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Daddy’s girl Episode 45 to 47

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 45

By: Faith Lucky




Chloe’s pov:

Dad’s jaw dropping as soon as I asked that question.

I mean, I’ve heard about bone marrow transplant and how risky it is. It can lead to death.

The person can die in the process.

“I’m scared dad, I don’t want to die.” I cried out.

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“You won’t die okay? You’re a strong girl and I know you’ll make it through. You’re gonna survive and come out alive Chloe. I know you will.” Dad said. He stood up and held my hands in his.

“But dad, I’m still scared. Is there not another way out?” I asked and sniffed in.

“You just have to be positive Chloe and everything would be fine.

You’re gonna pull through Chloe, I trust you.” Dad said and hugged me.

He kissed my hair while I wrapped my arms around him and sobbed.

Dad gave me assurance but I was still scared.

After watching the comedy show which I wasn’t interested on again, i went up to my room to cry my eyes out.



I became sad and had thanatophobia just like when I had the news of I having sickle cell anemia.

I haven’t really gotten over the news about me being a sickle cell disease carrier and now, I’m gonna deal with the fact that I’m gonna be having a bone marrow transplant which is very risky.

Oh God!

Why did my once perfect life take a drastic turn?

Why did I have to have such a disease?

I’ve been taking drugs I knew nothing about ever since I was growing up. And now, I just got to realize that it’s because of the sickness I have.

Oh God!

When am I gonna be fine?

Will I even be ever fine again?

Different questions filled my head and there was no one to answer them.



Ivy’s pov:

Kyle and I have suddenly become close this past few weeks. We hang out together and he helps me with my assignments.

At a time, he even took me shopping and bought me lots of new clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries.

He took me to a beauty salon and my hair was done nicely.

I also had manicure and pedicure done.


I was totally transformed and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stared at a different person on the mirror.

Kyle too was surprised and I could tell he was happy with my new transformation.

But I had to hide the stuff’s he bought for me away from my guardians so they wouldn’t see it and destroy it.

I’ve really come to like Kyle and his never boring company.

I wish to be with him every single time.



Jace pov:

I couldn’t be more angry to see that Kian is really winning the bet already.

And I know that very soon, he’d f*ck Chloe. And that s*its hurts like hell.

It hurts real bad.

I’ve gone out of ideas and plans on how to ruin Kian and Chloe’s close relationship but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

I’ll never give up!


Chloe’s mine and I’ll have her!

Not as if I care so much about getting all the money in the sinners account but what I care so much is shoving my d*ck inside her tight v*gina and have my seeds inside of her.

I want to f*ck her real bad and she wouldn’t help but scream my name in bed.

I want to fill her with my c*m and seeds.

I want to f*ck her senselessly till she begs me to stop.

I want to fill her with pleasure.

If I have to do it the hard way then I will.

I can’t wait any longer.

I’m running out of patience and if I have to get her the hard way, then I will, as long as I’ll f*ck her real bad and get her pregnant.


Episode 46


Chloe’s pov:

After our semester’s exam, we were given an holiday.

In a few months time, I’ll be graduating from the University.

Oh my!

I’m so damn happy.

I’ll finally be a graduate.

Wow! I really can’t wait.


I danced happily for no reason and as I climbed down the stairs, I hummed happily.

Kian stood in front of the stairs and stared curiously at me.

I don’t know but I’m just happy.

Oops! That’s because Kian would be taking me to a fun place again today.

Jeez! Kian and I have been going out and spending time with each other during this holiday.

I’ve come to like Kian so very much but I’m afraid that the like is becoming something else.

The feelings I’m having towards him is turning into something big.

But I can’t even stop feeling.

As I got to the second to last staircase, I twisted my leg and before Kian could catch me, I already landed hard on the floor.

My head was spinning and everywhere was blurry. I heard kian’s worried voice before I finally passed out.



“Hey princess.” Dad cooed softly and stroked my hand softly.

“Dad? Am I in the hospital?” I asked as I stared weakly at him.

“Yes, you are.” He answered sadly.

I nodded my head and took my gaze to stare around.

Truly, I was in the hospital.

Tears trickled down my cheeks while I sniffed in dejectedly.

“Dad? What’s your gentotype?” I asked and wiped my tears.

“AS.” Dad answered.

“And mom?” I asked.

“AS too.”

“Then, why did you two produce me?” I asked and sat on top of the hospital bed and stared keenly at him.

“Your mother was a very beautiful and nice woman. She was the most humble and kindest woman I’ve ever met.

When we were still in a relationship, your mother was always falling sick.

And one day, I got to finally know that she had an AS as a gentotype.

I was heartbroken because I was also AS but I really loved your mother and I didn’t want to loose her.

And so, I ignored the fact that we were both AS. She didn’t know because I was strong and I wasn’t always falling sick like the way she does.

We got married and we had you. But then, she finally knew my genotype and she was sad.

But it was too late because she was already pregnant.

But she eventually died when you were barely six months old.

I was so hurt and devastated.

As you grew up, I finally got to know that you had sickle cell disease because of my selfishness.

And drugs were given to you to help you. And that’s why you’ve been taking drugs since you were little.” Dad explained and a tear slipped down his cheek.

“I’m really sorry Chloe, I’m really sorry for making you go through all these.

I’m sorry for being so inconsiderate and selfish.” Dad muttered sadly.

“It’s okay dad. I perfectly understand. You were in love and you were afraid to loose her.” I cooed softly and wiped his tear away.

“Dad?” I called.


“I want to do the bone marrow transplant. Tell the doctor I’m ready.” I said with all seriousness.

Dad looked at me shockingly.

“Are you sure you really want to do this Chloe?” He asked.

I nodded my head and held his hand in mine.

“I’m sure dad. I really want to do it.

I’m going to fight my way through.” I said assuringly.

“Thank you so much princess.” Dad smiled and hugged me.



Kian’s pov:

Chloe’s transplant would be done in India and before she left, I was always by her side, encouraging her.

But she surprised me by begging me to accompany her to India and I agreed.

Her father didn’t object as long as it’d make her happy.



We stayed in one of Mr Seth’s mansion in India until everything’s ready for the operation.

I made sure Chloe didn’t feel depressed or sad as I made sure she had fun.

We talked a lot and I gave her soothing words.

Finally, Chloe was to go inside the operation room and she looked so scared.

Her father encouraged her while I hugged her and kissed her forehead.

She stopped crying and wiped her tears.

Before she turned around to leave, she stood on her toes and surprised me by giving me a quick kiss on my lips.

Before I could even say a word, she already left.

I was really so shocked and surprised and I absent-mindedly rubbed my lips.

Her lips felt so soft on mine.


But why did she kiss me?


I’ve got no idea.



After two hours of waiting endlessly, Mr Seth was finally called by the doctor to have a word with him.

I begged Mr Seth so I could come with him and he agreed.

We followed the doctor along the hallway until we got to an office.

He opened the door and gestured for us to go in.

I stood beside Mr Seth who sat down.

“Doctor how’s my daughter? Is she okay? What’s the operation successful?” Mr Seth questioned worriedly.

“Calm down Mr Seth.” The doctor said, with his face holding no emotion.

Is Chloe okay?

Why isn’t he even smiling a bit like what doctor’s do when there’s a good news.

But I hope there’s good news.

“Mr Seth, I want you to get your mind and heart ready for whatever news you’re gonna hear.

You have to prepare your heart and mind to be able to hear the news.

You’ve got to prepare yourself.” The doctor said calmly.

And with those words said, my fears increased.

The something bad happen to Chloe?

“I’m ready doctor. Just say whatever you want.” Mr Seth said but I could tell he was scared by the way he sounded.

“Well, your daughter…”


Episode 47


Kian’s pov:

“Well, your daughter…” The doctor paused and sighed.

“Well, your daughter made it out alive. The transplant was successful.” The doctor said and smiled.

I released the breathed I didn’t know I was holding and held my chest.

“Oh my God!” Mr Seth exclaimed happily.

“I’m so happy. Oh God! My baby is fine.” Mr Seth said happily and shook hands with the doctor.

“Thank you so much doc.” He added as they both withdrew their hands.

“You welcome Mr Seth. It’s my job you know. But anyways, congratulations on your daughter’s recovery.” The doctor smiled.

I felt so elated that I felt like screaming out in joy.

“Can we see her now?” Mr Seth asked.

“No, She’s still unconscious but she’d be awake by tomorrow and only then would you be able to see her.

For now, she needs to rest and so are you.” The doctor informed us.

“Okay doc, thank you.”



“Hey, how are you feeling?” I asked Chloe.

She was still lying on the bed and she looked ashen.

She had large bandages over her hips.

“I’m fine.” She smiled lightly.

“I knew you were gonna make it out alive.

You’re a fighter and I knew you wouldn’t just give up like that.” I smiled and kissed the back of her palm.

“Thank you for believing and having faith in me.” She sighed and winced a little.

“Are you okay?” I panicked.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just felt a slight pain.

But don’t worry, I’m fine.” She laughed lightly.

“Are you sure? If you are feeling any pain you can tell me.” I insisted.

“I’m fine.” She replied lowly.



I kept Chloe company.

We talked and I made jokes that I knew were lame but Chloe still laughed — light laughs though.

She looked ashen but I’m sure by the time she’s fully recovered, she’ll be fine and brighter.

I missed the lively Chloe and not the bedridden Chloe who will smile and laugh lightly occasionally.

I really hope she’d be fine very soon.



Ivy’s pov:

I smiled shyly as Kyle’s hand rested on my thigh.

We were both on our way — to only where Kyle knows.

In the weeks that followed, Kyle and I have become so close to each other and I find my feelings for him deepening.

I love Kyle and I can’t deny the feelings. Only his touch make me feel things I haven’t felt before.

But I don’t know if he feels the same way towards me.

I really do love me and I’ll be grateful if he feels the same way for me and tells me.

I’m really eager and patient for that day, because I know that, that day would eventually come – the day he’d profess his love for me.

I placed my hands on his on my thigh and looked outside the car window.

I don’t want him to see my probably rosy red cheeks.

He doesn’t know what just only his gaze and touch do to me.

My face heat up and I don’t need anyone to tell me that my face is flushed and red like a tomato.



Chloe’s pov:

It’s been a month since I got back from the hospital and I’m completely okay.

The bandage has already been removed but I’m still taking my medications.

I’m perfectly fine now and I haven’t felt sick since the operation.

I haven’t felt dizzy or even pass out, I’m completely okay.

Dad had thrown a party to celebrate my good health and successful transplant.

It wasn’t a very big party because I asked him not too make it too big.

Surprised right? I like big and elaborate parties but I didn’t feel like having one for my recovery party – what matters to me is that, I’m hale and hearty.

There’s nothing more I could have wished for.

I feel so happy and strong.



“Where are we going this time around Kian?” I pouted childishly as I stared at Kian as he drove us to only him knows where.

“Chill babe. I told you it’s a surprise.” He rolled his eyes dramatically.

My face heat up and I know it would have turned red like a tomato.

Did he just call me babe?

Oh my!

Kian and I are super close already and I don’t take him as my bodyguard.

He’s a sweet and caring guy and I like him a lot.

He compliments me all the time and takes me out to have fun.

I don’t know if Kian likes me just the way I like him, but one things is sure, he doesn’t look at me like I’m the little girl he’s to protect.

There’s always this look on his eyes anytime he stares at me– it is filled with tenderness and what I can’t really explain.

I still haven’t really fathomed the look on his eyes he gives me but I think I like it.

He’s protective of me and there’s no dull moment with him.

Always cracking lame jokes but we’ll both end up laughing out.

I really do enjoy his company all the time.



“Just give me a little hint Kian, please? I’m dying of curiosity.

It’s as if we’re no longer in the city but at the countryside.” I pouted and touched his hand.

“Why are you so persistent?” He asked.

“I guess because I’m afraid that you’ll kidnap me.” I joked.

“Really? Then you guess right. I’m kidnapping you and selling you out.” He winked at me.

“What?” I gasped and hit him lightly on his shoulder.

He chuckled and winced playfully.

“I’m gonna give you the silent treatment.” I threatened but I knew I was just being childish.

I can’t stay without talking to Kian and he knows that.

“You and I know that’s not possible. You’re just bluffing.” He laughed and winked at me.

I folded my arms under my boobs and feigned anger.

I frowned and turned to look outside the car window.

“You look cute when you’re angry.” He teased and I’m forced to laugh and smile at him.

He ruffled my hair playfully and concentrated on the road.



Kian’s pov:

I knew at first that I just wanted to f*ck and impregnate Chloe because of a stupid bet but now, I regret ever making such a stupid bet.

For the weeks that Chloe and I have become rather too close, I’ve come to like her so much.

It’s more than like and just few days ago, I got to know that I f*cking do love her!

That wasn’t part of the bet!

I love her and my concience is pricking me because I don’t know how she’ll feel when she knows I placed a bet on her.

That everything I did in the beginning was part of the bet to get her on my bed.

She’ll be so pained and disappointed and that’s the last thing I’ll want– to make her cry.

I know she feels the same way and she’s waiting for me to make the first move.

I love her and I want her too.

I want her not because of the bet or to satisfy my sexual urge, but because of what I feel for her.

I’m ready to make her mine.

I’m ready to keep her for myself.

And as I think about it, I think it’s time I stop this my illegal job and start something better.

I want to be a better man for her.

A man that deserves someone like her.

And I’m ready to do anything just to win her completely.

But I don’t think I’ll tell her about the bet. I don’t want her to leave me and feel sad.



I stared intently at Chloe as she scopped a reasonable amount of ice cream in her mouth.

She licked her lips and smiled.

Her gaze was still focused on her ice cream and she didn’t know I’ve been staring at her.


She looked dazzling tonight and I can’t take my eyes off her.

Her appearance stole my breath away and I’m literally drooling over her.

“Kian? Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?” She asked, as her head snapped at me.


I can’t believe she caught me staring at her.

“No. You just looking really gorgeous tonight and I can’t keep staring at you.” I smiled lightly at her.

She blush fierily and her face is as red as a tomato.

She tucked in a loose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled shyly at me.

She looks cute when she’s shy.

“Thank you.” She mouthed shyly.


I think this is the right time!

I’ve got to do this!

Kian you can do this! I assured myself.

I breathed in and out. I took Chloe’s hands from the table and rubbed it gently.

She dropped her spoon and stared intently at me.

“Chloe?”I called tenderly.

“Huh?” She asked shyly, trying to avoid my burning gaze on her.

“C’mon, don’t be shy. Look at me.” I cooed softly.

She bit her lips and looked at me.

“Chloe, I’m not a man of many words and I don’t know how to say sweet words too.” I started, looking so serious with our gazes still locked.

“I don’t know when it started Chloe but I love you.

At first, I tried to make the feelings go, but it didn’t.

I didn’t want to believe that I suddenly fell in love with you. I thought it was a mere infatuation and the feelings would die, but it didn’t.

And recently, I got to know that I’ve fallen deeply in love with you.

I love you Chloe Seth and I’m asking you to by mine.” I rounded off my short love confession.

She looked taken aback as she stared at me.

Then, tears rolled down her cheeks and I’m left surprised and speechless.

Why’s she crying?

Did I say something bad?

“Oh Kian! I’ve waited for this day! I love you too!” She enthused and hugged me tightly, forgetting the few persons in the ice cream shop.

I released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist.

I thought I had said something bad.

We both pulled away from the hug and smiled at each other.

She wiped her tears and laughed.

“Don’t mind me. I’m just feeling emotional.” She smiled and wiped the tears completely.

I nodded my head in understanding.

“So, Chloe Seth, will you be my girlfriend?” I asked sweetly.

“Yes! Yes, Kian!” She exclaimed happily.

I smiled happily and kissed the back of her palm.

I moved closer to her over the table and she also moved closer to me.

She closed her eyes and brought her lips closer to mine.

I chuckled before taking her soft lips on mine.

What I’ve been dying to do!



Chloe’s pov:

Kian has been the sweetest boyfriend and I couldn’t be more happy to have him as my boyfriend.

For the past few days, we kiss a lot and hand out a lot too.

I’m really so damn happy!

Kian has made moves to make love to me, but I had backed out.

I’m not ready for that yet.

But I know that sooner or later, I’ll surely give it to him.



“I missed this penthouse and the rooms here Kian! I can’t even remember the last time I was here.” I giggled as I laid on kian’s bed.

We were at his penthouse and I planned on spending the night with him.

It’s weekend and I can’t find any way to spend the weekend but with my boyfriend, having fun.

Kian laughed and laid on the bed too.

Kian and I played video games and Chess, we ate pizza and burger with coke.

We swam in his swimming pool and had fun.

We played around like children and I really enjoyed my time with him.



Hairs stood up on my skin as I felt a presence behind me.

Goosebumps broke out from my skin as kian’s arms wrapped around my body.

I smiled lightly and packed my hair in a messy bun.

It was night already and I just finished getting ready to sleep.

Kian decided we sleep together in his room and I didn’t object.

We’ve done it before even before we became a couple.

Kian kissed my earlobe and held me tighter.

My heart pounded hard against my chest and I suddenly felt hot despite the air conditioner that was on.

“You look gorgeous tonight babe.” He breathed on my neck and fondled with my boobs from my negligee.

My breath hitched and I feel goosebumps on my skin.

He turned me around to face him and my boobs was pressed against his chest.

He was wearing just a white shirt and a brief.

His hair was damp and he looked like he just got out from shower.

He touched my hair and loosened my bun, making my hair fall down my shoulders.

He touched my cheeks and kissed me lightly on my lips.

My heart was beating really hard already.

“Chloe?” He called tenderly and his gaze stared into my soul.

“Huh?” I asked lowly.

“I want you Chloe, so badly.” He groaned and kissed my neck. I shuddered and took in a deep breath.

“Are you ready? Do you want us to have s*x?” He asked calmly, like his fighting his sexual urge.

I nodded my head and gulped down nothing.

I felt so nervous.

“Say you want me too Chloe.” He said and kissed my cheeks.

“I want you too Kian.”



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