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June 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Crystal Episode 6

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❄️ Crystal ❄️




Days passed quickly, the week ended and it was my day off. I put on a pair of jeans and a pink top before slipping into a pair of beautiful pink sandals. I tied my brown hair into a ponytail before stepping in front of the mirror.

My eyes almost fell from their sockets at the beautiful lady in front of me. This wasn’t Crystal. She was so much beautiful. Well, since it’s my day off, the little princess wanted to show me around town and visit an amusement park with Adam.

I stepped out of the servants quarters and headed towards the palace.

“I wish we have day off on the same day, Crystal. Mine is tomorrow. I wanted us to go sight seeing” Tricia said on seeing me. She was a maid too, a kitchen maid. She has been acting nice to me since I came here and we have become friends.

“I would’ve really loved that, Tricia. But don’t worry, we’ll still get a chance for that” I replied.

“Alright, Crystal. Have fun!”

“Thanks, Tricia”


We arrived at the amusement park by midday in Adam’s car and Anna seemed very excited. Some guards also followed in a different car just in case. Adam and I tried some shooting booths and he won a big teddy bear.

“I think Miss Crystal should have

this” Anna said happily and we burst into laughter.

“No, princess. I don’t want one. I’m grown, unlike princess Anna”

After watching a movie for a while, we had some fun rides. We had so much fun and when we walked towards the exit, someone accidentally bumped into me and I lost balance and almost fell before I felt an arm around my waist. It was Adam.

My breath stopped as I got lost in his charming eyes which were fixed on mine. There was something about them that I had been trying to avoid. They were so alluring and breath taking. My eyes travelled down to his soft lips which were so inviting. His deep male scent wafted through my nostrils sending a warmth across my being. He drew closer and closer, his lips inches from mine.

“Don’t try to weave your way into my son’s heart….he already has a woman who’s better off…I don’t want to see you anywhere near him… Don’t forget I’ll be watching you… WATCHING YOU!”

What am I doing?! I immediately pulled away from him, breaking his hold from me. What’s happening to me? I feel so wrong…and…and stupid.

“I’m sorry, ma’am” the person who bumped into me apologized. I

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suddenly noticed the people around us and felt so ashamed. What have I done? I think they must have realized it was actually the prince. I heard some murmuring.

“Are you two done? Can I open my eyes?” I heard a little voice. It was Anna. She had her little palms

on her face. I blushed.

“Let’s get out of here” Adam spoke coldly.


“I’m sorry for what happened back there”

I decided to break the dead silence that enveloped the car on our way back. It had been unusually quiet, Anna was asleep on my thighs. I felt uncomfortable in the awkwardness.

“I think I owe you all the apologies. I’m sorry. I lost my mind” Adam replied. Although I felt bad that he apologized. What if it had happened? How does it feel? With those sensual lips of his. I absentmindedly traced a finger on my lips.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, where’s your family? You never mentioned anything about them. And that night I found you alone on the street? What happened? Are you related to Mirabelle?” He asked thousands of questions. I couldn’t blame him. Anyone would’ve been curious too.

Sadness suddenly washed through my heart and tears threatened to fall off.

“I don’t have any family. My parents are dead. Mirabelle…is my cousin” I answered after a while and he looked shocked.

“I’m sorry. But…why haven’t I seen you before? My parents once forced me to pay her mother and her a visit…but I don’t remember hearing anything about you”

I managed a sad smile to hide how hurt I was. But my tears weren’t co-operating as my eyes were filled up. I narrated to him all I could remember until that night he found me.

“I can’t believe they’re that cruel. I don’t imagine getting married to such a person. I knew Mirabelle acts so crazily but I never thought she could be evil too. Even her mother who pretends to be perfect before my parents” his face held so much anger and pity.
“I’m sorry, Crystal”

“I’ve lived all my life hiding behind shadows. The shadows of my aunt and cousin. The world thinks I’m dead” I said between sobs.

“And to think your parents were actually rich. You weren’t supposed to end up like this, Crystal. Don’t worry, I’ll make them return what is meant to be yours by right”

“Don’t bother. They can have it all. I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore. I just want to be myself once again and have peace” I replied and he turned to stare at me in disbelief.

“You don’t mean it. Listen, Crystal you’ll have everything back, I promise. Wait a second, do you know why my parents chose Mirabelle for me?” He paused before continuing. I couldn’t deny I was curious to know.

“They chose her because they think she and her mother are one of the wealthiest family in Madora. As it is the tradition, the crown prince is only allowed to marry a princess or a lady from a very wealthy family.

My parents never knew that you’re still alive because when your parents died, everyone was made to believe that their daughter died from shock too shortly after and your aunt and cousin claimed everything” he explained. Oh I see now. Aunt Linda and Mirabelle were more treacherous than I ever thought.

“Thank you so much for the information, my Lord. Can this discussion stay a secret between us please?”

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“Of course, I don’t even plan on saying anything to anyone. It’ll be a secret until the right time comes for me to help you. And forget about formality when we’re alone. It’s Adam” he replied with a gentle smile which erased all the bitterness in my heart.

“Okay, My Lor…Adam” I blinked nervously.


The huge palace gate stood proudly before us and the car pulled in and stopped in the parking lot. Anna was already awake and we were chatting away as we walked hand in hand into the palace with Adam behind us.

Once inside, we were greeted with the questioning and angry faces of the king and queen. The queen had sharp eyes as she stared at me hatefully. I almost missed a step as I trembled and we walked closer. I wondered what I’d done this time.

“Good evening father, mother”

“Good evening, my Lord and Lady”

We all greeted at the same time and I curtsied.

“Now tell me when you started this nonsense with this shameless maid, Adam!”

“I’m so disappointed!”

Some pictures were revealed in front of us and I froze. I suddenly felt cold. Pictures of me and Adam in a passionate and romantic position back at the amusement park were before us. I was speechless and almost melted. How did I get this on myself? I’m dead!




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