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Crystal Episode 5

❄️ Crystal ❄️
The next day, I woke up very early. I had my bath and sli-pped into my own uniform like each servant in the castle. Someone must’ve dropped it by since it was the rule here. I had no problem with it.
It was blue with pink patterns. I brushed my brown hair and tied them in a bun then stood before the full length mirror and for the first time in a long while, I admired the clothing I had on unlike the rags my aunt and cousin make me wear.
Having lost my parents at the age of ten, I was left in the hands of Aunt Linda who was the only family I had left since my parents never mentioned anything about other relations and no other person showed up. She was my mother’s sister. At least that’s what I was made to believe. I lost them 9years ago, so I’m 19 now.
Before they died, I used to have everything at my beck and call. My parents were wealthy. They had lots of companies over and beyond the country, so you could imagine how much that is. I was only ten, I knew nothing. Aunt Linda showed up with her daughter and claimed all that. She even had to sell some of the companies.
You know the hurtful [email protected] of it? She made every person believe that I died from shock when I heard about my parents death, so I was dead to the world! What could a ten year old child do against her? I was voiceless! I was turned into a slave.
She refused to have any servant because she didn’t want anyone to know I wasn’t dead. Infact I was st©pped from going in contact with people, I never left the house. I was always inside working my bones out. I never fed properly. Whenever they had a visitor, I was made to put on a mask and pretend to be the housemaid. I was really dead to the world. I st©pped existing.
That was it, until that evening I was pushed out. That day, they weren’t at home when a couple visited the house. The lady was very curious to know who I was and why I always had a mask on despite her husband tried convincing her to let them leave since whom they sought for wasn’t in.
“Come, my dear. Let me see what pretty face hides behind the mask” she spoke so softly and before I could protest and rush in, she pu-ll-ed off my mask.
Pffft! Off it went and my face [email protected]£ into view.
“Crystal!…. she’s alive!” The couple were bewildered. They were very shocked and before I could say anything, aunt Linda and her daughter returned to find the unexpected scene.
“I can’t believe you’re evil, Linda. How long did you plan on hiding her from the world?” The lady yelled with disgust.
“I can’t believe it! Let’s get out of here, Courtney” her husband said and the couple left.
Aunt Linda [email protected] me [email protected] and they pushed me out. I was pushed out of the house I had gotten used to, a house which held old memories of my parents. I was lost, I knew no where. I just wandered until when it got dark and I fell into the hands of those men who would’ve hurt me if he hadn’t showed up.
I bounced back to reality. I didn’t want to get late and get on the Queen’s bad side again so I hurriedly walked out and headed to the castle. The royal family were just about to have breakfast. I greeted with curtsey.
“I want Miss Crystal to join us here” Anna suddenly said and everyone was surprised. All eyes snapped towards me and I almost melted. I never wanted this. I just finished having breakfast.
“Are you okay, princess? She’s only but a maid. Maids don’t dine with royalties. Just focus on your food” the queen spoke and Anna’s face fell. She rose up from her seat and walked towards me.
“Why are you leaving, Anna? You’ve not eaten” her father asked.
“I lost appetite, father. I’ll eat only if Miss Crystal sits with us” Anna replied and held my hands in hers, urging us to leave.
“Why are you doing this, my princess? I’m very full right now and I don’t appreciate you doing this” I tried to talk to her but she stared at me with sad eyes.
“You don’t want to come with me, Miss Crystal? I guess I’ll leave alone then” she let go of me and I could see tears trying to escape her eyes as she turned to leave. I felt so bad. But why does she have to do this?
“Fine then! Fine Anna. She’ll dine with us henceforth if that’s your wish” I heard the queen said and Anna turned back to face her, her face lighting up. I could feel the Queen’s sharp eyes on my skin. I imagined how much she would hate me now. I knew she said it because she had no choice.
Anna held my hands in hers and led me to sit beside her in the dinning table. I never imagined this. I carefully avoided the queen’s gaze as I faced the food in front of me. It looked rich and delicious. Then my eyes landed on the person sitting opposite me. He was quiet as he ate abs£ntmindedly. Once, his eyes locked with mine and he gave me a gentle smile that s£nt warmth to my being.
It was silent as everyone ate, with the few maids that were nearby [email protected] whatever any of them demanded. I was feeling so nervous with all the piercing glares that was s£nt at me.
Towards evening, the little princess and I took a walk around the flower garden as she showed me several flowers. They were really beautiful. We each held red roses as we walked. We talked and giggled, she was really fun to be with.
She talked like she wasn’t her age, she was quite s-en-sitive. We were like lost friends who reunited despite the age difference between us. She was my first little friend, I must say.
“Hello, my cute angel” a very familiar voice suddenly called from behind us. I recognize that voice! No….no…. it can’t be!
“Miss Mirabelle! Good day” Anna said. From Anna’s voice, I could s-en-se she wasn’t too happy to see her.
That voice! That name! Very familiar. Then I turned a little to peek. What?! My fears were confirmed. That face! How could I ever forget her? It’s she! Aunt Linda’s daughter, my cousin.
What’s she doing here? Could it be… several thought ran throu-gh my mind as I tried to hide my face from her. I remembered the queen made mention her name yesterday. I never knew it was actually this Mirabelle!
So she’s actually the Prince’s bride to be? How come I never knew? How could she and her mother hide it from me like that? Just why? Well, it’s not like I even care. But… what’s this uneasiness I feel inside?
“Come give me a hvg, princess” she called out to Anna who just continued to stand unmoved on the same sp©t.
“I’m sorry, Miss Mirabelle I don’t hvg strangers” she replied in that soft babyish voice of hers.
“Stranger? You and I know very well I’m not one. Infact I’m alre-ady [email protected] of this royal family. Don’t you get it? I’m getting married to your brother. It’s about time you changed this attitude of yours and get used to seeing me as a family. You’ve never hvgged me before, you always have this excuse. So, sweet heart come here”
“It’s such a pity, I would never see you as one. My brother told me he doesn’t…. what’s that word he used? Hmm” she thought for a while before continuing “yes! It’s Love. He said he doesn’t love you. And me, I love my brother. I love only the people he loves.
So I don’t love you too, Miss Mirabelle” she replied, crossing her arms over her che-st like a grown up. I almost chuckled but held my peace. You could imagine the terrible look on Mirabelle’s face right now.
“I wonder who feeds you with so much words. You don’t talk like your age. And about your brother, he may only be lying. He actually does love me”
“You can ask him yourself if you don’t believe me. But Miss Mirabelle? Why do you paint your face so much? It’s scary!”
I couldn’t help it as I bur-st into laughter.
Crystal! You’re so dead. I suddenly realized what I’d done.
“What?! How dare you, this filthy maid have the effrontery to laugh when nobles are talking? What are you even laughing at? Come on, face me!” She yelled and pu-ll-ed me by my hair to face her. Immediately she saw me, she looked so shocked.
“You?! Crystal? How did you get here? What’re you doing here?”
“Oh, you know Miss Crystal? She’s actually my new found friend now and I really love her like roses” that was Anna. Mirabelle stared at me disgustingly.
“Hell no, princess. You actually don’t know her. She’s really evil. You better get her out of here”
“She’s evil? Oh really are you?” Anna turned to ask me.
“No, I’m not. If there’s any evil person here, it should be the other way round” I couldn’t help it anymore. I really had to speak. I knew Mirabelle never expected me to say anything in self defense as usual but I really had to surprise her although i had no idea where I got all the nerve from.
plea-se LIke My PAge #fiction world FOr MOre STories
“How dare you!” Mirabelle raised her hand to [email protected] me and I shut my eyes, re-ady for the impact. But I felt nothing. It never [email protected]£.
I opened my eyes to a shocking sight. Mirabelle’s hand was held halfway by…Adam. I didn’t know when he entered.
“You have no right to [email protected] anyone here” he said coldly before letting go of her. The look in her eyes were that of shock.
“Really? Adam? I’m your wife remember? How could you defend a mere slave? Or do you have anything to do with this bit-ch?!”
“Wife? I don’t remember having one yet. I have nothing hideous to do with any maid here and you would mind the words you blurt out, okay?”
Mirabelle’s face turned so hurt but I could see she managed to suppress her anger as she went close to Adam and hvgged him.
“St©p fighting with me, honey. We can always talk this out” She tried to k!sshim but he pu-ll-ed her back by her shoulders.
“Get your self some respect, Mirabelle and st©p acting so cheap!” He turned towards Anna and i, leading us away from her.
“Am I not beautiful enough, Adam? Am the most beautiful woman in Madora and fit for only a prince! I’ll be right here waiting for you, sweetheart…”
She kept on yelling across while we left. I never knew Mirabelle could be this shameless. Now that she knows I’m here in this palace, I knew I’m not safe anymore.

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