-Chapter Seven-





Saturday morning, i woke up in the wee hours of the morning, Lucy and the others were still fast asleep.

I got up and went to the bathroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth then I went for my morning run.

Last night I gave into temptation and texted Jason but he didn’t reply.

I also tried to call him but his phone took me straight to voice mail as usual.

I am really worried about the state of our relationship, as it is now I don’t know where I stand with Jason.

When we get back from Siavonga I will have to sit him down and air out my views.

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I am tired of feeling like I am the only one in this relationship.

Jason should know that for this to work, he should want it as much as I do.

I run for about twenty minutes before heading back home.

When I walk into the house, I find Sonia in the kitchen making coffee.


‘’Hey there.’’



‘’I am making some coffee, you want some?’’ she asks

‘’Nah!’’ I shake my head. ‘’Í will have some red bull after I bath.’’

She shoots me a serious look before she says, ‘’Red bull is—,’’

‘’Bad for my health?’’ I finish the sentence for her.

I am addicted to red bull- it gives me energy and helps me to function- sometimes I drink 2 to 3 cans of red bull per day, I only pretend to love coffee when I am with Jason because he hates it when I drink red bull.

‘’Where are the others?’’ I ask

‘’They are bathing.’’

‘’Okay, I will go and bath too.’’

‘’Josh called, he and his friends have started off already.’’

‘’We have to start off too.’’


I walk into the spare bedroom to find Amanda getting dressed Amanda is one of the girls we are going with.

‘’Morning,’’ I say as I undress.

‘’Morning,’’ she responds.

I walk into the bathroom and bath as fast as I can.

Almost an hour later when everyone is ready we pack our stuff in the trunk of the car.

Lucy and Sonia seat in the front seat, Lucy will be driving us.

Amanda, Becca and I seat in the back seat.

The drive to Siavonga is exciting, we play loud music and chat about random stuff, for a moment I forget my issues with Jason. We stopped on the way for gas and some snacks.

By 10:00 we were already in Siavonga- Sandy Beach to be precise.

We found an empty spot and set upa small tent where we placed out stuff.


Then we changed into our bathing suits and went running into the cold water.


12: 00, I close my laptop and grab my jacket. And then I put the laptop into my bag and sling it across my body, grabbing my keys I lock the office door behind me. I had such a crazy morning, right now I just need a cold beer and some good sex- I need to cool off, I know who will offer me the things that I seek.

As I walk towards my car, I pull out my phone and dial her number. She picks up almost immediately.


‘’I have just left work and I am driving to your place’’

‘’I was about to head out,’’ she says.

‘’And so?’’

‘’I will be waiting for you,’’ she responds.

‘’Now you are talking,’’ I smile knowing that even though she is upset, she would never defile my orders.

I drop the line after that and get into my car and drive off.

Almost an hour later, I pull up in her driveway then I park my car and step out.

‘’Bee!’’ I push the door open and walk in.

I meet Bee in the living room she is clad in a strapless white lace dress and on her feet is a pair of blacks. Her hair is flowing down and over her shoulders, she has applied some makeup but my main interest is the red lipstick on her lips, there nothing sexier than a woman’s mouth line in red lipstick.

She takes a step toward me and I hold her in my arms.

‘’I love it when you dress up for me,’’ I whisper in her ears.

‘’I know,’’ she replies.

‘’Would you like to have something to eat?’’ she asks. ‘’I cooked.’’

I laugh, ‘’you cooked?’’

‘’Yes,’’ she smilingly responds.

‘’Since when do you cook?’’

‘’I just wanted to surprise you.’’

‘’No offence, I don’t think I can eat anything cooked by you, just give me a cold beer and get ready for some action.’’

She gives me a cold look.


‘’The food tastes good, just try it.’’

‘’No thanks, I am good.’’

‘’Am I just good for sex?’’ she whines.

I give her a look that says. ‘’don’t start with your tantrums’’ and she walks to the kitchen.

She returns a minute later and hands me a bottle of castle lite.

‘’Is it opened?’’


‘’Thanks,’’ I say before I take a large sip.


After that, she walks behind me and begins to gently massage my shoulders.

As a pleasurable sensation sweeps through me, I close my eyes and lean my head back. She continues to massage even deeper and harder along my neck, shoulder and back.

After the massage, I feel more relaxed and less achy.

‘’Thank you for that wonderful massage Bee, you surely have magical hands,’’ I tease.

‘’Really?’’ she asks kneeling before me before proceeding to remove my shoes and socks.


‘’Does Wendy have magical hands too?’’ she asks.

‘’You are tripping.’’

‘’I am just asking.’’

‘’So that you do what?’’

‘’I am just trying to make comparisons, I just want to understand what she has that I don’t have.’’

Upset, I roughly grab the roots of her hair and pull her face close to mine.

‘’Wendy is not a whore and that’s what sets apart.’’

‘’That hurt,’’ she whines.

‘’Stop tripping already, you are turning me off,’’ I snap before roughly kissing her lips.

‘’Let’s take this to the bedroom,’’ I say while pulling away.

She rises to my feet and I am about to stand up too when my phone rings. Jacey’s name reflects on the screen.

‘’Baby girl!’’

‘’You won’t believe who I saw in Siavonga wrapped around in the arms of men,’’ she says.



‘’What?’’ my heart races, I had even forgotten about Wendy’s Siavonga trip is today.

‘’Are you sure it’s her?’’


‘’Did she see you.’’

‘’No but i asked someone to get me some photos and videos I will be sending them shortly.’’


‘’Should I confront her?’’

‘’No, I would like to handle this my own way.’’


I end the call and patiently wait for the photos which come in a few minutes later.

Indeed, it is Wendy and she seems excited playing around in water with a bunch of men, what makes this worse is that she is as good as naked. I didn’t think Wendy could disrespect me like this.

‘’Are you coming or not?’’ Bee asks

‘’I have to attend to some urgent matter, this will have to wait,’’ I respond.

‘’Like really?’’

‘’Don’t start with me Bee, just go in the bedroom, get naked and wait up for me like a good whore that you are.’’

I see tears flooding her eyes before she heads towards the bedroom.

I stare at the photos of Wendy and watch the videos over and over again before I decide to call her.

The phone rings and rings but she doesn’t pick up.

Now I am more than sure she is cheating on me.

‘’Bee! I have to leave now.’’

‘’What do you mean you have to leave?’’ she walks into the living room, naked this time around.

Her body is tempting but the matter at hand is more important.

I put on my shoes before I grab my car keys.

‘’I will make it up to you,’’ I say before walking out of the house.

I get into my car and drive off immediately, I will have to take the next available flight to Siavonga.



-Chapter Eight-


I met Jason about two years ago at a club where I was working as a striper.

He would come to the club once in a while with his friends to chill.

After some time, he hired me to be his personal striper and he would get dances only from me. We would have private sessions where we got to know each better.

I had never dated a client before Jason but with him, I felt a connection on a deeper level.

Three months later, Jason officially asked me out- he told me all about Wendy and his plan to marry her.

My duty in his life was to offer him sex and entertainment whenever he wanted – no strings attached.

Then he also asked me to quit being a striper because he didn’t want me to show off his goodies to anyone.

I accepted his offer because he offered to be paying me a huge sum of money every month.

True to his word, Jason has been taking good care of me, now I am able to travel or get myself anything and not have to worry about the cost. The money I was getting as a stripper wasn’t enough to carter for my bills, there was a point I had hit rock bottom broke and I had to count every coin I spent.


My relationship with Charles was supposed to be purely business but I made the mistake of falling in love with him. The money is good but I want more than that, I want his heart, I want to be the woman he wakes up to every single morning, I want to carry his last name and his children.

And over the past few months I have been doing my best to make him look at me in a different way but all my efforts have proven futile. He is bent on marrying Wendy, I wonder what that woman has that I don’t have. I can cook, I can wash and I can take care of all his needs, I bet I have more skill in the bedroom than Wendy. It’s quiet depressing that despite everything I do for him, Jason still sees a whore in me, even when I left that life for him, I have even started going to church so he can see that I have really changed.

I thought we were getting somewhere when he came over today but once more, he ditched me for Wendy, I stood by the door and eavesdropped on his conversation with his sister.


When it comes to Jason, I always come second best and it hurts but I can’t do a thing about it.

What’s crazy though is that even though he has someone else in his life, he is very controlling and possessive- he never wants to see me with anyone but himself.

Anyway, when Jason leaves, I quickly get dressed I am going to meet a man I have been talking to on Facebook for some weeks now I will hit Jason where it hurts the most.


The girls I had so much fun playing in the water, dancing and getting drunk.

I am not a heavy drinker but today is an exception, I know I have drunk more than I should but who cares, we only live once and once is enough if you have this much fun.

Lucy didn’t expect her boyfriend and his friend to show up, when they did, she was over the moon.

But she was more excited when Josh got down on his knees and asked for her hand in marriage.

She said yes almost immediately with tears running down her cheeks.

It’s amazing to see how much Josh loves Lucy a lot, he puts her before himself almost always and he goes out of his way to make her happy, now those are relationship goals.

I wish Jason could be this fun and tolerant too, I know there are times when he is really in a good mood and we get to spend some good time together but most times, he just orders me around.

Speaking of Jason, I kind of miss him I still can’t believe I came this far without his permission.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Sonia asks startling me from my thoughts.


‘’You looked like you are so deep in thoughts, your body is here but your mind is far from here,’’ she says handing me another bottle of beer, I feel like I have had a lot to drink but either way I get the bottle from her.

‘’I am okay.’’

‘’I know you.’’

I roll my eyes before I stand up, ‘’I need to call my sister, I will be back shortly.’’

I walk towards our small tent, I grab my bag and pull out my phone then I unlock it only to find over ten missed calls from Jason. My heart instantly races, Jason hasn’t called me in the past two days why would he be calling me today of all days when I am not even in Lusaka, what if he wants to see me, what do I do? Should I call him back? But what will I say he hates it when I miss any of his calls.

I am standing there, just staring at my phone and thinking of what to do when i feel strong hands wrap around my waist, the familiar scent of his expensive cologne hits my nose and without a doubt I know who it is. I feel my heart beat faster when I look behind confirming my worst fears.

We lock eyes and his expression is unreadable, his face is blank, devoid of any emotion whatsoever.

For a moment I feel like this is not real, it’s a figment of my imagination so I blink my eyes not certain at first of what I am seeing. I open them again and Jason is still standing in front of me.

‘’Hey Babes!” he says, this time around he has a huge smile on his face.

‘’Hey,’’ I respond, my heart still slamming hard against my chest.

‘’I see you came to Siavonga after all,’’ he says.

I decide not to answer him I don’t to worsen the situation.

‘’What are you doing here? What time did you get here?’’ I ask

He smiles, ‘’I drove my sister here for a workshop, I was roaming around this place when I spotted you.’’

‘’I am sorry.’’


‘’For coming here even when you told me not too.’’

‘’Come on babes,’’ he smiles. ‘That’s okay.’’

I give him a quizzical look.

‘’It’s really fine,’’ he leans in and gives me an assuring kiss.

‘’Hey Wendy, come over here and let’s have some fun, you are becoming boring now who’s that nigga talking to you, haven’t you told him that you are taken?’’ One of Joshua’s friends Carson calls out to me.

Carson has been hitting on me almost the whole time but I have been avoiding him and now that he is drunk he just can’t keep his mouth shut.

Jason holds my hand, ‘’Come on, let’s walk over to your friends so I can wish Lucy a happy birthday, I actually got her something.’’

‘’You did?’’


We walk over to where everyone else is sitting.

‘’Jason!’’ Lucy exclaims, Lucy likes Jason more than Sonia does.

‘’Happy Birthday darling,’’ Jason says before he hands her a small gift bag.

‘’Thank you!’’ she screams.

‘’You are welcome.’’

She flaunts the ring in his face, ‘’I just got engaged and that’s my fiancé,’’ she points at Josh.

‘’That is good news, we are dancing soon,’’ he laughs.

‘’Yes we are.’’

‘’Wendy didn’t say you were coming, this is a surprise.’’

‘’She didn’t know I was coming, I just wanted to surprise her.’’

‘’Aw! You are goals,’’ she smiles.

I introduce Jason to everyone else and just when he is about to leave, Lucy asks him to join us. And surprisingly he does, he grabs a bear and we sit down, he seems so excited to be around my friends, the same friends he never wants me to hang out with. I really don’t understand what’s going on.



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