Cruel intentions Episode 17 & 18

-Chapter seventeen
There was silence in the Bishop’s office. Absolute silence!
Everyone was waiting for Sharon to explain why she had disturbe-d the wedding but she was quiet and the silence was driving Wendy crazy.
Jason gritted his teeth and asked with hatred,’’ Sharon! What the hell do you want here?’’
‘’She sm-irked, ‘’I am sure you know why I am here,’’ she responded.
Jason sh0t her another evil glance wondering why she would show up here of all places, what gave her the courage to march into the church like that as if she owned the place.
‘’Can we plea-se sit down,’’ The Bishop ordered.
‘’I am okay,’’ responded Wendy.
Then the Bishop asked Julia and Wynita to leave the room with the kids. Julia walked out with the kids but Wynita didn’t move, she wanted to know more about the woman who had interrupted her sister’s wedding.
‘’It’s okay,’’ Wendy gestured for her to leave.
‘’I will be outside if you nee-d me.’’
‘’Young lady, why do you think these two must not be joined together in Holy matrimony?’’ Bishop asked.
‘’I don’t care if they get married or not,’’ she responded.
‘’Then what the fv¢k are you doing here?’’ Wendy angrily asked.
‘’Language!’’ The Bishop said.
‘’You see those two kids I c@m£ with?” Sharon asked, ‘’they are his,’’ she pointed at Jason.
‘’What?’’ Wendy asked.
Her heart hammered so ha-rd against her ribs she thought they might break then she began to tremble until she felt weak in her knees.
‘’plea-se sit down,’’ The Bishop told her and she obeyed him this time around, she didn’t have the energy to argue with him.
‘’Jason is this true?’’ The Bishop asked
Wendy looked at him she badly wanted him to deny what the woman had said.
‘’It’s true,’’ he said.
‘’Jason!’’ Wendy cried out.
‘’Babe I can explain.’’
‘’Explain what?’’ she asked tears running down her cheeks.
‘’I wish I could stay and listen to the two of you but I don’t have the time, I just brou-ght the girls over so they spend some time with their father, I will be away for a long time.’’
‘’What do you mean you will be away Sharon?’’ Jason asked.
‘’I have taken care of them alone for four years, it’s your turn,’’ she said.
‘’What sort of a mother are you?’’ Bishop asked.
She laughed, ‘’let’s not go there plea-se.’’
‘’This is insane,’’ Jason said.
‘’Not as insane as you hiding your children for four years,’’ Wendy responded.
‘’Babe,’’ he held her hand but she moved it away.
‘’Don’t t©uçh me.’’
‘’I am gonna leave now, I have some clothes for the kids in my car, I will give them to Jacey. Enjoy your marriage,’’ and with that she was gone.
‘’I will give you two time to talk,’’ the Bishop said before he too walked out.
‘’How could you?’’ Wendy asked
‘’Don’t babe me.’’
‘’Babe I am sorry.’’
‘’For what exactly?’’
‘’For not telling you about the twins,’’ he said.
Jason and Sharon d@t£d for three years before breaking up. A few months later, Sharon discovered she was pregnant and Jason didn’t want to have anything to do with the pregnancy. He s£nt her money to get rid of it but she didn’t, he only c@m£ to know about the children a year later and at that time he was alre-ady with Wendy.
As much as he wasn’t plea-sed with Sharon’s decision, he agreed to support the children though he wanted nothing to do with them.
‘’Three years and you couldn’t tell me you had kids with someone else?’’ Wendy asked
‘’Babe I didn’t even know about them until recently,’’ he lied.
‘’You could have told me still.’’
‘’I am sorry,’’ he got down on his knees and held her legs, ‘’we can fix this, they will stay with my sister,’’ he said.
‘’This is complicated.’’
The Bishop walked in a few minutes later,’’ People are waiting, they are beginning to get tired,’’ he said.
‘’I don’t feel like getting married anymore,’’ Wendy said.
‘’I know this is a difficult situation but you must think things throu-gh before you make a decision, he lied to you about the children, you could walk away or you could say but forgiveness is the foundation of every marriage,’’ The Bishop said.
After that he counseled them for a few minutes then he gave them some time to talk.
‘’I am sorry, I know this is messed up but we will find away.’’
‘’Is there anything else I nee-d to know about you? Anymore surprises?’’ she asked
‘’What does that mean?’’
‘’I forgive you.’’
‘’Thank you baby,’’ he pu-ll-ed her to him and k!$$£d her.
They did a ret©uçh of Wendy’s makeup and fixed her face before she walked back to the altar with Jason. The Bishop apologized to the guests and continued with the ceremony.
Vows were exchanged and before long, Wendy and Jason were pronounced husband and wife. Jacey had s£nt the twins home with the driver, the maid would take care of them in the meantime.
‘’May I pres£nt to you Mr. and Mrs. Bwalya,’’ The Bishop said.
Everyone stood and cl@pped as the couple walked out of the church.
Before getting into their car, the guests hvgged and congratulated them. Then they got into the car and the driver drove off.
Mike pu-ll-ed up in front of Lillie’s house then he stepped out of the door and walked towards the door. The door was slightly open he pushed it wi-der and walked in.
The sight that met his eyes made him weak with fear.
The house was a terrible mess, broken plates and bottles were scattered everywhere. The chairs and tables were overturned it looked like a robbery had happened.
‘’Lillie!’’ he called her name but she didn’t respond.
He checked the living room but she wasn’t there then he walked to her room and opened the door.
‘’OMG!’’ Lillie was lying unconscious on the floor covered in a pool of blood.
‘’Lillie,’’ he let out a frantic scream.
Then he quic-kly dialed 911 and requested for an ambulance. The ambulance arrived several minutes later; the paramedics said her pulse was weak.
As they carried Lillie on a stretcher, Mike searched for her phone and when he found it he went throu-gh it hoping to find any number of her relative he could inform about what was happening but surprisingly her phone book only had his number and she had no messages from anyone else but him.
Mike found this a little weird but he didn’t give it much thought. He had to follow the ambulance to the hospital.
-Chapter Eighteen-
‘’The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.’’
Upon getting to the hospital, Mike waited in the lobby as the Doctors attended to Lillie.
He was really worried about her, he had alre-ady lost someone he loved de-eply he wasn’t re-ady to lose another. And even though their relationsh!pwas loveless, the two enjoyed each other’s company and they liked each other a lot- that was enough to keep their relationsh!pgoing.
When the doctor finally walked out, he explained to Mike that Lillie’s condition was stable though he was worried about her.
‘’I think your girlfriend tried to kill herself,’’ the doctor said.
‘’She has de-ep cuts on her wrists that look like she has been harming herself,’’ said the doctor.
‘’I see.’’
‘’How is her behavior like when you are together, do you guys argue a lot?’’
‘’She is always happy and jovial and no we haven’t had any fights, our relationsh!pis new.’’
‘’Okay. We are gonna keep her un-der observation for a few days for now, you can contact her relatives informed about the situation at hand.’’
‘’I am currently her only relative,’’ he responded.
‘’Okay, I shall keep you upd@t£d of any developments.’’
‘’Sure! Can I see her now?’’
‘’Yes you can but plea-se don’t stress her, she nee-ds all the rest she can get.’’
‘’Okay, thank you so much doctor,’’ they shook hands and Mike walked out of the hospital.
That evening, they arrived at the hall where the reception was being held.
The couple and the wedding p@rty stepped out of their cars and were led to a small room.
For the reception, Wendy had changed into a backless lavender dress with a sweetheart n£¢kline. Jason on the other hand was clad in a purple suit with a white shi-t un-derneath and a black bowtie.
Several minutes later, the music began to pla-y.
Wendy and Jason were esc-rted into the main hall by their bridal p@rty.
Wendy and Jason led the first dance hand in hand they danced for several minutes while their guests took pictures and cl@pped at their dance. When their song finished, Jason pu-ll-ed Wendy into his arms and pas-sionately k!$$£d her. Everyone cl@pped and the two went to their table.
After that, their bridal p@rty danced before they all sat down.
Unlike the church service the reception didn’t have any surprise guests, it proceeded smoothly.
When the couple finished eating, they mingled with their guests and thanked them for attending their special day. Then the cake was cut and the dance floor was opened for everyone else.
An hour later, the couple thanked everyone and left for the h0tel where they would be spending their night. On their way to the h0tel, Jason’s phone vibr@ted indicating that he had a text message.
He immediately re-ad the text but decided to ignore.
Sharon was being silly by asking him to see her tonight.
His phone vibr@ted again a second later and the message re-ad:
‘’St©p ignoring my message, I nee-d to see you tonight.’’
‘’What sort of stupid request is this?’’ he replied.
‘’I have booked myself a room at the h0tel that you and your wife will be spending a night at, I am in room 502, I will be waiting and plea-se don’t keep me waiting.’’
‘’What! ’He exclaimed louder than he had intended to.
Wendy sh0t him a quizzical look, ‘’everything okay?”’ she asked
‘’Yes,’’ he f0rç£d a smile.
‘’Okay,’’ she replied and continued staring out of the window, she didn’t feel like talking to him any longer and unlike other newlyweds, Wendy felt sad and empty as if as something were missing in her life.
When they finally arrived at the h0tel, they took their things and went straight to their room.
In the room, they both undressed and took a short bath together.
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‘’Are you okay?’’ Jason asked, he had noticed that Wendy had been unusually quiet.
‘’I am fine, I just have a terrible headache,’’ she responded.
‘’You nee-d to rest.’’
She wore her lace night dress then she climbe-d on the be-d and slide un-der the covers and closed her eyes.
Jason changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shi-t then he sli-pped his feet into his sli-ppers.
‘’I am going out for a walk,’’ he said before he k!$$£d her forehead and walked out.
As soon as the door closed behind him, sleep left Wendy’s eyes and tears filled them.
She had finally managed to prove her mother wrong but why did she feel so empty inside?
Jason left the room and walked to the elevator then he stepped inside and pressed 10, the door slid closed and he waited. A few minutes later the elevator st©pped and he walked out.
Then he walked towards her room, he stood at her door for a minute before he knocked.
She opened the door a minute later wra-pped only in a bath towel.
‘’Come in,’’ she said stepping aside.
He walked in and she closed the door behind her.
‘’You can take a seat, can I get you anything to drink?’’ she asked.
‘No thank you,’’ he shook his head. ‘’You tell me why you wanted to see me, I have a wife to attend to.’’
She laughed, ‘’Let me get dressed first and then we can talk.’’
‘’You don’t mind?’’ she asked innocently as she dropped her towel.
Jason swallowed ha-rd he could ha-rd ly speak as his eyes raked over her n-ked b©dy.
He was amazed that it was in perfect shape even after two children.
‘’I have been working out,’’ she said as if re-ading his mind.
‘’What?’’ he asked feigning innocence.
She chuckled, ‘’Nothing,’’ before she got her lotion out and applied it slowly to her b©dy. When she was done, she wore a very short fitted dress that ba-rely covered her bottom.
After that she poured them a glas-s of wine and sat next to him on the couch.
He gr@bb£d the glas-s from her and took a large gulp before putting it down.
Sharon smiled as she too small sips from her own glas-s she knew she had Jason exactly where she wanted him to.
‘’What did you want to talk about?’’ He finally asked.
‘’And why did you interrupt my wedding with your drama?’’
‘’I missed you,’’ she pouted.
‘’And you thought coming to the wedding with the kids would solve the problem?’’ he asked angrily.
‘’I have been trying to reach you and you have been ignoring me,’’ she said.
‘’I told you I was busy planning the wedding,’’ he sh0t back
‘’You shouldn’t have neglected me.’’
‘’What do you want now?’’
‘’You,’’ she leaned in and tried to k!sshim but he pushed her away.
‘’I am a married man now.’’
‘’And then?’’
‘’After that stunt you pu-ll-ed up earlier today, you are not getting some from me, find someone else.’’
‘’Jas!’’ her voice was soft as she called his name.
He looked at her and shook his head before he stood up.
‘’You are leaving?’’
‘’I have no business here.’’
‘’Oh really?’’ she sh0t him an angry look.
Though Sharon was seeing someone else at the moment, she yearned to be with Jason S-xually, she had only brou-ght the kids to the wedding to get some attention from him since he had been ignoring her.
‘’Let’s talk about the twins,’’ he said.
‘’What about them?’’
‘’What’s plan your with them?’’
‘’I will be travelling out of the country soon, they will be with you and your wife until I get back, I know your wife is a sweetheart, she would never mistreat them.’’
‘’I see.’’
‘’Back to business,’’ she li-cked herl-ips.
‘’I am leaving,’’ he said.
‘’No you are not,’’ she responded, her tone was flir-tatious and pla-yful.
‘’St©p me.’’
‘’My plea-sure,’’ she gr@bb£d the back of his head, pu-lling him down before she smashed herl-ips against his and k!$$£d him hungrily.