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Crystal Episode 13 & 14

❄️ Crystal ❄️
“Anna plea-se open the door”
Adam knocked softly. He could hear her sobs. But she wouldn’t listen to him.
“Okay, you know what. I’m going back to Crystal to tell her you don’t want to come”
He [email protected] finished when the door was pu-ll-ed open and Anna appeared with red puffy eyes and disheveled hair.
“Miss Crystal? Where’s she?”
“Won’t you let me in first?”
“No! Speak first” she crossed her arms over her che-st like a grown up. He almost chuckled at her childish look.
“Okay, fine. I don’t want anyone to hear about it, come let me whisper”
He leaned close to her ears and whispered softly. Her eyes popped up in surprise.
“Just hold on, I’ll go get dressed!” She said excitedly. He couldn’t believe she was the same one crying just now.
“Miss Crystal!”
Anna squealed on sighting me as she entered with Adam.
“Princess…” I opened my arms and received her warmly. Her hair were packed in two fine ponytails.
“I’ve missed you, Miss Crystal” she said as we pu-ll-ed [email protected]
“I missed you more, Anna. I really missed you. I’m sorry for everything. But I never did pushed Mirabelle”
“I believe you, Miss Crystal”
“Who cares for some cookies?” Diane interrupted as she entered. I rolled my eyes at her.
“Me!” Anna squealed excitedly.
“Okay, I bet you’ll be the only one to have them, come with me” She rolled her eyes back at me and took Anna’s hand in hers as she led her out.
“Me too, Diane!!” Adam and I said simultaneously and hurried after them.
Later, a message popped in Adam’s phone from an unknown number and he stepped out of the house after promising to return soon.
“If you want to find out secrets about Mirabelle and her mother, come meet me in this address I’ll s£nd you. And come alone”
“Miss Crystal, I guess you haven’t been to the Seven Hills of Madora before. Why don’t we go on this adventure now that Adam is away? I bet you’ll love it” Anna said sometime after Adam left. Wasn’t this a good idea? I’ve been caged in here all day like a bird. Hmph!
“What if he comes back before we do?” I asked.
“Seven Hills is not far from here, see”
Anna showed me a map. She was too clever for her age, I was impressed.
“Sure then. Are you coming along, Diane?” I turned to Diane who was fli-pping throu-gh the pages of a book. She sure loves books. That’s the only thing she does aside from cooking and talking with me.
“No, I’ll stay back and finish off this book. It’s too interesting. But, Crystal. Don’t you think it’s dangerous for both of you to go out there?”
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“That’s why we choose to go in disguise. Right Miss Crystal?” Anna cut in.
“Huh-huh!” I nodded. I never even thought about that.
“plea-se come along, Miss Diane. plea-se!” Anna pleaded and Diane sighed and shut her book in defeat.
“Fine. Let’s get dressed” she replied and Anna hvgged her excitedly.
The three of us walked out of the house, dressed in disguise. We had on jeans and jackets with black boots. Each of us had big sunhats on our heads. Diane suggested we smeared paints on our faces but Anna and I refused. You had to see how funny we looked. We were sure we wouldn’t easily be recognized.
Once we got outside, we hadn’t walked far when a black car blocked us and hvge men [email protected]£ out and seized each of us before pushing us into the car. Anna cried as she held me ti-ght, the car sped off.
Adam walked into what seemed like an abandoned building. It was as quiet as a graveyard, he was very sure he was at the right address.
He heard a loud thud behind him and suddenly turned, holding up his fists for a fight. But no one was there.
He heard a loud laughter.
“Show yourself!” He commanded.
The men all had black masks on and were so scary. They had left us here in this room after a long drive. We were in an unknown place, in an unfamiliar room.
My mind keep screaming “We have been kidnapped! We have been kidnapped!”
I wondered who these men are and what they wanted. How could our adventure turn out this way? How dare they imprison us in this room? We’ve been here for about 3 hours. Who is really after my life? Just a week ago, Adam and I were attacked.
Now I’ve been kidnapped with Anna and Diane. None of us could say anything because ourl-ips were sealed, our hands and legs bonded by ropes.
My heart broke on seeing Anna. She was obviously in pain. Tears kept cascading down her face as she stared back at me. I really needed to t©uçh her but it wasn’t going to be easy wringling out of these ropes.
Diane stared back at me with no single trace of fear in her eyes. She just gave me a [email protected] look. I felt bad that she had to be in this trouble because of us.
Then the door finally opened and five people entered the room, two ladies and three men, the men had masks on.
I was very shocked to find my worst nightmare in front of me.
You really want to know who my worst nightmares are? Aunt Linda and Mirabelle.
“We meet again, sweet cousin!” Mirabelle squatted in front of me and signalled for the men to unseal ourl-ips.
“Miss Mirabelle?”
I heard Anna scream in shock immediately ourl-ips were unsealed.
“Surprised?” She win-ked at Anna mockingly.
“I’ll have to marry Adam now, and no one can st©p me, not even you, this little thing!. You’ll surely die with your beloved Crystal” She yelled at Anna hatefully. Anna [email protected] in shock.
So, that was all this is all about?
“You’re really shameless and pathetic. I’ve re-ad books about people like you and you know what happens to them at the end, they die miserably. Yours would be worse than a miserable death” Diane sh0t at her.
A [email protected] flew to Diane’s face and she spat out blood.
“I hate your nerves! I’ll teach you how to hold your ton-gue when you’re not in the midst of your equals. Wh!pher until death!” Aunt Linda spoke for the first time, commanding the men.
Two of them took wh!ps and approached Diane and started wh!pping her.
Swish! Swoosh!
Her skin broke and blood rushed out. Still she didn’t cry. Anna began to cry instead. Mirabelle walked up to Anna and brou-ght out a syringe. She f0rç£fully took her arm and injected something. Then slowly, Anna went unconscious.
“Fall into a fitful sleep and don’t disturb us”
“Aunt Linda, I beg you to let go of my friends since they have nothing to do with this. Kill me instead” I cried on behalf of Diane.
Mirabelle and her mother broke into evil laughter.
“Sorry, we have better plans for you. We have surprises for you too which you would take with you to the other world when we’re throu-gh with you”
“Come with me now,” a man suddenly appeared behind him. He recognized his voice. He remembered seeing him somewhere. Wasn’t he the one he saw Mirabelle with at [email protected] Rock h0tels? He also helped them in that fight with those men. He was handsome, his long black hair falling on his shoulder.
Adam followed quietly and they walked into the abandoned looking building wordlessly.
Adam was surprised because inside the building was an entirely different world. It was very stately and luxurious. He guessed outside the building was just a facade.
“I’m Drake” he said simply after they had taken their seats.
“Why did you save us that day?”
“Because I want to help you. I’m Mirabelle’s ex. I know so many things about them which no one knows”
“I’m surprised. Why would you be with that monster if you’re not evil yourself?” Adam asked.
Drake chuckled lightly.
“I don’t love her. I only deceived her into believing I do” he revealed.
“Mirabelle and her mother are no people to be defeated easily. That’s why I had to get close enough to them to know their secrets. They’re murderers. They s£nt @[email protected] to murder my parents right before me. I had only managed to escape then. I was 15″
I ran far away from them and was trained as an @[email protected] I was there for 10 years before I went back to Mirabelle and her mother, after un-dergoing a plastic surgery. They think I’m someone else, but they have no idea I’m the same Drake, waiting for the perfect time to strike”
That child she was carrying was supposed to be mine but she wants to use that into blackmailing you. She lost it the day she fell from a flight of staircase, here. Listen to the recording. I recorded some of our conversations without her knowledge” He handed Adam a recorder.
“Yes? What do you want here, Drake? I thought we ended everything the last time? How did you even gain entrance into this place?”
He chuckled.
“That is to show I’m always two steps ahead of you. I know all your thoughts before you can even think of ma-king a move, so you have no idea who you’re dealing with”
“Look, Drake. This is no longer funny. What do you want? Just name your price so that you can get out! I don’t want anyone seeing me with you anymore. I’m the Prince’s wife now”
“Oh really? Listen, Mira. I have so many secrets about you and you wouldn’t want me to re-lease them, do you? I can destroy you at the snap of my f!ngers. I can ruin you for shattering my heart. Do you get it?!”
“Let go, you beast! I’m carrying the prince child and you should accord me the respect I deserve”
“The Prince’s child?”
“You and I know very well that that child is mine! Oh? So you planned on blackmailing him into marrying you with that?”
“Shhh! Keep your voice low, Drake. You don’t want this to get out, do you?”
“I’ll be glad to let out every piece of it, you cheat! I just [email protected]£ to warn you, you better have a rethink or you’ll live the rest of your life miserably”
“Wait, Drake! Drake…”
A crashing sound was heard.
“You just fell?”
“That’s how much my shattered heart hurts right now”
“Help Drake! I… I’m bleeding!”
“You’re bleeding? That’s how much my shattered heart bleeds. You know what? I just want you to go to hell and rot”
The recording st©pped.
Adam’sl-ips curled up in a smile.
“It’s unbelievable! You’re that smart”
“I have many more recordings which even your parents wouldn’t help but believe she’s not whom she seems to be”
“Thank you so much, Drake. It’ll be great watching those monsters helpless”
Also, Drake steals from people. He steals from Peter to pay Paul. He was a Robinhood, [email protected] from being a dangerous @[email protected] who could even defeat 10 other men in the blink of an eye.
He didn’t want to kill Mirabelle and her mother yet because he wanted them to suffer, they would go throu-gh the same pain he went throu-gh when they killed his parents.
Aunt Linda commanded the men who were wh!pping Diane whose skin was bruised and spilling blood. I flin-ched at the pitiful sight.
Mirabelle and her mother were surprised at how strong she was. Her eyes were red from de-ep pain, but not a tear, not even a single tear rolled from her eyes. She didn’t even scream in pain, although she would only wince sometimes.
“Why do you hate me so much?” I suddenly asked.
“Why I hate you? I guess you don’t know the story. Let me tell you everything”
“Linda and Tora were friends in highschool. Then they fell in love with Morrison. Linda was so pained since Morrison had eyes only for Tora.
Those two friends [email protected]£ enemies. Linda nursed a bitter feeling towards Tora. Some years later, Tora and Morrison got married. Linda married someone else whom she didn’t love.
She hated her husband so much that she killed him after having a daughter. Then she plotted towards Tora and Morrison and they had an accident which claimed their lives, leaving behind their poor daughter”
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“Linda took the chance and resurfaced with her daughter, claiming hold of everything Morrison and Tora had. Their daughter [email protected]£ her slave.
Like fate was repeating the same game, Linda’s daughter and the Morrison’s daughter had to love the same man again. And you think Linda’s daughter would fail this time around? Of course not! She would win and the Morrison’s daughter would go and join her parents after Linda is done with her”
She finished her long narration and I was confused for a while.
“What has that got to do with me?”
“I thought you were smart, you should be able to un-derstand the story” she said maliciously.
Oh? What? She killed my parents?
“You mean you were never my mother’s sister? You were just her friend? You lied to me!” I yelled in anger. To think I was calling her ‘aunt’ all these while?
“Yes, that’s the bitter truth, sweetheart”
Mirabelle cut in with an evil smile.
She brou-ght out a long list and showed it to me. Cold sweats ran down my face as I stared at it. There were so many names and my parents’ were there too.
“We kill so many people and write their names on this list. Do you ever wonder what happened to that traitor, Tricia who betrayed us? She died. We killed her! Here’s her name” she pointed out. I was shocked.
“And you’re the next on our list!” Her mother finished.
“Let’s begin the torture. Bring me that h0t steel. Let’s burn her skin first” she called out to a man who immediately brou-ght a h0t iron rod which looked like it had [email protected] throu-gh fire.
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