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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 73 to 76to

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EPISODES 73 & 74



Everywhere was calm as many students has already gathered their luggage and set to go, The School Ambulances has already come and took the students that was shot and injured to the Hospital.

The Students was walking towards the Gate to go home till everything has been resolved but the Viqueens blocked their way.

Sparkling: No one is leaving this school.

The students started murmuring.

Sparkling took her Gun and released some bullets to the air while all the students in the gate lay down flat on their tummy pleading for mercy.

Sparkling: Like I was saying, No one is leaving this school till all the staffs send their donations to us starting from the day they stopped paying it cause of Cynthia and her useless team. Till then no one is leaving this school.

Sparkling left 3 of Her girls at the school front gate incase anyone tries to leave and the 3 girls were heavily armed with guns and other weapons.



Some of the Lecturers has already started paying up their donations to the Vikings and Angels. The Staff also have already started doing theirs.


The Vi Carpon and Gallant was having a drink when the Alert was coming into the Vi Carpon account.

Vi Carpon: Omor, Babe, we don blow

Gallant: How much total don enter already

Vi Carpon: E don the clock 12 Million

Gallant: Wow that’s good, we have really spent alot since all this Sega started.

Vi Carpon: Yes your right. We will be needing the money badly

Gallant: Am telling You, me wey don miss all those my Shopping things.

Vi Carpon: Girls and shopping eeh

Gallant: Leave it for us.

They continued drinking and discussing



The Dark Angel attacked the Vigilante in their little gathering ground.

The Vigilantee tried to disappear but no way as the bullets coming from all angle was very heavy on them.

1 hour 20 minutes Later, all the Vigilantee were gun down and their Leader was captured by the Dark Angel as they dragged him out from the gathering ground.


The Police later came and cleared the dead bodies.



The VC was still not himself, he received a call from an Unknown Number.

VC: Who is this?

Unknown: Your worst nightmare, Listen if you want your Wife and Children back safe.

VC: What do you want?

Unknown: I need you to drop a bag of money containing 20 Million infront of Alex Lodge.

VC: 20 What? Your very stupid

Unknown: Just hope you didt just say that

VC: How Am I sure you are the one that is holding my Family

The VC wife and Children Voice were heard on the call background.

Unknown: Hope you now believe me.

VC: Yes, I do Please don’t hurt any of them

Unknown: I won’t tell you not to tell the Police, I will kill the Police and still Kill your Wife and Children.

VC: I won’t tell anyone please don’t hurt any of them.

Unknown: I will be waiting for the money in 2 Hours time

VC: Haaa, too close

Unknown: Are you complaining?

VC: No oo

Unknown: Good, your time starts now.

The call was ended.


The VC quickly took his Cheque book and wrote down the 20 million on the check before he rushed to the bank and withdrew The money, he bought a big Bag as he went to the Bank and withdrew the money.


He loaded the Money inside the Bag as he entered his car and drove to the Alex Lodge, he stopped and looked round the Place but everywhere was calm and scanty cause of the parade the Vikings and Angels made Last night.

He was still looking round when he received a call from that same number.

VC: Hello? Where are you? Where is my Wife and Children.

Unknown: Shut up, I can see you now, hope you are with the money inside that bag or not all this tricking

VC: The money is intact here.

The call ended

Thunder with 6 of his men came out from the opposite uncompleted Building.

Thunder: Hand over the money

VC: Am I mad? Where is my Wife and Children

Thunder: Hmm, Playing smart (he snapped his hand while the VC wife and Children was brought forth.

Thunder: Will you give me the money

VC: I don’t trust you

Thunder: I give you my word, I will release them.

The VC threw the money at them while they released his wife and Children, they ran to where the VC was and hugged him.

One of Thunder men opened the bag and confirmed the money.

Thunder: I didt know you love your family like this

VC: You have taken what you wanted so, you should stay clear off my Family

Thunder: Hmm, are you commanding me?

VC: Anything you call it, just stay clear

Thunder: Ok, I will like to send my Last message

VC: And which message are you talking about?

Thunder and 6 of his men left that spot leaving the 2 other men that brought out the VC wife and Children. They pointed their Gun at The Vice wife and Children

VC: No ooooo!!!

They released their bullets on them.



As the 2 Guys released their Bullets on the VC Family Members, Ambrose appeared and blocked the bullets from reaching them.

The 2 Guys didt recognized Ambrose cause he was tying a piece of close on his face leaving only his head, eyes and nose but covered his Mouth downwards. So it was hard to recognize him.

Guy1: Comot for here oo

Guy2: Is none of your Business oo

Ambrose didt talk to them rather he was coming closer to them while they were drawing backwards. Cynthia appeared at that instance, when they saw her, they took to their heels.

Cynthia: Why didt you inform me before disappearing?

Ambrose: Hmm, If I wasted time telling you, The VC Family would have been gone

Cynthia: Ok oo

The VC stood up with his Family and walked over to where Ambrose and Cynthia was standing.

VC: Thanks for coming to our rescue, I will reward you both

Cynthia: Thanks very much sir

Ambrose: Yea, thanks sir but we don’t need it, Am doing this cause I hate seeing those guys killing the innocents.

VC: Taking things from me doesn’t change that

Ambrose: Yes for you but for me it does.

Ambrose grabbed Cynthia hand and they disappeared.

The VC took his Wife and Children to the car while he drove them back home.



The 2 Guys ran to where Thunder was waiting for them, they were breathing heavily as Thunder was asking them what was the matter.

Thunder: Someone should tell me what’s going on here?

Guy1: As we shot the VC and his Family, (breathing hard) Someone appeared and stopped the bullet

Thunder: Who was that?

Guy2: We didt see his Face cause he covered it with a Handkerchief.

Thunder: You said, is a He and not she?

Guy2: Yes Boss and the worst is that Cynthia is Alive

Thunder: Are you mad? Cynthia that is dead and her dead pix trend the whole school.

Guy1: Sir we are telling you the truth.

Thunder: Ok, enter the car lets move

They all jumped into the car with the bag of money they were carrying and drove off.


There were still driving when They saw someone that blocked their way, The 2 guys recognized him as the guy that blocked the bullets. Thunder asked the Driver to run over him but when the car got close to Ambrose, the Engine stopped instantly and the car stopped moving.

Thunder and his guys came down from the car and started shooting at Ambrose, The bullets didt even reach were he was as it was dropping on the ground.

Thunder asked his men to stop shooting and they stopped.

Thunder: Who are you?

Ambrose didt say anything, rather he disappeared.

Thunder: Just like that?

Guy1: Am just speechless boss

Thunder: Lets move out quick, here is dangerous.

They jumped inside the car and drove off immediately.

They got back to the Carpon Lodge and drove inside the building, The carpon came out from the house when he heard the car horn outside.

The Carpon walked over to the car while Thunder came forward to meet him.

Carpon: Why are you guys late?

Thunder: Boss, one guy just caused casala for us oo

Carpon: Who is that?

Thunder: Don’t even know he covered his face and the most painful part now is that my men said that Cynthia is not dead, that she’s alive

Carpon: What? How? Why? Oh no!!

One of the guys ran to where there were discussing

Thunder: What is it?

Guy1: The money is missing

Thunder: What?

They all ran to where the car was parked and searched the whole car but didt see any money again.

Thunder: What happened, hope you guys aren’t playing fast one on me

Guy2: No boss, we were with the money earlier

Carpon: And what happened then?

Guy2: I don’t really know boss

Carpon: I don’t have time for this shit, Thunder!

Thunder: Yes Boss

Carpon: Get to the root of all this and get back to me

He said and left there while Thunder turned towards them and started asking them about the money but no one agreed that his with the money, Thunder himself was speechless cause he also saw the money was with them and all of a sudden it disappeared.

He asked the guy that was carrying the money to follow him which he did and was pleading on their way.



Ambrose was now standing infront of VC gate when Cynthia appeared with the bag of money.

Ambrose: Nice, but you first me and disappeared, while appearing now?

Cynthia: I don’t even Understand

Ambrose: Hmm well, you should take the money inside and give him while I wait for you here

Cynthia: Why don’t we go in together?

Ambrose: No, I don’t want to

Cynthia: Why? And touch haven’t told me why you are covering your face

Ambrose: You won’t Understand Shaa, just go now

Cynthia: Ok

She knocked at the gate while the Gateman opened for her and took her inside the house.

Cynthia met the VC and his Wife at the sitting room.

She dropped the bag of money, the VC was amazed how she got the money, the VC and the Wife thanked her very much before she left after rejecting the huge amount of money they were offering her.



EPISODE 75 & 76


The Angels were preparing to go and attack some of the Staffs and Lecturers that didt pay up to 60%. They were still reloading their guns when Ambrose appeared somewhere around the kitchen of the Lodge they were loading their guns, Ambrose transformed to their Carpon and walked into the sitting room where They were loading their guns. They were surprised to see their Carpon (Not knowing is Ambrose)

Guy1: Boss, you been dey inside?

An Carpon: Yes, so hope you guys are ready?

Guy2: Almost ready boss

An Carpon: Ok Good, but we won’t attack them now

Guy3: But boss why?

An Carpon: We roll over to the Vikings cause from the information I got, is that they are planning in attacking us this evening when most of us have gone out to attack the Lecturers and Staffs.

Guy4: I said it

At that instance Trinity came in, he saw their Carpon and was surprised.

Trinity: Boss na here you dey? Your line no the go

An Carpon: Yes, you can come in, I was telling them something before you came.

Trinity came in and sat down at the space created for him. Their Carpon(Ambrose)Explained their new plan to them and they agreed.



Cynthia was sitting at one Uncompleted Building waiting for Ambrose to come back. She was thinking why he asked her to remain there and wait for him. She was still deep in her thought when Ambrose appeared.

Cynthia: Hey, Ambrose you kept me waiting.

Ambrose: Sorry about that

Cynthia: So where did you go to?

Ambrose: To the Dark Angels

Cynthia: Oh No, but that wasn’t our plan

Ambrose: Yea, I came up with another great plan

Cynthia: Hmm, ok am all ears

Ambrose: Me and you know that it will be very difficult to bring all of them down considering the fact that they have hosts and Spiritual Guardians. So I came up with a plan to turn the 2 Fraternity against themselves, In that way, we will strike them unawares.

Cynthia: The Plan is great, but how can we achieve that?

Ambrose just smiled, he stepped forward towards Cynthia and he transformed to The An Carpon. Cynthia was surprised and amazed too, Ambrose turned back to Gallant. Cynthia frowned on seeing gallant image and Ambrose just smiled and turned back to himself.

Ambrose: I know you don’t like that girl

Cynthia: And that’s why you turned to her

Ambrose: No oo (burst out laughing)

Cynthia: Is not funny

Ambrose: To you nah and not me

Cynthia: Whatever, so how did you get to turn to Them

Ambrose: Is just concentration

Cynthia: Ok oo

Ambrose: Won’t you ask me to teach you

Cynthia: Ok teach me

Ambrose: No oo (forming) Beg me

Cynthia: Look at this one, I won’t beg you.

Ambrose: Stay nah

Cynthia: I don stay already ni

Ambrose: Just know you have a great role to play here oo

Cynthia: Which is?

Ambrose drew closer to her and started telling her his plan.



Cynthia placed the VC on call with a new line since she can’t open herself to the public yet for reason best known to her.

The Vice saw an Unknown caller, he wanted to ignore it but on a second thought, he picked the call.

VC: Who is this?

Cynthia: Sir, Is me Cynthia

VC: Oh, yes, how are you? Where are you now?

Cynthia: Don’t worry sir, am safe

VC: I really need to see you

Cynthia: Not now Sir, but what happened?

VC: The Federal Government wants to take drastic action against this school and it won’t favour anyone.

Cynthia: haaa! This sounds bad

VC: Yes, they only gave us 5 days to abort all this Cultists in this school or this school will be closed down. And you know what that means.

Cynthia: Ok sir, 5 day?

VC: Yes

Cynthia: Ok, am on it, but I want you to do something for me

VC: What is it?



Gallant and Sparkling were arranging their girls to attack the school again when Cynthia appeared at their midst.

Sparkling: What?

Gallant: But but?

Cynthia: You thought am dead?

Sparkling: Is impossible

They were about to raise their guns and shoot at her when she used her power to collect All their guns from them and it broke into pieces.

One of the girls made to run while the door shut close at once.

Cynthia: No one is going out until am done what I came here for.



Ambrose appeared at the Vikings Territory, he sneaked towards where their weapons were kept and set a time bomb on it.

He disappeared out of the place and appeared somewhere close to the territory and pressed the red button of the bomb remote while the place where the Vikings keep their weapons exploded.

The Vi Carpon were discussing with top executive of their Cult when they heard the explosion, one of their members ran inside.

Thunder: Wetin the happen?

Guy: Na na na our weapon house oo

Thunder: Did what?

Guy: It has been exploded.

The Vi Carpon quickly stood up and they all ran to the weapon house and found out everywhere is now dust.

Vi Carpon: Who Must have done this?

Guy: Boss, I overheard one of the Dark Angels saying to one girl that they will attack us very soon, that’s why They bombed here

Vi Carpon laughs before making a call.




Ambrose was now inside Presh car when he remembered that he should return the car that she must be very worried that something bad must have happened to him.

He called Cynthia and told her that his coming back that he wants to return the car.

Ambrose drove the car straight to school, he reached the school gate and saw the Viqueens parading around the school as if they were authorized by the Government.

He horned for the gateman who quickly opened the Gate for him to drive in. 2 Viqueens came to where he parked the car and ordered him to come out which he did.

Girl1: Who are you?

Ambrose was about to answer them when he saw Presh and some of her girls coming to their direction and Ambrose smiled

Girl2: Wetin the make this one smile?

Presh and her girls got close and they saw is Ambrose, Presh ran as fast as her legs can carry her, she reached where Ambrose was and jumped on him while Ambrose held her tight to himself, she was crying in his arms. Other girls were surprised at this act. The Viqueens quickly left and return to the gate.

Ambrose disengaged from Presh.

Presh: Where have you been? What happened to you? You kept me in suspense

Ambrose: Don’t worry dear, am back now.

Presh dragged Ambrose along with her and they headed straight to her Hostel.

She got infront of the Female Hostel and wanted to drag him inside.

Ambrose: No oo,, this is female hostel, we guys aren’t allowed nah

Presh: Not while your with me

She forcefully dragged him inside, they got to her room and she asked him to sit on her bed, Ambrose sat down while she opened her drawer and brought out a takeaway that she bought earlier for herself. She was giving it to Ambrose and he refused, she persisted and Ambrose took it from her.

They were still gisting when Cynthia appeared beside Ambrose but Presh was unable to see her but Ambrose did.

Cynthia: Lover boy we only have 5 Days to clear all this girls and you are here eating with one of them.

Ambrose didt respond to her, he didt even look at the direction she was standing.

Cynthia: Am talking to you (she shouted at him)

Ambrose brought out his phone and started playing music on it.

Ambrose: Do you have an ear-piece?

Presh: Yes sure

She searched within her bag and brought it out, she handed it over to him while he plugged it on the phone and Cynthia was just standing there looking at them.

Ambrose: I want to show you a sweet music

Presh: Wow Ok dear

Ambrose gave her the ear-piece to put on, he made sure that the Volume of the music was loud on the ear-piece. She was now listening to a music on the ear-piece when Ambrose now started talking to Cynthia without looking at her.

Ambrose: Babe wetin you been the talk?

Cynthia: We still have a lot of work to do

Ambrose: What did you mean by we have only 5 days?

Cynthia: I called the VC and he said that the Federal Govt. Gave them 5 days to abort all the cultists here in this school or else, this school will be closed down.

Ambrose: Ok, Bye, you can go now

Cynthia hissed loudly before she disappeared.

Ambrose later unplugged the ear-piece from his phone and told Presh that he wants to go and refresh now, she wasn’t ok with it but she later allowed him to go.

Ambrose got outside the Female Hostel, some where looking at him somehow cause they saw him with Presh earlier but he never mind, he walked over to the male Hostel, he didt see his Roomies when he got there. He relaxed on the bed and slept off.



Gallant and Sparkling with some of their girls were unconscious after Cynthia dealt with them seriously.

Gallant was the first to wake up, she woke up very tired and with some headache, she woke others up.

Sparkling: Aah, my head aches

Gallant: Same with mine

Girl1: Is she gone?

Gallant: I think so, we don’t have much time now

Sparkling: What do you think we should do now

Gallant: Am going to call The Vikings Carpon and inform him about Cynthia’s Return.

She took her phone and dialed the Vi Carpon Line, he picked it at once.

Vi Carpon: Where are you?

Gallant: In my lodge

Vi Carpon: Need to see you and the girls now, something came up

Gallant: I was about to tell you that Cynthia is alive

Vi Carpon: Yes I know and the information reaching me now is that she collided with the Dark Angels to wipe us out.

Gallant: That isn’t possible

Vi Carpon: I thought as much not until our Weapon house was bombed

Gallant: What? We are doomed

Vi Carpon: Not to worry, I have called our Boss and he said that we will be equipped with much more weapons this Evening.

Gallant: Ok, Am coming over with my girls now, we are sort of tired right now cause Cynthia really dealt with us.

Vi Carpon: Ok be fast lets plan fast

Gallant: Ok

The Call was ended while Gallant and co stood up and started heading to see the Vi Carpon in his Lodge.




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