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May 15, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Daddy’s girl Episode 16 & 17

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 16

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:

This time around, I wore a shabby blue dress which wasn’t quite exposed and covered up my body the way I wanted.

Jace has seen enough of my body for sure.

He arrived and headed straight to the spot he was at yesterday not wanting to say much like always. He uncovered the books and began writing my homework without even saying a word to me.

He smirked.

“Told you I was right” he said with his eyes glued to the book on his palm.

I snickered quietly getting off the bed. I drew near to where he was and sat beside him folding my legs.

“Yeah, how did you do it?” I asked with so much scrutiny.

He narrowed his eyes at me and I gazed at his beautiful green eyes.

“Hmm…” He hummed twisting the pen inbetween his fingers.

“If you want to become a pro in maths like me, you must think like numbers. Study the formulas and know them just like you’re familiar with the latest designs and brand”.

I smiled at the mention of ‘latest designs and brand’.

He speaks like he knows me.

It must be very obvious.

“So, you think I can be an expert in maths just like you within a space of few weeks. Our exams are around the corner if you

must know” I said perfunctorily.

“That won’t be a problem Chloe. Make out time for us to study and we’re good to go” He jibed and I nodded.

“Alright, start with this topic” He said and handed me a textbook with an already opened page.

I moved back slightly.

“I didn’t mean for us to start now” I retorted and he laughed.

I squeezed my face as I stood up and went back to the bed.

I got hold of my phone and messaged Ciara and Anna.



Jace’s pov:

I couldn’t help but stare after her as she returned to her bed.

I sneered as her dress couldn’t let me see a bit of her ass.

I guess she suspects that I was staring at her backside yesterday.

I scoffed.

That perfect ass of hers is something else.

My phone rang and I checked it out.

A text from Kian…

We have a mission tonight.

Well it’s been long since we went for a mission.

I hurried up with the questions so I can go join them.

But as it appears, Chloe is going to be tough to get laid.

She’s one of a kind.






Kian’s pov:

Kyle and I stayed at my living room waiting on Jace.

I wonder what’s keeping him.

I learned he’s now Chloe’s tutor.

The thought of them being together in a room was driving me nuts.

Kyle was filling his system with alcohol while I smoked from the cigar in my hand.

“Kian, you’re a bast*rd. You decided to play the friend Zone card on Chloe, huh?” He asked with a wry smile.

I scoffed.

“And you turn up as her driver.

What a lame move. You think such a wealthy chick like that would see you as someone when you’re just a driver” I said surly.

He shot me a stare as he sipped from the glass emptying it in one gulp.

“Don’t get drunk bro. You’re driving” I interpolated as he reached for the bottle of vodka again.

He stopped looking wilful.

“You know me Kian. I don’t get drunk” He paused and poured more into the glass cup.

“And as for Chloe…let’s not talk about her. Like you said, may the best flirt win…right?” He asked arching his brows at me.

I smirked and pathed my lips and put the cigar back into my mouth.

The door opened and Jace rushed in.

He carried with him a book and he sat next to Kyle dropping his legs on the table.

“Sorry I was late. I was busy” He said in one breath and I stood up.

I walked over to the counter and took a bottle of gin and returned back to them. I passed it to him and he took it.

“That girl’s ass is fire!” He exclaimed like he couldn’t hold the fact any longer.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Kyle sneered rolling his eyes.

Jace hit him on his arm and they laughed.


I smirked as I sat on the couch and dropped my right leg on the other. I got rid of the cigar.

“Ten thousand dollars” I said and brought out my iPad.

I connected it to the flat screen attatched to the wall. I played the demo.

“We have to wipe all the guards out. No witnesses” I said and rubbed my nose slightly.

“For just ten thousand dollars?” Kyle asked dropping the glass cup on the table.

“Yes. If we get the job done perfectly, there would be more” I replied.

“You trust this people?” Jace asked looking doubtful.

“He’s a commissioner. Don’t worry about him. If he messes up, I personally will take him down” I replied and picked up my gun from the table.

Jace took his own mask from the table while Kyle took a black shirt from his bag and put it on.

In no time we were ready and left the house.




(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 17

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:

I opened my eyes to another lovely day this week.

I decided to go check up on dad since it’s been a while we met. I sat up on the bed feeling a sharp twinge by knees.

It must be from walking around so much.

I took a deep breath and climbed down from my bed. I wore my cat fury slippers walked to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth before washing my face.

After drying my wet face with my towel, I left the bathroom for my room.

As I approached the door, I heard a knock and figured it was the maids.

I opened the door and they lowered their heads.

“Good morning ma’am” they greeted.

I walked past them before turning.

“Yeah…good morning” I replied perfunctorily before walking down the hallway.

The floor was spotless and no where close to austere.

I was about to go through the other side of the house which was dad’s chambers but the voices I heard stopped me.

What’s going on?

It seemed more like there was a huge problem.

I took the stairs walking fast as possible while the gold anklets on my right feet dangled.

I met dad and his subjects at the living room talking.

There voices were more cooed and collected unlike a minute ago when there was yelling and raucous.

“Chloe my dear” Dad called and walked to me looking quite low spirited.

“Hope you slept well?” He asked and I smiled broadly.

“Yes…I did” replied trying not to think about the severe pain I felt while I was on my bed.

I don’t even feel like going to school today. Luckily, I have no lectures this morning.

Dad tucked my hair behind my ear while smiling at me.

There’s just something about this smile – full of hope, love and worry.

“What happened? I believe I heard yelling while coming down” I paused the moment my eyes dropped on a newspaper on the table.


“Chloe, you really shouldn’t bother about such things…” I didn’t let him finish as I got hold of the paper in my hands reading the headline.

*The Sinner Gang Strikes Again. Wipe Out All Guards And Made Away With All The Raw Gold At The Sky Museum*

I cussed.

Those animals.

The Sinners gang.

They are ruthless and nobody knows their true identity. The authorities have been on their tail since but they’re just too clever.

They attacked one of dad’s warehouse once. Cleared everything inside not even leaving a single goods.

And the annoying part is they always leave their signature to show they want to make their names known.

They’re extra ordinary fighters and I know this because a camera has once caught them beating up a large number of guards.

I hate them but something deep inside of me really wants to know them…

Especially the one who seems to be there leader cause he’s the best fighter among the three.

Well, we don’t really know how many they are but only three were caught on camera..

And most times, I imagine the three of them being my guards. The attention alone is priceless.

I rolled my eyes dropped the paper on the table.

“And let me guess, they weren’t caught” I stated but then it was more like a question.

Dad nodded..

“Those men work for the wrong purpose. They make businesses to shut down. Do all atrocities towards innocent wealthy men…

“But there’s a secret organization with the aim of taking them down”.

“What are they waiting for then???” I asked surly folding my arms.

“Thats what we’ve been wrangling about. It’s a long run Chloe, just let us handle this” He replied and I scanned the faces of the other men who wore the most ugliest smiles ever.


I faced dad and nodded.

“Alright dad, but please be safe” I jibed and turned leaving them to continue with whatever they’ve been talking about.



Kyle’s pov:

I cussed going up and down my room with my bleeding arm.

Yesterday was a terrible hunting game.

I got shot at the arm but luckily, Kian took the man out before he could finish me off.

I’m done removing the bullet. All that remains for me is just to tie the stupid wound up..

I kept struggling with the bandage.

What on earth!?

The door opened and Kian walked in with his maid.

Oh great!.

The maid came to me and began attending to my injury.

It hurts but I could handle the stings.

The maid was painstaking and damn slow.

Kian leaned by the door staring at me – rather with a sardonic smile.

I took my eyes away from him the moment a felt a twinge at the spot.

The pain was frustrating and I just felt like bringing down the whole house.

I growled softly as she began bounding the wound the second time.

“Your door was open” Kian breathed with his normal cool and gentle voice.

“We just did something nasty last night. Can’t you ever be careful?” He asked walking into the room.

“Am not a baby Kian. Stop giving me rules” I rasped but quietly.

“Don’t poke the bear Kyle. You know the police can find any track to lead them to us. Why don’t you follow the rules till you bloom and become your own drug lord like you always wanted…but for now – we’re brothers and we have to watch each other’s backs” he stated softly before putting his hands into his pockets, he walked out of the room.

I sighed.

Now I made him angry…

Suddenly, he returned to the room.

“Your wound is too severe and it would take time before the bleeding stops. Why don’t I do your little driver work for you today…” He offered with a smile I couldn’t explain.

What’s he doing… Huh?

“I’ll manage” I muttered sounding boisterous but deep down, I know I can’t even lift the hurting arm.

“Really Kyle? You want to risk your health and resting time for pu**y? I promise you, she won’t know. I’ll wear a mask and keep a low profile”.

I murmured somethings under my breath.

What do I do….

“If she finds out, what do you tell her?” I asked and he scoffed.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that am a badass liar” he grinned leaving the room.

I squinted my eyes watching him leave.



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