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July 24, 2021


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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 33 to 36

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As they took Cynthia away, Their neighbours that heard the sound of the gun ran out from their house and met Junior and his Mum lying down on their own pole of blood.

They quickly rushed both of them to the Hospital, The Doctor requested for money before he could start any treatment on them. One man that is very close to their Family agreed to pay in the money and he did a mobile transfer to the Hospital before the treatment started.


They arrived in their Slaughter room.

Girl1: Make we do this sharp sharp the comot here

Girl2: Make we wait for Gallant to come first

Gallant step into the room and looked at Cynthia

Gallant: Wow, can’t believe am about to waste you now

Cynthia didt talk

Gallant: You aren’t talking?

Cynthia: Just kill me now because if you don’t, I will make sure you will live and be wishing you are dead.

Gallant: Look at this girl, hahaha

All of them started laughing at her.

Gallant: Kill her and cut of her head and bring it along.

One of the girl brought out a very sharp Dagger. She raised it up and was about to strike when a bullet pieced through her head and she fell down immediately.

Gallant: Take cover

5 Masked persons started firing gun at Gallant and their girls while they returned the gun shot.

Gallant: We aren’t prepared for this so lets run now

Gallant and her girls ran out from there while the 5 people stopped shooting at them, they went and carried Cynthia along with them.


Thunder has been trying Gallant line and she’s not picking up, he then called Sparkling and she picked it up.

Thunder: How far?

Sparkling: I dey boss, any p?

Thunder: I have been trying gallant number and she’s not picking up

Sparkling: She should be back from that Ebonyi state by now, lemme try the line

Thunder: Ok

He ended the call while Sparkling started calling Gallant and she picked after the 4th attempt.

Sparkling: Babe, whatsup nah? You no the pick your call at all

Gallant: Babe you won’t understand

Sparkling: What happened? As you are breathing heavily? Where is Cynthia head?

Gallant: that’s where the problem is coming from

Sparkling: Wait am coming now by the way where are you?

Gallant: Within the Elite Lodge

Sparkling: Ok, am coming there now

She ended the call and quickly prepared some light makeup before she went out and took a keke that dropped her at the Elite lodge and she can also see other girls with Gallant, she paid the keke man before she went over to Gallant.

Sparkling: Babe, what’s happening this one everyone is breathing like this?

Gallant: As we were about to slaughter That bitch, we were attacked and they killed one of my girl.

Sparkling: What!!

Gallant: Since we weren’t prepared for anything as such I now asked them to retreat and we now ran back here.

Sparkling: And the car and her body is still there?

Gallant: Yes, call other group lets join hands together and take her body and bury before someone go there and see it.

Sparkling: Ok

She called another 3 groups, and each group has 15 girls, so 45 girls arrived after few minutes and they all matched to the Slaughter room but didt see anyone there but only the dead body and their car still intact.

Sparkling: This shows that they only came for Cynthia

Gallant: Is true but she doesn’t belong to any Fraternity.

Sparkling: Then it must be the Angels

Gallant: No, is guys not girls

Sparkling: I hope is not those useless Devils?

Gallant: Those ones are not in existence again

Sparkling: Remember there are the only ones that knows about this place

Gallant: Lets forget about all this talk for later things and do the needful to this dead body.

They took the body and went over to their burial ground that same night and lighted up a candle each of them and they said some of their slang in sorrow before they covered the grave.

Gallant: Girls is ok, we would surely find those that are behind this attack and deal with them

She assured them never to fear cause she’s on the matter, she high their moral small before they all went back to their various hostel and retired for the night.


The 5 persons reached their apartment and dropped Cynthia on one of the bed and by now Cynthia has passed out due to the stress she has passed through that night.

Voice1: Hope she will be alright?

Voice2: Yes, she’s only stressed.

Voice3: Thank God we arrived on time

Voice4: Yes is a good thing

Voice5: Lets allow her to rest now

They left her there and went out from the room, they locked the room before they went over to another room to pass the night.





Cynthia woke up from the bed and she was too surprise to see herself in the bed in a well furnished room. The only thing she can remember is when she head Gallant ask one of the girl to cut of her head and she passed out immediately.

She walked round the room observing the room, she was still looking round the room when the door to the room opened and Tracy came in.

Cynthia was surprise to see her, Tracy ran to where she was and they shared a hug.

Tracy: Please forgive me

Cynthia: How?

Tracy: I told them where you went to when they nearly killed our friends.

Cynthia: Is ok dear

Cynthia instantly remembered that her mum and brother was shot that night.

Cynthia: My mum, my brother

Tracy: What happened to them?

Cynthia: They were shot that night

Tracy: What! Lets go now

Cynthia sprang up. Tracy took her outside and they entered one of the luxurious car outside, Cynthia wasn’t concerned on how Tracy got such car from at that moment.

They arrived Ebonyi state less than 1:30 minutes.

They got to Cynthia house. Cynthia ran out from the car and went inside the room but didt see anyone, she came outside and started looking round before one woman came and told her that her mother and brother are in the Hospital.

They entered the car and drove straight to the hospital, Cynthia and Tracy was directed to were Cynthia mum was admitted.

She met her mum still struggling with life, she went and knelt down behind her.

Cynthia: Mum please forgive me, is all my fault please mum

Mum: (forcing herself to talk) Is ok my Child, just make sure you stay strong, don’t allow anyone to pull you down, You can’t be killed by anyone, You will have to go to my Mother place and ask of Ogeri, tell her that I sent you.

Don’t feel bad, all will be well my Daughter, Take good care of yourself and also your brother, please promise me one thing!

Cynthia: What’s that mum? (she answered at the midst of tears)

Mum: Don’t kill anyone, don’t take any life.

Cynthia: Ok mum

Mum: And Lastly don’t let any harm come your brother.

Cynthia: Ok mum, I promise, just make sure you get better.

Mum: I will, I bless you my Child, it will always be well with you. I Love you

She said her last word before she seized breathing.

Cynthia: Mum stop saying all this words, your scaring me.

She noticed that her mum is not moving or talking again.

Tracy noticed what that has happened. She drew close to Cynthia.

Tracy: Come here, lets go now, she needs to rest.

Cynthia: She’s not talking again and she’s not looking at me again.

Tracy: She tired and needs to sleep

Tracy took Cynthia away before she secretly told one of the Nurse around.

The Nurse went and called the Doctor and they went and confirmed her dead.

Cynthia and Tracy were called by the Doctor.

Cynthia: Doctor, what’s wrong? My mum is not talking to me again?

Doctor: Calm down dear, please be strong in this I want to tell you

Cynthia: What’s that?

Doctor: Ermmm, Am sorry, we lost your mum

Cynthia: Lost as in, you what? (she asked drawing close to the Doctor, she then held the collar of the Doctor)

Cynthia: What happened to my mum?

Doctor: Please take it easy, she’s gone

Cynthia: No ooo (she held tight the collar)

Tracy and the Doctor struggled with her before she released the Doctor and fell to the ground and started crying her heart out.


Her mum was transferred to the mortuary.

Her brother lost her walking ability due to the effect of the bullet. The Doctor told Cynthia and Tracy that her brother needs to be taken good care of since he won’t be walking ever again.


10 Days Later

It was the Burial of Cynthia Mother.

They carried her from the Ambulance to the place she will be buried, they got they put her down to the grave and Cynthia was asked to pour some sand inside the grave as a sign of respect.

She took the sand and said

Cynthia: All my days on Earth you have been my back bone, my everything, The only Lady I have looked up to. You have been my God on Earth. Am so sad that is because of me you are gone so soon. As for the promise I made to you, I will keep it but as for those that did this to you, They will pay dearly that’s a promise am making to you my Dear beloved Mother, My Hope, My sunshine, The only Mother I had. Go well.

She said all this and dropped the sand inside the grave, They made way for Junior that was sitting on his wheelchair and he cried and cried before he was given some sand and he threw it inside the grave. Cynthia came and took him away.

Tracy and her roomies remained with Cynthia inside her room and visitors started coming to drove their own donation and sympathy.

Within 1 hour, everywhere was quiet.

Cynthia: Aren’t you girls going?

Tracy: We will sleep here.

Cynthia: Thanks alot girls.

Mary: No need Love



Cynthia and her friends set out to the journey to see the Ogeri, Cynthia left Junior to their Neighbours care





Cynthia and her friends set out the Journey to her

maternal home, Cynthia found it hard to locate the

please because it has been long her mum took

them out from there when they were still kids.

They started asking people about Ogeri when they

got to the village and any one that they ask about

the Ogeri will stagger backward before he or she

gives them any direction and this got them scared.

Mary: This one everyone is scared of this person

am now scared oo

Alice: No be only you oo, no be me even dey here


Monica: Lets be going nah, am scared oo

Blessing: For me, am just speechless, I don’t even

know what to say again

Jane: Hmm, am speechless oo

Tracy: Girls lets be strong and find this person for

our friend sake, if she was this awful as this people

take her, then Cynthia mum, wouldn’t have asked

her to make sure she finds her.

Jane: You have a point there.

Tracy: Lets go

They continued asking till they got to where she


Cynthia looked round the house to scan the house,

She didt see anything abnormal about the house

that shows she’s a bad person.

Mary: Is she even around this one no one is


Voice: Whom are you people looking for?

A voice said from behind and they all looked at the

back and saw an Elderly woman that just asked

them a question.

Tracy: We are looking for Ogeri

Ogeri: I am Ogeri and why are you seeking for me?

Cynthia: I was sent by my late mum to find you

Ogeri: Let me see

Ogeri went close to Cynthia and sniffed her.

Ogeri: Am I dreaming?

Cynthia: How?

Ogeri: So you later came back

Cynthia: I just came cause that’s what my mum last

asked me to do it.

Ogeri: Your birth is so strange, you don’t even know

your dad and where your world is.

Cynthia: My world how?

Ogeri: You won’t understand, you all should come in

first and enjoy yourselves.

She lead them inside the house and they were given

sit to seat down.

Ogeri came back and called Cynthia to come over,

She went and met Her in her room.

Ogeri: Sit down

Cynthia and her friends sit down

Cynthia: What happened?

Ogeri: Your friends are here

Cynthia: Never mind, they are like my blood sisters

Ogeri: Ok, is a long story

Cynthia: We are all ears

Ogeri: Long time ago


It was many years ago, this village was filled with

different types of power.

Your mum was given out in Marriage to someone

she didt like nor Love, She didt allow him to touch


Your mum followed one of her friend out from the

village to the nearby village on errand, she came

across a man whom is your father, they loved

eachother, she asked her friend to deliver the

message alone that when she’s coming back she

should come so that they will follow and go home,

her friend accepted and left your mum with your


They went to your father house and had intercourse

and your Dad ejaculated inside of her.

She didt know that not until the early sign of

pregnancy started, Your grandma was happy that

your mum is now pregnant, she went to see your

Mum Husband and informed him about the signs of

Pregnancy of his wife, he didt believe his ears

cause he knows that he haven’t touched her.

He told your grandma that he haven’t touched her

before, your grandma was confused on what that is

going on.

The matter continued and it started heating up.

And the law of the land banned married women to

get pregnant for another man if she does, the baby

will die inside of her even before delivery.

Your mother didt want you to die so she went to the

most dangerous stream in this village, even me

myself is afraid of the stream.

She knelt down there and started begging the

goddess of the Sea to help and protect child and

that no harm should ever come to her.

The Goddess appeared there.

Goddess: What did you say you want woman?

Mum: I want my child not to die young or inside my

womb, I want your protection over my child

Goddess: I can see, is a baby girl and a cute one

as that, I will help you protect her from the village

spell, on one condition.

Mum: Tell me what ever condition it is and I will do

it happily.

Goddess: You won’t exceed 40 years and it will be

a terrible death for you, then immediately you die,

your child should come here with Ogeri. I will tell

Ogeri myself.

Mum: I accept, for the sake of my child

Goddess: You will have to stay here for 7 days and

7 nights for more powers to be given to your child

that will be with her till the end of her life.

Mum: Ok no problem

Immediately your mum accepted, a heavy wind blew

her and she slept off immediately.

The Goddess invoked many other Goddess and they

all gathered round your mum and start fortifing her

for the task ahead of her.





Ogeri continues

During the first day of your mum in that stream, the

Goddess of Strength appeared and shared her

powers to you inside the womb, it took hours

before it was complete, your mum was still


The Second day, the Goddess of Vision and sight

appeared and did her own sharing of power to you.

The Third day, the Goddess of power to disappear

and appear, appeared and did her own sharing of


The Forth day, The Goddess of Beauty appeared

and beautified you the more and it also took her


The Fift Day, The Goddess of Dance and stigma

appeared and shared her own powers to you

The sixth Day, The Goddess of Invisibility appeared

and shared her own powers to you.

The seventh Day, The Goddess of Power, appeared

and gave you much more power you can’t even

imagine. It took it 20 hours before it was done.

After the seventh day, your mum woke up and the

Goddess told her that all has been completed that

all they did will only take effect when she must have

died and Cynthia will come to them before the

powers will manifest. And that nothing will happen

to her, that they are already protecting her as their


Your mum thanked them very much and they now

asked her to go home.

She went home and met her things outside, she got

the hint that her husband has drove her away, she

parked her things and went back to her family

house but she was rejected and your Grandpa

cursed the man that got her pregnant which is your

Father, that he will never be rich and will die a

terrible death.

Your mum moved over to the next village and

stayed with your father, they got married there and

after 9 months your mum gave birth to you and you

didt die.

The message got to this village that you are still

alive and this got the village in confusion.

Your Mum gave birth to your Brother years later.

Then your Dad business collapsed, for years your

mum and dad was eating from hand to mouth till

your Dad was crushed by a truck and he died

instantly, when your mum heard about it, it broke

her heart.

After 5 months your mum came back to this village

and rented a house here because her husband

brothers chased her away, she stayed here for over

2 years before she decided to move down to Ebonyi

State to start up a new life.

She came to Ebonyi state and began a new life.

Many men wanted to marry her despite that she has

children already, but she rejected them cause she

knows that she won’t live long and that she don’t

want any of her child to pass through hell.


Ogeri: That’s how it all happened

Cynthia: No wonder, I do see myself among some

strange beautiful ladies some times in my dreams

Ogeri: When did it start?

Cynthia: A week before the death of my mum, I told

her about it and she said is just a dream, so she

knows about it and she didt tell me anything.

Ogeri: You don’t expect her to tell you about it do


Cynthia: I don’t even know what to think now

Ogeri: Your mum did an ultimate sacrifice for you

Cynthia: (crying) So she knows that she will die this

young and she didt even tell me, She died for my


Ogeri: Take it easy on yourself

Cynthia friends started consoling her before she

stopped crying.

Cynthia: So when will we go to the stream?

Ogeri: Tomorrow morning if you don’t mind

Cynthia: No problem for me, I don’t know of my

friends if they will go also

Mary: I will

Alice: Same with me

Monica: Me too

Blessing: Am also going

Jane: Count me in

Tracy: Am in also, am always with you

Cynthia: Thanks alot

Ogeri: Don’t know if the Goddess will allow them

but lets give it a try first. So you girls can feel free

and come and eat food for the Journey tomorrow

won’t be an easy one.

They thanked her.


Gallant and Her girls have been searching for

Cynthia and her friends cause they have already

found out that is Cynthia roomies that came for

Cynthia through the help of the Devils.

Gallant has informed the Vikings and they went and

killed the carpon of the Devils since they are not

even upto 20 again, they whole Devils fraternity

scattered and most of them changed school

because of torment.

Sparkling have been keeping a close watch over

Tracy Hostel to see when they will come back from

where they went to.

Thunder haven’t been himself cause he badly want

to deal with Cynthia cause of what she did to her

cause any girl that does such to him will be killed.

But Cynthia haven’t been killed and this have made

him restless.

He has called Gallant and she assured her that she

will be sending some of her girls back to her house

to deal with her and her crippled brother.

Thunder felt relaxed a bit




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