Cruel intentions Episode 19 & 20

-Chapter Nineteen –
I wanted to push her away but I couldn’t, she held on ti-ght to me as she k!$$£d me pas-sionately.
Everything happened so fast, the pas-sion between us raged so h0t, I couldn’t control myself.
One minute we were k!ssing, the next second our clothes were scattered all over the floor and we were having wild S-x on her be-d. I filled her so de-eply, she cried out from plea-sure.
And when we were finally done, it took her a minute or two to fully recover.
I rolled off her but she pu-ll-ed me close to her and cradled against my b©dy.
I think my love for S-x will be the death of me I find it so ha-rd to resist S-xual temptation. And Sharon knows that this is my weakness that’s why she always uses it against me.
I didn’t intend to cheat on Wendy but what’s done is done and what she doesn’t know won’t kill her.
‘’We didn’t use protec-tion,’’ I whispered in her ears.
She smiled, ‘’don’t worry, I am on the pill.’’
‘’You are sure?’’
‘’I alre-ady have two troublesome girls, I am not having any more kids.’’
‘’So I was thinking,’’ she said.
‘’I love having S-x with you, it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back.’’
‘’Am I that good,’’ I tea-sed her.
‘’Oh plea-se,’’ she blu-shed. ‘’I am getting married too in the next few months, Terry proposed but I would like us to continue having S-x whenever we can.’’
I laughed, ‘’and your husband to be?’’
‘’He doesn’t have to know just like your wife doesn’t nee-d to know,’’ she smiled.
‘’No thank you,’’ I responded even though I was intrigued by this idea.
‘’Think about it while you are on honey moon and give me feedback when you get back.’’
‘’And then when I get back we can talk about the kids- we can work out a co-parenting plan that works for us both though Terry doesn’t love children so I would rather they are with you.’’
‘’Promise me you will think about my offer.’’
‘’I will.’’
‘’Cool, hold me for a few minutes so I can go to sleep then you can go back to Wendy.’’
I closed my eyes as I wra-pped my hands around Sharon so she could sleep but I ended up dozing off as well only to wake up the next morning to the sound of Sharon’s ringing phone.
‘’’Holy $h!t! Why didn’t you wake me up?’’ I angrily asked.
She ignored me and started talking on the phone.
I picked up my clothes and quic-kly got dressed then I rushed out without saying bye to Sharon.
I am sitting on the be-d staring out of the window, I look at my watch again and my stomach knots in anxiety. I am here wondering where Jason spent his night, I tried to call him but he didn’t pick up my calls.
I have been up the whole night waiting up for him, he said he had gone for a walk and didn’t return.
I don’t know if I should be worried or upset. I spent the night alone on my wedding night.
This was not how I had envisioned for myself.
I am alone, sad and empty on the first day of my marriage.
My mother must be rolling with joy in her grave I am sure this is what she has always wanted.
Finally the door creaked open and Jason walked in into the room.
‘’Hey,’’ he said.
‘’Where have you been?’’ I asked.
‘’Out,’’ he replied.
He begins to undress, ‘’I don’t have to answer to you, what I do is none of your business.’’
‘’We are married Jason, I think I have more than enough rights to know where my husband spent the night especially that you left me alone on our wedding night.’’
‘’We might be married but I am the head over you, questioning me is a sign of disrespect.’’
I jumped out be-d and walked towards him then I got closer and that’s how I smelled the perfume.
‘’You two timing bastard,’’ she yelled.
‘’What the hell is wrong with you?’’ he asked. She could tell that he was so full of anger but she didn’t care.
‘’You smell like you have been with another woman. Actually you reek of her.’
‘’Don’t you dare ever raise your voice at me.’’
He pushed me so ha-rd I stumbled against the wall and a sharp pain sh0t throu-gh my head.
‘’You are a monster,’’ she yelled.
‘’I am your husband Wendy and you have to learn how to respect me,’’ he said
‘’Respect is earned and as far as I am concerned you don’t deserve my respect you excuse of a man,’’ she sh0t back.
He gr@bb£d her arm with such pressure she felt like it would break.
‘’Talk to me like that and you are dead meat,’’ he yelled,
‘’What more can you do?’’ I yelled back at him.
‘’Are you talking to me like that?’’
‘’Yes,’’ I yelled, spiting in his face.
‘’How dare you?’’ he yelled before he twisted my hand ti-ghtly, it hurt badly, I cried out.
‘’You should never in your life spit in my face,’’ he angrily screamed at me.
Then he let go of my hand and pushed me so ha-rd I stumbled and fell.
Then he kicked me in the ribs on the left side and I cried out in pain.
‘’What did those stupid old women even teach you? Didn’t they tell you that your husband is your second god therefore you must never question his whereabouts? Is this what I wasted my money for?’’
I rolled on my stomach and tried to pu-ll myself to my knees and that produced so much pain in my ribs that I almost pas-sed out.
‘’The driver will be here shortly, you had better fix yourself up and get re-ady for our trip,’’ he said before he disappeared into the bathroom
I walked into the hospital room and sat down next to her be-d. Lillie was awake, she was sitting upright on the be-d and I noticed she had a large fabric bandage around her left wrist
‘’Hey,’’ I said.
‘’How are you?’’
‘’I am fine.’’
‘’I brou-ght you some food and some clothes to change, I also brou-ght your phone so you can inform your family members about your situation.’’
‘’Thank you,’’ she gr@bb£d the phone from me and placed it un-der the pillow.
‘’You won’t call anyone?’’ I asked.
‘’I have no one to call,’’ she responded.
‘’Your family?’’
‘’I don’t have any.’’
‘’That’s strange,’’ I said.
‘’There’s nothing strange about that,’’ she smiled.
‘’I see.’’
I had so many questions to ask her but I didn’t bother asking because I didn’t want to stress her, I would wait for her to get better before asking her.
-Chapter Twenty-
‘’Marriage will change the title but it won’t change the person.’’
Jason and I have been married for two months now.
But those two months have been hell & everything in my marriage seems to have gone downhill. I don’t look at Jason the same way I did before we got married and he doesn’t excite me anymore.
I hate that he is more controlling now and he never listens to me at all.
And seriously, marriage is ha-rder that I thought it would be. Things are not exactly how I had expected them to be. Jason and I live like strangers un-der one roof, he is usually out of the house and even when he does spend some time at home, he is usually busy on the phone or with the twins.
The twins- Faith and Grace now live with us because their mother is busy touring the world.
And speaking of the twins, these kids act too big for their age, they are only four and yet they are so rude and disrespectful to me. I have desperately tried to have a good relationsh!pbut it hasn’t worked and now I have given up. It’s a good thin Jason got a nanny for them because I can’t deal with that kind of pressure at moment.
Anyway the only good thing that has happened over the past few two months is that I got done with school and now I am working. Jason actually didn’t want me to start working but I put my foot down.
Work is the only place I feel comfortable and at peace, work is my happy place at least it helps me escape the reality of my sad and lonely life.
It’s a Wednesday morning and the day started out like any other work day.
I always wake up earlier than Jason and the first thing I do is to prepare his breakfast and pick out the clothes he will wear for that day. After that I hit the shower.
I don’t usually do any house chores during the week expect cooking for Jason because he is quiet p@rticular about his meals. Jane takes care of the chores and everything that concerns the twins.
This morning was no exception as I woke up early & padded downstairs. I quic-kly went throu-gh my morning routine while Jason was still asleep. He only woke up when I was getting re-ady to leave the house.
‘’Morning,’’ he says as he sits upright on the be-d.
‘’Morning,’’ I respond my voice ba-rely audible.
‘’That dress is a little too ti-ght for a married woman,’’ he says.
I know better than to argue with him, he hates it if I disagree with him and I learnt that the ha-rd way not to so I quic-kly start undressing.
He smiles when he sees that he has won, well he always wins I don’t know why he seems amused.
‘’Let me pick your outfit for the day,’’ he says before he walks towards my closet.
He picks out a black flare knee length Sk-irt, a yellow blouse and a black jacket.
‘’Thank you,’’ I say when he hands the clothes to me.
‘’You are welcome wifey,’’ he says placing an emphasis on ‘’Wifey.’’
I quic-kly get dressed as he looks at me, I can feel his eyes on my back.
When I am done, I turn to face him, he eyes me from head to toe and a smile creeps on his face.
‘’Now you look like Mrs. Bwalya, smart, clean and decent.’’
‘’Thank you.’’
‘’You are welcome,’’ he responds before he walks up to me and k!sses me, back in the days I would have melted in his hands but not anymore, the fire between us has burned out.
After k!ss!ngme, he squee-zes the flesh of my bu-tt like he usually does.
‘’You have gained,’’ he says.
‘’You should join one of Jacey’s clas-ses I don’t want you looking like a fat pig.’’
‘’Ouch,’’ his words sting and my stomach ti-ght£ñs in a knot.
‘’I am serious.’’
‘’I don’t have the time to go to the gym and you know it.’’
‘’Well maybe you should quit that silly job of yours and focus on maintaining this b©dy for me.’’
I can feel myself getting angry but I breathe in and out slowly in a bid to control myself. I don’t want to fight this early.
‘’I will call Jacey after work and schedule an appointment,’’ I respond.
‘’That’s more like it.’’
‘’I have to go now,’’ I say.
‘’How much do they even pay you at that your lousy job?’’ he asks and now I know he is just looking for a way to pick a fight with me. Before I can respond, his phone rings and he answers it.
I use that time to collect my things and leave the room.
‘’Morning auntie,’’ Jane says, she is cleaning the living room.
‘’Morning, have the girls woken up?’’
‘’Not yet.’’
‘’Okay, get them re-ady for school as soon as you can, I have alre-ady packed their lunch boxes.’’
Jason has enrolled the girls at pri-vate school not far from home.
‘’I will see you in the evening.’’
‘’You are not having breakfast?’’
‘’I will have my breakfast at the office,’’ I respond and with that I am out of the house.
Once outside, I get into my car and drive out instantly.
A month ago, my boss hired someone who taught me how to drive and she also managed to get me a driver’s license and now I drive one of the company cars.
This also is another issue for Jason, he doesn’t want me driving me a company car, he would rather drive me to work and pick me up later in the evening but how do I move around during the day when I have to meet up with clients? I really don’t un-derstand Jason, he argues about every little thing.
When I get to the office about an hour later, I gr-ab a coffee then I re-ad and respond to emails.
I spend the rest of my morning browsing throu-gh wedding venues for a client.
We have some clients getting married in five months’ time and aside from planning their wedding they want us to help them select a venue. They want a spacious but cozy large place and I think I have found something that they would like, I am meeting the couple for lunch later today.
‘’Babes, I will be heading out now,’’ I tell Karen, she is a colleague and close friend.
‘’Alright, bring me some food.’’
‘’I sure will,’’ I respond before walking out.
I drive to the restaurant which the couple chose and when I walk in, I sp©t the groom instantly he is sitting at the far end of the room texting away on his phone.
I walk over to him and he stands up to welcome me.
‘’Mrs. Bwalya,’’ he says extending his hand to mine.
‘’Good afternoon Mr. Sika,’’ I reach out for his hand and shake it.
‘’You are welcome plea-se take a seat, Amy will be here shortly,’’ he says.
‘’Alright,’’ I respond before I sit down.
‘’Can I pour you a glas-s?’’ he asks pointing at the wine.
As we wait for his fiancé to arrive, Mr. Sika tells me a story about how he and Amy met we usually feature the stories of our clients as well as their ph0tos in our monthly bridal magazine.
I was so intrigued in the story that he was telling me that I didn’t see Jason walk in.
I had no idea he comes to places like this. He is with a really beautiful woman who is wearing a very short and ti-ght dress. Jason and his woman, sit right next to us and when we finally lock eyes, my heart hammers ha-rd against my che-st. For a moment he just stares at me, I can feel his eyes burning me, a h0t blaze of rage un-der his skin.
‘’Are you okay?’’ Mr. Sika asks.
‘’Yes,’’ I nod my head.
A minute later, Charles and his woman stand up and they wordlessly walk out.