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July 30, 2021


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Daddy’s girl Episode 3 & 4

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 3

By: Faith lucky



Kian’s pov:

I stared at her and kept replaying the video.

Such beauty…

“Oh…forget it Kian. You’ll never get under her skirt. She’s Chloe Seth. The daughter of that wealthy b*stard” Jace blurted hitting his hand on the table.

“Are you doubting my hunting skills?” I grinned and Kyle chuckled.

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“Since you doubt me, let’s have a bet. The person that succeeds in laying the rich brat and getting her heavily pregnant, gets all the money in the Sinners Account” I said rubbing my finger.

Their jaws dropped and I smirked.

“All the money?” Kyle asked squinting his eyes.

“All the cash” I replied and stood up to my feet.

“Wow!” Jace exclaimed.

“Am so in” Kyle said.

“May the best flirt win” I said and played the video again.



Chloe’s pov:

Lectures were over and I left the classroom with my friends.

“Should we come over later?” Ciara asked as we approached my car.

I shook my head.

“Maybe another time, I have things to do. Bye girls” I said and the driver opened the door.

I went into the car and dropped my belongings. I sighed and sank into the seat.

Why do I feel so moody all of a sudden?

The driver got into the car and put on his seat belt.

“Driver, take me to Brandon’s mansion” I ordered.

“Yes ma’am” he replied and sped off.

Immediately we were completely out of the school compound, i dropped my leg on my laps.



We arrived and I got of the car myself and grabbed my school bag.

“Go home. I’ll be spending the night here” I said and he nodded.

I stood by and watched him drive out of the mansion which was just as big as ours.

I smiled as I headed for the door and went in.

The living room was empty and there was no maid around to tell me where Brandon is.

I gulped as I headed for the stairs.

I walked slowly waiting to hear any slightest sound.

I got to Brandon’s door and knocked on it.

I folded my hands and waited for response.

What am I saying?

I opened the door and walked in.

I made a dead stop on seeing Brandon.

He was just in a towel around his waist.

He looked so tempting cause he just stepped out of the shower.

“Chloe?” He called softly walking towards me.

I moved my legs and went closer and he pulled me in his arms.

He kissed me on my cheek and sighed.

“Am sorry I couldn’t call or pick your calls. Am just returning from a board meeting all the way in Dallas” he stated.

“No need to explain yourself. I understand you’re busy…I really do” I mumbled and he raised my chin up and I stared into his eyes.

He drew close and placed a kiss on my lips.

“Since you’re here…” He stressed and took me to the bed.

He made me sit before sitting beside me.

“You look hot and cute in your school uniform” he remarked with his eyes glued to my cleavage.

I gulped feeling uncomfortable.

I shifted a little so there could be space between us.

“You look tired” he grouse staring deep into my eyes.

I looked down shyly batting my lashes.

Where is Brandon going with this?

He’s extremely attractive and I can barely maintain an eye contact with him.

He pushed my hair behind my ear and tucked it in.

“Doesn’t that feel better?” He asked but didn’t wait for a response as he patted my hair.

He took my lips into his taking me by suprise. He was rough and invading. I could barely keep up.

Slowly, I felt his warm hand on my shirt unbuttoning the first button.

I panicked subconsciously.

Where is Brandon going with this?


I shouldn’t have come here.

I stopped his hand and unlocked from the kiss.

He stared into my face ruefully and the lusts stares were visible.

“Brandon” I called panting softly.

“Yeah…what’s wrong?” He asked – his eyes staring at my chest.

I bit my lower lip seeking for an excuse to escape this temptation.

“It won’t hurt…I promise” he groused and pushed me gently to lie on the bed.

“Brandon!” I gasped as he slammed his lips on mine and got on top of me.

The moment he unlocked from the kiss and went ahead to finish unbuttoning the rest of the buttons.

I took my chance and pushed him off me.

I jerked up running out of the bed.

“Chloe?!” He called raising his brows at him.

“Am not ready Brandon” I muttered and he chuckled.

“Seriously? You think you can escape s3x with this damn killer curves of yours? Chloe, am desperate. I f”*king can’t take it anymore. I need to be balls deep into you. I deserve you, don’t i?”.

I stood speechless with my hands pulling the shirt to cover my exposed chest.

“Brandon, if you can’t wait for me…then, am sorry cause we can’t be together!” I said sternly before running out of the room.

“Chloe!” I heard his voice calling unto me but I didn’t stop as I took my backpack from the living room table and rushed out.

I fixed my shirt and buttoned it again.


I stood before Brandon’s mansion waiting for a cab to pass by.

There wasn’t any yet so I got out my phone to call my personal driver.

I placed the phone on my ear waiting patiently.

Suddenly, a black clothe went across my face and whoever was behind me tied my eyes up.

Before I could realize what was going on, I felt a hard blow by my head and I passed out.



Episode 4



Mr Seth’s pov:

I stood before my large glass window staring out at the dark evening.

I just don’t know why my hearr keeps beating like Chloe is in danger.

The instincts where over powering and I begin to blame myself for giving her the permission to spend the night at Brandon’s.

I trust him though.

They’ve both been dating for two years now.

What could he do to her now that he hasn’t done in the space of those years?

I sighed and brought out my cellphone.

I dialed Chloe’s number hoping she won’t get mad I called.

She’s not answering.

What could be wrong?

I tried to call Brandon but then…


She won’t like that one bit.

At least they aren’t kids anymore.

I forced my phone into my pocket and continued my wild thoughts.

Chloe’s pov:

I groaned softly as my eye lids opened to reality and I found myself on the cold hard floor.

I sprang up on my feet and looked around.

Oh my God!

Never have I been in a place so dirty.

It looked more like a place that has been abandoned for years.

I bit the dirt off my skin and uniform.

I was in a place more like a street corner.

I then realized I was at a subway station.

I winced shaking in disgust.

New York subways…

Ugh! From what I heard, they’re filthy and littered.

Who could have brought me here?

I saw my backpack on the floor and I carried it before trying to leave.

*Not so fast sunshine* A rough annoying voice said and I turned to see two huge men walking out from a dark corner.

I flinched and staggered back.

The jerks that kidnapped me.

I turned and began running before i bumped into a tall more fierce looking man in dirty clothes.

I tried to get away but he held my arm.

“Let go off me! Let me go you beast! You disgusting filthy rascal” I rapsed kicking him but he only laughed.

My fighting skills had no effect on him.

He grinned.

“Now you’re done playing, let’s get you filled up with our monster co*ks, shall we??” He asked and I shuddered.


The other two men had gotten to where we were.

Why’s the subway empty? What’s wrong with the trains?

This can’t happen to me.

It surely can’t.

The man before me got hold off my shirt and in one pull, it tore right out of my body.

I was left in just my singlet and bra.

I was scared knowing they meant business the moment the began removing their dirty torn belt.

“No! Help! Someone help!” I screamed as one of them tied up my hands ruefully.

The huge man stooped to a crouch before me.

“Oh sweetheart. Am afraid no one will hear you down here. Today, the subway is closed and everyone have to take the bus” he grinned and took his eyes to my hips.

“We’ll be careful for sure treasure”.

I kept dangling and struggling.

“You don’t know who my father is! He’ll cut off your di”ks and make you eat it. Just lay a finger on me and y’all will never live to see another day” I threatened.

They laughed and went ahead to pull of my skirt.


What do I do?

I screamed as they reached for my undie.


Suddenly, a man wearing black through out walked down from the stairs.

Who is he?

He wore nose mask but I could see his beautiful blue eyes.

“Are you going to let her go easily or should we do it the hard way?” The man asked with his hands at his back.

I smiled heaving a sigh of relief.

My savior!

I wished I could stop the tears that were beginning to fall down from my eyes.

“Better mind your business kid!” They barked.

“Wrong choice” the boy or should I say guy jibed.

Two of the thugs attacked him.

Right before my eyes, he beat them up and made them lie on the floor unconscious.

The thug holding me left me and attacked him.

A rough fight ensued and the guy beat the thug up worse than the first two.

He walked to me and untied me before taking my backpack.

He grabbed my wrist and began running.

I tried to keep up as we left the subway.

We got outside the road and he opened the door of a car.

“Get in!” He rapsed and I stood still contemplating if I should escape with the stranger.

My mind changed quickly as I saw the three thugs coming. I jumped into the jeep and the guy also entered.

He started the car and drove off.

I panted holding onto my bag.

Thank God!.

I made it out in one piece.

I turned to the guy.

Who is he?

He kept his eyes on the road.

I quickly buttoned my shirt.

“Thank you for saving me” I said but he didn’t say anything.

“At least…what’s your name?” I asked hoping he wouldn’t snub me this time.

“Kian” he replied and I nodded.

Nice name…





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