Cruel intentions Episode 41 & 42

-Chapter Forty One-
‘’Broken people break people.’’
Lillie walked into her house beaming with excitement she had managed to eliminate the second person on her list successfully and she wanted to celebr@te her victory.
With people like Bee and Sharon dead, the world would be a better place.
In her head, Lillie felt like she was doing the world a favor by killing bad and disloyal cheating people, in fact like a like super hero for doing Karma’s duties.
Kicking of her shoes, she headed straight into her kitchen and pu-ll-ed out the bottle of beer from the fridge. Then she sank to the floor, twisted off the cap and started drinking. In less than ten minutes, Lillie managed to chvg half the bottle of beer down. Then she set the bottle down and stared at the wall.
She saw splatters of blood against the wall, before she could process what was happening, she began to hear a cry of pain echoing in her ear.
Frightened, she covered her ears with both hands and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, there was nothing.
‘’Just a figment of my imagination,’’ she whispered before she picked her bottle of beer and took a large sip.
‘’You are not super hero, you are a killer, you are a bad person,’’ the voices in her head said.
‘’No!’’ she yelled
‘’Hell awaits you,’’ she heard the voices louder this time.
‘’Leave me alone,’’ she bur-st into tears.
And then the voices st©pped.
Afterwards she looked around her just to be sure there was no one in the house.
‘’Figment of my imagination,’’ she laughed.
Lillie was not always this evil and cruel, she was actually raised in a Christian home. Though as a child, she was constantly bullied for being too dark.
Being the darkest of everyone in her clas-s, Lillie was called all sorts of silly and bad names, everyone would pick on her. When she couldn’t do anything to defend herself, she ran to her mother and teachers for helped but the only response she got was, ‘’Just ignore and forgive them, they will get over it soon.’’
But Lillie wouldn’t have it so she learnt the art of revenge as a way of getting back at her attackers. One time, she hit one of her clas-smates with a bottle and she was suspended from school for a couple of weeks. When she returned, no one called her names, they all tried to stay away from her.
Years later, Lillie found herself in numerous relationsh!ps but nothing worked, all the men she d@t£d ended up disappointing her. She was almost giving up on love when she met David. David was everything she wanted in a man and more.
He accepted her for who she was and with him around, her self-esteem blossomed. Two years into their relationsh!p, he asked for her hand in marriage and six months later, they got married and left for Namibia.
The first year of her marriage was fun and exciting.
Lillie noticed the change in her husband after they clocked two years in marriage. David began to keep late nights out, he ha-rd ly had time for her and even if he was home, he would be busy on his phone and l@pt©p.
She tried to talk to him about it but he brushed her off. And then one day, a woman marched into their house with a two year old child claiming that she was David’s.
Lillie was devastated especially when David accepted the child as his so she began to plan her revenge. The child (Lucia) was left in their care and every time Lillie looked at her, she felt her anger boiling. She desperately wanted to get back at David but she waited patiently for a perfect time to carry out her revenge.
When she found out that David was still seeing his baby mama and they planned on eloping together, that was the last straw, she lost it.
That night when he sle-pt in be-d with his daughter, she doused the child’s feet in petrol and set them alight. Then she ran out of the house.
The house burnt to ashes and both father and daughter died.
Everyone who knew them as-sumed that Lillie had died in the fire too.
After that incidence, Lillie left Namibia for Zambia with the help of her cousin and as a way of starting afresh she changed her name and began to bleach her skin.
Julia had just put the twins to be-d when her phone rang.
Upon answering the phone, she was received with the news of her brother’s accident. Afraid that Jason could be dead she gr@bb£d her keys and hurried out of the house. Then she got into her car and drove to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, Julia called Jacey and informed her of what was happening, then she tried to call Wendy but her line was unreachable.
She pu-ll-ed up in front of the hospital several minutes later stepping out of the car she walked towards the entrance and went straight to the reception.
‘’I am looking for my brother, he was brou-ght here a few minutes ago, he was in an accident,’’ she said.
‘’You will have to wait over there, he is being attended to.’’
She walked back and forth the lobby as she waited for the doctor.
‘’Julia!’’ Jacey ran towards her and they shared a ti-ght hvg, Jacey’s eyes were red and puffy, she had been crying the whole drive to the hospital.
‘’What happened?’’ Jacey cried.
‘’I don’t know.’’
‘’And Wendy?’’
‘’I can’t get throu-gh to her.’’
‘’I hope he survives this,’’ she cried
Julia held her sister’s hand and squee-zed it.
‘’I am sure he will survive this, he is strong.’’
They waited for what seemed like hours before the doctor walked out.
‘’How is he doing?’’ Julia asked.
‘’Your brother sustained serious injuries but we think he will survive.’’
‘’Think? You are not sure?’’ Jacey angrily asked.
‘’Jacey!’’ Julia held her back.
‘’Can we see him?’’ she asked.
They were lead to his room and when they walked in, Jacey broke down.
Jason was lying on the hospital be-d connected to several machines.
He had bruises on his face and hands aside from that he looked vulnerable and pale.
She cried for several minutes until Julia had to walk her out of the room.
‘’He will be fine,’’ Julia whispered as she ru-bbe-d Jacey’s back.
‘’You think so?’’ Jacey asked.
‘’Yes,’’ she responded even though she didn’t believe those words herself. Truth was that Julia too wanted to break down at the sight of Jason but being the older one, she had to keep it together and act strong.
They left the hospital a few minutes later and drove to Jason’s house they nee-ded to check on Wendy to see if she was okay. When they got to the house, they knocked several times but no one opened the door.
‘’I have some spare keys in the car,’’ Jacey said.
‘’Get them.’’
She walked back to her car and got the keys and then they opened the house.
‘’Wendy!’’ Julia called out.
‘’Wendy!’’ she called again.
‘’Maybe she is not here,’’ Jacey said.
‘’Where could be at—,’’ her s£ntence was cut short when they heard some noise coming from the rooms upstairs.
‘’What’s that?’’
‘’I don’t know.’’
‘’Let’s check.’’
Julia gr@bb£d a knife and they hurried up the stairs to the be-droom. And when they walked in, they were shocked to find Wendy all tied up to the be-d.
A week later,
The past week has been emotionally exhausting and stressful.
Even though it’s been a week since the accident, Jason is still in the Intensive care unit and his condition doesn’t seem to be improving.
They have been trying to stabilize him on medications but to no avail.
At the moment we have to wait but if his condition doesn’t improve, they might have to re-move him off the unit. I have been praying so ha-rd for a miracle.
Jason has to survive this at least for the sake of the twins they have alre-ady lost one parent, losing another will be too much for their young minds to comprehend.
And speaking of Sharon, we buried her a few days ago but before the burial, her b©dy was examined carefully and suicide was ruled out. They found marks on her n£¢k indicative of strangulation which the cord they found around her n£¢k could not have produced. The conclusion was that she had been murdered and her b©dy suspended after death. The police are currently investigating the matter but they currently have nothing that could lead them to the person who killed her.
During the funeral I also found out that despite being engaged to be married to another man, Sharon was still slee-ping with Jason.
They were apparently meeting up for casual S-x at her house and sometimes in h0tels.
I really have nothing against her since she is alre-ady dead, I also have nothing against Jason, I just want him to get better and then I can finally divorce him.
And this time I won’t look back i did my best trying to fix Jason but in the end, I cut myself on his shattered pieces. Jason and I are toxic for each other, if we stay together after this, we may end up killing each other.
I am excited that I will start going for work next week, I called Vee and explained to her what happened and she agreed to take me back. I haven’t talked to Mike though, I have been avoiding him, I haven’t responded to any of his messages, I don’t think now is the right time for me and him to meet up.
I am lying on the be-d trying to get some rest after an intense work out session when my phone rings. I glance at the clock on the wall, it’s almost lunch time.
I toy with the idea of not answering the call because I am sleepy and tired but eventually I sit upright and gr-ab the phone.
When I answer the phone, I hear Lillie’s voice on the other end of the line. She was the last person I was expecting to hear from, I haven’t talked to Lillie since we broke up a few months back. I wonder what she is calling me for.
‘’How are you?’’
‘’I am okay,’’ I yawn.
‘’Where you slee-ping? Did I wake you.’’
‘’No,’’ I lie.
‘’I know you weren’t expecting a call from me,’’ she breaths.
‘’Are you okay?’’
‘’I am fine, I was just wondering if we could meet up and talk.’’
‘’Talk about what?’’
‘’Things haven’t been going as planned for me, i have anxious of late and I have also been experiencing some sort of panic attacks, I just nee-d someone to talk to.’’
‘’For old times’ sake plea-se,’’ she pleads.
I take a de-ep breath before responding,’’ Fine, we can talk over dinner tonight.’’
‘’My treat, I will cook for the both of us.’’
‘’I will s£nd you my new address.’’
‘’You shifted?’’
‘’Yes, I nee-ded a change of environment.’’
‘’Thanks for agreeing to this.’’
‘’Alright, I will see you tonight,’’ I said before ending the call.
After that, I lie back on my be-d and try to sleep again but I fail so I just wake up and join Vee in the living room, she is eating while watching a movie.
‘’I am starving,’’ I say.
‘’There is food on the table, you can dish up for yourself.’’
I walk towards the table, gr-ab a plate and fix myself some food before sitting on the couch across from hers. I eat my food in silence while pla-ying with my phone.
When I am done, I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.
‘’When is Wendy reporting back for work?’’ I ask
‘’On Monday,’’ she responds intently looking at me.
‘’What?’’ I shrug
‘’I don’t want you anywhere near Wendy, we talked about this Mike, you nee-d to forget about her, she is someone’s wife and you must respect that.’’
‘’I just want to talk to her.’’
‘’I don’t think you guys have anything to talk about.’’
‘’You wouldn’t un-derstand.’’
‘’I un-derstand perfectly, stay away from Wendy.’’
‘’I said fine,’’ I snap before I stand up and walk to my room.
Everyone says I should forget Wendy if I truly love her but I don’t want to forget her, I love Wendy and I am willing to fight for her, that man doesn’t even deserve her.
I spend the rest of the day in my room watching movies and texting with friends. Later in the evening, I take a bath and get re-ady for dinner with Lillie.
‘’And where are you going?’’ Vee asks when I walk into the living room all dressed up.
‘’Dinner with some friends,’’ I respond.
‘’Okay, have fun and plea-se be on the lookout for some nice chicks, you nee-d to get la-id,’’ she laughs.
I roll my eyes, ‘’and that is supposed to be funny?’’
‘’ It is funny unless you are looking at it from a jealousy point of view.’’
‘’Whatever,’’ I gr-ab my keys and leave the house.
‘’Take care!’’ she calls after me but I ignore her, I love my sister a lot but sometimes she can be quiet annoying. Sliding into the car, I start the engine and turn on the radio. I drive for close to two hours before I finally get to Lillie’s house.
Stepping out of my car, I walk to the door, Lillie opens the door even before I knock, I think she was anxiously waiting for my car to pu-ll up in her drive way.
‘’Hi,’’ she says.
‘’plea-se come in,’’ she opens the door wi-der and I walk in then she shuts it behind her back. She leads me to the living room and we both sit on the sofa.
‘’I am glad you c@m£,’’ she smiles.
‘’Thanks for the invite,’’ I respond.
A couple of minutes later, she leads me to the dining room and we settle down then we wash our hands and she dishes up for us. While eating, she upd@t£s me about her businesses and her plan to relocate to another country in a year’s time.
‘’’Which country do you want to settle in?’’ I ask
Silence! I look up at her to find her staring into space.
‘’Lillie!’’ i call her name and when she doesn’t respond or turn around, I lightly tap her shoulder, she turns round and looks at me with a smile.
‘’Are you okay?’’ I ask
‘’Yes,’’ she responds.
‘’Okay,’’ I say.
And though I find her behavior a little strange I don’t say anything else but I continue to observe her actions.
‘’Eat up,’’ she urges.
‘’So I was asking which country you would love to relocate to.’’
‘’I haven’t yet decided but maybe S.A.’’
We continue eating in silence until Lillie suddenly breaks down and cries.
‘’Leave me alone!” she says as she throws the plate against the wall, letting out a series of sobs. I quic-kly rise to my feet and kneel besides her.
‘’Leave me alone David,’’ she screams.
‘’I killed you because you deserved it, you cheating bastard, leave me alone,’’ she is screaming on t©p of her voice while trying to throw things on the wall.
It was as if she was communicating with someone I couldn’t see.
I try to keep her calm for a few minutes but all to no avail, finally I sl@p her ha-rd across her face, the sl@p resounds in the room and she instantly keep quiet.
‘’Lillie! What is it?’’ I worriedly ask.
‘’I killed him,’’ she says while staring into space again.
‘’Í killed David and Lucia, I set the house on fire and they died,’’ she cries.
‘’What are you talking about?’’
‘’Run for your life before David kills you, he wants revenge. Run!’’
I look at her as my heart races, what the hell is she talking about.
‘’David is coming,’’ she gr-abs me and holds on to me ti-ght.
And that’s when I realize that she has lost it and I nee-d to take her to the hospital.