-Chapter Thirty Two-



I spent my entire morning feeling restless, my mind was utterly distressed.

Mike’s kiss kept flashing in my mind-that warm amazing moment.


I felt so many emotions but one thing I knew with certainty was that I wouldn’t mind kissing him again. And I know Jason would kill me if he learned that I had been kissed by another man but what he doesn’t know wouldn’t kill him right.

At lunch time, Sonia sent me a text informing me that she was outside.

Sonia was treating Lucy and I to lunch today, I had texted her in the morning and asked her to pick me up because I didn’t come with my car.

‘’I will be out in a minute,’’ I responded to her text.

I turned off my computer and then in retouched my makeup and stood up.

Grabbing my handbag, I walked out of the office.

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I had been so caught up in my thoughts as I walked towards Sonia’s car that I didn’t see Mike coming ahead of me until I bumped into him and he dropped his phone.


He quickly reached down and picked up his phone then he looked at me intensely.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out of it, after what happened this morning, being around him felt a little awkward.

‘’Heading out for lunch?’’ he finally asked.


‘’Okay, I am here to take Vee out for lunch.’’


‘’See you later.’’

‘’Later,’’ I responded before I hurried towards Sonia’s car.

‘’Friend!’’ Sonia smiled.

‘’Hey Friend,’’ I opened the front passenger door and got in.


‘’You look good, ‘’ she said as she drove out of the parking lot.

‘’Thank you, you look good too, I like your hair.’’

‘’Thank you my love, how is work?’’

‘’Work is okay, feels good to be making my own money.’’

‘’I know right, nothing is more sexy and satisfying than making your own money as a woman, you don’t have to depend on nobody to buy stuff that you need.’’

‘’Exactly,’’ she said before we burst into laughter.


We arrived at the restaurant several minutes later, stepping out of the car we walked in. We spotted Lucy immediately she was sitting at the far end of the room.

‘’My girls!’’ she exclaimed as she stood up.

We shared a group hug before we all finally settled down.

‘’Babe you are glowing,’’ I said.

‘’Is there something we are missing?’’ Sonia asked.

She laughed before she took a sip of her juice and said, ‘’I am pregnant.’’

‘’Wow!’’ Sonia and I exclaimed in unison.

‘’Congratulations,’’ I said.


‘’Thank you.’’

The waitress walked towards our table and we ordered our food.

‘’Enough about me,’’ she said after our food had been placed on the table.

‘’How are things with Jason?’’ she asked

‘’Fine, I moved back in yesterday.’’

‘’That’s good,’’ Lucy said.

‘’You shouldn’t have moved back in,’’ Sonia said.

‘’He is her husband and I think their marriage deserves a second chance,’’ replied Lucy.

‘’That man is a beast,’’ said Sonia.

‘’You shouldn’t say that about someone else’s husband, that’s so mean,’’ Lucy replied.

‘’Oh, so you want to gang up on me now because I am single and you are both married?’’ she asked.

‘’I kissed another man,’’ I said and they both looked at me.


‘’You did what?’’ Lucy eyed me.

‘’Wow!’’ Sonia exclaimed, ‘’Tell us more about him, what is he like and how was it kissing someone else other than Jason,’’ she asked.

‘’You and your questions,’’ I playfully hit her.

‘’I am excited that you are finally getting out of your comfort zone.’’

Lucy spat, ‘’Sonia! You can’t be telling her that, she is a married woman.’’

‘’Her husband is a jerk,’’ Sonia responded.

‘’There you go again,’’ Lucy snapped.

‘’You guys, I didn’t mean to kiss him, things just happened but I am staying away from him,’’ I said.


‘’You had better stay away from him, don’t be that woman, please don’t,’’ Lucy pleaded.

‘’What’s wrong with having a little fun?’’ Sonia rolled her eyes.

‘’Unlike you, Wendy is a married woman.’’

‘’I think you are being extra today, is it the hormones?’’ Sonia asked

I laughed, ‘’we are supposed to be having a nice time here.’’

‘’And we are, so tell me about this guy.’’

‘’His name is Mike and he is my boss’s brother.’’

‘’Is he handsome.’’

‘’I think he is.’’


‘’Be careful,’’ Lucy warned.

‘’Let her have some fun,’’ Sonia shot


We talked for another thirty minutes before we headed back for work.

After lunch, we had a meeting with auntie Vee, we had a big function coming up in two weeks and each of us had been given a role to play, she wanted to find out how far we had gone with planning.


After the meeting, i went back to my office and worked on a couple of things before it was time to knock off. At precisely 5: 10, my phone rang.

‘’Hello,’’ i answered.

‘’Babe, I am outside.’’

‘’Okay, will be out soon.’’

I packed my stuff in my bag, turned off my computer and walked out.

‘’Hey babe,’’ I said when I got in the car.

‘’Hey! How’s been your day?’’

‘’Fine, yours?’’

‘’Mine was okay,’’ I responded.

‘’I figured we should get some food on our way home so that you don’t have to cook when we get home, we could just relax and watch some movies.’’


We drove in silence for a while, my mind was all over the place, I guess I was feeling guilty for what I did today, I didn’t even want to look at Jason for fear that he could see through me.

‘’We are here,’’ he said tapping my shoulder a while later.

‘’Okay,’’ I responded, waking up from my reverie.

‘’Are you okay?’’ he asked.


‘’Your mind seems to be far away.’’

‘’I am fine,’’ I smiled.


We stepped out of the car and walked into the restaurant.

‘’What do you want to eat?’’’ he asked.

‘’Just get me anything,’’ I responded, food was actually the last thing on my mind.

He shot me a quick look I could tell he was angry with my answer.

‘’I will eat whatever you will eat,’’ I said.


He got the food and we left.

On our way home, my phone vibrated and I took out of my bag and opened the text.

‘’I really need to talk to you, I can’t stop thinking about what happened this morning,’’ it was text from Mike he had used a different number.


I read the text again and my heart raced.

‘’Who’s that?’’ Jason asked, he had obviously noticed that I had become stiff.

‘’No one important,’’ I responded before I turned off the screen and put the phone back in my bag.

‘’You are really acting strange,’’ he said.

‘’I am fine.’’


My phone vibrated again after a few minutes.

‘’Please respond,’’ his text read.

‘’Now is not a good time,’’ I responded before I completely turned off my phone.

Jason shot me a serious look but he didn’t say anything.

When we finally got home, i took a shower and changed into my pajamas, Jason took a shower too and we sat in the living room to watch a movie as we ate.

Though he was busy eating, I hardly touched my food, I seriously didn’t feel like eating, I wanted to talk to Mike and sort of get some closure so I could move on from all this drama.

‘’Why aren’t you eating?’’ Jason asked, startling me from my thoughts.



‘’What the fuck is going on with you?’’ he angrily asked.

‘’I am not hungry.’’

‘’And you let me all this food for what?’’

‘’I will eat later,’’ I stood up carrying my plate to the kitchen.

I didn’t even realize Jason had followed me until he had me pinned against the wall.

‘’I don’t know what is going with you but you need to put your act together,’’ he yelled before he let me go.

‘’I am sorry.’’

‘’Mxxm,’’ he clicked his tongue and walked out on me. The next thing I heard was the slamming of the front door and the sound of his car followed later.

I stood up a minute later, walked into the living room, cleared the table and turned off the television before I retired to bed.




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