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June 18, 2021


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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 5 to 8

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Sir Emeka; So what will I offer you?

Ivy; Don’t worry am ok

Sir Emeka; No I insist, this is the first time you are coming to my house so i have to treat you right

Ivy; Hmmm

Sir Emeka; I take that as a yes

(he said and went inside his bedroom, brought out a Juice on the fridge and walked back to the sitting room, he dropped it on the centre table.

Sir Emeka; Here we go (he said and dropped 2 glass cup, he poured the Juice on the cups and handed one over to her while he took the other one.

Ivy; Thank you sir

Sir Emeka; Your welcome, so how are you?

Ivy; Am fine and you?

Sir Emeka; Am good, how was your day

Ivy; it went well and yours

Sir Emeka; Bored like always

Ivy; why bored?

Sir Emeka; Always alone here

Ivy; What about your Girlfriend?

Sir Emeka; I don’t have any now

Ivy; But why?

Sir Emeka; do you really want to know?

Ivy; Yes I want to

Sir Emeka; cause am loving someone who doesn’t know that I love her

Ivy; Awww, that’s bad, you should try and tell the person that you Love her nah

Sir Emeka; Really?

Ivy; Yes nah

Sir Emeka; I love you so much Ivy, i can’t stop thinking about you,

just that you don’t always give me the chance to express myself that’s why, i haven’t told you this up till now that am telling you please understand me

Ivy; So is me that you have been loving all this while?

Sir Emeka; Yes dear

Ivy; Ok i will think about it

Sir Emeka; Just agree i will take good care of you, please

Ivy; Ok I accept

Sir Emeka; Really?

Ivy; Yes

Sir Emeka excitedly jumped on her and they shared a deep kiss while He placed her on the long couch on the sitting room still kissing her, he later removed her cloths and also his. They had sex that Evening before Ivy went back to Hostel.


Ivy went over to Labour Hostel and knocked on the door

Girl1; Who dey there?

Ivy; Na me you the ask?

Girl2; Oh Ivy baby (they opened the door for her and she came in)

Ivy; How una dey nah

Girl3; Just on low key

Girl1; This one wey you just the happy, the thing work

Ivy; Why not, important no fit resist me nah, where Labour dey self

Girl2; She…. (the door got open while Labour came in)

Labour; Babe xup?

Ivy; Udo di

Labour; The thing work?

Ivy; Why not

Labour; Where is the video?

Ivy brought out a small video camera

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and they played it

Labour; Wow you did a nice job here

Ivy; trust me nah *winks*

Girl1; You even enjoy yourself join

Ivy; No be small oo, the man get energy I swear

Girl2; hope say you no dey fall for am oo

Ivy; I dey craze? Im even ask me out

Labour; Can you imagine,

that man na he Goat

Girl3; We will teach him a very big lesson



1 Week Later


Ambrose parents burial day, it was just a small burial, people where busy crying for the poor family, Meanwhile Ambrose was sitting at one corner with his friends not even crying again cause he has already cried his eyes out

Caleb; Take heart my guy

Stephen; it shall be well

Ambrose didt even say anything, After the preaching by the Priest, it was now time to bury them, Ambrose was called to come and pay his last respect to his parents and brother. Ambrose got up and walked with the support of his 2 friends, he looked at their coffee and said;

Ambrose; My beloved Parents and Lovely Brother, Am so sad that you people left me in this World stranded, I don’t even know where to start, you people left without even saying a goodbye to me, Am heart broken, my world is shattered, my dreams has become a nightmare, am just empty, but I promise you people one thing, you people death is not in vain, i must stand strong and bring down every hand that is part of you people death, they must pay and I will make sure of that.

He collected a shovel and poured some sand inside the grave while his 2 friends took him back to where all his classmates are.


Cynthia was coming back from the Library when 2 girls came for her

Girl1; Hey stop there

Cynthia; Yes

Girl2; So you don’t know us again

Cynthia; I do, you girls are Labour friends

Girl1; You are right, you thought we must have left you right?

Cynthia; Hmm

Girl2; Don’t fail to come to our hostel tomorrow Evening

Girl1; Fail to do so

Girl2; You will face us all

Cynthia; Hmm

They left here there, Cynthia became scared and went back to her hostel, few minutes Later Grace came in and saw that she’s moody

Grace; Babe, wetin the do you?

Cynthia; No be Labour and that her girls

Grace; What did they do this time around

Cynthia; 2 of the girls stopped me today and told me to come to their hostel by tomorrow evening

Grace; To come and do what kwanu?

Cynthia; I don’t even know for them, i even thought they are tired self since Sir Emeka caught them

Grace; For them to come back in hunt of you again, then something has really happened

Cynthia; Yea, your right




Sir Emeka was teaching in class when he got a text message on his phone, it was from unknown number, he opened the message and was shocked on what he saw, he quickly closed the message and told the students that his teaching that he has to attend to something serious. He left the Class in a hurry, when he got to his office, he reopened the message again and it was a picture message of him having sex with Ivy and there was a text that reads ‘open your whatsapp’ he hurriedly opened his Whatsapp and saw a video sent to him by the same number, he played it and it was a video of him having sex with Ivy, he became frightened.

He called the number 4 times before it was picked.

Sir Emeka; Hello, please who is this?

Girl; Your worst nightmare

Sir Emeka; How? Please who are you and what do you want from me?

Girl; shut up and meet me at the back of Chemistry Lab by 9 in the night.

The line went dead while Sir Emeka tried calling back but it was now switched off.


Stephen and Caleb was still in class when their Physics Teacher came in and wrote Test on the board.

He now told all of them to keep away anything that will implicate them in the text and also tear a piece of paper for the text.

Caleb tore 2 piece of paper, he wrote his name and other details on one and wrote Ambrose own on the other one.

The Text kicked off, while Sir Gab started going round the class inspecting the Test, Caleb tried all he could by writing for himself and also for Ambrose.

After 30 minutes Sir Gab asked them to submit which they did and he said he will mark it in the class and give it back to them, Caleb became frightened cause that will make the teacher to notice Ambrose is not in class.

Sir Gab started marking the test and when he was done, he started calling the names of those that scored highest when he got to Stephen, he said he got 17/20 everyone clapped for him and he called Caleb and he also got 17/20 they clapped for him also.

Sir Gab stopped and said that Ambrose scored low this time cause he knew that Ambrose should score at least 19 and half since he knows Physics very well but he also got 17/20.

He now asked Ambrose to come and collect his answer script but Ambrose was no where to be found.

Sir Gab; Where is Ambrose?

The whole class kept mute

Sir Gab; I ask again, where is he?

Caleb; Sir his not in school

Sir Gab; Then who wrote for him?

Stephen; I did sir

Sir Gab; Come over here

Stephen went over and Sir Gab brought out cane to flog him when Caleb rushed out and said his the one that wrote for Him.

Sir Gab became amazed at the level of their Friendship and he now asked them to follow him to his office while he passed the remaining Answer scripts to the Assistant class rep to share to those who haven’t receive theirs, since Ambrose is not around who is the main class rep.

They followed him to his office and he sat down on his chair.

Sir Gab; Now tell me, where is Ambrose?

Caleb; At home

Sir Gab; Why didt him come to school today?

Stephen; His parents and only brother died last week and the burial was just yesterday (he said while tears ran down both him and Caleb eyes)

Sir Gab; Jesus, this happen and the school authority don’t know anything about it?

Caleb; It happened suddenly, they were poisoned the day Ambrose went home to see them dead and since then, he haven’t been to school.

Sir Gab; No this is bad, you two should follow me.

He stood up and they went straight to the Principal office and Sir Gab told the Principal what happened while the Principal asked his assistant and 4 other Teachers to go with Stephen and Caleb to see Ambrose immediately.


Ambrose was sitting infront of his house lost in thought, he didt even know when a siana car stopped infront of him while Caleb and Stephen came down and ran towards him. The other Teachers came down together with the Vice Principal and Sir Gab.

They got to Where Ambrose was now with his 2 friends. Ambrose was happy and shocked to see them in his house, he ushered them inside.

They sympathized with him and encouraged him on many things while The Vice Principal asked him to resume school next week that life continues, They gave him a sum of 20K for his upkeep before they all went back to School.

Ambrose felt relaxed and he hide the money so that his Uncles won’t come and see it.


During Night time exactly 9PM, Sir Emeka went over to the Chemistry Lab and met 5 girls there.

He recognized all of them including, Ivy and Labour.

Labour; Surprise Surprise Surprise Mr Know all

Sir Emeka; So you girls are the ones behind this right?

Labour; Shut up and listen, you will bring Cynthia to this place for me tomorrow night, if not! The Video will go Viral on net





Sir Emeka went back to see his Lodge and relaxed on his couch and started thinking on the condition the girls gave him. He also considered Cynthia and the other hand his Job and reputation is on the line too

He became totally clueless on what to do, he picked his phone and started chatting on Social Media to ease the tension in him



Cynthia came to school Late while the Disciplinary Held her and was about to flog her but The Labour Prefect came and stopped her

Labour; Allow he

Discipline; Why na

Labour; She’s my girl, so please pardon he

Discipline; Ok o, hey you are lucky (she said to Cynthia before she freed her

Cynthia stood up from the ground she was kneeling down, she thanked Labour before she went towards her class

The Labour thanked the Discipline Prefect before she left

Cynthia got to class and by now Teacher is already in class, she took permission from the Teacher for her to join the class which was granted

She came inside and sat down, The Geography Teacher taught them for another 20 minutes before he told them that their test will be in 2 days time, he ended his lecture and left the class

One Junior student came to their class and pleaded pardon for her to deliver a message to someone in their class and she was granted after series of questions

She went to where Cynthia was sitting

Girl; Good Morning Senio

Cynthia; Morning, how are you

Girl; Am fine senio

Cynthia; But why are you here

The Girl whispered it to her ears so that others won’t hear her

Cynthia; Hmm O

The Girl left while other girls where stirring at Cynthia suspiciously


Ambrose was busy fetching water when his Uncles came and called him inside the house

Uncle Mike; I know you must be wondering why we summoned yo

Ambrose; Yes si

Uncle Mike; Good, here is the list of what will spent during your parents and brother burial (he said and handed over a paper to Ambrose while he took it from him

Ambrose; But why showing it to me

Uncle Uc; lets just make it easy here, we spent a total of 148 thousand Naira, so you should pay up the money to us and besides they are your parents and Sibling

Ambrose; I don’t understand all thi

Uncle Mike; oh you don’t understand now, let me clarify you now, you have to pay the money or else you give us the document to that Land beside the village play ground

Ambrose; Never will I ever do tha

Uncle Uc; Then you will have to pay us the mone

Ambrose; You people even surprise me, My so called Dad is your Brother, your blood brother, so why charging me of the expenses

Uncle Mike; Even if his our brother, must we starve cause his already dead, my friend, make sure you have our money before we return here tomorrow or els

They stood up and left, Ambrose fell back to the chair he was sittin

Ambrose; Am I dreaming? What’s even going on? Are this 2 really my Father’s brothers? (he was busy murmuring to himself


During Break time, Cynthia went over to Sir Emeka office and knocked on the door while he asked her to come in

She went in and greeted him while he gave her a seat to sit down and she did

Cynthia; You sent for me si

Sir Emeka; Yes I di

Cynthia; ok si

Sir Emeka; You remember i saved you from those seniors that other da

Cynthia; Yes si

Sir Emeka; And you never came to thank m

Cynthia; So sorry sir, I was only ashamed of myself and didt know how to face you si

Sir Emeka; Ok no problem, I want you to do something for m

Cynthia; What is it si

Sir Emeka; I will be doing Practical for the SS2 tomorrow Early Morning so I want you to help me and convoy the equipment from my Lodge to the Lab this Evenin

Cynthia; But sir, well, what time sir

Sir Emeka; 8:30P

Cynthia; Haa sir, I don’t think that will be possibl

Sir Emeka; Why

Cynthia; Is too late, and we will be at night class by that tim

Sir Emeka; I know that’s why i told you to come and help me, it won’t take time then you can join them once you are done

Cynthia; Ok si

Sir Emeka; Thanks dea

Cynthia; Can I leave now

Sir Emeka; Yes you are fre

She stood up and left the office

During Night time exactly 8:30PM Cynthia told Grace what Sir Emeka asked her and they agreed to go together

They got to Sir Emeka Lodge and knocked on the door, He came and opened the door for them, he wasn’t happy to see that she came with her friend but he quickly hide his disappointment and gave them some cartons containing the Practical Equipments and they helped him in taking it to the Lab

Labour saw Cynthia she was about to and meet her when one of the girls stopped her and asked her to look, she saw that Grace also came with her and she became angry and dialed Sir Emeka line

Labour; What’s all this rubbis

Sir Emeka; Am sorry I……(she ended the call in anger






Sir Emeka; Demn, What’s all this rubbish? (he cursed within himself)

Cynthia; Sir we are done

Sir Emeka; Ok, Thanks very much

Cynthia; No problem sir

Grace; Goodnight Sir

Sir Emeka; Sweet dreams

They left him and went back to their class for the night reading.

After the Night class, they all went back to their different hostels to sleep.

But The Labour Prefect had another plan in mind, she sent 4 girls to grab Grace and meet her.

They sneaked into Grace Hostel and quickly tied her mouth to avoid her from screaming and bundled her to where the Labour was.

Labour; Hey stop proving stubborn here, cause i can easily kill you here without any trace and you know that. Untie her mouth (she said to one of the girls and she did as she was told)

Grace; Please forgive me, please don’t hurt me

Labour; I won’t hurt you if you only you do as I say

Grace; Please anything at all

Labour; That’s good, you will help me and trick your friend

Grace; Trick her how?

Labour; Cut it off, you already know what I want from her, so stop this rubbish you are claiming

Grace; please what do you want me to do

Labour; Good question, you will trick her to come to Sir Emeka Lodge Tomorrow Evening by 8

Girl1; Do you understand?

Grace; Yes I do

Girl2; Now get out from here

Grace stood up and ran as fast as her legs can carry her.

Labour; I don’t even like this girl

Girl1; Even me self

Girl2; Lets leave here before this useless security men see us here

They left that spot and went straight to Sir Emeka Lodge and knocked on the door, he opened the door for them and they came in.

Sir Emeka; What again?

Labour; What have you even done self, this one you are saying what again as if you have done something for me

Sir Emeka; Didt i make Cynthia to come to that Lab?

Labour; Just listen to yourself, are you not aware that she didt come alone?

Sir Emeka; How is that one my business

Labour; I can see you want to be proving stubborn and you know the consequences don’t allow me to be reminding you

Sir Emeka; Is ok, then why are you girls here?

Labour; I want you do something for me

Sir Emeka; And what is that

Girl1; Cynthia will be tricked to visit you tomorrow evening so, we would use this your Lodge

Sir Emeka; Hey shut up, I wasn’t referring to you

Labour; Hey cut it off, they are with me and what ever they say is what i also want to say so cut that your anger off for your own good.

Sir Emeka; Are you girls aware that you are in my lodge and i can do anything to you girls and retain the video

Girl2; Hahaha, see this man, look around, do you think we are complete here?

Girl3; You don’t even see your Lovely Ivy here with us or other girls with us.

Girl4; Or you thought we are fools to be going round with the video without even duplicating it

Labour; This man you are really funny seriously, well that’s by the way, like my friend said, we will be using here by 8 tomorrow night

Sir Emeka; To do what

Labour; To do that you are thinking

Sir Emeka; Not in my Lodge that you will do such nonsense thing

Labour; Oh but you are fucking students here, so why won’t we also fuck here too?

Girl1; This man na useless man i swear

Sir Emeka; Hey don’t insult me, am not your mate

Girl1; Oh am not your mate but you fucked my Daughter here in your lodge and i kept mute, you are just a pig, you don’t even have choice, any hole is a hole, you don’t even look at quality before you put that your small tail in between your legs to small small girls, you are a big disgrace

Labour; Babe don’t mind the fool, I have told you, just make sure that your bed is well arranged and we would be needing music cause of loud scream.

Sir Emeka remain mute, he didt know what else to say cause they have finished him totally.

Girl2; Just look at him, the hard Chemistry Teacher

Girl3; He can flog eeh and also can Fuck

They all laughed and went out from the lodge.

Sir Emeka quietly went and locked his door before he slowly walked to his bed and lay down on it thinking on how terrible the trouble he has landed himself to cause of girls.

He tried to sleep but none was forth coming, he took some sleeping pills before he was able to sleep.



Is now Another bright day, Ambrose came out to sweep his compound when his 2 Uncles came into the compound with 2 police men.

Uncle Mike; That’s the Criminal

Police1; Are you Mr Ambrose?

Ambrose; Yes sir

Police1; You are Under arrest, and anything you say shall be used against you in the Law Court.

Ambrose; Please what’s my crime

Police1; When we get to the station you will Know, Sergeant

Sergeant; Sir!

Police1; Handcuff him

The handcuffed him and took him along with them. While he Uncles went into the house in search of the Documents.




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