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July 24, 2021


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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 89 to 92

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EPISODE 89 & 90



As Trinity Shot Sparkling, Ambrose quickly appeared and caught the bullet before it could reach where Sparkling was. Ambrose quickly disappeared with Sparkling.

Trinity was surprised to see the Mask guy rescued Sparkling, He started struggling with his 2 hands in order to bring back Ambrose and Sparkling, he was on this when a heavy wind threw him away and the Angels rushed towards him to help him up but he was very tired already, they took him with them out of that place.



Ambrose appeared in Gallant Lodge but Gallant wasn’t inside only 2 girls that they left at the lodge to look after the Lodge, when they saw the Mask Guy carrying Sparkling, They drew back as Ambrose walked over to the room and dropped Sparkling on the bed while the 2 girls were still pointing their guns at Ambrose.

Girl1: Who are you? And what have you done to her?

Ambrose didt even look at them rather he dressed Sparkling very well on the Bed before he stepped backwards.

Girl2: Tell us who you are now?

Ambrose just disappeared without uttering anything to them and they became frightened, they rushed to the bed to check if Sparkling is still alive and they found out that she’s still alive. They brought out their phone and called Gallant and informed her what just happened and she asked them to keep Guard that she’s on her way back. The call was ended as the 2 girls were still looking around the room to see if Ambrose was still around.

Within few Minutes a car stopped outside while the 2 girls went out and saw is Gallant. She quickly ran inside the Lodge to see Sparkling was still unconscious.

Gallant: What did the Mask guy say?

Girl1: Nothing, we were asking him who he is but he refused to say anything

Girl2: He didt even look at us when he dropped Sparkling and disappear

Gallant: This is strange (she checked Sparkling again)

Gallant later came to the seating room of her lodge and her girls assembled

Girl3: So what do you guys think that the Mask guy wants cause am just confused

Gallant: You aren’t as confused as I am right now

Girl2: Am also confused but we should be thanking God that his on our side

Girl1: I don’t think so, maybe his a friend to Sparkling

Girl4: I don’t think so, I think that he made a deal with Sparkling we don’t know about

Gallant: No, Sparkling is never like that, see girls lets try and wave this matter aside and talk about the heavy fight that is still going on. We should move out now cause the Angels are really furious about this fight.

Girl6: What about the Dark Angels, hope our guys are leading on the scores?

Gallant: That’s what I don’t know, but we have to move out now cause Area 4 is still hot and our girls are still there.

They all stood up and left the lodge leaving the 2 girls behind again. Gallant and other girls got to the car, entered before they drove off from the Lodge.



Ambrose was still with Presh in an uncompleted Building. He placed his right hand on the wound and closed his eyes, the same white light still shown round the hand that he placed on the wound while the wound closed up and Presh breathing reduced to normal again. Ambrose quickly examined his right hand to know if it will have injury as the Left hand had cause he once used it on Cynthia but he was surprised that nothing happened to him and by now Presh is waking up from the deep sleep, Ambrose quickly wore his Mask before he stood up from where Presh was.

Presh woke up from the small mat Ambrose laid her.

Presh: Where am I? (she looked round the room but couldn’t see anything familiar. Her eyes caught a Mask guy and she became very alert.

Presh: Who are you?

Ambrose didt speak to her, he was just looking at her. Presh checked her ribs and found out that her wounds are gone.

Presh: But how? Why? What happened? What happened to me? Tell me, who are you?

Ambrose didt say anything rather he disappeared and Presh walked out from the Building, she found out that is a 2 storey old abandoned Building. She came out from the Building entirely, she walked towards a narrow road till she got to the Main road. She tried stopping Cars that was passing but no one stopped. She later succeeded in stopping a Car. The owner whined down the window.

Guy: Baby Girl, where are you going to?

Presh: Am going to UNN

Guy: What? Are you ok?

Presh: How?

Guy: This place is Ondo State and you are saying your going to UNN in Enugu, you should have gone to the park and enter a bus that is going there

Presh: Wait you mean am in Ondo State?

Guy: Yes.

Presh: Oh no, please help me, I was kidnapped, I don’t know I was brought here

Guy: Haaa, enter the car let me take you to the Park.

She entered while they drove away.

They got to the Park and the Guy paid for her Transport back to UNN and she gave him her number before he drove away.




Gallant and her girls rushed to the Area 4 and helped her girls in chasing the Angels out of the Area entirely as they now occupied the whole area cause is the major Area that you can pass to other areas. Gallant instructed her girls to be on alert incase any Angel is sighted that she should be brought down immediately and they all agreed.



Ambrose appeared at Cynthia’s Hotel room but didt find her at the room, he searched at the bathroom but couldn’t find her. He now sat down on the bed anu removed his mask. Few minutes later, Cynthia opened the Room door and walked in with some takeaway she was carrying.

Ambrose: Where did you go to?

Cynthia: To get something, but since when did you start caring?

Ambrose: Hmmm

Cynthia: Here take! (he passed one of the takeaway to him and he took it from her and started eating.

Cynthia: Do you mind telling me what really happened to me?

Ambrose: Nothing happened

Cynthia: You healed my wound and it was now transferred to your hand (she looked at the hand and found out it was now bleeding)

Cynthia: Oh My God, your bleeding

Ambrose looked at his hand and found out his bleeding actually.

Ambrose: Don’t mind it, is just a scratch.

Cynthia went to her wardrobe and brought out a first aid box, she kept it on the bed and asked Ambrose to stretch forth his hand but he felt reluctant but when he saw the seriousness in her eyes he did as she asked her.

Cynthia took time and stopped the bleeding before she clothed the wound and dressed it very well. She was done in few minutes as she arranged the First Aid Box and placed it back at where she brought it out from.

Ambrose: So you knew how to use that?

Cynthia: Yes I do, and you need to rest cause you have over stressed yourself.

Ambrose took the takeaway he was eating and continued eating.

Ambrose: You know I can’t rest now, you know we have a limited time to stop those fools

Cynthia: What have you been doing behind my back that I don’t know about?

Ambrose: Nothing, and who told you that I have been doing something behind you?

Cynthia: Then what have you been doing ever since you got this power?

Ambrose: Disappearing and Appearing

Cynthia: Just like that?

Ambrose: Hmmm

Cynthia: Gush!!! And I thought you were even doing something.

Ambrose stood up from the bed and dropped the empty takeaway on floor.

Cynthia: And where are you going to?

Ambrose: Don’t I have the right to do anything again?

Cynthia: I didt say some we just have few more days to stop all this guys but all you could do is to always disappear and appear.

Ambrose: Am off to do something

He tried to disappear but he couldn’t

Cynthia: You aren’t going anywhere

Ambrose: How come you did that? Our Powers are useless when it comes to using it against both of us

Cynthia: Yes but don’t underestimate the power of a woman

Ambrose: I see (he closed his eyes)

The whole Light in the hotel started blinking and was not steady, this continued for 11 seconds before the light became steady again.

Ambrose: Try and stop me again (he smiled and disappeared)

Cynthia: This boy is just crazy

She went to the spot he disappeared and tried disappearing to follow him but she couldn’t, she came out from the spot and tried disappearing but she couldn’t, she tried using her powers and it was still working but she can’t disappear for the main time.



Ambrose appeared at the River where the Goddesses are, he called on them to come out and help him out. The River started rotating while 2 Goddess sprang out from the River and hung on the air.

Goddess1: What do you seek Ambrose?

Ambrose: I succeeded in putting on a fight between the 2 Cult in my school but due to the spiritual backup they have, nothing serious is happening to them, so I need your help before the Federal Government close up the school.

Goddess2: We will help you out but you will have to make an ultimate sacrifice.

Ambrose: Which is?




The Vikings got information that the An Carpon was wounded seriously by the Mask guy and that he has been staying in their Boss house but would be coming back that day, so the Vi Carpon sent Thunder to carry out a duty of ambush on the Dark Angel and kill them all and their Carpon. Thunder took some of his best men and they hide themselves at a lonely path where the Dark Angels will pass. Few Minutes Later a convoy was rushing towards where thunder and his men was hiding, Thunder Identified the Convoy to be the Dark Angel and they blocked road. Thunder and his men started shooting at the Dark Angels, 2 Bullets hit Trinity left hand and penetrated and 1 hit Danger and also penetrated, they were surprised, 2 bullets hit Thunder and he was seriously bleeding while The Dark Angels took another path and drove away. The Vikings took Thunder along with them to treat him.



EPISODE 91 & 92


The Dark Angels got to their Carpon Lodge and stopped, they took the Carpon, Trinity and Danger inside the lodge and safe guided the lodge.

They called their Doctor who came after 36 minutes and started treatment on Danger and Trinity. Few minutes later he was done extracting the bullets from their body.

An Carpon: Will they be fine?

Doc: Yes, they just need rest for now

An Carpon: Thanks Doc

The Doctor was given some money as he left the Lodge.

The Carpon called his men together.

An Carpon: Let no ear hear what just happened If not they will win the battle, I will resume my office of the Carpon of this Fraternity tomorrow morning, so you guys should make the arrangements of my arrival, for this Evening, I will be going to the Baba Shrine to know what actually happened that made the bullets to penetrate them.


During that same day, another convoy was arranged to take the An Carpon to the baba Shrine and they all set out for the Journey.

They got to the shrine and found out that nothing is there again.

An Carpon: I don’t understand, what happened here?

He was still lamenting and murmuring when the Herbalist appeared at that moment.

An Carpon: Baba what happened here?

Herbalist: Is a long story, but not to worry, am on the matter now, so what brought you people here?

An Carpon: Baba, The charm on us is no more working, 2 of my best men where shot and it penetrated them, I don’t know what actually happened.

Herbalist: Hmm, I knew it will get to this point, Just know that things aren’t the same again

An Carpon: Baba what do you mean not the same again?

Herbalist: So many things has been changed spiritually which I can’t do anything to stop. So I will advise you guys to leave that school and run far away with the money you guys have already acquired. Go!!!! (he disappeared)

An Carpon: No, I can’t run like a coward, with or without Charm, I have won so many battles. I must not lose this one.

He turned to his guys and highed their Moral and encouraged them the more before they all went back into the car and drove back to school.



Vi Carpon has already called their own Doctor to come and treat Thunder and the Doctor has already done that and left while The Vi Carpon and his men were still amazed on what just happened to Thunder.

Guy1: But boss we thought we are spiritually Protected

Vi Carpon: Yea, but something is not right here, Get me Gallant now

One of the guys went out and within 10 minutes he came back with Gallant.

Gallant: You sent for me, what happened?

Vi Carpon: Thunder was shot and the bullets penetrated him

Gallant: What!! That means we have to see Baba right away

Vi Carpon: Your right, guys lets move on 3 and 2 Angles.

They all stood up and went outside the Lodge, they jumped into their different cars and drove out from the Lodge.

On their way to the Baba Shrine, the Dark Angels attacked them. The gun shots were heavy that other cars that was on the road stopped and the owners came out from the cars and started running for their dear lives.


19 of Vikings were killed at that spot while the Vi Carpon, Gallant and 13 others managed to escape.

The An Carpon was visibly angry that others escaped, he brought out his Gun and shot the already dead Vikings. One of men came and met him at that spot he was.

Guy1: Boss, we lost 6 men

An Carpon: We still go after them, alert Succy and Presh that they should be our backup while we chase after them cause I know they are heading to see their Herbalist.

They all went into their car and drove the same path that the Vikings took.


Gallant took her phone from her purse and called Sparkling who picked at once.

Sparkling: Where are you girls?

Gallant: On the way to see baba, Charm is terminated, be careful and send our girls towards the baba Place cause we are been ambushed.

Sparkling: Ok

The call was ended while Sparkling called all the Viqueens that was present and organized them well before they jumped into their own Bus and drove straight towards the Baba Place.


The Vi Carpon, Gallant and other guys arrived the Baba Shrine.

Herbalist: You guys should go now, go!!!

Vi Carpon: But baba, we came for your help

Herbalist: Not now, go!!! (he disappeared from the shrine)

Gallant: What’s really happening?

Vi Carpon: I don’t know either

Guy2: Boss, they are here

The Vikings started shooting at the Angels while the Vi Carpon and Gallant took another path of the bush and ran deeper into the bush.

The Dark Angels also started shooting back at the Vikings. The Vikings took down 4 Dark Angels while the Dark Angels took down 2 of the Vikings, the remaining 11 Ran deeper into the bush.

The An Carpon ordered that the shrine should be set ablaze and his men took some fuel in the car and poured it at the shrine and put fire on it and the shrine was burnt down. While they ran after the Vikings in the Bush.




Presh and Succy were still at the school searching to see any Viqueen or Viking when Succy received a text message from An Carpon which reads “On base 41 attack both angles, Backup 2 to 5 needed”

Succy understood the message very well and she told Presh about it and they both got their girls ready to match into the Forest that Dark Angels chased the Vikings into.

Succy lead the first Group as they entered into their Bus and drove away and Presh is to move with her own girls when she receives an sms from Succy so she was was waiting for the text with her girls on their own Bus.

Succy and her girls got to the entrance of the Forest and stopped their Bus while they all came down from the Bus and was about to move into the Forest when Sparkling and her girls attacked them from all side of the place they stopped their car. Succy asked her girls to run back into the car while some of them ran into the Bush and Succy quickly sent a message across to Presh for backup.

Presh sent the first group which took off on a high speed and within few Minutes they got there and opened fire on Sparkling and her girls while Sparkling asked her girls to retreat as they all ran into the Forest.

Succy and her girls came down from the Bus and by now Succy has lost 8 of her girls.

Succy: Lets run after them now and avenge the death of our beloved girls, Lets go.

They ran into the Forest in pursuit of the Viqueens. Sparkling got tired of Running due to she haven’t recovered fully, she climbed a high Tree very quickly and stayed there to rest and the Angels ran pass that area that the Tree was without seeing her ontop. She felt relaxed and relieved at that moment.


Succy Gunned down 7 of the Viqueens while Gallant gunned down 5 of the Angels. Gallant and Her girls stopped running and faced the track that the Angels will take in order to start shooting at them when sighted.

Succy noticed this and asked her girls to stop cause chasing their enemies at close range is very Dangerous. So she ordered for them to sprayed round the Bush which they did. The Viqueens waited for the Angels to pass that track but they didt see anyone. Soon enough they started hearing gun shots at their back and it was Succy and her girls.

Gallant: Take Cover, they are attacking from the back. (she shouted to her girls)

The Gun fight was terrible as many Viqueens and Angels were killed. They all ran out of bullets.

Succy: Gallant, I dare you to come out and face me

Gallant: Hahaha, No problem

She came out for a fight with Succy. Both of them started fighting and struggling with each other. They were still on this when the girls that Sparkling are to be leading got to that spot and started shooting at the Angels while the Angels took to their heels since they have ran out of bullets.

The girls that Presh sent also got they and started shooting at the Viqueens and gunned all of them down while Gallant left Succy and ran away since she saw that the Angels has taken over that area.


Succy: Gather the remaining girls lets finish this ones and for all.

The remaining girls got set and reloaded their Guns before they started chasing after Gallant and her girls.


The An Angel got to where the Vi Carpon was and started shooting at them while the Vi Carpon and his men started returning the fire.

The gun fight lasted for 20 minutes as they all ran out of bullet. And by now is only remaining An Carpon, Vi Carpon, Gallant and Succy.

An Carpon: Is only remaining 4 of us so lets finish this once and for all.

Vi Carpon: Yea, you already spoke my mind

Gallant: See, I will surely see to the end of this

Succy: Of you head rolling on the floor. Infact lets start already.

They were about to start fighting with hand when Sparkling came in to view pointing her gun at An Carpon and Succy.

Gallant: That’s good girl, what kept you so Long?

Sparkling: Nothing serious baby

Vi Carpon: Finish this 2 off lets move out from here.

Sparkling cracked the gun and was about to shoot when Presh pointed her quickly came to that spot pointing her own gun at Sparkling.

Presh: If you shoot, I will blow off your brains.

Sparkling: (turns to see who is pointing gun at her back) Oh is you Bitch

Presh: One more word from you, I scatter your brain.

Sparkling: Hahaha, Do you think I will beg you? Your even lucky that the mask guy came to your rescue if not

Presh: Oh shut up, as if he didt come for yours also.

Succy: Baby Girl blow off her brains now

They were still on this when they heard footsteps, before they could know what is happening the Army has surrounded the whole place.

Commander: You all are now under arrest and you have the right to remain silent cause anything you say or do will be used against you in the Law Court. Drop your weapons.

Presh dropped her weapon together with Sparkling and they were all arrested.






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