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crush to crash 2 episode 5 & 6


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

One early morning, Aba confronted me in anger.

Meshac, as we all can see, you are more than fit, so tell me when exactly you are leaving this house. She inquired.

Aba please give me some more time. I currently don’t have anywhere to go. Please understand me. I pleaded.

Does that mean you are going to stay in this house as a handicapped person and watch my siblings and I farm morning and afternoon to feed a grown up man like you? She unhappily asked.

Aba, you and I know I can’t go out to the farm with you. People might see me, and that will impose danger on my life. I responded calmly.

Whatever Meshac! I give you four weeks, just four weeks to leave this house. Aba cautioned on top of her voice.

Aba, what is it again? What at all do you want from my fiance? Are you the only person working on the farm to feed him? Esi came into the scene unhappily.

You heard me Esi, I can’t live in this house with this gold digger! Aba yelled and walked out us.

Mesh, I’m very sorry for all these, please forgive me. Esi apologized.

Esi, I am so confused. I don’t know where to go from here. My life is in a total mess. I responded almost in tears.

Don’t worry Mesh, I have plans for you.
You know I am the first child of my parents, and as such, my parents properties have been handed to me by the family to take care of. I have all the doc-uments to the lands, and I have decided to sell portions of it to enroll you in the university.
After school, we can go ahead and marry. Esi suggested.

This news is more than good. Esi, I can’t believe my ears. What have I done to deserve this kindness from you?
Thanks a million folds, but please, find it in your kindest heart to forgive me for all the pains I’ve caused you.

I hold nothing against you my love. I know the fault was from my parents. What matters is that, we are back for good. Esi responded.

But Esi, how am I going to stay in this house till next year when Aba is on my neck? We have two more months to enter next year. I worriedly asked.

I have talked to a buyer of the land. So I will sell it to him tomorrow, and give you money to go to the city to rent a room, where you will stay till you get admission into the school. Esi responded.

Wow! This calls for [email protected] I screamed out loud in happiness.
I couldn’t hide my joy. I hugged Esi so tight.

My nieces where are you all? I can hear a man’s voice in this house. Who is that person. I heard Esi’s uncle talking whiles entering the house.

I hurried into the kitchen and hid there.

Esi quickly met him and welcomed him.

Welcome uncle. Esi said in a trembling voice.

Esi, why are you welcoming me alone? Can’t you see I am here with a visitor? Her uncle scolded.

I’m sorry uncle.
Welcome to our house Mr Asum. Esi responded fearfully.

Instantly, my eyes were filled with tears.
God, you should have told me today is my last day on earth. You should have told me my sins will catch up with me today. I prayed silently in tears.

Esi, I heard a man’s voice in this compound. Her uncle said.

No uncle, I was the one rehearsing my voice for tomorrow’s choir practice. Esi lied.

I see. Anyway, I brought you this fowl for the pending Christmas [email protected] Rear it till it becomes big. Her uncle stated happily and began walking towards the kitchen.

Uncle, where are you going to? Esi panicky asked.

The kitchen of course. I am going to tie the fowl there for you. He responded.

No uncle! I mean yes uncle!
Eeeerrrrmmm uncle, no! I can do it myself. Esi fabled with words.

Esi are you OK? What are you hiding? He asked suspiciously.

I began sweating profusely.
Not again God. Please save my soul. I soliloquised.

Uncle please, don’t go to the kitchen. I have kept my underwears there, and I don’t want you to see them. Esi pleaded almost in tears.

Esi, what kind of stupid excuse is that? Your uncle brought you a fowl, and the only thing you can do is to humiliate him before me? Mr Asum cut in angrily.

Ato, give me the fowl and let tie it in the kitchen for them. If she is a woman, she should stop me. Mr Asum stated and took away the fowl from uncle Ato.

He then began walking towards the kitchen.

Esi instantly burst into tears of plea.

This is the day! Yes, this is the day of the masculine beatings that will take me to death. I thought in tears.


From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽

This is the day! Yes, this is the day of the masculine beatings that will take me to death. I thought in tears.

I tried my best to hide behind the cooking utensils. Unfortunately, I sl!pped and fell heavily on the floor.

Hey, Meshac! So this is where you’ve been hiding all these while? I swear to deal with you today! Mr Asum screamed and gripped me firmly.

I struggled to flee, but uncle Ato hurriedly joined him to beat me up.

They gave me merciless beatings till I could breathe no more.

Please stop it! Uncle Ato don’t kill him!
OK, I promise to accept Mr Asum’s marriage proposal if you leave him. Esi screamed in tears.

Instantly, they slowed down with the beatings.

Esi, are you very sure of what you’ve just said? Uncle Ato asked.

Yes uncle. Let him go, and I promise to marry your friend. Esi answered.

Asum please leave him and let’s focus on your mission.
Finally, Esi has agreed to marry you. Uncle Ato stated and tried to free me from Mr Asum’s hands.

No Ato, this boy has caused me so much pain, and even if I won’t kill him, I want to hand him over to the police to deal with him. Mr Asum insisted.

No Mr Asum, you can’t do such a thing! If you hand him over to the police, this marriage won’t happen! Esi threatened.

Well then, I will leave him, but make sure he leaves this house this very minute. Mr Asum stated and released me from his grip.

Mr Asum, as you can see, he is weak. He is bleeding profusely, and I can’t watch him die. I promise to walk him out of this house when he gets better. Esi pleaded.

No Esi, I give him just tomorrow to leave this house. Mr Asum responded and walked out of the house.

Esi and her little sister, Kukua, helped me to the room.
I felt weak and dizzy.

God, it is simply not easy to sin. What a painful reward! I thought in tears.

Esi nursed my wounds till the following day.
Around 10am, when Esi’s siblings had left for the farm, Mr Asum stormed the house again.

Esi, I am here with the police to take this useless boy away! He stated angrily.

Oh Mr Asum, I thought we are done with this topic. Meshac is still sick, and I can’t watch him leave here. Esi pleaded in tears.

Esi, who in God’s name is Meshac to you? I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking? He asked.

No please. Meshac is a friend and a brother. Esi denounced me to save the situation.

Are you sure about that? If yes, then I want us to make love right here in his pres£nce to seal our marriage plans.
If not, I will just call the police man to come and take him away. Mr Asum threatened.

Instantly, I felt a sharp pain through my heart.
Esi is headstrong, and I know she won’t fall for this nons£nse! I thought.

Mr Asum please, we can’t do this unless we are married. Please understand me. Esi pleaded.

Well then, let me call the police man to come and take him away. He will make sure Meshac rots in jail. He angrily stated and began walking out of the room.

No Mr Asum! Please come back! Please don’t call him! I will do it. Esi responded in tears.

I nearly screamed in pain, but I remembered I had to keep calm to avoid more problems, and also, to see what Esi was up to.

Mr Asum hurried back into the room and started smooching Esi.

No Mr Asum, we can’t do this here. Please let’s get into the kitchen. Esi pleaded.

No Esi, I ain’t moving an inch out of here. If not in this room, I won’t do it anywhere else. He responded harshly and started touching Esi again.

Esi responded to him in tears, and finally, succ-umbed to his request.
Mr Asum stripped her na-ked and started making love to her.

I crawled out of the room in tears and stayed behind the door.

They made love several minutes until Mr Asum finally walked out of the room.

Esi stayed in the room in tears.

Meshac, how does it feel to see another man on top of your woman? I hope you are feeling what I felt, few months back?
Well, I’d wanted to marry Esi, until I found out yesterday that, she is your fiancee. I have taken my pound of flesh, and I don’t need the marriage anymore. You can go ahead and marry her if you like. Mr Asum teased and walked out on me happily.

I still stayed outside in tears without uttering a word.

Esi finally gathered courage and walked out of the room to talk to me.

To be continued.

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