sighed. “He’s really a character.” I said and he continued driving.

I’ve never set my eyes on his brother but he has told me a lot about him, how reckless he was living and how he didn’t want my boyfriend to be with any lady. I wonder why?

It’s his life and he can choose what he wants, this is the reason why he had to sneak out of the house to get to me anytime we want to see.

After few minutes of driving, we arrived at a place that looked like an island, the view was beautiful and spectacular.

Before I could even step down to adore the place, I uttered words already; “this place looks so beautiful.”

My boyfriend helped me step down of the car and walked me up the Island to catch a

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better view of it.

“You like what you are seeing?”

“Yes, so beautiful. Thanks for bringing me here.” I said and we took more steps around.

He showed me pleasant surroundings around the place after which we went to sit behind a mountain, there was no one in sight and I was glad

it’s just us.

I feel comfortable too. I hope that one day, I will be able to introduce my boyfriend to my dad.

After discussing randomly like a lover boy and loved girl that we were for few minutes, an image began to form from a distance and in no time, I was surprised at who I saw.

My boyfriend stood up nervously while I stand to my feet too.

“He looks exactly like you, is that your brother?” I asked him.

“Yes, how in the world did he trace me here?” He asked not directing the question to anyone.

“You said he doesn’t like you being with any lady, is there any reason for that? Will he hurt us?” I asked Kaden; my boyfriend as his twin brother approaches.

“I don’t know if he will hurt us, but.. ”

“Let’s run then.” I said nervously but it seems to late as his reckless look-alike brother stood before us.

“Kaden, why are you with a lady, I told you to stay away from ladies ” Kaden’s brother said.

“It’s my life, I have asked you several times why you don’t want me to be with ladies but you don’t give me answers. Please stay off.”

His brother chukled and shot me an annoying look. He brought out a rounded harmer and hit me at my forehead.

I wasn’t expecting that, I fell flat to the floor, I was fast loosing conscioisness but I struggled to open my eyes slightly hoping he doesn’t hurt Kaden too.

“Kian! ” Kaden shouted in pain. “She’s just a girl, you have killed her.”

Kaden angrily looked around and saw a small rock , he went to pick it and hit his brother with it.

Kian fell to the floor while I lay to the floor hoping that death takes its due course over me.

Kaden rushed to me and carried me, shouting my name as he walks…

It was the last thing I remembered.

—End of Flashback–

Jace’s POV

I let my head fell before the dinning table that I was. I was drunk and sad.

“Jace! Jace! You are scaring me, this is not the you’ I know. What is wrong?” I heard Piper asked. She seems to be concerned.

I couldn’t even move my mouth, ever since I heard the rumour that Kian had proposed to Chloe and she said ‘yes’ , I have been unhappy and awful.

I feel miserable right now, so Kian will win all the money?…Chole would have thought Kian loves her and probably wants to have some kind of relationship with her not knowing he’s only playing a bet on her.

Kian! Kian! Are you going to win all the money we have worked for, for years just like that?

Like seriously, you will be the one to insert your d**k inside her tight and probably virgin p**sy first. This is not fair Kian.

You are making me look like a loser.

I heard a knock on my door and I raised my head up sullenly. All this while, Piper was just staring at me.

“Open that door.” I said like a drunk man that I am. Piper obliged and a very handsome man came in.

“Hi, I’m Brandon.” He strecthed his hand but I refuse to receive it.

“Yes Mr. How can I help?”

“Erm…I thought Chloe could be here, so I came to check her.” He said.

“And who are you to her.”

“Her boyfriend.” He replied.

Chloe only told me she had an ex boyfriend not a boyfriend.

“You mean an ex boyfriend? ” I asked to be sure.

“May be, I need to see her. ” He said.

I signalled for Piper to leave and she left. I let the man sit before me.

“You still love, Chloe?” I asked.

“Yes, very well. I regret not creating time for her, I need her back in my life.” He explained.

A smile formed on my lips as an idea formed on my head.

“I can help you.” I said smiling.

“Really, I’ll be grateful. ”

“As I speak with you, there is a friend of mine with her, his name is Kian, she seems to love him and I heard rumour that she accepted his proposal, so we need to act fast.”

I could see an expression of sadness and disappointment on Brandon’s face.

“But Kian never loved her, Kian and I, alongside one of our friends placed a bet on her that the first person to f**k her receives all the money we have worked for all our lives.”

“What! You placed a bet on my girlfriend?” Brandon asked shrieking. He was getting furious.

“Point of correction, your ex girlfriend. ” I corrected sarcastically and he looked away angrily.

“I caused all this, I should not have been too busy not to have her time.”I heard him mutter to himself.

I grinned. ” calm down, will you? …have your sit.” He sat back after few seconds of hesitation.

I brought out my phone and dialed Chloe’s mobile number.

“Tell Chloe yourself that Kian never loved her, that he placed a bet on her, also tell her that, Kian is the head of those that those have been terrorizing her father’s business. Ask her if ‘Sinners gang sounds’ familiar.”


Episode 49


Kaden’s POV

I was alone in my room, my head was buried in sadness as I thought about my past.

I was Chloe’s first love, we were younger and naive, we both loved each other with passion before Kian spoilt our relationship.

After he hit Chloe on the head that day, I rushed her to the hospital, all this while, her eyes were firmly closed and I was so scared and prayed that nothing bad will happen to her.

Chloe’s father was informed about the predicament of his daughter and he sped over in a matter of minutes.

“What happened to my daughter? What did you to her?” Those were his loud and clear questions that horrible day.

Without even listening to what happened, he ordered that I be arrested. He also threatened me that the next time he sees me with his daughter, he is going to personally kill me.

Saddening! How can I ever forget my first love?

I spent six months in cell for committing no crime, only that I love Adam Seth’s daughter.

By the time I was freed, I get to know that Chloe is now doing fine but..

She’s engaged with another man, get to find out later that the nan was Brandon.

It hurts me so bad that I felt like committing suicide, this is someone that I had spent six months in cell for.

She doesn’t even care to search for me , she doesn’t even care to bail me. She just forgot me in cell and move on with her life.

Sad enough, she is beginning to date another man in just a space of six months.

Instead of hating her for what she did, I began to hate myself. I feel inferior and dejected always.

The one woman I had loved does not even care to find me. Maybe, ladies are that way.

Kian got healed through one way or the other, he never told me till date. All I know is that, after I was released from cell and went to our house.

He stood against me and angrily fought me, we fought each other and parted ways since then.

The next time of meeting with him was at Adam Seth’s party where I carried on the work that Jace pleaded for me to do.

I felt like tearing myself up that day when I saw Chloe. At first, when Chloe looked at me where I sat, I was frightened and nervous that she may identify me.

Although my brother and I are identical, one could still notice some slight differences.

To my surprise, she never even acted like we had a past together. I get to know on that day that she’s got a chemistry going on with my own brother.

The Same Kian that hit her on her head and spoilt our relationship is the same Kian now in some sort of relationship with her.

It hurts me so bad anytime I think about it but I always let it go.

I doubt it if I can ever forget my first Love. Maybe Chloe is ignoring me intentionally, who knows? But I never hurt her…no no! I didn’t.

It’s fine if my brother have her, after all, he donated his kidney to me when I was almost dying, that’s the least I could do for him.

Chloe may have forgotten me as her first love but I will always keep at her my heart till I die.


Episode 50


Chloe’s POV

Kian’s face looked so beautiful as usual, I can’t wait for his pink lips to land on mine. I’m really nervous cause it’s my first time making Love.

Kian pulled off his clothes and I could see his bare chest, they were a bit hairy and sexy, his scent covered my nostrils and I shot him an alluring smile.

He helped me pull off my top and I was left with my underwear. I feel safe and comfortable around him and I can’t wait for him to make love with me.

“Are you scared?” He asked as he laid on me. I shook my head. At that point, even if I try to speak, I wouldn’t. I was engrossed. It was my first time and I feel so elated and emotionally volatile.

Just as his hand landed on my waist to pull off my underwear, I felt odd. I felt strange. It was like I had been in this same position with him before.

It felt like we have made love before. Am I just hallucinating? I was feeling so disturbed.

I held him with his hand still on my waist, he was looking into my face trying to discern what was wrong with me.

“Thought you said you wanted us to make Love?” He asked softly like a gentleman. His alluring voice swept across my soul again and I just felt like shouting ; ‘go ahead…go ahead please.’

Unfortunately, I can’t.

“Kian! …” I called and he just starred into my face. His face says it all that he’s responsive.

“Have we made love before?”

His face dropped and he took his hands off my waist, he sat beside me and darted his face away before setting it back on my face.

“Chloe! This is our first time…and we are yet to even commence anything.” He replied seemingly confused.

“We have slept together, several times right?” I asked.

“Sure, Chloe, is anything the matter?”

“Did you try to make love with me when I was asleep? Maybe I actually slept off and you made love with me?” I asked.

“Chloe!” He yelled and calmed. He breathed in and after few seconds, he spoke up. “No! Of course not, why would I do such a thing.”

“You are lying, I felt like I’ve made love with you before, I felt like you have climbed me and made love with me before.” I said and my head began to ache.

I sat upright and buried my head in my palm. What’s going on with me? What kind of feeling is this?

Am I even a virgin?

“Chloe!” Kian called but I refuse to raise my head.

“Chloe!” He called affectionately but I refused to raise my head still.

“Chloe!” His voice was comforting as he uttered my name the third time.

I raised my head up and looked up to him, tears had swollen up in my eyes and I just let it fell.

Kian hugged me as I sobbed

“Kian, I did not understand what is going on with me.”I said as I cried.

He sighed. ” I’m here with you baby, if you are not ready yet, it’s fine by me. I love you.” Kian said soothingly.

My phone began to ring but I didn’t have any verve to pick it, I was feeling odd. I simply laid my head on Kian’s shoulder.

Jace’s POV

“She didn’t pick up.” Brandon said.

“Oh! Try it again.” I said and Brandon dialed Chloe’s mobile number again but she didn’t pick.

I banged my wrist on the table and cussed underneath my breathe.

“You told me to ask Chloe if Sinners gang sounds familiar, what does that mean?” Brandon asked.

“Forget it!” I said and stood. “Chloe is not here , you can leave now. ”

Brandon exhaled lightly and stood. “If it is true that you guys placed a bet on my girlfriend, you will have yourself to blame.” He threatened and I scoffed.

If only he knows who we are.

I drove inside Adam Seth’s compound and went straight to see him.

“Mr Jace, it’s been a few days I set my eyes on you.” He said as he gestured for me to sit

“True sir, I’ve been waiting for Chloe to fully recuperate so I can continue taking her , her lessons.”

“Oh! That’s wise of you.” He said.

“Is she back now?” I asked.

“Yes, but she barely stays at home, I’m sure her bodyguard will always keep her safe. I trust that man.” He said, referring to Kian.

What an irony of life, if only he knows what Kian had done to his business.

“I think both of them are into some sort of relationship , sir. They might have even been making love.” I said.

“What! I employed him to protect my daughter not to have s*x with her, what sort of disrespect is this…I’ll be firing him right away, but…getting a trusted bodyguard for my daughter is the issue now. ”

“Don’t worry about that sir, I’m not just intelligent upstairs, I can also protect her…you won’t mind employing me as her new bodguard?”

“Oh! You looked so gentle…I hope you will be able to protect my daughter?”

“Trust me, sir.” I said and the man nodded.

“Consider it done, then.” Adam Seth said to my surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to be so smooth, I was thinking he would press further to ask how I knew, how he can confirm it and stuffs.

Wow! Me being the bodguard of Chloe will definitely give me more access to her. Either she likes it or not, I must f**k her and make her pregnant so I can cart away all the money in the sinners gang.

Kian’s POV

I was at the bathroom sitting on the bathtub, my heart was heavy.

All this while, I have hated women, I didn’t want my brother to have anything to do with them neither.

I ruined the wonderful relationship between Chloe and my brother. I regret that the same Chloe I hit on the head is thee one I’m getting attracted to.

I think I really love her, though I can’t tell what it means to fall in love yet. I’ve never fallen in love, I just f**k ladies and go about my everyday life.

I know Kaden will not tell on me, not after I donated my kidney to him.

But what if all hell breaks loose and Chloe gets to find out I’m the head of the sinners gang; a secrete organization that has been terrorizing rich people’s business and her father’s business in particular?

How will Chloe feel when she finds out that I had once hurt her in the past and ruined her beautiful love life with my brother?

But I seem to be in deep love with Chloe, this has really never happened to me before but I fear for what may become of me if all these secretes get leaked.

I can’t imagine Chloe getting to know that I placed a bet on her and I was only trying to win the bet by haveeing s*x with her, will she even believe that I Love her that way!

Or should I just tell her the whole truth? How will she take it?




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