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July 24, 2021


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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 49 & 50

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EPISODE 49 & 50




Cynthia stood up from where she was

covering her brother.

Cynthia: Are you alright?

Junior: Yes I am

Junior was seriously Shaking in fear

Cynthia: Don’t panic, am here, am here for

you kid bro

Junior: Am scared.

Cynthia: Don’t be dear

She kissed his forehead.

She took out her phone and called Tracy.

Tracy: Hello Dear, not sleeping?

Cynthia: No, I was attacked few minutes ago

Tracy: What? What of Junior?

Cynthia: His alright but his no more safe


Tracy: Just come over here now

Cynthia: Is late and I can’t risk taking Junior

out in the dark, I can easily shield him inside

this place than Outside.

Tracy: Please don’t leave him till day break

Cynthia: I know, I won’t

Tracy: When you come, we will discuss

about this.

Cynthia: Ok bye

The call was ended, Cynthia didt know what

else to do since the entrance door has been

broken even though it was iron door.

She was awake till early hours of the day

and he took Junior along with her towards

the Anti-cult hostel, she didt want her

neighbours to come and be asking her

questions so she intentionally left that early


She got to the Hostel and knocked at the

door, Blessing came and opened for her and

they exchanged Greetings while Blessing

helped and wheeled Junior inside in his


Tracy have already briefed them on what

Cynthia told her.

Blessing took Junior to the sitting room

were she put on the TV and switched on the

Dstv before handing the remote over to him.

She then went back to the room and joined

her friends leaving Junior in the sitting


Jane: This is bad

Cynthia: I don’t even know what to do

Alice: They came for you or your brother?

Cynthia: That’s what I don’t even know

Monica: You will have to send Junior to a

secured place away from the school or even

away from this state

Blessing: Yes, Blessing is right cause they

will keep on coming for him cause he is our

only weak point now

Tracy: Yea, so Babe do you have any relative

or anyone around?

Cynthia: None, We grew up knowing only

our Mum.

Tracy: This is deep

They all went silent thinking on what to do


Mary: I have a brother that stay in Abuja, I

think he should be taken to him

Cynthia: The problem is will He take good

care of my Brother as in accept him?

Mary: Yes, My brother is very


Blessing: Just call him first and inform him

then we will talk about when next to take

him there.

Mary brought out her phone and called her

brother and discussed about it with him

and he agreed for Junior to be brought to


Tracy: So what did he say?

Mary: He accepted

Jane: When will he be taken to him?

Cynthia: That will be tomorrow

Jane: Babe, take things easy, I believe all will

be well soon

Cynthia: Thanks alot, and

Tracy: You will need to talk to your Brother

about this and see if he will accept

Cynthia: I know he will but it will be very


Blessing: First of all, let me go and give him

something to eat

She stood up and went over to the kitchen

and warmed their Food before she ditches

out some for him to eat.

Junior devoured the food while Watching

the movie that was showing in the TV.


The guy that attacked Cynthia and her

brother is seen in the Dark Angels Gathering


Carpon: Why didt you come back that

yesterday night?

Guy: I was been chased by the Security men

guiding that area so I didt want to lead

them here.

Carpon: Ok that’s good, so how was it?

Guy: Very successful.

Carpon: Are you sure?

Guy: Yes boss

Carpon: That’s good


Thunder has already informed the Carpon

about what Gallant said.

Carpon: So it has now come to the term of

using spiritual powers

Thunder: Yes boss

Carpon: No problem, do you know her


Thunder: Yes I do, I have men looking out

for me there, they informed me that she was

attacked by someone last night

Carpon: Was she killed?

Thunder: That’s what I don’t know cause

my men chased the person but lost him and

when they went back early hour of the day,

she’s no longer inside with her brother.

Carpon: Oh, she has a brother here

Thunder: Yes

Carpon: Then capture the brother and bring

him to me

Thunder: Ok Boss

He left to carry out his duty.


Sparkling haven’t been herself cause she

saw her crush with another girl and this has

been disturbing her cause the person is one

of the Angels. She then planned on attacking

her personally.

When the girl was coming back from

Lecture, Sparkling blocked her way with 2 of

her girls.

Presh: Sparkling, what’s the meaning of


Sparkling: So you know me after all

Presh: We not

Sparkling: I don’t have time for long talk

Presh: Ok then tell me what’s wrong with


Sparkling: Just came to warn you to stay off

from my Boyfriend

Presh: Oh who?

Sparkling: The boy you have been flirting

around this days

Presh: Hmm

Sparkling: I have warned you.

Sparkling left with her friends, leaving Presh

to wonder if what Sparkling said is true.




Cynthia walked into the sitting room and

saw her brother peacefully watching the

movies with happiness, She didt know

when tears rolled down her cheek and she

quickly cleaned it before she went over to

where he is and placed her hand on his

shoulder while he turned around to see the


Junior: Sister come and join me

Cynthia: Ok oo

She sat down beside him and they

continued till that series was over.

Cynthia: I want to have a word with you

Junior: Ok sis

He reduced the volume of the TV before he

turned towards his sister.

Cynthia: Everything I want to tell you now is

for your own safety, I don’t want anything

bad to happen to you

Junior: Yes, Sister I know you don’t want

anything bad to happen to me.

Cynthia: Staying around Ebonyi and Enugu

State is very dangerous for you, and I have

made arrangements for you to be taken to

Abuja to my friend house were her brother

will take good care of you

Junior: No, I don’t want to go, I don’t want

to leave you, or depart from you, no (he

started crying)

Cynthia: Nobody is leaving each other, is just

for your safety and I will be coming time to

time to see you please Junior.

Junior: Who will take good care of me like

the way you do? I don’t think so

By this time, Cynthia is already crying, she

couldn’t imagine leaving her brother in the

arms of a stranger but she had no choice,

she tried all her best to convince him and

finally he agreed to go on the condition that

Cynthia will be coming to see him at least

twice every 2 Months, Cynthia accepted.

Meanwhile Thunder have been making

enquiries to know where Cynthia is, he didt

get any useful information since no one has

seen Cynthia that morning. He walked over

to the Anti-cult hostel and stayed a little

distance and started surveying the area.

Blessing came out from the hostel going

towards the gate and Thunder trailed her

from behind.

Blessing got outside the gate and noticed

that someone is trailing her from behind,

she branched into a corner while Thunder

rushed to know where she’s going but

couldn’t find her again.

Thunder: I can’t believe I lost this bitch.

He cursed within himself before he left that

spot and Blessing came out from where she

was hiding.

She sighed sign of relief before she

continued to where she went to buy some

things Junior will be needing for his

Journey, She brought it back to the Hostel

and dropped all the things she bought on

the bed.

She told them her encounter with Thunder.

Tracy: You could have gone out with the car

Jane: Then He wouldn’t have lost her

Blessing: Well issa alright, the main fact is

that we all are being watched and followed

so we got to be careful.

Cynthia: Yes you are right, that’s why I do

say we should always stick together that it

will help us alot.

Jane: Yea, so what time will Junior be leaving

to Abuja tomorrow?

Cynthia: I just want him to take the morning


Mary: That means, we will buy the ticket this

evening to enable him see vacant tomorrow


Cynthia: Ok, bia, this one none of you is

going to school today

Alice: You, You don go finish?

Monica: Ask am oo

Jane: E don do oo,, for me I no the go

anywhere today, abeg make I rest.

Blessing: The rest nah, till Carry-over will

locate you

Jane: Na after im don locate you

They all started laughing.


Presh didt know whether to ask the boy if

his dating Sparkling or not, she was still

thinking when the boy came and sat beside


Boy: What’s wrong this one you are just

sitting here without doing anything

Presh: Nothing dear, So where are you

coming from?

Boy: From the Lab.

They were still discussing when Presh

changed the topic with a question.

Presh: So tell me about your love life

Boy: Hmm, I don’t have any Love adventure,

atleast not yet.

Presh: So you don’t have a girlfriend or


Boy: Yes, I don’t

Presh: So you haven’t fallen In love before?

Boy: Yes

Presh: And you haven’t had crush on anyone


Boy: I have had crush but it was back then

in Secondary school

Presh: Why didt you date her?

Boy: She was a simple girl shaa, well don’t

want to speak about it please!!

Presh: Ok fine

Presh was relieved when she got to know

that his still single but was sad that his not

having any crush on her. But she quickly

waved it off her and they went out to the

school canteen to order things to eat.


During evening time, Tracy and Cynthia

entered Tracy car and drove off to Peace

Mass Transit to buy a travelling ticked for

Junior, they noticed a black Honda Trailing

them from behind.

Cynthia closed her eyes for few seconds

before she opened it.

Cynthia: Is the Angels, They want to attack

us when will get to that lonely path, They are

4 in number and well armed. Stop the car.

Tracy: What did you say?

Cynthia: Trust me and stop the car.

Tracy stopped the car and they also stopped

while Cynthia came down



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