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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 1 to 4

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Hey come back here where do you think you are going? Mr James said to Cynthia

Cynthia: Sorry sir i dont understand you

Mr James: Come and sit down here am not done yet

cynthia went back to the sit in his Office and sat down again

Mr James: I was asking you if you will be free this weekend cause i want you to visit me

Cynthia Sir I dont think it will be possible

Mr James: But why?

Cynthia: I will be busy throughout the weekend in my mum shop

Mr James: Even on Sunday?

Cynthia: Yes sir

Mr James: Ok you can go back to your class

Cynthia: Ok sir

she stood up and left the office.

She came outside heading back to her class when she met her friend Grace on the way

Grace: Babe how far nah, where you dey since?

Cynthia: Babe is a long story but by the way where are you going to?

Grace: I want to go and submit our assignment

Cynthia: did you pick mine?

Grace: Yes I did, i will be back wait for me.

She said and rushed inside their Biology teacher office and submitted the assignment, she came back to where Cynthia was waiting for her and they went back to their went back to their class

2 weeks later

it was their midterm break and most of them has already started going home while Cynthia and Grace sat down infront of their gate waiting for a bike man, Grace first saw a bike which she entered with her bags, she waved farewell to Cynthia and she did the same before the bike man kick off, Cynthia started waiting for another bike man when a car stopped infront of her but she ignored the car, someone came down from the car and it was Sir Emeka their Chemistry Teacher.

Sir Emeka: Cynthia are you going home now?

Cynthia: Yes sir

Sir Emeka: Then come in let me drop you at your place

Cynthia: No, thank you sir

Sir Emeka: I insist

Cynthia: Hmmm

He came and helped her with her bags while she went inside the car, Sir Emeka also went inside the car and they drove off.

Sir Emeka: So where do you stay?

Cynthia: Ngodo

Sir Emeka: Which side?

Cynthia: PWD

Sir Emeka: So who do you stay with?

Cynthia: With my mum

Sir Emeka: hope you will be free on Sunday to visit me

Cynthia: I dont think that will be possible sir

Sir Emeka: Why that?

Cynthia: I will be very busy with my mum during this midterm break

Sir Emeka: So you wont have any chance at all?

Cynthia: Yes sir

Sir Emeka: This is serious

they arrived PWD while Cynthia pointed to him where to stop her, he did and asked her which one is their house but she waved the question one side and thanked him for the lift. Sir Emeka entered his car and drove off.

Cynthia made sign of relief and stopped a bike.

Bikeman: Where you the go?

Cynthia: Take me to Amangballa Eke Market

Bikeman: Your money na 100

Cynthia: Haa is too big nah

Bikeman: no be you get all this bags

Cynthia: Hmm well lets go

She carried her bags and entered the bike while the bikeman drove off.

Emeka started mumuring in his car that he must go back on Sunday and look for her since he now has a clue of where she lives, he smiled to himself.


Cynthia arrived her place and was welcomed by her home.

Cynthia: Good Afternoon ma

Mum: How are you my dear

Cynthia: Am fine and you?

Mum: Am good o

Cynthia: Mum you are shining o

Mum: Na God

Cynthia: Where is Junior

Mum: He havent come back from school

Cynthia: ok o, am very hungry o

Mum: You can go to the kitchen there is food inside the pot

She sprang up from the chair and went inside the kitchen and took some food from the pot.

Junior came back from school and greeted her mum.

Mum: Your sister is back

Junior: Wow, where is she?

Mum: Inside her room

junior ran inside the room and met Cynthia arranging her things and he jumped on her

Cynthia: How are you kid bro

Junior: Am fine oo, just missed you alot

Cynthia: Same with me dear

Junior: So how far nah

Cynthia: You don start

Junior: hahaha, lemme remove my school uniform first i dey show

he went out from the room to his own room.


Cynthia was having dinner with her mum and brother.

Cynthia: so which school are you aspiring for?

Junior: oh me?

Cynthia: No oo, me

Junior: ok o

Cynthia: Answer me joor

Junior: ok oo, is GSSA

Cynthia: Well you be brain box shaa.

Junior: Thank you ma

Cynthia: So mum, how is business?

Mum: Fine, just as usual

Cynthia: It shall be well

Mum: Amen

They finished their dinner and went to bed.


Cynthia helped her mum in the shop till midterm was over and Sir Emeka has already gone to look for her at PWD but people there said they dont know anyone by name Cynthia, Sir Emeka didt know what to do, he went back home.


During the upper week, all the students came back to continue their studies since the midterm break is over.

Cynthia was in class learning one morning when the Teacher was done teaching, she went out from the class and the senior students came inside and started calling out names of those that participated in the last Labour they did yesterday

Cynthia caredless because she participated but she was surprised that her name was mentioned among those that didn’t partake in the duty

Cynthia: But senior I did my work

Senior: My friend go outside and tell the labour prefect that. She went outside and met the labour prefect and she dragged Cynthia along with her to a corner

Senior: I know you did your work very well but I did it on purpose

Cynthia: Please what purpose?

Senior: I want you to be my daughter

Cynthia: How? And what will I be doing for you?

Senior: nothing just, ( she said and came close to Cynthia and started rubbing her body on Cynthia who now moved away from her and ran off)

Senior: Hmm you can run but you can’t hide, I will still get you, she said to herself and went out from there.




Cynthia went back to the class and by now the seniors have left their class, she walked inside the class and sat down on her chair when her friend came over and sat beside her.

Grace: so babe whatsupp?

Cynthia: Nothing oo

Grace: Where them carry you go?

Cynthia: Is a long story dear

Grace: Gist me joor

Cynthia: That will be during break time

Grace: Ok oo

Teacher came into their class and there started learning before the break bell was rang and they all went outside for their break

Cynthia and Grace remained in the class and Cynthia told Grace everything that happened to her, Grace started laughing

Cynthia: Why are you laughing?

Grace: Wait oo, since you are in this school you are not aware that lesbian exist?

Cynthia: I only thought it was rumours oo

Grace: You have seen it nah.

There were still discussing when the Labour perfect came in with some girls.

Labour: Hey you get out right now (she said referring to Grace) Grace stood up and went out immediately.

The Labour went over to Cynthia and placed her two hands on her desk

Labour: You ran away from me

Cynthia: I dont want please

Labour: Am only giving you 2 days to agree if not, you will find it hard

Senior1: Very hard

Senior2: And if you tell anybody, we will deal with you

Senior3: Personally

Labour: Girls lets go

they all went out from the class and Cynthia became frightened

Grace walked inside and met Cynthia very lost in thought, she quietly sat down beside her without saying anything


2 Days Later

Stephen: O boy today go bam oo

Ambrose: How nah?

Stephen: You no know say today na quiz and na for Ibiam girls them host am?

Caleb: Leave this guy na jouncing guy nah

Ambrose: E don do Abeg, person no fit ask una question again

Stephen: So una the go also?

Caleb: Me the go joor

Ambrose: Same here, but wait oo, wetin we go the do there since we aren’t participating in the quiz?

Caleb: Guy your own too much oo, so if we go in the name of cheering our school up is a bad thing?

Stephen: Guy you even the waste time the explain all this things to him, abeg go prepare make we the go.

Both of them stood up and started preparing since there are in a boarding school which is Government College

They got out from the hostel and head straight to the gate but the buses that the school provided is already filled up so there now stopped a bike and it took off with them.


Cynthia was still not bright that day so she resorted in staying back at the hostel not to attend the quiz but her form teacher came in.

Mrs Juliet: Cynthia aren’t you coming out for the quiz?

Cynthia: Yes ma

Mrs Juliet: nd why?

Cynthia: Nothing ma

Mrs Juliet: I just came to tell you that you will be participating in the quiz

Cynthia: But how ma? I did not do any preparation for the quiz and no one told me that i will be participating and more over i thought you people said is the SS2 students that can participate and am in SS1 ma

Mrs Juliet: I know all this, just do this for me, i trust you to be a sharp girl, this is just the topic of the quiz just summarize it (she said passing over a piece of paper to her) I know you can do this and make our school proud

Cynthia: Ok ma (she took the paper from her)

Mrs Juliet: The Quiz starts in few minutes, when you hear that you guys are about to be called up to the stage then you can rush down

Cynthia: Ok ma

Mrs Juliet left the room while Cynthia got up and dressed in her school uniform and started studying the topic given to her.


The speaker called upon the participant of the quiz up to the stage and by now Cynthia has joined them.

Cynthia looked at her seniors that will be participating on the quiz and swallowed hard out of fear.

The quiz kicked off and The SP of the schools started battling each other first and Cynthia was the one providing all the answered that her team are using.

Cynthia looked at the crowd infront of them and and saw the Labour Prefect licking her tongue seductively. Cynthia felt disgusting and threw away her attention from her and the SP now asked her to conclude the Quiz for them since she’s not feeling too well

Cynthia got up with all boldness and started addressing the crowd on behave of the SP.

Stephen and Caleb mouth dropped when they saw Cynthia addressing them.

Ambrose: Guys make una close una mouth nah, una the disgrace me abeg

Caleb: Chimooo see beauty

Stephen: If I no date this girl, wetin I gain?

Caleb: You no gain anything my brother

Ambrose: Chai, na today i no say i get friends i swear

Stephen: Chai, i must meet her oo

The quiz ended and the Ibiam Girls got first position

Cynthia and others were been celebrated by the teachers and students.

After the celebration, Cynthia was about to go back to her hostel when Stephen blocked her way.

Caleb and Ambrose were just sitting at one corner.





The Labour Prefect was searching for Cynthia but was informed that she was standing near the hostel so the Labour Prefect started going towards the hostel, she got there and saw her standing with a boy, she felt jealous and was about to go and interrupt when one of her friend held her back.

Girl: What are you trying to do?

Labour: To stop them offcourse

Girl: Haba nah, things are not done that way, remember she’s not yours yet so be doing things that will be pleasing her

Labour: But she has a boyfriend

Girl: How sure are you?

Labour: are you blind? Don’t you see that boy he is with?

Girl: You can’t be sure cause the little i know about Cynthia made me to know that she doesn’t have any guy, maybe that guy is her relative or someone trying to woo her

Labour: Hmmm, so what you are suggesting now, is that I should allow them?

Girl: Yes

Stephen: Ok I will see you some other time dear

Cynthia: Ok, bye (she said ending their long conversation, she started going into her hostel while Stephen went over to where his guys are.

Caleb: Sharp guy

Ambrose: Na today i know say you bad oo

Stephen: Dey there the dull movement nah

Caleb: So wetin una talk?

Stephen: Just found out her name and class, then got to know more of her.

Caleb: So how you go take the see her?

Stephen: Hmmm i plan on coming here during their visiting day

Ambrose: Don’t she have phone? For easy communication?

Caleb: Yes Ambrose is right, so what’s up?

Stephen: She’s in SS1 and she doesn’t have phone

Caleb & Ambrose: SS1!!!!


Grace walked inside Cynthia’s room.

Grace: Babe, how far nah?

Cynthia: I dey oo

Grace: Nna eeh, you really try oo

Cynthia: As how?

Grace: For the Quiz nah, despite you didt prepare for it

Cynthia: Don’t mind those teachers, there want to kill me

there were still talking when 4 Senior walked inside the room.

Senior: Hey Cynthia, come with us

Grace: To where?

Senior2: Hey bitch, let me not hear your voice again

Cynthia: Am not coming with anybody till you tell me the reason and where you are taking me to

Senior3: When we get there you will know

Cynthia: Is not the answer to my question and since you can’t answer it, am not going anywhere

Senior4: Oh you want to prove stubborn?

Cynthia: I know it must be the Labour prefect that sent you girls but am not coming

one of the senior made to slap her but she caught the hand on the air.

Cynthia: Don’t even try it

Senior: Oh you have grown wings, I can see.

They left the room

Grace: Jesus, babe you are in a serious mess now

Cynthia: How?

Grace: You are asking me how?

Cynthia: Yes, oh you want me to follow them to God knows where

Grace: Me don run oo (she said and stood up) I will be in my own hostel, greet your roomies when them come back (she said and left the room)

Cynthia just waved her thought aside and slept off.


Ambrose was deeply in thought cause of Cynthia, inside him, he loves her and has seen her several times before Stephen and Caleb but was afraid on how to go about it.

Caleb: Guy, wetin the do you? This one you quiet like this?

(he didt respond, so Caleb now tapped him on his laps and he jumped up from his thought)

Ambrose: Wetin eeh?

Caleb: Bia guy, wetin you the think since?

Ambrose: Nothing

Caleb: Guy forget it, you be my guy and I know when ever you are worried so tell me the matter

Ambrose: Is nothing shaa, just normal thinking on the Assignments we have unsolved here

Caleb: Is true oo, and that Sir Emeka na Another bad man

Ambrose: You don see am nah

Caleb: But well, is well, where is Stephen self?

Ambrose: I don’t know, maybe im go play ball

Caleb: Anything dey for your cardboard?

Ambrose: Like?

Caleb: Garri nah

Ambrose: E no dey, no be you people finish am

Caleb: Nawa oo, no the talk like that nah, no vex, you carry any money there?

Ambrose: Yes, wetin happen?

Caleb: How much, make we use go buy garri nah, and me go buy concoction

Ambrose: Ok

there went outside the school and bought the garri and other things before coming back and by now Stephen is already there.


The Labour Prefect became angry when the girls he sent to go and bring Cynthia came back without her.

Girl: So wetin we go do her?

Girl2: Yes oo, as you see me so, my blood the hot

Labour: Don’t worry, shey tomorrow is Labour?

Girls: Yes

Labour: Perfect, I have a good plan.

She told them her plans and there were satisfied that it will work.


After so many lectures, the bell for Labour was rang and all students came out with their Working equipments while the Labour Prefect and her assistant were checking to see if everyone has her own equipment or working tools.

The Labour Prefect got to where Cynthia was.

Labour: Hey you! Where is your tools?

Cynthia: I can’t find it again this morning

Labour: Is that an Excuse?

Cynthia: Am so sorry

The Labour gave order and 2 seniors came and dragged Cynthia towards an abandoned building beside the hostel, and they tore her cloth while The Labour came smiling..





Cynthia; Please don’t touch me please

Labour; Calm down, am not going to hurt you, just be calm you will also enjoy it

Cynthia; No please am not going to enjoy anything please

Labour; Shhhh

The Labour Prefect walked close to her while the other girls where holding Cynthia very tight suddenly the door to the hall got opened, all of them looked at the door to know who the person is and behold it was sir Emeka.

He looked at them and saw that tears is running down Cynthia face

Sir Emeka; And someone should tell me what’s going on here?

(no one said anything)

Sir Emeka; I said someone should tell me what’s going on here before I lose my temper on you girls

Girl1; Is Ermm, Ermm sir, is ermm

Sir Emeka; And what is ermm ermm and you Labour Prefect, tell me what you girls are doing here

Labour; So sorry sir

Sir Emeka; Sorry for yourselves, now where is her cloths? (he said pointing at Cynthia)

Girl2; It has been torn apart

Sir Emeka; then one of you will have to give her hers before i lose my temper.

One of the girls quickly removed her uniform and gave it to Cynthia and Sir Emeka chased them out while Cynthia wore the Inform with tears in her eyes.

Sir Emeka; Is ok, you have to go back to hostel and take your bath (he said and walked out from the hall)


Labour and her group of girls got back to hostel and the girl that gave Cynthia her uniform brought out another uniform and wore it

Girl1; We must teach that man a very big lesson of his life that he will never forget

Girl2; Yes, he really disgraced us infront of that girl

Girl3; We must not let this go just like that

Girl1; Babe you are not saying anything (referring to Labour)

Labour; You girls should come closer I have a plan, they came closer and she whispered something to them and they all agreed on it.


5 Days Later

Ambrose went home to get something at home when he met people surrounding his home, he was very curious why people will be at his door step so he rushed inside while the people paved way for him and he met his parents lying down on the floor dead together with his only Brother.

Ambrose shouted ontop of his voice and fainted, the people there started pouring water on him.

Few minutes later

he woke up and started crying, the people around started consoling him and he learnt that his Family was poisoned by unknown person.

During the evening time, everyone went home except his 2 Uncles.

Uncle Mike; Stop crying, you aren’t a kid, you should learn to endure

Ambrose; What am I to endure? Is it the wiping out all the people I care for?

Uncle Uc; Is ok, don’t worry all will be well.

Ambrose didt say any other thing

Uncle Mike; The burial arrangements for 3 of them has already taken place and the date for the burial will be in a week time

Uncle Uc; And you also need to be around within this period for us to do the arrangements with you

Ambrose; Ok

they stood up and left.


Sir Emeka was in his office when a soft knock landed on his door, he asked the person to come in and a young female student came inside.

Sir Emeka looked up and was caught with the person beauty cause she’s one of the most beautiful girls in the school and even teachers are also tripping for her, Sir Emeka was surprised to see her in his office since his not teaching her class.

Sir Emeka; Wow and to what do I owe this visit?

Ivy; Nothing, or is it bad to visit one of the most brilliant Teacher of this school?

Sir Emeka; No is not bad at all, buh just surprised that the goddess of Beauty Visited me today.

Ivy; Stop flattering me

Sir Emeka; Am not, you are indeed beautiful

Ivy; Sir, will be free this evening

Sir Emeka; Yes, any problem?

Ivy; Is just a small problem, am having in Chemistry and am sure you will help me out

Sir Emeka. Yes no problem, that means you will come to my Lodge

Ivy; Thank You very much sir

Sir Emeka; You are welcome

Ivy; I will be going now bye

Sir Emeka; Ok take care

she left the office while Sir Emeka became very happy

Sir Emeka; New Fish onboard, no dulling movement at all ‘he said to himself and started laughing’


During Evening time, Sir Emeka was seriously waiting on Ivy to come, when he heard a knock on the door he walked over and opened the door thinking is Ivy but he was wrong it was his friend Sir Gab

Sir Gab; How far nah

Sir Emeka; Nna eeh

Sir Gab; Wetin happen?

Sir Emeka; Nothing, just that I almost slept off when you knocked

Sir Gab; Eyaa sorry, lemme go now so that you can sleep

Sir Emeka; Thanks very much, till tomorrow, Goodnight

Sir Gab; Night well

Sir Emeka closed the door, few minutes later another knock landed on the door, Sir Emeka opened it and saw Ivy standing infront of his door putting on a tight short gown that reviews her laps.

Sir Emeka was lost in thought

Ivy; Hello, can I come in?

Sir Emeka; Oh yes, you can

Ivy; Thank You,

she walked inside and sat down on a chair.



To Be Continued


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