Cruel intentions Episode 9 & 10

-Chapter Nine-
‘’A manipulator avoids responsibilities for his own conduct by blaming others for causing it.’’
‘’We are leaving now you guys take care of yourselves. And I hope you have a great weekend,’’ Lucy says.
‘’Drive back safely,’’ I hvg her.
My friends and are driving back To Lusaka but I am staying behind with Jason.
He has booked us into a h0tel because he wants to spend some time with me.
We will be flying back home on Monday, I have texted my sister and told her that there’s been a change of plans. She just responded ‘’Okay’’ I am sure she must be fuming with rage where ever she is.
So to my surprise, Jason has been a perfect gentleman the entire afternoon I don’t even know what to make of his behavior today, maybe he has really changed and wants to make amends for his attitude.
‘’Earth to Wendy!’’ he cli-cks his f!ngersin my face.
I nervously smile, ‘’I still haven’t processed the fact that you are here, it still feels like a dream.’’
He cu-ps my face gently in his hands, ‘’the sooner you believe that I am here the better for us all.’’
‘’I am tired, I would like to rest a bit,’’ I say.
‘’Jacey will be here shortly, she will be driving us to the h0tel,’’ he responds.
True to his words, Jacey pu-lls up beside us a few minutes later and she rolls her window down.
‘’Hop in,’’ she says.
Jason gets in the front with his sister while I get in the back seat.
‘’Hey Jacey!’’ I politely say.
‘’Hi sister in law,’’ she mockingly replies.
‘’How are you?’’
‘’I am fine, you.’’
‘’Perfect. I am sure you had a great time with your friends,’’ she asks
‘’I did.’’
‘’I see.’’
‘’What are you going to be doing this evening?’’ Jason asks his sister.
‘’I met someone at the workshop earlier today and he asked me out for dinner.’’
‘’Hmh, guys tamwaba lazy,’’ Jason laughs.
‘’No strings attached, it’s just dinner,’’ she laughs.
‘’You just got here a few hours ago and alre-ady you are booked for the night.’’
She rolls her eyes, ‘’Just leave me alone.’’
‘’Okay,’’ he raises his hand in surrender and they bur-st out laughing.
These two are inseparable, they share the kind of bond I wish Wynita and I had.
‘’My crew and I will be having lunch tomorrow after the workshop, you and your girlfriend should join us,’’ she says.
‘’Fiancé,’’ he corrects her.
‘’Ooops!’’ she laughs.
I know she did that deliberately she is always trying to get on my nerves.
‘’We will join you.’’
‘’I didn’t carry any spare clothes,’’ I say.
‘I will give you one of my dresses, I carried more than enough clothes.’’
‘’Thank you.’’
‘’You seem to have gained some weight, I hope you will fit in my dress,’’ she says.
At this point I am boiling with rage if she says another thing against me I don’t think I will be able control myself.
‘’I have actually been telling her the same thing,’’ Jason responds.
‘’I think she nee-ds to hit the gym soon.’’
‘’ Enroll your sister in law in one of your clas-ses,’’ says Jason.
‘’I will.’’
They go on talking about me as if I am not in the car with them.
When we finally get to the h0tel, I step out slamming the car door ha-rd .
‘’And then?’’ Jason asks when he gets out of the car.
‘’You and your sister are being so disrespectful towards me,’’ I say.
‘’The fiancé is upset?’’ Jacey asks
‘’Imagine,’’ Jason cli-cks his ton-gue, ‘’ When we are only trying to help her.’’
‘’I don’t nee-d your help,’’ I yell.
‘’Fine,’’ Jason says.
We walk inside, Jacey makes her way to her room and Jason leads me to ours.
‘What was that about?’’ his eyes flash angrily.
‘’You and your sister were disrespecting me,’’ I sh0t back.
He silently stares at me for one long horrible moment.
‘’Do you know how ha-rd it has been for me to control my anger today?’’ he asks
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’You honestly thought I c@m£ all the way here to surprise you and your stupid friends?’’
‘’What is this about?’’
He locks the door and places the key on the table before he gr-abs a bottle of whiskey then he opens it and gulps down the whiskey too fast. After that he puts the bottle back on the table.
‘’Take off your clothes,’’ he says.
‘’Why?’’ I give him a questioning look.
I look at her and I feel a fli-cker of irritation. Wendy is really tempting me.
‘’I said take off your clothes,’’ I yell.
She doesn’t move nor does she respond.
I sh0t her one last look as a wave of anger rushes throu-gh me.
‘’I clearly asked you not to come to this place but you defiled my orders.’’
‘’Oh, this is about my trip here?’’ she asks.
‘’And as if that wasn’t enough, you come here and start flir-ting with different men.’’
‘’I didn’t flir-t with any men, I would never disrespect you like that.’’
‘’But you c@m£ even when I told you not too.’’
‘’I am sorry.’’
‘’Take you clothes off, I am not telling you again.’’
I see tears flooding her eyes as she slowly undresses, I will teach her a lesson she will remember all her life. I hate to be disrespected by someone beneath me and I will be damned if any woman of mine is going behave like a slut.
‘’I am sorry babe,’’ she says.
She is standing n-ked in front of me and tears are running down her face.
I eye her from head to toe admiring her perfect b©dy she has curves in the right places. I think she is perfect in every s-en-se though I feel she should lose some weight.
I love this woman with every fiber in my being & our lives could be perfect together if only she can adhere by my rules.
‘’Lie down on your stomach,’’ I order
She hesitates but eventually lies on the be-d.
Slowly lifting the whiskey bottle to my mouth, I take a de-ep gulp.
‘’I am only doing this because I love you Wendy and I don’t want you to go astray.’’
Placing the bottle back on the table, I unbuckle my belt hold it firmly in my hands.
For a moment there I just thought Jason wanted to S-xually punish me but he had other plans in his mind. I was totally unprepared when I felt a sting of leather swing across my ba-re shoulder and bu-tt.
‘’Aw!’’ I scream
‘’Shut up!’’ he yells
Before I can even process what is happening, he wh!ps me again this time ha-rder.
He continues to wh!pme while screaming at me, saying I disgraced him.
With every swing of his arm that holds the belt, I can feel the anger directed towards me.
‘’You nee-d to learn some respect for your future husband and your in-laws,’’ he yells.
As the belt continues to meet with my skin, I feel pain in every p@rt of my b©dy.
He wh!ps me for what seems like hours when I could have just been twenty minutes.
He hits every p@rt of my b©dy violently except my face.
When he finally st©ps, I curl up into a ball on the carpet and silently weep.
‘’You see what you made me do?’’ he yells at me.
-Chapter Ten-
‘’You can never save someone by letting them destroy you. That’s not love, its relational suicide. Save yourself instead. Get out while there’s still time.’’
I am curled up in a ball crying silently, I have never been treated like this before. I have always known that Jason is controlling and possessive but he over did it this time around.
I don’t think I can take any of his outbur-sts.
How can a man claim to love you this minute and treat you like trash the next? Maybe everyone is right, Jason will never change. Maybe I should leave now before it’s too late.
At the moment, Jason is not in the room with me, he left shortly after wh!pping me.
I ponder for ages what to do before eventually forcing myself to stand up.
I walk into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror surveying myself- my whole b©dy is bruised and covered in blood.
As a fresh set of tears stream my eyes, i turn the shower on and step in. I stand un-der the shower as the water runs down every inch of my b©dy c@r£ss!ngmy bruises.
I stay in the shower longer than I should before I turn off the water and step out.
Wra-pping myself in a towel, I stagger into the room.
Then I sit on the be-d for several minutes my head feeling disconnected from the rest of my b©dy.
Eventually I decide to lie down and rest, I am leaving this place first thing tomorrow morning.
‘’Jason!’’ Jacey exclaims. ‘’Hitting her is not the solution, I know she messed up but you shouldn’t have wh!pped her,’’ she says after I tell her about what I did to Wendy.
‘’My anger got the best of me and I lost control.’’
‘’You should have just walked away if you felt the anger building up in you,’’ she says.
‘’I know I should but I didn’t and now I feel so bad.’’
When I saw how bad I injured Wendy, I immediately regretted what I had done never have I ever reacted so violently towards her before, I don’t really un-derstand what c@m£ over me.
I left the room because I was ashamed of myself and I couldn’t stand to see her crying.
‘’And if Wendy is causing you so much stress, why don’t you don’t dump her?’’
‘’I love her.’’
‘’Your love for her will be the death of you,’’ she says shaking her head.
‘’What do you think I should do?’’
‘’Just give her time to calm down and then you can ask for forgiveness, she might be mad right now but I am sure she will eventually forgive you. You and I know that Wendy is a fool for you.’’
I laugh, ‘’that’s a mean thing to say.’’
‘’Seriously, I don’t even know why she clings on to you when you sometimes mistreat her.’’
‘’She loves me.’’
‘’Love is blind they said,’’ she laughs.
‘’Wait until you fall in love.’’
‘’Love isn’t for me,’’ she responds.
‘’Let’s wait and see.’’
‘’Whatever!’’ she shrugs. ‘’I hope you don’t resort to hitting her again, find a better way of resolving your issues. I would hate for you to turn out like our father.’’
I frown, ’don’t you ever compare me to that man.’’
‘’An apple doesn’t fall far from its tree,’’ she says.
I shoot her a serious look and then she bur-sts out laughing.
‘’Thank your lucky stars that you are my favorite human being.’’
‘’Oh plea-se,’’ she rolls her eyes. ‘’Just help me choose an outfit for my d@t£ tonight.’’
‘’Let’s see your t©p three and then we can choose one from those.’’
I am sitting in front of the mirror, trying to do my makeup and hair.
It’s almost six thirty & Mike will be here shortly so I have to be as fast as I can.
Mike and I have been talking a lot of late, I think it’s safe to say we are getting closer by the day though we haven’t made things official slow, I am happy with the pace at which we are moving.
I can’t say I am in love with Mike but I like him and I enjoy talking to him and spending time with him.
When the knock sounds at the door, I alre-ady know who is there.
I quic-kly finish what I am doing before I stand and admire myself in the dress I am wearing.
Turning side to side, I am satisfied with my look the dress is a perfect fit it shows off my figure and every curve of my b©dy.
gr-abbing my purse, I head for the door. Sure enough Jason is standing in front of me, handsome and pres£ntable as usual in his suit.
‘’Beautiful,’’ he says eyeing me from head to toe.
I smile, ‘’Thank you.’’
‘’Shall we go?’’ he asks
He takes my hand in his and leads me to the car.
Opening the car door, I slid into my seat then he walks round to his seat and gets into the car as well.
Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
‘’I hope you are not nervous,’’ he says as he drives out of the drive way and points the car towards the main road.
‘’No I am not,’’ I respond.
Tonight I am meeting Mike’s sister, he has told me a bit about Vaniciah and from what he has said she is as kind as he is maybe even more. I hope she is truly as cool as he says she is, maybe I might find a friend in her.
On the drive to his sister’s house, Mike doesn’t say much and I also don’t bother engaging him in any conversations. He pu-lls up in front of her house about an hour later, then he steps out and opens the door for me and we walk towards the front door.
‘’Vee!’’ he calls out for her as he pushes the door and we walk in.
‘’I am in the kitchen,’’ she responds.
Mike leads me to the living room and asks me to feel at home before he walks to the kitchen.
I place my purse on the table before sitting down, her living room is brightly decorated this means she is a cool person. It’s easy for me to tell someone’s personality from the kind of décor in their house.
A minute later, Mike and his sister walk back into the living room and he introduces us.
‘’Lillie this is my sister Vaniciah aka Vee,’’ he says.
‘’And Vee this is Lillie.’’
‘’Hey!’’ I extend my hand towards her but she doesn’t shake it immediately.
For a moment, she looks pale and all the colour drains from her face, it’s as if she has seen a ghost.
‘’Are you okay?’’ Mike asks her.
‘’Yes,’’ she responds a little startled though.
‘’I have heard a lot about you Vee,’’ she f0rç£s a smile on her face before shaking my hand firmly.
‘’Don’t believe everything your brother says,’’ I respond.
Mike laughs, ‘’I have only told her nice things about you, my secrets are safe with you,’’ he wi-nks.
‘’Phew,’’ I laugh.
‘’Welcome to my house and plea-se feel at home,’’ she says before she seats on the couch across from mine. ‘’Dinner will be re-ady in a few minutes.’’
‘’I will set the table while you ladies get familiar with each other,’’ Mike says.
‘’Bro, you are goals,’’ Vee exclaims.
‘’I like your house.’’
‘’Thank you,’’ she responds. ‘’Your face looks familiar, I could swear I have seen you somewhere before I just don’t where,’’ she says.
My heart races but I try to be as calm as possible, ‘’Maybe Facebook.’’
‘’Do you have a sister who looks exactly like you though she is dark in completion and has a bald head.’’
‘’No!’’ I reply.
‘’You have an uncanny resemblance to a woman I saw on a television a few months ago.’’
I manage a weak smile,’’ She could be my sister from another mother.’’
‘’Yeah,’’ she laughs.
‘’Can you plea-se get me a glas-s of water?’’ I ask as way of ending this discussion.
‘’Sure,’’ she stands up and heads for the kitchen.
I sigh in relief before pu-lling my phone from my purse and s£nding a text.
‘’We nee-d to talk.’’