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July 24, 2021


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Daddy dearest final batch

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***(When a play boy turns daddy…) ***






Amber walked quickly to her attic after making sure that matt was gone

What was his problem?

Its not like she was going to do anything to the kids. Desiree was her daughter after all

She just needed them for 48hours and that wouldn’t even be a problem if that stupid sandy had not taken the boy along

She opened the door and sandy jumped

“Good god, can you knock? “He said in a hushed whisper

“Its my house”she hissed”why are you so jittery? ”

“Who was that? ”

“Matt”she said”he’s gone now”

“You think he knows? ”

“No he doesn’t”amber snapped and turned to the two children who we’re huddled in one corner, staring at them with big bright with tears

“You didn’t have to bring the boy”she said, disgusted

“What would I have done? “Sandy snapped back”he was so determined not to leave her”

Five year old Dylan was really scared of this big man who brought them in but Desiree seed not to be scared although she showed an intense dislike

“Hi darling”

“Mommy? ”

“Hmm? ”

“I want to go home”she said

“Oh you will dar…. ”

“Take us to daddy now”

“Oh shut up desi”amber snapped”if daddy wanted you, he’d be hereby now. When did you get so close to daddy? ”

Desiree didn’t answer

“If you want to go home to daddy, you’d better cooperate “she said”and remember you can only go back if daddy wants you back”

“He wants me! “She shrieked”Daddy wants me, take me to my daddy! ”

She burst into tears

Damn, she was so loud

“Shut her up, sandy”she snapped”Shut up”

Sandy crouched and gripped Desi’s shoulder

“Now listen buster”he said, shutting her up momentarily “you just got to stay here for some hours, but if you are this loud, you won’t get to go home even if your daddy comes for you. Both of you. Understand? ”

The children nodded, eyes wide and sandy nodded too satisfied

“Now, amber”he said “I believe we’ve got calls to make”


“Now, from what we got from the cctv footage, Matt did bring those kids back”Zeke said, showing them a clipping from the footage

“What? “Carly said as she watched”Then who…. We’re they really kidnapped? ”

Brianna was on edge and she almost broke down

Oh Dylan

“Watch this”Zeke said showing them another clipping”You see the kids? Now here comes this car… And then.. We don’t see the kids anymore”

“Wait a minute”Isaac said reaching for the laptop and then zoomed in on the driver” How foolish. He wasn’t even wearing a mask? ”

“Who is that? ”

“Sandy. Sandy wells”

Everyone turned towards matt. They hadn’t heard him come in

“How did you get in here? “Chris asked

“Through the door”Matt said

“Enough”Isaac ordered”Who the fuck is sandy? ”

“Amber’s manager”matt said wearily and the others didn’t look so surprised

“Why would amber’s manager kidnap our kids? “Brianna asked

“Because amber wants something and they are walking together”carly explained”Dylan was probably just taken along because he was with her. I’m sorry, brie”

“Where are they? ”

“I… I don’t know”

“Oh you do know “Zeke said, advancing on matt

“I.. I don’t”matt stammered. This huge black man gave him gripes”probably at ambers’. I saw Desi’s cap there”

Carly breathed a sigh of relief

“She’s not going to harm them, is she? ”

“She wouldn’t dare”Chris said, just as his phone rang



Chris was still talking when his phone rang. He was not very surprised when he saw who the caller was

“Amber?”He said

“Chris, what’s going on? “She uttered”what’s this about desi gone? ”

“What are you doing? ”

“You lost our daughter”Amber sounded like she was in tears”I knew it was a mistake to give her to you. You couldn’t take care of her”

“We know you have the kids, amber”Chris said “Enough of this madness and bring desi back! ”

“Why? ”

“Oh so you do have the kids? “Chris said”I could have you arrested for this, you know? ”

“Do that and you’d never see your daughter and her little boyfriend again”

“What do you want? ”

“You know what I want”she snapped”A little compensation dumbo. I took care of your daughter for five years and it ruined my career”

“That’s all? ”

“Yes, that’s all “Amber snapped”I wouldn’t have gone to this length if you’d just listened to me, you and that bitch of yours ”

“Watch your mouth”

“You have 48hrs Chris or…. ”

“Or what? ”

“Or I tell the press how you took my daughter away from me and eventually lost her”she said”She might be god knows where by now, probably wounded or dead… ”

“You are crazy amber,! Crazy as hell! “Chris yelled”If I’m not worthy of being a father, you are not fit to even birth a child! ”

“48hrs. Don’t worry Desi’s OK or so she’ll be… If you cooperate “amber cackled”Its just a small token chris, that’s all And you’d see your daughter again”

She hung up


She had lied

At first, she had wanted only money from him but now…

Things have changed

She wanted to wreck him. She’d get the money and take desi away. She’d make sure he never see her again

How dare he try to ruin her life then planned to go off into the sunset, happily married to that bitch and raise a family with her daughter?

Let’s see you get that happiness, chris Sanders

But wait…

How did he know the kids we’re with her? Or was it just wild guessing?

Where was matt anyway?

Surely he had not seen or become suspicious of anything. Matt was useless and its was time to get rid of him

Perhaps she should move the kids to somewhere else?

She was not going to let anything ruin her plans. What if chris happen to call the cops on her?

She would move the kids and along the way, she’d find a way to get rid of the boy

He’d only be a nuisance



“She wants 2 mill”Chris announced

“That’s all? “Isaac said”Then what are we waiting for, I’ll pay”

“She’s doing all this for a couple of million? “Carly sounded unsure

“She’s a criminal”brianna said”I say we call the cops all together, I mean, we know where they are. At least, we think so”

She concluded glaring at matt but chris was shaking his head

“The press, brie”He said,”I don’t want Desiree hounded for life by the press all because she’s my daughter ”

“Let’s just do this quietly”he said”We’ll get Dylan back, I promise”

“Why is she doing this? “Isaac said”she was the one who gave up desi anyway…. And why are YOU doing this? ”

Everyone turned to matt

“Yes, why did you help? ”

“He didn’t help”chris insisted”we’d have found them anyway with or without him”

Matt glared at him

“I just thought Desiree deserved better ok”he said”and although it hurts to let her go, I suppose you are a good father chris. And desi does love you”

The room was silent as they looked from one to another

“Enough”Zeke said, bored”Let’s get this done and over with.Lets see if the kids are safe and then we start the transaction ”


The van crawled to a stop in the empty warehouse and Amber climbed out. Sandy was waiting for her there

They we’re both dressed in black and each was trying to hide the fact that he was nervous

“Have you got the money? ”

“Chill sandy, “amber hissed”we are meeting here today”

“What? “Sandy recoiled”You never told me that! You said you we’re getting the money today! ”

“Yes, when they come today”

Sandy was scared. He hadn’t thought about the consequences of dealing with some of the top men in the country, and considering the boy….

This is becoming way too dangerous. It was supposed to be a way to just exhort money from Chris, not a kidnap and ransom session

Something was off with amber hit he couldn’t quite place it. The sound of cars pulling over outside startled them

Chris had said he was coming alone but…

“Come on, we aren’t gonna face them out in the open”amber said dragging sandy to a corner

“Then how are we going to do this? ”

“Just shut up”amber snapped”I’ll talk to him through the phone”

Whoever came stood outside and amber watched through a crack on the wall. It was Chris and he was alone. She dialed his number

He picked on the first ring

“Where are you? ”

“I want the money”

“Amber, no games with me. You’ll get get your money”he said”Give me my kids before this blow over”

“Give me my money”

Chris looked frustrated and hung up. Then he talked to someone else for a while then called her


She was startled and checked her phone and was delighted to see the credit alert

Phase 1 done

“Sandy, its time to go”

“You got the money? ”

“Yep, let’s go”she whispered and still watching chris, they managed to slip out quietly through another door

Amber sprinted to her car parked nearby and when they we’re safely buckled in, she called chris

“The kids are in the van in the warehouse “she said as sandy started the car”Goodbye chris”

Chris raced inside the warehouse, heart thudding

Going up to the van, he yanked the back door open and a cold and tearful Dylan tumbled

“Uncle chris! “The little boy yelped”Desi… She took desi… ”

“Shhh”chris said as he bundled the boy in his coat and hugged him tightly

Amber…. He should have known…

He called Zeke

“You we’re right man, Desi’s not here”he said frantically,”Go get her. I’ll bring Dylan home”



“Yes, ha haha! “Sandy laughed as they sped along the high way”we did it baby. With this money we can get you right on track, amber”

Amber smiled

Yes, it was done.

Chris won’t know what hit him.

“Amber, amber are you with me? “Sandy said, snapping a finger in front of her and she jerked

“What did you say? ”

“I said, are we stopping at your place or you wanna skip town for a while? ”

Amber smiled benignly and shook her head

“No sandy, there’s no we now”she said”you are getting down at the next intersection ”

Sandy’s head whipped around to her

“What did you say.. “He was about to ask when his eyes caught something on the overhead mirror

He glanced at the back seat in shock as amber yelled

“Hey watch the road, you fool? ”

“Amber, why is Desiree here?! “He yelled at too as he glanced

God, she was lying so motionless

“Amber, you did not.. You… ”

“Oh for god’s sake! “What do you take me for? She’s my child too! ”

“Amber, this is wrong! “Sandy yelled back. They we’re so busy yelling that they didn’t notice the two car which whipped past them and were now ahead of them”Sure we wanted a few bucks but you can’t keep her anymore… We have to take her back”

“Take her back my foot”amber snarled”I’m going to keep her and I’ll raise her myself and Chris will never get over loosing the chance of raising a family and showing his worth”

“You are unbelievable.. “Sandy said then concentrated on the cars ahead. He had switched to another lane but they did too, then another and they still did

Suddenly he noticed more cars behind them

“Amber”He whispered”we are in trouble”


Zeke loved nothing more than a good ride , chasing down criminals

And this ones fell right into their trap without them knowing

He had suspected foul play when amber demanded for such a small amount. She was chris’s baby mama and he knew her thirst for money

He got reason to think that her intentions changed and he suggested watching her house although he wasn’t sure if the kids and we’re there

They weren’t. But he kept an eye on her throughout the night and was not very surprised when he got the call from Isaac

Tired of changing lanes with them, he maneuvered his car till it was directly in front of them and pulled over in a slanted angle

Sandy or whatever his name was, at stepped on the brake hard, he could hear their head snapping back

They we’re having a really rough drive

Was the kid in there? There was only be way to find out

He came out and walked briskly to the car buy the occupants refused to open the door. Through the windshield amber glared at him and he smiled

Quick as a flash, she stepped on the accelerator and the car moved forward at alarming speed to the horror of sandy and crashed into his car ahead


Goddamn it!

Zeke races to the bow smoking car and this time the locks worked.

What was she suicidal?

He and his men brought them down from the car and they were totally unconscious, including desi

He called chris

“We got them man, Your baby mama is really crazy”He said as he hoisted desi up

“Is desi ok? ”

“I guess so”Zeke said, scrutinizing the child”Amber thought she’d go through my car but it didn’t budge and now we got an accident on our arms. Meet me at the hospital, man. We’ll all be there”

Zeke hung up just as an ambulance rounds the corner

Amber was crazy, crazy as hell



Two days later, most of the patients we’re awoke and could finally entertain audience although amber refused to admit anyone except when forced

She was looking worse for wear, with a broken jaw and several bruises but at least better than sandy who managed to get a broken leg in the drama

They had visited Sandy’s room and gotten most Information they needed.

Yes, it was sandy who kidnapped the children although he said it was for a short period as though that made any difference

Zeke urged him to press charges but chris was reluctant

He had to see desi wake up first. Her recovery would make all the difference

Amber refused to talk to any of them and did not make eye contact except occasionally when she stared at them with hate

She uttered nothing when they told her they would drop all charges against her but instead a restraining order had been passed on her

She was not to get anywhere near the xanders and she was not allowed to see Desiree until the kids wishes to when she is of age 21

She only showed change when matt walked into the room and Zeke patted him on the shoulder in a friendly way before they moved out

She glared at matt

“So it was you”she hissed”you were working with them?! How dare you?! What if desi was your daughter?! ”

“She’s not “matt answered”Even if she were, I’d still let her stay with chris. He’s a good man and a good father. You can stop now”

Ambers throat worked like she wanted to say something but nothing came out except

“So, what are you doing here? ”

“Just though I should hang around”he said and smiled”you know like old times”

Amber turned away from him and laid back on the bed but this time, there were tears in her eyes

Carly wanted to see her, at least to see her reaction but was shocked and pissed when amber sent her off

How ungrateful!

Sh e was so pissed that she left a copy of an invitation to her and chris’s wedding 😏

Let amber chew on that

Life is like that…

What started out as comedy would very soon become tragedy while tragedy becomes comedy. Perhaps amber was overly greedy but still she had someone by her at the end

When Desiree woke up, she was delighted to be with her family again and with her daddy..





***(When a playboy turns daddy…) ***

Phew, it has finished

Glory be to God

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