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July 28, 2021


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Daddy’s girl Episode 10 & 11

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 10

By: Faith Lucky




Chloe’s pov:

I woke up the next morning on my lovely comfortable bed. Yesterday was fun even though I got a little mad at the driver.

The place we went was epic and I ended up dreaming about it. I rubbed my eyes and sat up on the bed. I took a look at my finger nails. They looked not so bright and outstanding like it was days ago.

I’ll have to also get a manicure before the photo shoot starts. Besides, my nails are polished and painted once in two weeks. I just like tasting different styles and texture of things on regular basis.

A knock came on the door and I glanced at it.

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“Come in” I said reaching for my phone.

The door opened instantly and two maids walked in. The bowed coming in further.

“Good morning ma’am Chloe” they said simultaneously with a smile on their face.

I didn’t bother to reply them as I headed straight to the WhatsApp chat with my friends and I. We left a topic unfinished last night.

Anna said she couldn’t stop thinking about my new driver. How silly and complicated life can be?

Ciara, who’s still single got over him that instant but Anna who already have a boyfriend – Simon is head over hills for him.

How absurd!

*I think you should stop escorting Chloe to her ride after school from now*

Ciara’s last message read.

I scoffed and went ahead to reply them.

“Get a hold of yourself Anna, he’s just a driver!” I sneered as I typed my exact words down and sent it.

I sighed as I looked up to see that the maids were no longer there.

Those women must have gone to the bathroom to fix my bath.

I climbed down from my bed and stretched myself as I took my pink flowered robe and wore tying the lace around my tummy.

It was not so big on me and it’s also one of the best quality night robes from Paris.

I put my legs into my white heavy flip flops before walking to the door of the balcony. I stepped out to the balcony and dropped my hands on the railings.

I looked around seeing most of the workers busy with their Saturday chores. The gardeners were almost done cutting the flowers giving it a nice shape and look.

Some maids swept the floor along the gate side. And some guards washed the cars. Mine actually.

My cars are aligned on a single file which I was able to see.

I ran my eyed through the guards when I couldn’t move my eyeballs no more.

I saw him – Kyle, washing the car we used yesterday to go to the so called waterfall.

He was shirtless and I could see dark ink tattoos drawn on his chest.


Around his body!

He’s so muscular and perfect…

He dipped his cleaning rag into the bucket filled with soapy water before splashing it on the car.

The way he did it mesmerized me and i found myself licking my lips.

Anna was right.

His looks are so tempting and seemed glued to my mind.

But…that hint of familiarity came knocking again.

The tattoos reminds me of Kian, my prince in shining armor who saved me from those blood suckers.

Could it be am just trying to compare them?

I rolled my eyes as I went back inside my room.

The maids stood by the door like they had been waiting.

“Your bath is ready ma’am” the said and I nodded waiting for them to leave the room.

They scurried off cause I stared at them sternly.

I took off my robe before going into the bathroom.



Kian’s pov:

“Hmm” I groaned as all I felt was deep pleasure to the fullest.

I held onto the lady’s hips as her huge ass grinded on my hard di*k which was plunged inside of her.

She tried to ride me the best way she could, slow and deep.

Sweats were filled all over her forehead as she groaned and strained.

I stayed still on the bed wanting her to do all the fu*king. I was enjoying the look of helplessness on her face as she held onto the sheets with her hands behind my head.

She threw her head back as she increased her pace a little going up and down on my strong large sized di*k.

Her pu*s* was starting to get wet which caused easy movement for my di*k against her walls.

I closed my eyes before opening them again. Orgasm was at it’s corner but the lady seemed to be weak to deliver.

I turned her over pinning her to the bed. She gasped as I positioned myself inbetween her legs adjusting my length deeper inside of her.

She moaned softly as I starts pounding into her like a hungry lion. Her screams filled the room as I increased my pace bit by bit.

I became more violent but smirks the moment i finally hit climax and I pulled out of her before releasing the stuff on her thighs.

I got off her leaving her panting like a dog.

My phone rang as I fixed my belt.

I checked the caller…


Its Chloe Seth calling.


She’s walking right into my net.

I picked it up.

“Good morning” I said waiting to hear her sweet voice.

“Morning Kian…can you come over. I have a photo shoot today” she said and I smirked.

“Sure thing beautiful” I said and hung up.


Episode 11


Chloe’s pov:

The car went steadily as Kyle drove me to the place I was having my photoshoot. We arrived and he stopped in front of the garden.

My personal assistant, Gladys ran to the car and opened the car for me. I stepped out holding my small portable diamond purse. It glittered as the bright sunlight reflected on it causes a huge glow and sparkles.

And it’s made of real diamonds.

“Glad you’re here Chloe” she said and opened the pink umbrella she was holding placing it over my head.

I brought out my phone and checked for text or any call from Kian.

I invited him so he’d keep me company and help me pick the perfect attires and the right color.

Suddenly, i heard the sound of a car drive in. I drifted my eyes from my phone to where the car was.

I couldn’t explain what I felt down in my tummy the minute I set my eyes on Kian.

He wore a red band on his head and a black leather jacket with gold chains hanging on his neck.

He closed the door of his car and began walking to us.

I know it’s not right but who could resist such beauty?

The way he walked and narrowed his eyes drove me crazy with weird thoughts and desires. I kept staring at him till he got to where we were.

“Hey Chloe,” he said with a smile.

I batted my lashes.

“Hi Kian, you’re just in time” I said perfunctorily.

“That’s good” he jibed and brought a lilipop. it was also red in color and I watched him put it into his mouth.

The naughty thoughts returned to my head as I imagined licking the same lilipop with it still in his pink lips. We would both ensue in a dirty tongue french kiss.


Get a hold of yourself Chloe. You just broke up with Brandon few days ago!

I scolded myself like I was being so stubborn and fighting with my mind.

Gladys cleared her throat and I was brought back to reality. I followed her walking to the main spot the shooting would be taking place at the garden area.

There’s no doubt today would be stressful.



Kyle’s pov:

All that filled my heart was anger and jealousy the moment Kian showed up.

That asshole is already getting close to her too.

She invited him here meaning he just sees me as her driver.

I scoffed.

My position to her really doesn’t matter…as long as I’d have a chance to drill her p***y and get her pregnant with four goddamm boys growing in her.

Just the think of it was starting to stimulate me down there.

But I really dislike Kian.

He has been the leader of the gang for ages now. Getting the bigger money, giving us assignments to carry out and the worst part of it all, he’s better than us.

He’s a skilled fighter and would wipe out a sum of ten men in an instant and that makes him powerful.

He knows the whole inner joints and parts of the human body. He knows the right place to kick or rub to make someone vulnerable or paralised. He’s given so much respect by drug dealers and weapon dealers.

Whenever we go on a mission, he’s the one the rich tycoons notice but sees the rest of us as just escorts.

We’ve all been friends since highschool.

Kian, Jace and I.

The baddest crew when our fathers dumped us in boarding school.

Kian was naturally fit and taught us how to fight defending ourselves from seniors that never seize to bully us.

I owe him my life…but that doesn’t stop me from envying him.



Chloe’s pov:

I stood before a huge standing mirror with four dresses in my hands.

Oh Lord…

I’ve never been so confused about what to wear.

I would have worn them all but the thing is, they are all the same brand and design but different colors and I can’t repeat the same brand of a clothe.


“Gladys!” I groused turning to her who was standing nearby while Kian sat on a white soda at the entrance of the room.

“Do the blue one ma’am” she said pointing.

I frowned as I took out the blue one and threw it to the floor so am left with choosing from three colors.

I turned to Kian.

A smirk appeared on his lips as he scoffed lightly.

I didn’t change the facial expression on my face as I stared deep into his eyeballs.

“Red one” he said and I smiled.

I left the other dresses on the floor before walking into the dressing room with the red dress. Am so glad I invited Kian to join me at the photoshoot.

He really has a sense of style I admire. And fashion does good with knowing the right style.

Kian and I might just be the perfect combination and become ultimate best friends.

I wore the dress before reaching for the zipper.


Where is Gladys when I need her???

I tried reaching for it like I was going crazy. I struggled with it for a few minutes before I got tired and reached for my phone so I can call Gladys to come over.

I stood to my feet scrolling through my contact list.

Suddenly, I felt the zipper being pulled up to the top.

I was relieved but then became really curious.Who…who just did that??

I turned and flinched the moment I saw Kian right behind me standing really close I could feel his breath hovering around my face.

He looked at me in a way I really couldn’t understand…

His face drew closer.

Oh sh*t!

What’s going on?



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