Cruel intentions Episode 33 & 34

-Chapter Thirty Three-
9 PM, I stepped out of the bathroom and walked into my be-droom. Dropping my towel, I pu-ll-ed on a pair of clean un-derwear. I didn’t possess the energy to get dressed or apply lotion on my b©dy so I allowed myself to coll@pse on the be-d I pas-sed out completely until a knock at the door awoke me.
Yawning silently, I sat upright and my eyes fell on my wall clock, it was a few minutes past midnight and I wasn’t expecting anyone.
The knock persisted indicating that the person at the door had no intentions of leaving. I rolled out of be-d, wore my silk blue robe and went to the door.
I opened the door and stood for a moment staring at Jason, he was the last person I had expected to see the last time he was here we had a big argument.
‘’Are you going to stare at me the whole night or you will ask me in?’’ he asked.
I stepped aside and allowed him in then I locked the door behind his back.
We walked into the be-droom and I got back un-der the covers.
‘’Wendy and I had an argument, I didn’t want to hit her so I left,’’ he said as he undressed.
‘’Okay,’’ I responded uninterested. I was getting tired of hearing his stories about Wendy and his marriage.
When he finished undressing, he joined me in be-d.
He started k!ss!ngthe nape of my n£¢k and tou-ching me but I pushed his hands away.
‘’What?’’ he asked.
‘’Not tonight,’’ I said.
‘’What do you mean not tonight?’’
‘’I don’t feel well,’’ I responded.
‘’That’s absurd, you know you must always be well enough to accommod@t£ me.’’
‘’I am on my periods,’’ I lied.
He laughed, ‘’I thought you were on your periods a few weeks ago.’’
‘’My circle got messed up with the pills,’’ I lied.
‘’You know what, I don’t care about your periods,’’ he moved closer to me & held me.
‘’No Jason,’’ my voice rose and I tried to move away from him but he held me ti-ght.
‘’I nee-d you urgently Bee, give me a few minutes plea-se.’’
‘’Not tonight,’’ I pushed him away f0rç£fully and stood up.
He got off the be-d too and walked up to me, ‘’what the hell is wrong with you?’’
‘’I told you I don’t want to have S-x tonight,’’ I yelled.
‘Don’t you dare raise your voice at me,’’ he sl@pped me across my face.
‘’You sl@pped me?’’ Tears sprang into the corners of my eyes.
He gr@bb£d my wrist, ‘’you women are all the same- full of trash.’’
With that said he gr@bb£d his clothes and got dressed.
‘’There are better who-res out there, I will go and find myself one,’’ he said before he walked out, slamming the door behind his back.
A couple of minutes later when I was sure he was gone I locked the front door. Wiping my face with the palm of my hand, I sat on the couch in the living room clutching my stomach.
I lied to Jason about being on my period because I don’t want him knowing that I was pregnant. I found out about the pregnancy a few days ago.
I don’t intend on telling Jason about this pregnancy, Jason is toxic, that’s not the kind of man I want around my child, right now I want to get as much money as I get from him so I can move to a new place and start my life afresh.
I had been lying on my be-d for hours trying to sleep but it was hopeless, I couldn’t sleep no matter how much I tried so I sat upright and gr@bb£d my phone.
‘’Hey,’’ I s£nt a text to Mike.
My phone buzzed almost immediately.
‘’Hey, thought you would be slee-ping by now,’’ he replied.
‘’I couldn’t sleep.’’
‘’I have a lot on my mind.’’
‘’Makes the two of us, where is your husband?’’
‘’He left after we had an argument.’’
‘’And where has he gone?’’
‘’I don’t know.’’
‘’And that’s someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?’’
I rolled my eyes, ‘you know nothing about Jason.’’
‘’Maybe texting you was a wrong idea.’’
‘’I am sorry, I am just jealous that he has you and yet he treats you like trash.’’
‘’You have no right to be jealous.’’
‘’I know.’’
‘’I don’t even know why I tested you.’’
‘’Maybe you missed me as much as I missed you.’’
‘’What happened at the office was a mistake.’’
‘’You think so?’’
‘’I know so.’’
‘’Can we meet for lunch tomorrow?’’ he asks ignoring my response.
‘’I am not going for lunch with you.’’
‘’I just want us to talk, I promise I won’t misbehave.’’
I decide not to respond to that message.
‘’plea-se,’’ he s£nds another message.
We text for a while before we both decide to sleep
The next morning, I wake up quiet early and clean the house before I prepare myself for work. Before leaving the house, I tried calling Jason but his phone took me straight to voicemail. I tried again but got the same response.
Frustrated, I gr@bb£d my things and left for work.
I had such a busy day at work that i had to cancel my lunch d@t£ with Mike. But I promised to meet him after work for a few minutes before I went home.
5’oclock, I left my work place and drove to the place we were meeting from. The place was like a 30 minute drive from my work place so I got there in no time.
When I walked in, I noticed Mike sitting next to the window he had a blue suit on. ‘Hello’
‘’Hey,’’ he said he leaned in and k!$$£d me on the cheek.
‘’How was work?’’ I asked.
‘’Work was okay, I don’t have to ask how work was for you.’’
I laughed, ‘’today was hectic.’’
‘’Can we order now?’’
‘’I just want some jui-ce, if I eat here I won’t have the strength to cook at home.’’
‘’You are sure?’’
‘’Not even takeaway?’’
‘’No,’’ I shook my head.
He made his order and we got talking.
‘’I know you are married and I shouldn’t even be developing any feelings for you but I can’t help it. This is the first time I have felt like this since Sarah died.’’
‘’You are the opposite of my husband, you make me feel safe and secure,’’ I said.
He held my hand, ‘’don’t push me off, you and I can just be friends.’’
‘’I will think about it.’’
Mike and I talked continued talking, he made me feel different. It was all new and exciting I didn’t want to give up whatever this was, at least not yet.
It was almost 7’oclock when we finally walked out of that restaurant.
He walked me to my car and stood there for a minutes just staring at each other.
‘’I have to go, Jason will kill me,’’ I said.
‘Don’t allow him to hit you.’’
I laughed, ‘’I am no match to him.’’
‘’You call me when he tries anything funny.’’
He gave him a serious look, ‘’that would be digging my own grave.’’
‘’I am serious.’’
‘’I have to go.’’
He held me against my car and pressed into me, k!ss!ngme softly.
We k!$$£d for a few minutes before I finally pu-ll-ed away from him.
‘’I have to go.’’
‘’Okay,’’ he opened the car door for me and I got in.
‘’Text me when you get home.’’
I watched them walk out of the restaurant hand in hand as if they belonged to each other and as if that wasn’t enough, they ended up k!ss!ngbefore she left.
To say I was mad is an un-derstatement, I was beyond furious- a boiling fury had erupted within me, there was no going back at this point.
-Chapter Thirty Four-
After getting into my car, I drove home fast.
I was worried about what Jason would say about my going home late.
8PM, I pu-ll-ed up in front of the house and stepped out of the car.
Jason’s car wasn’t in its usual sp©t so I figured he was not yet home.
Breathing a sigh of relief, I walked into the house.
I locked the door behind me and headed straight for my room.
Once in my room, I undressed and stepped into the bathroom.
Standing un-der the water, I closed my eyes and while my eyes were closed, I remember the exquisite s-en-sation of Mike’sl-ips on mine, k!ss!ngme so softly yet so full of hunger. Then I pictured myself with Mike n-ked un-der the shower, his hands exploring my b©dy as he k!$$£d me.
The whole time I was in the bathroom, thoughts of Mike intruded upon my thoughts. I quic-kly finished bathing and stepped out of the bathroom wondering what was happening to me. It was unusual for me to think of being n-ked with another man.
For the entire three years I have been with Mike, I have never given another man a thought until now.
This thing with Mike is different for me, Mike makes me feel desirable and safe, he listens to me without interrupting and he compliments me and unlike Jason he expresses his feelings for me in a way that makes my heart flutter.
I know this is not right, I should give it up and focus on my marriage but another p@rt of me wants to explore and have some fun. My phone rang startling me out of my daze i walked towards the be-d to the phone and picked it.
‘’Hello,’’ I said.
‘’Hello,’’ Mike said.
I beamed with excitement after hearing his voice.
‘’Are you home alre-ady?’’
‘’Yes, I just stepped out of the shower a few minutes ago.’’
‘’I just finished eating, I am heading for the shower right now.’’
‘’I haven’t eaten, I don’t even know what to eat.’’
‘’And your husband?’’
‘’I didn’t find him when I got back, I found the house exactly as I left it.’’
‘’And you haven’t called to find out where he is?’’
‘’Not yet but I am sure he is at his sister’s house.’’
‘’I miss you alre-ady, I wish I could spend more time with you.’’
I didn’t respond, I choose to keep quiet.
‘’Wendy? Are you still there?’’
‘’I said I missed you.’’
‘’I heard you the first time.’’
He laughed, ‘’and what do you have to say about that?’’
‘’I don’t know.’’
‘’Ouch! That hurt.’’
‘’Maybe I missed you, maybe I didn’t.’’
‘’Maybe is not an answer.’’
‘’Fine, I miss you and I wish you were here with me right now.’’
‘’I could come.’’
‘’Oh plea-se.’’
‘’I am serious.’’
‘’It’s late, just go to sleep.’’
We talked for a few minutes before ending the call. After that I wore my pajamas and tried to call Jason but as usual I couldn’t get throu-gh to him.
I made a mental note to call his sister later before I went to sleep.
I was hungry but I didn’t feel like cooking so I made myself some tea which I drun!kalong with toast. Afterwards I went back to my room, turned my l@pt©p on and decided to watch a movie.
When I was sure both Mike and Wendy had left, i got into my car and started driving back home. I was so angry, my hands were shaking and my heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to bur-st throu-gh the walls of my che-st.
So my suspicions were right after all, Mike had been cheating on me with Wendy, a married woman for that matter. How could he stoop this low? And why would Wendy cheat on a man like Jason? He was handsome and from the things I had found out, he was rich too so this wasn’t about the money.
I had so many questions- my mind was running wild and as much as I wanted to eliminate Wendy as soon as possible, I nee-ded to know what was pushing her in the hands of another man even when she had a perfect husband like Jason.
When I finally got home two hours later, I walked into my house and decided to drink my medicine I wanted to be as calm as possible for what I wanted to do next.
After I finished talking to Wendy I took a bath and when I was done, I s£nt her a text to ask if her husband was back home, she responded instantly and said he wasn’t home. So I decided to use this to my advantage, I quic-kly got dressed and gr@bb£d my car keys, I was going to see her- I nee-ded to see her even just for a few minutes. I know I was behaving like a teenager in love but I couldn’t help it.
This was actually the first time in years that I was feeling this excited about being with a woman and spending time with her.
Yes Wendy was married but her husband was a j£rk and he didn’t deserve her, a woman like Wendy deserved to be with a man like me and I wasn’t going to st©p until she realized this fact.
‘’Where are you rushing too?’’ Vee asked.
‘’I will be back shortly.’’
‘’The question is where are you going to?’’
‘’To see a friend.’’
‘’This late,’’ she sh0t me a serious look.
‘’I will be back shortly.’’
‘’Okay,’’ she said, but I could see in her eyes that she didn’t believe me.
Í walked out of the house and got in my car then I drove out of the compound and into the main road. As I drove to her house, I was both excited and scared, excited that I was going to see her again and scared of what would happen if her husband found me with her, after everything I have heard about him, there was no trusting what he would if he found us together.
I made sure to park my car a distance away from her house before I stepped out of the car. As I walked towards her gate, I called her and she picked up instantly.
‘’Hey,’’ she said.
‘’Are you still home alone?’’
‘’Come outside.’’
‘’Just come outside quic-kly, I promise you won’t be disappointed.’’
I waited for a few minutes before she opened the gate and when she did, she was shocked to find waiting for her.
‘’What are you doing here this late?’’ she asked.
‘’I missed you,’’ I said before I pu-ll-ed her closer.
‘’My husband could come home at any minute and–,’’
‘’I know,’’ I cut her short and without thought, I k!$$£d her and she responded.
‘’You nee-d to go,’’ she said after breaking off the k!ss.
‘’I don’t know what to do anymore, I really want to be with you.’’
‘’I am someone’s wife and just the mare thought of me being with you right now could get us both killed,’’ she said.
‘’I am not scared of your husband.’’
‘’Well I am.’’
I held her face, ‘’you shouldn’t.’’
‘’Jason isn’t a man you mess with.’’
‘’Why are you so scared of him?’’
‘’Because I know him.’’
‘’Can we not talk about him.’’
We talked for a few minutes and then she told me to leave.
I k!$$£d her again before I left, longer and much dee-per.
‘’Goodnight,’’ I said.
‘’Goodnight,’’ she smiled.