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Cruel intentions Episode 5 & 6

-Chapter Five-
“’Are you okay?’’ Sonia asks. We are sitting across from one another at a table in the cafeteria.
I take a sip of my h0t coffee and frown, “No, i am not.”
“Yes,” i nod.
“What did you do now?” she asks
“When it comes to Jason, you always seem to be in the wrong.”
“I asked Jason for permission to go to Siavonga for Lucy’s birthday.”
“He said no.”
“As usual.”
I smile wryly before i narrate the events of the previous night.
“You mean he pinned you against the wall?” Her eyes wi-den in shock.
“Wendy?” she begins, “Jason is dangerous, you need to leave him before he starts hitting you,” she says.
“He wouldn’t hit me,” i respond casually.
“I think he would, with such a behavior, i think that man is capable of murder.”
I bur-st out laughing.
“It’s not even funny.”
“Murder? Don’t you think you are exaggerating the issue a bit?” i shoot her a questioning look.
“Whichever way you put it, you need to leave that man ASAP.”
“That man is my fiancé.”
“And then?”
“How do i just walk out on him? How do i walk out on what we have built? I think he is just stressed, he will change.”
“Can you even hear yourself?”
“I know Jason, he might appear tough but he is really gentle at heart.”
“Leave that man.”
“Okay! Let’s talk about something else,” i say trying to end the t©pic because I know she won’t st©p talking about it.
I really don’t think i am re-ady to walk out on Jason maybe we should try counseling or prayers.
“So you are not going to Siavonga?” she asks
“You just have to.”
“Jason won’t allow.”
“What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.” she sm-irks
“I have it all figured out.”
We engage in small happy talk as we continue eating our breakfast. In between bites of her burger, Pezo asks me, “So what next after the exams?” she asks
“I have been shortlisted for a job at vows Bridal.”
“That’s where you did your attachments right?”
“Vow’s bridal is a great company, i am happy for you.”
“Thank you.”
“I hope Jason won’t st©p you from working.”
“He wouldn’t.”
“I hope so.”
“Jason is not a monster.”
“I know but..,”
“plea-se let’s not talk about Jason,” i cut her short before she can finish her s£ntence.
When we finally finish eating, we stand up and leave the café. Sonia drives us back to school.
“So I saw on your status that you have plans of starting your own makeup line company,” i ask Lillie.
My sister persuaded me to ask her out on a second [email protected]£, we are dinning at a posh Italian restaurant in Kabulonga. As usual, Sophia looks absolutely beautiful. She is clad in a short purple dress that fits every curve on her b©dy. Her [email protected] are pu-ll-ed back into a bun and fastened with a ribbon. Her makeup is flawless.
“Yes” she says in her sultry voice. “I have actually been working on this for the past few months, we should be able to launch soon,” she responds.
“That’s amazing. So what sparked your interest in makeup?” i ask
“I love art,” she laughs “Make up for me isn’t about looking good, it is artistry & i love the possibilities of different looks that can be created throu-gh it.”
“I see,” i respond as i take a small bite from my plate.
“Tell me about Sarah,” she says as she swirls the contents of her [email protected]
“Sarah?” i glance up.
“Why Sarah?”
“I don’t know, i guess i am just curious.”
I pick up my drink and take a sip, “Where do i even start from?”
“How did you guys meet?”
I smile coyly as the flashback of when we first met on that beautiful evening floods throu-gh my mind.
“Sarah and i met a friend’s [email protected], i fell for her immediately but it took two years for us to actually start [email protected]!ng.”
“Why did you wait for two years?”
“She was seeing someone else.”
She laughs, “And you snatched her from him?”
“No,” i shake my head. “Sarah and i maintained close friendsh!pfor two years, we only got together after her b©yfri£ndbroke up with her.”
“And i wasn’t the reason her relationsh!pended, they just couldn’t work.”
“I see.”
“You must have loved this woman a lot for you to have waited that long,” she says with a wry grin.
“My life began when i met her. I loved that woman more than anything in my life. I would have given anything to have her pres£nt even for one minute.”
She gives me a sympathetic smile and squee-zes my hand lightly,” Sarah was a lucky woman and wherever she is, i am sure she is proud of the man you have become.”
“Thank you.”
“You are welcome.”
I pick my [email protected] of wine and sip then gulp. “Have you ever been in love?” i ask
She tenses a bit and i can tell that she isn’t really comfortable talking about her love life.
“You don’t have to tell me if you are not comfortable about it.”
She looks at me with a [email protected] look before she pours herself another [email protected] of wine then she takes two sips of her wine and begins to relax.
“I have been in love once,” she says.
“Love is a beautiful thing you know?” she smiles.
“I too would have given up everything for man i loved.”
“What happened to him?”
“It’s a long story.”
There is a brief silence and after a few seconds she clears her throat and says, “I loved him and i had no trouble coming to terms with that but i guess my love wasn’t enough.”
My eyes are drawn to hers as she speaks, i can see the sadness within her.
“I guess we are two broken people who need healing,” i give a weak smile.
“I guess so.”
The evening finally wra-ps up and i drive Lillie home. On our way back, Lillie is unusually quiet, i wonder what is running throu-gh her mind as she stares out of the window.
When we get to her house, i pu-ll up in front of her gate and step out i walk round to the [email protected]£nger seat and open the door for her before she steps out too.
“Thank you for tonight,” she says
“You are welcome.”
“We should do this again but next time i will choose the place and the bill will be on me.”
“Goodnight,” i lean in and k!ssher forehead.
She walks into the compound and i get back into my car and drive down the road that leads to my house.
I walk into the house, kick off my shoes and drop my handbag on the table. Then i walk into the kitchen and gr-ab myself a beer from the fridge. I open the beer and hurry it until it is almost finish.
The painful emotions i thought i had buried sweep throu-gh me and i sink to the floor as tears fall down my cheeks. The pain is still raw and talking about it today just opened up a lot of old wounds.
After lying on the floor for a few minutes, i rise to my feet and gr-ab my phone. I dial the number and it rings twice before the familiar voice booms in.
“Why are you calling? I thought we said no calling until the dust settles.”
“I don’t even know why i called i guess I needed someone to talk to.”
‘’You know this is risky right?’’
‘’I do.’’
“I don’t know if i can do this.”
“You are capable.”
“You are a strong woman you can do whatever you set your mind on.”
I am about to respond when i hear another voice on the other side.
“Who is that?” i ask
“A friend.”
‘’I have to go now.’’
“Goodbye Lillie and take good care of yourself.”
-Chapter Six-
I wake up early the next morning around five o’clock, the first thing I do is check my phone to see if there are any messages from Jason. My heart aches when there are no messages or missed calls from him.
I have left more than enough messages for him I am not about to put another one on his phone.
He will get in t©uçh when he is re-ady.
I walk into the bathroom, splash some water on my face and get dressed for my morning run.
The air stings my face as I run down the quiet street.
This is how I start most of my days, I run to keep my b©dy in shape Jason monitors my weight because he doesn’t want me to gain. He usually orders for me when we go out and reminds me of the things I am supposed to eat so I can maintain my current weight.
I run for almost an hour before I head back home, my first [email protected] this morning begins at nine.
I walk into the house to find Wynita preparing breakfast.
‘’Morning,’’ she greets.
‘’Hey,’’ I respond before heading to my room.
I enter the be-droom and quic-kly undress before ma-king my way to the bathroom.
I bath quic-kly before I step back into my room and get dressed for the day.
When I am finished, I gr-ab my back pack and walk out of the room.
‘’Breakfast is served,’’ Wynita says.
‘’Thank you.’’
I pour myself a cup of coffee before I sit next to her.
As we eat out breakfast, Wynita is unusually quiet I wonder what’s wrong with her because Wynita is never this quiet. Several minutes later, we finish having our breakfast and I clean the dishes before heading out for school.
At school, time goes by so slowly and by the time we finish with our lessons, I am exhausted.
Stepping out of the [email protected], I stare at my phone hoping to find something from Jason but there’s none, at this point am [email protected] pissed, I wonder why Jason can’t be man enough and apologize when he is wrong.
‘’Are you okay?’’ Sonia asks
‘’Yes,’’ I lie
‘’Are you set for tomorrow?’’
‘’I am not decided,’’ I responded.
‘’Lucy is getting engaged tomorrow, I am sure she will be disappointed if you are not there.’’
‘’I know.’’
‘’And then?’’
‘’Jason hasn’t communicated in the last two days and I am worried.’’
‘’You know Jason won’t reach out, he is obviously expecting you to make the first move.’’
‘’Maybe I should go to his house.’’
‘’Forget about Jason for now and let’s concentrate on tomorrow, you can apologize when you get back, after all what he doesn’t know won’t kill him.’’
I look at her for a minute trying to process what she is saying and I know that she is right. As long as I don’t make the first move Jason will be quiet, I could use this to my advantage.
‘’Let’s just go,’’ she pleads.
‘’Fine,’’ I respond.
‘’That’s my girl.’’
‘’I hope this doesn’t cost me my marriage.’’
‘’Chill,’’ she laughs.
We get into her car and she drives us to the mall where we buy a few things for tomorrow.
After that she drives me home and I pack everything i need for this trip.
We are all slee-ping at Sonia’s place the plan is to start off very early the next day.
Jacey slumps on the couch as she hands me a [email protected] of whiskey.
‘’Thank you I respond.’’
We just finished having dinner and now we want to watch a movie.
Jacey has her own place but she spends most of her time here with me, Jacey is not only my sister, she is my best friend too, I tell her everything and vice versa.
‘’What’s wrong?’’ she asks.
‘’You have been too quiet.’’
‘’Wendy,’’ I respond
She sighs,’’ What has she done again.’’
‘’The usual, you know Wendy never obeys my instructions.’’
‘’I have told you a number of times that you should leave that woman.’’
‘’You know I love her,’’ I say taking a sip from my [email protected] of whiskey.
‘’I have said it several times and I will say it again, you can do better.’’
‘’She is the one for me.’’
‘’You can do better,’’ she insists. ‘’There are so many good women out there who would do anything to be with you.’’
‘’I know I can have any woman I want but Wendy is wife material, she can cook and clean up unlike all these [email protected] plus she is humble and down to earth.’’
‘’You just want someone you can control,’’ she says.
She shrugs, ‘’Okay.’’
‘’I want to speed up the marriage process.’’
‘’There’s no use waiting any longer.’’
‘’How many months are we looking at?’’
‘’Three months.’’
‘’Isn’t that too soon?’’ she asks
‘’We can make it happen plus I don’t want something extravagant just a small inti-mate ceremony with close friends and family.’’
‘’I see.’’
‘’I want you to be in charge of planning the wedding.’’
‘’It would be an honor.’’
‘’I knew I could count on you.’’
‘’And Bee?’’ She asks.
‘’Bee knows I have a woman, plus she is well taken care of, I don’t expect her to cause any drama.’’
‘’If you say so.’’
‘’What time are you leaving for Siavonga tomorrow?’’ I ask
‘’I am leaving as early as possible.’’
‘’What time is the workshop?’’
‘’It starts at 10.’’
‘’You are going alone?’’
‘’Awe, I am going with my @ssistant and mum’s driver, I don’t feel like driving.’’
‘’You are one spoilt kid.’’
‘’Perks of being a last born,’’ she sticks her ton-gue out and I hit her pla-yful.
Jacey is traveling to Siavonga for a fitness training workshop she will be there till Wednesday next week.
‘’What do you want to watch?’’ she asks
‘’Anything with a bit of action in it,’’ I respond.
She gr-abs the remote and fli-ps to Netflix.
‘’The night comes for us looks like a good action movie,’’ she says.
‘’Let’s watch that same one.’’
As soon as the movie starts, Jacey pours herself a [email protected] of jui-ce before lying on the opposite couch.
Halfway throu-gh the movie, my phone [email protected] indicating a new message.
I glance down at the phone and notice that it is a message from Wendy telling me that she misses me a lot.
I quic-kly delete the message and switch of my phone then I place it back on the table.
I love Wendy a lot I want to commit to her and to have a future with her.
The only problem I have with her is that she disobeys my rules most of the times and that makes me really angry. As a man I feel it’s my duty to control every aspect of her life because I am the head and she is the tail, she has to respect and obey my rules for this to work perfectly.
I hope they will teach her all this before we get married because I will not condone a disrespectful wife
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